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    Harris & Ewing Pennsylvania Avenue becomes “Road to Mecca” for Shriners Parade June 1923 It’s hard enough to be optimistic about the future of mankind
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    I believe that the U.S will fall apart in small pieces as well….


    let’s see.

    In order not to have growth in a humane fasion, you need a stable or shrinking level of wealth (and corresponding level of money to represent it). You cannot allow the more wealthy in sociey to become richer on average or the poor wil starve in a zero sum game.

    This means you need to look at reconfiguring usury or taxation or both to encourage pressure towards average weath for everyone. I’m sure it’s not necessary to get to wealth equality, but you can’t allow the wealth gap to widen further in a zero sum economy.

    Now that’s quite simple, and it’s moral, and it’s the only way to prevent terrible poverty in a constrained future. Things may have been different in a growing economy, but they are that way now.

    It’s a matter of getting the conversation there and marginalising those who say that increasing wealth and consumption is a right. It’s not morally supportable in a shrinking economy.

    For those who think that excessive wealth is their God given right, I have no God and I have to share the world with them, so they need to think harder about it!



    “Oh, the sweet promise of reforms.”

    Please give it a chance – Georgism and the Single tax is not just “a” reform, it is “the” reform. Once the concept of the unearned increment is understood it becomes clear.

    The single tax is a philosophical revolution, uniting the free market with the commonwealth.


    Ones again, this makes me think….
    My daughter was watching Lord of the Rings, and when I got a glimpse of it, I thought, given popular thinking, Sauron should have got a go, the chap certainly had a business head on his shoulders. International contacts, thing of the Southerners, a strong work force behind him (orks), and already a franchisee in Saruman.
    I bet he would have tripled the GDP of middle earth within three years. But all these lazy bastards were interested in was good food and leaf. Thanks god we got our priorities right now!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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