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    Update: A new article by Albert Bates teaches us how to save our most precious resource – water – and can be found below this on the front page or in
    [See the full post at: Articles Added to the Lifeboat Section]


    GREG L

    Well, this is my first message and I’m just checking out the place here. Congratulations Illargi, Stoneleigh & Co. for getting this set up and I look forward to continuing to get the sort of information that’s only found here.


    Alexander Ac

    Tyler Durden writes:

    “Debt is no cure for debt. What it can do is prevent a self-fuelling Fisher-style debt-deflation and it is clear that the LTRO has at least to some extent achieved that.” –



    Alexander AC,

    The problem with Credit Suisse is that it’s a bank, and so it naturally thinks the banking system could be saved “if only”. The current system can’t be saved in any way that doesn’t end in widespread violence, by the state and/or by the masses. CS is correct to point out, though, that current policies to avoid defaults and “credit events” at all costs is simply making the problem that much worse.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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