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    Thomas Cole The Course of Empire – Desolation 1836     A longtime friend in the US, an emeritus professor, sent me an email recently with a
    [See the full post at: Crickets]


    I saw something encouraging today with the report in Poland regarding covid related deaths. Of the 14 reported deaths for today, they stated that only 2 were covid-only. The other 12 were covid with co-morbidities. I only mention this because I had not seen it broken down like that prior to today.


    These guys have 5.5 Million subscribers!


    “Is ‘the worst cold ever’ going around?”
    “Just ask 18-year-old Noor Hashmi – studying at the University of Edinburgh, she’s suffering with the worst illness she’s ever had.”

    Totally. Fucking. Normal.

    Polder Dweller

    Typical BBC, Germ, that’s why I’ve been avoiding them for getting on for 15 years now, e.g.: “It’s not the lockdowns which caused the problem, it’s the lifting of the restrictions, wot dunnit.” Just pathetic.

    Then there’s the ever so friendly and helpful Dr Philippa with all the useful advice you couldn’t possibly have thought of yourself unless you’re not actually educationally subnormal ”Her recommendation is to have “loads of fluids and rest, over-the-counter simple painkillers for headaches and aches and pains.
    “Even simple things like honey in a hot drink can help ease a sore throat.”
    Thank you Dr Obvious. How about vitamins C and D, zinc maybe?

    It beggars belief.

    Polder Dweller

    Another useful contribution, Ilargi, thank you. Gradually, I think inroads are being made and more people are catching on to the fact that the “narrative” just doesn’t add up. Tomorrow the corona pass gets introduced here even though the government’s own criteria (number of hospitalizations, R0) say it’s not necessary. There should be a big demo in The Hague tomorrow.

    One minor quibble with your piece: killing a small number of people can be called murder; killing several dozen people (e.g. Anders Breivik) is mass murder; killing hundreds of thousands or millions is a whole level worse. Let’s call the beast by its proper name: genocide.


    Covid Pathology – Read all about it!

    Technical, In depth, Mainly for the medics:


    The title of the ScienceDirect article is quite reasonable. The bar graph of case fatality rates is about where I expect the numbers to be with 2.5% for those over 85. The bar graph for vaccine deaths might be reasonable with a death rate of 0.002% for those over 65. Now how do I make sense of a 5 to 1 death rate for the vaccinations versus Covid deaths. This doesn’t seem to compute. I suspect an accidental misstatement, a typographical error, a problem with language translation, or something like that.


    Hi Ilargi, do you remember removing my “Weapons of Mass Debt” post after your intern (forgot his name) posted it on your website? It was up for maybe a few minutes until you took it down. It is likely the only time you ever did that in your life, so I’m sure you remember if you look back on it. It exposed the complete fraud of debt-based money systems — did you even read it? Anyway, what is occurring now is a direct result of their agenda. And it is the money system that enables exactly what is going on now. If you still have it, perhaps you ought to finally post it. The people deserve to know, and the people who control this fraud don’t deserve people to carry their water to keep it secret from the masses.
    One of them went public in 2011. He’s **REAL**, and I think if you read what he says, you will be able to discern he’s **REAL**, too.
    Startpage search “ I Am a Ro+f+s+child, Ax*e Me a Question,” after removing the “+”s. Search “Vaccine” and “pharma.” Search “HGH,” too, and note the genetic modification he says can be done to HGH can also be done to drugs, vaccines, and mRNA therapy.
    I added a little bit of complexity to the search because the author created a unique search term. They are going to have to work harder than simply typing in that unique search term to see where this information is turning up on the internet…


    BigPharma wins – ALWAYS!

    “(India) drops Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine drugs from Covid treatment”


    LOL !


    I just read through the twitter feeds of the four individuals linked on the BBC story germ posted above (“Is ‘the worst cold ever’ going around?”) and it appears all four individuals were double vaxxed.



    I spent a lot of time on this today, not going back, you’re on your own there. But I’m sure they have their numbers in line, and it’s not typos or language. Elsevier and ScienceDirect are not silly little publishers, they have editors and fact checkers. At least part of the answer may lie in the fact that they estimate the actual US deaths to be 35,000, not 600,000; and vaccine deaths to be 600,000, not the 6,000 number they cite (which has now risen to 14,950), two orders of magnitude more.

    #88029 appears all four individuals were double vaxxed.

    They’re just getting started.

    absolute galore

    The theory, or argument, or whatever, that vaccine-caused deaths are being labeled as Covid deaths does not seem logical to me. And I just do not buy this premise that there are almost no covid deaths, only vaccine deaths. To paraphrase John Michael Greer, the opposite of one bad narrative is often equally as bad.

    I believe the vaccines have some adverse affects. I believe there could be more adverse affects of some kind or another down the road–we will find out. I believe relying on a mass vaccine rollout in the middle of a pandemic as the only solution was a very bad idea.

    But most of all, given the risk factors, and the fact that the high risk populations (barring a few apparently freak abberations) are well known, there is zero scientific reason to take the vaccination if you don’t want to–and the public measures being taken are by far the most frightening aspect of this entire debacle. Followed by the push to vaccinate children, a population that definitely does not need a vaccination from this virus in its present form.

    There is no need to claim the vaccinations kill 5x more people than the disease without stone cold, irrefutable evidence. Without that, it plays into the hands of the mainstream narrative. Sorry, but that’s just the way it is.


    The theory, or argument, or whatever, that vaccine-caused deaths are being labeled as Covid deaths does not seem logical to me.

    If and when many vaccinated people catch Covid, as appears to be the case, it would seem very logical. Who can tell the difference?

    There is no need to claim the vaccinations kill 5x more people than the disease without stone cold, irrefutable evidence

    Read the report, I would suggest. I don’t really see why people find it so easy to disregard reports from such sources.

    absolute galore

    Raul wrote: If and when many vaccinated people catch Covid, as appears to be the case, it would seem very logical. Who can tell the difference?

    Well, that would be death by covid, no?

    And, If nobody can tell, how do we know either way ?) Now I’m even more confused.


    56% of Covid-19 cases, 61% of hospitalisations, and 77% of deaths are among the vaccinated according to Public Health England

    Some will argue that the latest PHE report reveals 77% of Covid-19 deaths are among the fully vaccinated because the majority of the population have had the vaccine, therefore the majority of deaths will be among the vaccinated, and that’s fine to argue that…

    But one cannot then argue that the vaccines are serving their purpose and must admit that they clearly do not work, because Covid-19 deaths are 11 times higher than this time last year.

    Latest PHE report reveals the vaccinated account for 56% of Covid-19 cases, 61% of hospitalisations, and 77% of deaths which are 11 times higher than this time last year when there was no Covid-19 vaccine


    @germ: Correct. There is nothing “fine” about that argument (must take into consideration a higher % of population vaccinated). I’ve opposed it since they started using it. We need to *understand* that more vaccinated are getting infected, hospitalized and dying from covid because more of the population is vaccinated?

    That is, quite seriously, one of the absolutely stupidest arguments I’ve ever listened to. It can be shredded in minutes.


    As Karl D points out … if OSHA makes a rule that vaccinated people have to be protected from unvaccinated people in the workplace they are essentially stating that vaccines don’t work.



    “UK on brink of joining EU Covid vaccine passport scheme
    The Telegraph has been told by EU that integration of the UK’s jabs database into bloc’s system is at advanced stage”

    “I think the UK public will get more and more used to it and you are likely to see it being integrated into daily life,” he said.

    This is not for the short term. Governments are getting used to it. They see it as increasing vaccine uptake, and they will be reluctant to remove it for people who are fully jabbed.”


    Physician ‘Horribly Injured’ After Pfizer Vaccine Pleads With Top U.S. Public Health Officials for Help — and Gets None

    Physician ‘Horribly Injured’ After Pfizer Vaccine Pleads With Top U.S. Public Health Officials for Help — and Gets None


    Medical professionals harmed by these vaccines are last in line for my sympathy. It is their JOB to research vaccines and make educated and informed recommendations to their patients. The vast majority did not do that. Keep pleading. See how it feels. Karma is a bitch.


    I cannot find the author of the Spartacus article that you posted. Did you find one?


    @maryballon – No, I did not.

    “Majda El Azrak: 14-Year-Old Who Went Into A Coma Two Days After Receiving Her Second Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Has Died”

    Majda El Azrak: 14-Year-Old Who Went Into A Coma Two Days After Receiving Her Second Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Has Died


    Not “we.” I’m not part of this crap. There are only a few “mindsets” that have led us here.
    1. The Money Power Monopolists who finance the global debt-based, zero-sum money systems (only Syria and Iran are holdouts now — now you ya know!)
    2. Pathological money seekers given power to enact the agenda of the Money Power Monopolist Families.
    3. Pathological money seekers too cowardly to call out level #1 and #2 on their chit. Why do so few focus on the fraud that is debt-based money? Why do people ignore links to literal “disclosures” by one of the families running this freak show? I posted it in this thread — no comments.
    The Rothschild character said pharma was corrupt, and vaccines were for stupid people who outsourced their well being to others with an obvious conflict of interest.

    “The genius of the system established is the illusion of freedom and having humans act as their own jailers! It is amazing, even to us, how well the system functions.
    However, as demonstrated above, those with just the slightest benefits accorded to them were ALL TOO EAGER to further subjugate their FELLOWS! Which continues apace.
    Laughing out loud!
    Of course, we take the blame although we see no value in surveillance of this nature. It means nothing to us. We are more interested in controlling the course of “human events”
    Laughing out loud!
    Those humans who feed off their peers (cannibals, in a sense) consume with a ravenous appetite which puts us to shame. They enjoy the sense of power and humiliation over those subjugated!
    What will evolve, and very quickly as it now looks, is that they will learn, painfully, the magic of what we learned eons ago…the magic of incremental, almost Infinitesimal rates of change! It must be this way…and they will pay a dear price!
    As to your current situation, you may discover that these same oppressors also function under the laws of cowardice. That is to say, it is exactly the ILLUSION of control and power which makes it so. You may, at your discretion, choose to opt out at any time you decide that you refuse to further participate!
    Of course, under the order of NATURAL LAW you are free to do so at any time! It is your free will to do so.
    I ask you, have you made ANY concrete effort to express your will in this regard?”

    If you guys and gals had any sense, you’d bee line it right there and read all 100+ pages. He tells a ton of truth, and alludes to a lot of truth (but expects you to have some knowledge to fill in the blanks).
    He thinks you are programmed idiots that can’t benefit from the TRUTH he shares with you!!!!
    I think people are better than this, but they mostly vehemently disagree with me!

    “It is the identical scenario in the stock market, the bond market, FOREX, commodities, futures, CDS’s, and everything else. At ANY GIVEN TIME, someone…not YOU knows what trans-actional event will maximize profits for…wait for it…
    NOT YOU!
    Unless you are we!!
    Laughing out Loud!
    It is endlessly AMUSING to watch the “winners” preen and offer advice on their “strategies”!
    CLUE: You have no strategy and, as in gambling, the house will ALWAYS WIN!
    What is your remedy? Don’t play OR create your own casino/system!
    GET IT??
    It will be managed, rest assured!”

    “Truly, there is much disinformation out there, but we do not even need to dirty our hands…for the large part.
    You little people are adept at offering opinions on things of which you have no real knowledge. Very adept.
    Look at the stock market. The objective is to get the worthless fiat out of the serfs hands, not make a profit!
    Why would those who own the fiat creation have to work to get more! Silly!
    The market exists to get worthless fiat out of the hands of the little people, and for no other reason. And it is very easy to do. Think about how the markets work!
    I offer you this Bickle. If you can figure out the mechanism by which this is accomplished, I will fill in the blanks and you SHOULD be able to help your bloodline with some crisp, new fiat!
    Laughing out loud!
    That just sounds silly to me!


    “Understand that nature is symbiotic in nature in all respects. Benevolence does not, and cannot exist in nature! It is impossible.
    Look at any appearance of benevolence as a trick! Look for the hidden hand…it is always there! So many examples….so little time!
    Laughing out loud!
    It is only the child who does not see this!
    If you were in fact of the BLOOD, you would be aware of the STRONG hand you have, the potential and INNATE knowledge! ”

    “Who runs the world? Well, YOU do of course.
    Wherever I travel, I see a lot of YOU’s out there busy running the world. And I also see that you run the world based on your precepts of how things work and such. Little algorithms, constantly operating in the background. Where on Earth did THEY come from?
    laughing, laughing, laughing out LOUD!!
    And of course, being children, things go wrong when bad or selfish decisions are made. Bogey-men are thus created to absorb the blame…deep dark evil forces that make things go bump in the night. THEY are the reason for all this trouble! Bad, bad men!
    I suppose another way to put it that you might understand better, is that the world is run by men who truly understand the dark nature of the human spirit. So, YOU provide the evil and these men create scenarios where they know how you will react. It is scary how accurately refined these rule-based systems have become. Ironically, THESE men of “knowledge” must keep their “hands” clean! Must! Or the MAGIC goes!
    Oh! Sweet Irony!!
    Believe me when I say that the efforts to suppress come from immediately above your station. Those who have a few extra comforts that you don’t and that want to maintain your submission so that they can maintain theirs.
    The real masters are the intellects who suggest in a suggestible way that which you cannot resist.
    Did you know that the US porn industry is now larger than the Hollywood box office? Well over 10 billion! But ask anyone if they watch porn and you will likely be told NO!.
    Who is the evil, dark force here? The entity who understands human lust and provides for it? The consumer of the lust? Would the porn industry exist if its services were not in demand? Would it end tomorrow if people chose to NOT watch porn? Of course. So, pick your evil!
    Of course, the “secret(s)” has/have made more than one bloodline powerful beyond belief, and there are struggles. Ultimately, one will win that’s interesting!”

    “PAPER, People! You are handed PAPER!! What don’t you get?? The paper costs nothing to produce!! And has the taxpayer’s blood (read YOU) as backing! SO you provide the guarantee, at gunpoint! Keys to the KINGDOM indeed!
    Seriously, how can anyone who VOLUNTARILY participates in this system believe they can grasp higher level concepts?
    Have you seen all the gold stores that have popped up across the United States? People are flocking in and not even getting spot price…cheated twice! All voluntary mind you. One would think that precious metals would be the family jewels, so to speak, and be kept for the next generation…but the next generation, by these peoples actions…can go to hell!
    Funny. It’s even CALLED the LONDON PRICE FIX! FIX???
    Get a clue!”
    ~Rothschild, mocking the masses who, frankly, prove daily that they deserve their scorn

    Debt-based money is fraud on its face, yet the whole world has it, and it is run through a corporation controlled by very few families, and for well over a century.

    $20 lent at 5% interest can pay $21 when the lender holds onto some of the interest. Rothschild knows this… I tried to expose it years ago, but the article that did it was yanked by Ilargi minutes after it went live… was that a moral decision, or a money seeking decision?

    “How exactly is the money printing system owned?
    Public information zippy, Try Google
    How does a Rothschild become a shareholder of the Central Bank Establishment if he feels motivation to perfect his own bloodline and would like to mint some paper for his family’s survival?
    Generally, by invitation only! Was yours lost in the mail, zippy?
    Laughing out loud!
    One does not simply print fiat, zippy, and take what one wants!
    The whole system operates ONLY because certain of the unthinking CHOOSE to USE this interest bearing FIAT…as opposed to, say, the governments in question issuing their own, NON-INTEREST BEARING notes!
    The 6% solution, as I refer to it. And no, one size does not fit all!
    Laughing out Loud!
    So, the INTEREST, not created as the PRINCIPAL is created, is taxed directly and indirectly and makes its way through various trusts, holding companies and principalities. Many eyes watch this progression through the various steps until it ultimately makes its way into worthy hands!
    Simple enough?”


    “Public spectacle of the type to which you refer are known as PCE’s…Perception Changing Events! Designed to modify the humans flimsy perceptions of REALITY to realize a specific objective or objectives.
    NOTE THAT ANIMALS COULD CARE LESS ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED, or DIDN’T HAPPEN IN NYC! I have already stated many times the so called financial markets are a complete FABRICATION! So their collapse, or rise, is by definition, STAGED! The creation and dissolution of wealth which never existed in REALITY!
    Laughing out Loud!
    PCE’s don’t work outside of the human circle!
    Laughing out LOUD!
    As the magician “tricks” by telling the audience where to focus attention, and, by extension where NOT to look…so the PCE’s occur for specific reasons and desired outcomes.
    THESE PCE’s are not the issue! It is the “grinding” which is taking place without respite that is causing your inevitable demise! Catherine Austin Fitts describes this “methodology” as the “slow burn”. Her advice, limited as it is, deserves consideration to those mired in the “present” reality.
    You have heard about the frog in the pot as the water is slowly brought to tempest!
    What distracts you are only circuses! The “death” is all around you and never sleeps. You need only open your eyes to see what your fate holds and estimate, with some precision, the exact circumstances of your demise….if that, for some reason is important to you!
    Laughing out Loud!
    Would your efforts not be better spent avoiding such a fate?
    Do you constantly look for exploding airplanes and crashing buildings?
    Sad lot, really!
    Has this been clear enough for you?
    As to the rest, I have challenged the serfs to tell me what the next big thing is…the post FIAT reality coming soon to your domicile!
    Laughing out Loud!
    If you know what is coming, you can properly prepare and…PERHAPS…cheat your fate!
    And I have committed to tell those who correctly answer, if they are, in fact, correct!
    Best deal ever!

    “Keep in mind that the popular model of WORLD WAR is a concept whose time has come and gone. It is an obsolete strategy…from our side anyway.
    The trend-line favors integration and globalization. The WORLD WAR model promotes NATIONALISM…us vs them.
    This is the ERA of the BIG EVENT. Global spectacles where all will be watching, and to some degree, invested. The 9/11 show garnered the sympathy of many of the world’s population…later to be lost, of course. Watch for similar BIG EVENTS coming to a neighborhood near you!
    Laughing out Loud!
    Of course, the risk of any one human being killed is infinitesimal, but the risk of what is happening every day, every second to your life and odds of survival is 100%, or higher!
    The current process is that of grinding wheat kernels into a fine powder, which scatters at the first sign of wind.
    Catherine Fitts, a knowing human, has defined the current phenomena as SLOW BURN. Exactly correct. Stress levels are high anticipating the next big thing while the degradation of EVERYTHING continues unnoticed. Wheat into flour.
    The boiling frog syndrome.
    The ruling elites use of the Corporation as a SHIELD and tool of oppression has been going on for decades! How could one seriously believe that is NEW in any sense of the word?”

    \”I would advise those so inclined to listen that their bloodlines are, today, in great danger of mass extinction! Mass number of bloodlines, that is to say.”


    Germ posted a link showing that Italian workers, the non-vaxxed kind, are to be suspended without pay. (didn’t save it, here is one):

    Sneaky, horrible, same as in France.

    Just the basics — leaving devilish details out:

    In F and It. and several other EU countries, if you have a ‘permanent’ job; as opposed to contractor, paid for task, paid for just a short period, paid as a replacement, paid by a temp agency, are outsourced from another Co., paid on any limited time/pay/task agreement, paid as an illegal / black / grey, semi-so, worker, all of which is incredibly common…

    You can be terminated:

    —> for cause (beat up co-worker, never showed up, can’t do the job, etc.)

    —> through no employee fault > : re-structuring, closing down, lack of funds, no need for person; empl. has not the qualifications required for the new post, social contract coming to an end, injury on the job, empl. doesnt want to return after leave, laid off for xyz, etc. etc.

    In both categories, the person who lost their job has some avenues open for action, in 2 ‘usually’ unemployment pay is awarded.

    If an employee is suspended without pay (rare, as not in the interests of the employer or the employee, except when a ‘deal’ between the two is made like for 3 months off to travel in the Med..then > to your post..) the employee cannot claim, fight for, compensation, redress, or change of status, situation.

    He hasn’t been ‘fired’ or ‘let go’, terminated …nothing doing down those routes… but is still ‘employed’ so can’t even look for a new job unless he resigns, which often can’t be done immediately but legally requires ‘notice’ of 60 days, or more…and resigning means giving up rights..! Meanwhile, children need to eat, rent has to be paid, etc.

    The unvaxxed are thrown into a limbo, a situation outside the commonly agreed on procedures for dealing with work disputes within present regulations, etc.

    These measures will of course backfire after some time, imho. (Yellow vests, Orange Vests, etc.)


    A clarification concerning the following (for anyone who might be interested in passing such information on):
    Robert W Malone, MD read the report and says: “In summary, the value of these COVID-19 inoculations is not obvious from a cost-benefit perspective for the most vulnerable age demographic, and is not obvious from any perspective for the least vulnerable age demographic.”

    “Thus, our extremely conservative estimate for risk-benefit ratio is about 5/1. In plain English, people in the 65+ demographic are five times as likely to die from the inoculation as from COVID-19 under the most favorable assumptions! ”

    The two statements quoted are not actually those of Dr. Robert Malone, but are direct quotes taken from paragraphs 9 and 8, respectively, of Appendix D (Cost-Benefit Analysis of Covid-19 Inoculations) of the subject article: Why are we vaccinating children against COVID-19?.


    That article states:
    The third occurs when the injected material enters the bloodstream and circulates widely, which is enabled by the highly vascular injection site and the use of the PEG-2000 coating.

    Which brings us back to COVID Roulette and the risks of shot administration – i.e. the risk of the shot being injected into the blood stream. Watch how PM Trudeau’s vaccine was administered. This is the prime minister of Canada.

    If they can’t properly administer a vaccine shot for the prime minister, how they hell are the ensuring proper shot administration during the mad rush to inoculate 100’s of millions of people? I bet they’re not. Most likely, a substantial number of shots are being administered without the aspiration step:

    The kind Dr. Campbell corroborates this today with results from a Mouse study that provided in vivo evidence that inadvertent intravenous injection of COVID-19 mRNA vaccines may induce myopericarditis. He is flabbergasted that the CDC and WHO and UK health officials do not recommend aspiration for the covid19 vaccines.

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