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    Thomas Cole Destruction of Empire 1836   The Conflicts Forum, directed by former British diplomat and MI6 ‘ranking figure’ Alastair Crooke, sent
    [See the full post at: Coming Apart: The Imperial City At The Brink]

    Diogenes Shrugged

    “When we are successful, AND WE WILL BE …”
    The most haunting words spoken during my lifetime.

    ” A world where the law of the jungle — NOT the rule of law — governs the conduct of nations.”
    There, fixed it for him.


    “The Pentagon élites should note well.”

    We are in deep doodoo if the Zioglobalists have succeeded in packing our military bureaucracy as deeply as our civilian administrative infrastructure.

    As our grossly mis-valued economy begins its inevitable major re-pricing and associated social turmoil, look for some 9/11 (or worse) internally-engineered “terrorist” event to soften up the “deplorables”. These monsters are lazy recidivists.


    Great piece!

    And if this results in attempts at refreshing of the tree of liberty, the general population is in possession of some substantial firepower this time around,,,,as is the State. Whatever trigger starts the process, it’s a given it will not be possible to stop it,,,,only choice being to let it develope a mind of it’s own and run it’s course. “Epic” comes to mind,,,,certainly not in a positive sense.

    John Day

    Senators Bernie Sanders and Rand Paul voted against the Russian sanctions, the only two.
    Rand Paul is younger, and comes from good stock.
    I’d vote for Rand Paul & Tulsi Gabbard, together or separately, after the “Great Disruptor” performs his magic upon the stage of history. (Yes, Karl Rove, I’m thinking of you…)


    “Complacency encourages bad behaviour and penalising dissent – there is a negative carry for not joining the crowd, which further reinforces bad behaviour.”

    So true.

    Right now, there are 2 alternative hypothesis regarding climate. One of these hypothesis is strongly supported by all governments and government-funded institutions, universities and the media – AGW. The alternative hypothesis – the sun cycle – is denigrated and anyone proposing it must be ready to be penalised and ostracised.

    The first hypothesis is largely benign as it would lead to more food and an earth that can support a greater population. In Australia, supposedly a hot place, 10 times more people die of cold than from heat.

    The Australian cold is a bigger killer than Sweden’s freeze – here’s why

    The second possibility will lead to less food which will lead to famine, disease and war. Historically, that has always been the case.

    Lowest Solar Activity In 200 Years Accompanied By High Northern Hemispheric Snow And Ice

    Sir George Knibbs

    Here we go, more climate denier claptrap. Disappointing for a site that does from time to time have intelligent commentary. Interested readers might want to check the detailed discussion on sun cycles, by real climate scientists:

    Global temperature goes from heat record to heat record, yet the sun is at its dimmest for half a century.

    For a while, 2010 was the hottest year on record globally. But then it got overtopped by 2014. And 2014 was beaten again by 2015. And now 2016 is so warm that it is certain to be once again a record year. Three record years in a row – that is unprecedented even in all those decades of global warming.

    Strangely, one aspect of this gets barely mentioned: all those heat records occur despite a cold sun (Figs. 1 and 2). The last solar minimum (2008-2010) was the lowest since at least 1950, while the last solar maximum (2013-2015) can hardly be described as such. This is shown, among others, by the sunspot data (Fig. 1) as well as measurements of the solar luminosity from satellites (Fig. 2). Other indicators of solar activity indicate cooling as well …

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