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    In a fewer word.
    Jubilee is achieved by MMT, (forgiving of debts/loan of the elites)
    Sustainability is achieved by price control and MMT control.

    Dr D Rich

    There it is….hot war to the top of the menu as predicted¿¿You


    An interesting model from the Ohio Health department indicates that the virus would have passed by now but there would possibly be more deaths if social distancing etc was not implemented. Less deaths but many more weeks to go under the current system.

    Dave Note

    Tucker Carlson’s commentary the Origins of the China virus is the only non virtue signaling account of where this Beast came from.

    The paper was written by Chinese scientists, then suppressed.

    The director of the NIH, Francis Collins, wrote a self righteous and adamantly worded defense of the CCP’s denial that the virus came from one of the two the Wuhan Level 4 labs, which admit they were in fact conducting research into coronaviruses in bats, specifically Horseshoe Bats, which were not sold at the Wet Market and only exist 900km from Wuhan.

    Dave Note

    So NIH director Francis Collins was bending over backwards, and bending over forwards, for the Chinese Communist Party, rather than actually doing his job of protecting the U.S. public from infectious diseases.

    He reminds me of the SJW mayor of Florence and his ‘hug a Chinese’ stunt shortly before the Plague got rolling which greatly contributed to actually deaths in Italy. Instead of virtue signaling he should be swing from a lamp post by now.


    “Things are going from bad to worse. So the PM designates that old ladies, as shown in the picture, allow their old lady friends to slide but penalize anything younger and prettier (since they are obviously trollops).”


    “The amendment to the current quarantine law transfers the power of issuing the necessary permits primarily to mothers and grandmothers, as well as wives and sisters where there in no mother or grandmother.”


    I’ve known a few mothers and grandmothers. Generally, they’re more willing to do what’s needed to protect their children and those of others — if cooperative effort is what will save their own, which in this case is true. It’s part of their biological heritage, and why the ‘C’ word (you know, four-letter vagina with hard consonants) is as vile as epithets can be: because we expect women to be kinder and more willing to submit for the greater good than men, who are always rounding up in gangs, typically in uniforms so they’ll know who to hate and kill.

    A woman who acts like a selfish bitch is perhaps the most reviled figure in culture. Evil stepmothers come too mind.

    Meanwhile, here in the states, we see that is generally the younger among us who ignore quarantine protocols, cuz a) they’re young which usually means they’re less experienced at, say, 25, than someone at, say, 50, and b) experience is the taproot of wisdom, and wisdom is… oh, never mind.

    I’d rather have a buncha old grannies policing the streets than a buncha male cops. I’ve dealt with cops. I’ve dealt with grannies, including a C-word granny or two.

    I’ll take grannies.


    So now I have to watch Tucker Carlson to get some fundamentally defining accurate data. Oh, I don’t care about his political biases or ther FOX stigma. He just always look like he’s either recovering from dose of major sedatives or experiencing anal prostate orgasm.

    Well, he does!

    Tucker Carlson


    Holy Shit, boys and girls!! Are the two Popes about to throw down in a Vatican turf war?

    Looks like Don Benedict has already gone to the mattresses.


    Security protection, my ass… They flipped him and he’s in witness protection now.


    Dr D. Rich your Kappa Betta Phi post sums it up perfectly

    Dr D Rich

    @ oxymoron


    The hospitals, too, are complicit in this debacle through piss poor preparation while concentrating on concierge services for the affluent and over past several years isolating physicians when those doctor’s criticisms hit too close to the target. And now, Congress as part of the $2 trillion Covid-19 Rescue package earmarked $100 billion dollars to improve medical readiness and treatment capability without placing the most important restriction on the package. Restrict hospital executives from being financially compensated out of these federal dollars, penalize states, medical boards and corporations for rewarding these people and provide strength to the enforcement of these proposed restrictions.


    Speaking of goats!

    When I was working a Congo copper mine, a friend was working night shift. Behind the house he was staying in was an open grassey area that the local kids often played soccer in.

    One morning someone tied a goat with a long rope to his backyard fence to eat the grass and left it. The goat kept going baaa, baaa so much that my friend couldn’t get to sleep! Pissed off, he got up and untied the rope attached to the fence. That worked great and my friend soon fell asleep.

    That evening before sunset, a boy knocked on his door asking if he had seen his now long gone goat!

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