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Toni Frissell Wave of the Future October 1948

The Automatic Earth is on the verge of introducing a whole new well over 4 hour video presentation shortly, entitled Facing the Future, which features Nicole Foss with our dear friend and “localizer” Laurence Boomert, and contains all new material only (no, we definitely do not sit still).

Facing the Future is more densely jam-packed with information than anything we’ve presented yet (watching it once won’t do), so we’re very and rightly proud of it. It looks in depth at the crisis itself, as well as at what lies beyond: what we can do in practical terms to mitigate the most damaging consequences of what’s about to be unloaded into our lives.

There is no place for complacency in this; don’t think too soon that you’ve got your bases covered.

Just awaiting a few tech details (lots of those to be solved lately), and then we’ll launch. This ExtraEnvironmentalist interview is a useful introduction.

This holiday season, more than ever before, we will need your financial support, because this is the first time we seriously need to wonder if TAE will survive another year (we know we’ve been less present here, but that’s at least in part the downside of not sitting still, and it won’t last, promise!).

We hope this presentation, along with our posts, will once again convince you that we deserve your support, be it through purchasing Facing the Future, or any of the other items in our Store, and/or more than one of those or even all of the above.

Or simply through your generous donations. For which we, as always, send you our humble gratitude. We’ll always be in this together. Support The Automatic Earth this Christmas!

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    The Automatic Earth is on the verge of introducing a whole new well over 4 hour video presentation shortly, entitled Facing the Future, which features
    [See the full post at: Teaser Podcast Prelude To Upcoming TAE Holiday Presentation]


    CJ in VT

    Nicole, please consider signing up to be a guest on The Survival Podcast (

    Jack Spirko has a really large following & it’s a great fit with your slightly different message. He doesn’t get the deflation/credit bubble issue or peak oil or climate change but he is beyond the whole left/right paradigm and helps people prepare for what’s coming. He did a really good interview with Kunstler though JHK was unintentionally baiting him! Also, he’s got a very successful business model which you might think about emulating…

    Jack will link to your site and you can plug your new presentation.

    What I would really like to hear you talk about (or write about) is how so many people (you, Jack, JHK, Paul Wheaton, Chris Martenson, even Karl Denniger to some extent) from different backgrounds/perspectives have drawn the same conclusions about:
    Low Carb/Paleo
    Critical thinking

    As much as I need a hit of “doom” now and then it is soothing to read/hear about the positive steps we can take in our own lives.


    Nicole Foss

    At some point I want to film a presentation on nutrition and metabolism (ie why low carb/paleo works when mainstream approaches don’t). I already lecture about this in permaculture courses (as zone zero) and I already have a slide deck formulated. I just need to find a filmaker and some funding. I’m always happy to do interviews too.



    Hi Nicole,

    Just curious if you’ve had a chance to read Wheat Belly by William Davis?
    If so, your thoughts would be appreciated. I just finished it myself and am trying to contemplate how to remove as much wheat from my diet as possible.





    I second the “go on The Survival Podcast” suggestion. I think you’d have a lot more in common than one might think. The “Zone Zero” idea is awesome….permaculture your body.

    Thanks again for getting the word out. Looking forward to the new videos.



    Hey V81,
    It’s a trivial exercise to remove ALL wheat from ones diet when you suspect that it is going to make you very ill. (nudge, nudge)


    Nicole Foss

    All the wheat needs to go to see the benefits. I didn’t find it hard (once the withdrawl period was over at least). I never touch the stuff. Davis’ book is a must real IMO. Check out David Perlmutter’s book Grain Brain as well.


    Nicole Foss

    The Survival Podcast doesn’t seem to be taking any new guests for the time being.



    @Nicole. I agree with you that the paleo diet works. Sadly I have a ton (literally) of wheat put away in 5 gallon buckets and somewhat less than that in oats, barley and beans. So I have started sprouting it and feeding it to horse, goats, chicks and ducks.
    I wonder how we keep up our paleo diets when it is harder to get meat. I guess eggs, cheese and raw milk, right? Have you found any cheap, easy foods that we can eat if things get dicey?




    The submission form is up and working again at The Survival Podcast. I really would love to hear you and Jack Spirko discuss permaculture, paleo diets, and the coming “collapse” of our economic-political-social system. Here’s the link:




    “Have you found any cheap, easy foods that we can eat if things get dicey?”

    In the meat department, squirrel, wild rabbit, domestic rabbit (probably best option due to high reproduction rate, though apparently less nutritious than other meats), guinea pigs, pigeons (squabs). Wild animals and pigeons mostly find their own food, which is helpful.

    Greens are cheap to grow, especially when they ‘volunteer’ as “weeds”. We have violets, dandelions, mint, nettles, purslane, chicory, plantain, and other edibles that were in our yard when we bought the house. We let them grow and add to other annual greens that we grow in our garden beds.


    CJ in VT


    Have you signed up yet?


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