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    Jack Delano Bridge with 5-ton coal bucket, Milwaukee Western Fuel Co 1942 • Britain Is The Heart And Soul Of Tax Evasion (RT) • How a US president and
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    Would you look at that now – Ireland is apparently booming. But from what?

    “It’s true there has been a slight uptick in genuine economic activity place here with growth in things like personal consumption and construction, but this certainly cannot account for our current level of GDP, which suggests the place is absolutely abuzz with economic activity.

    How can this be? Well the reason is that Ireland’s is a recovery built on sand – and some highly suspect statistics. […]

    Conor puts it nicely when he states, ‘Credit is the fuel for the engine. What we have here is a country that is claiming it can drive for 50,000 miles on a single tank of petrol. This is no economic miracle; it’s just bullshit.’ […]

    Take a close look at this ‘Intellectual Property Products’ measure. Anything look peculiar? Well we see spikes (Q2 2012; Q2 and Q3 2015) which seem to just double in the space of a few weeks and then disappear. There’s clearly something up here, and that something is patents. With multinationals starting to relocate some of their intellectual property out of ‘bad tax havens’ (Bermuda, Cayman Islands, etc) and into ‘good tax havens’ (Ireland, Luxembourg, etc) our growth figures were give a massive shot in the arm. […]

    Our final a chart plots our nominal GDP growth together with GDP growth minus this IPP component. When we do this our supposed growth of 7.8% does the kind of disappearing act…”

    Ireland: a Recovery Built on Sand

    Emerald Isle playing Emerald City curtain tricks.


    “Sometimes I wonder: will God ever forgive us for what we’ve done to each other? And then I look around and I realize God left this place a long time ago.”

    Somewhere in this brilliant movie, Blood Diamond, it is said that it’s either ivory, oil, diamonds or gold that causes all of the problems in the world. To that list we can add bankers and religion.

    Watched a documentary on blood diamonds, how corrupt governments (working with Western corporations) start taking all of the money for themselves. Then a rebel group steps in, initially angry that the government is not helping its people, but then they too succumb to greed and corruption (or maybe wanting to help the people and bring democracy was all a guise in the first place, and they just wanted to get rich). The rebels go into the areas where the oil or mines are and then they purposely disperse the people (just like they’re doing in Syria) away from the areas they want to loot. Here we can see ISIS has dispersed people and is selling the oil to Western outsiders.

    Most of these corrupt governments or rebel groups don’t want democracy; they want anything but. I mean, how are you going to loot when you’re being held responsible? And who buys these products? The West. Which means that the West does not want democracy in these places either.


    “Not sure this is explains the entire issue”. How true! One of the issues for the high cost of infrastructure here in New Zealand is earthquakes. We have around 15000 each and every year and so any infrastructure built by Government has to be built to a very very high standard. Sure private enterprise tries to get round things but generally speaking those standards impose a high cost on any developer. And long may that continue.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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