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    Hi all, we have been following the interviews and videos by Nicole Foss and recently saw her speaking. It was very interesting but although I could understand what was said on the day, relaying the information to friends as to why there is a major financial crisis coming hasn’t been easy. Could anyone sum up the reason for the coming problems like a credit crunch for dummies?
    We are firm believers in what Nicole is saying and are in the process of selling our three rental properties and will move to a farm we recently bought off the grid where we can “gain some control over the necessities of your own existence”.


    Definitely check out the Primers section on this website (see link at top of the The Automatic Earth main page). You’ll find a few such article-summaries there. Definitely worth reading and discussing.


    Hi Hard Rain,

    Its like a Tsunami, at first the tide goes out, way out beyond its usual low tide mark. Then as it comes back in all hell breaks loose; check out this video for an example of classic ‘human’ behaviour (note: the animals had all left hours ago):


    “Do you think the earth quake affected the water?”

    Its worth noting how people just do not understand what is happening, and do nothing, and also their ‘hubristic’ complacency. But then those that get it start to run to higher ground, and eventually all but the most stubborn follow as panic takes hold.

    Metaphorically, in the face of the current debt Tsunami, 2008 was the earth quake and events since have been equivalent to the tide going out. All the measures since have been to try and get the grounded ‘boats’ afloat again, not realising what is on the horizon is going to trash everything anyway. Looking at current events I’d say its on its way back in, the whole QE question for instance, is it on or off? And Japan’s hopeless ‘Abenomics’ disaster.

    The ‘Reason’ is simply too much debt that can never, ever, be paid back. But like all that water it has to go somewhere, and that will metaphorically again flood everything that floats or sits on the financial shoreline, where all the fishing for profit is done. Many things financial will become worthless, some will lose all or most of their value. Only hard goods that have Real Value will have any, well you know, ‘value’. Of course there will no doubt be scams and attempted ponzis in the process, but eventually everything will be marked to market. :dry:

    So time to get away from the beach and head for higher ground.



    Hi, thanks for that information and the scary video. Luckily our farm is 400 meters above sea level and 60km inland.
    Just wondering who all the debt is owed too? Country all seem to be in debt so it can’t be owed to them. The banks? The Corporations?

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