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    Ann Rosener San Francisco, California. The Bank of America 1943 The post-Brexit ‘conversation’ in Britain is taking on grotesque proportions. Nobody s
    [See the full post at: Beautiful Brexit and the Five Stages of Grief]


    Great article!

    I have stopped talking to my various peers about BREXIT.
    I voted out for many many reasons, the biggest being geopolitical influence over EU policy through UK.
    That appears to be making the world a dangerous place. It would be enough if that were my only reason, but try explaining that to someone, the responses have been hostile and disbelieving,-
    such is the MSM grip on people’s understanding of the world.
    Next reasons on my list are (approx in order)
    2. reducing the scale of democracy to increase regional granularity if policy and increase representation ratio.
    It seems clear to me that democracy is scale dependent and perhaps is best taken down to the most local level practical for each area of policy (obv. defence and transport infrastructure need to be national (and nationalised))
    3. countering the anti-democratic EU which does clearly not respond to the needs of its constituent nations
    4. stopping the wealth pump which has so trashed the southern nations
    5. stopping the integration of multinational goals with EU policy (that’s fascism).
    6. countering all the UK politicians which all appear to be war supporting globalist (except Corbyn, who is being undermined by everyone)
    7. The EU has failed the working class in the UK and they know it, they know it better than London middle class who believe they understand the working class position better than the working class do.
    8. EU is about to collapse, it’s debt and financial strain are unsustainable and it has 2 years tops
    9. If you don’t exit now, the exit door will be blocked and you are stuck in the building

    I hope Corbyn can hold on because the rest of the contenders for power appear to be globalist dromes who are either selfish by nature or unable to appreciate the dangers,moral ,physical and pecuniary of remaining in the EU

    I have sympathy for those non-working class people who are grieving about leaving the EU, I can see how their horizons might be limited by BREXIT, but imagine my despondency when my valid, link supported argument about stopping world war, preventing democratic failure modes, countering austerity and sticking up for the have nots are just dismissed out of hand.
    Those teeth-gnashing, grieving, wish-they-could-democratic-overriding remainers are wrecking my world much more than I am wrecking theirs! Their self-righteousness is heavy and impenetrable.

    Grrrrr. Just turn your MSM off and your brain on, people!!


    Non Brexiters will point to market correction (or crash) and currency and house price drops as a terrible consequence of the non binding Referendum and how it would be worse if it was really carried out. Well, I keep my mouth shut in person, but like most TAE-ers, I think that price discovery and bubble bursting is overdue and if it is crystallised by Brexit, then it is just a trigger. The most unpalatable thing I think is that a crash now in an increasingly unstable financial world situation would be better than one later when even more resources will have been used by the free-revving over-leveraged fractional reserve banking system. The fall will be from higher if the crash is postponed. Now why don’t my friends think like me?


    I too am tuning out of the “Brexit” meme, at least until/if it is actually instituted,,,,rather than being held in limbo by TPTB until public sentiment can be turned around.


    They can’t turn Brexit around, it would throw the UK into a dangerous constitutional mess.

    The majority of these angry people, and I said this before, should look in the mirror and concede that they thought Remain was in the bag and they therefore didn’t do much of anything. They were watching a baking show on TV, want to bet?

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