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    Russell Lee Love Shack, South Side Chicago April 1941 I’m not going to argue here that a market collapse would be a positive thing no matter what, bec
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    Might be markets have already collapsed and are fairly valued, it’s just the dollar they are denominated in has been devalued. We might see the end result when the dollar has finally been depreciated by 50% from 2007 (or by what ever number the creators, owners and operators of it deem appropriate) and after it has all worked it’s way through the system, wages being a laggard in these cycles.

    Humm, a 50% devaluation might translate to present Dow 16,000 equaling half the value of 16k, priced in a 2007 dollar? If that is the case, would it be far fetched to think maybe Dow 32k is possible at the peak of the crackup boom that may be coming?

    On the equality outcomes that were signatures of Maoist China, Stalin’s Russia and todays North Korea, the creators of those utopian wonders might agree with;

    “that’s actually a very fine task for a government: to make sure that things are handled fairly, and with no negative impact on their people.”

    Personally, I worry about a State powerful enough to provide “Equality” for all, let alone the thought of granting the kind of power to authoritarians to even define “equality.” Four legs good, two legs bad?

    Like, bankers good, peons bad? Fine task they have accomplished in their quest to remain powerful enough to grant “equality.” But, then, ‘That government big enough to give you everything you want is, most certainly, big enough to take everything you have’ ,,,isn’t it?


    To wit, look what the printers did in 2 short years.


    Off topic, back to fracking, but I have to link from Blogging Heads TV, you may be familiar. Wherein mainstream bloggers, left and right as we measure these things, discuss stuff. Here a right blogger discusses America’s coming era of abundance.



    rapier – OMG, Block Heads TV. No long-term thinking up in that head at all. Scary.

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