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    Vincent van Gogh Sprig of Flowering Almond in a Glass 1888   • ‘A Small, Sanitised Existence’ (Godwin) • Covid-19 Vaccine Passports Are Not Evide
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    “CDC Reports 2,794 Total Deaths Following COVID Experimental “Vaccines” as Some Clinics Halt J&J Shots due to Side Effects”

    V. Arnold

    Vincent van Gogh Sprig of Flowering Almond in a Glass 1888

    The treatment of the glass is pretty amazing…

    “..the Defense Department budget “prioritizes the need to counter the threat from China as the department’s top challenge.”

    Putin will be insulted.

    That’s hilarious…good catch…

    Mister Roboto

    JHK (whom I almost never bother to read anymore, but the blog-post title was just too click-baity to resist):

    Is there not some larger — very large — question as to how this Manchurian Candidate with failing mental capacities, seemingly run by other figures in the shadows, came to be installed at the head of our government? The USA will not survive as a nation unless we seek to find out.

    There are so many ways the USA might and probably will do itself in at this point that the melodramatic question at the end is likely moot.


    “This is Professor Sarah Gilbert, head of the Oxford Recovery team who, on top of her day job, co-founded in 2016 a techmed company called Vaccitech. (The clue’s in the name). This has now secretly applied for an NYSE listing. So Ms Gilbert stands to make £20M from her stake in the company. This is a blatant conflict of interest, and she should be removed forthwith from any leadership role in government vaccination usage decisions.”

    SCAMDEMIC: a psy-op of build-up & payoff learned from the internet

    The Oxford Recovery trial was the one where they overdosed late stage hospitalised Covid patients on 2400mg HCQ and promptly discontinued it declaring HCQ to have no benefit.

    Dr. D

    “ Infrastructure Bills Do Not Lead To Recovery, Only Increased Control (Smith) “

    Finally, actual history, not P.R. Yes, the “New Deal” failed on every level, for every year, forever, and never worked once, not even during the war. That is, our selling arms ALSO didn’t bring us out of the Depression, didn’t stimulate the economy, that was only achieved when we blew up every competing factory on planet earth, some with atomic bombs. No one noticed. Both facts are spoken back-to-back daily. If you bring it up, you’re a cad.

    So…can we admit socialism is a failure yet? Government is a failure? Nope. We doing it AGAIN, every time since 1860, but you see, these kids – who have never read history, being “Common Core”, and never read a book, being “paper” – are going to get it right this time. TikTok is 60 seconds, good luck distilling history down into that timeframe. Squirrel.

    I shouldn’t say “kids” as in “Milennials ruin everything”. It’s the ADULTS – and still, somehow, Boomers roaming the earth and Congress like dinosaurs with dementia who actually promote and enforce this. Milennials have no power and never will with how they’re acting. But I don’t believe Boomers believe a word of it, while Milennials do. I don’t need to wake up Boomers: they have their teeth sunk into the neck of society like Dracula, and are sucking out all wealth and life planetwide, like in Australian housing prices, Dow averages, and bank/pension bailouts. They know every day, when they look at their own kids bled white, their own grandkids locked in a closet in Toronto, and the country that once looked like “Maybury” before they started “helping”, exactly what they’re doing.

    Point? “to boost ordinary working Americans rather than the wealthy,

    Point is, THEY are giving $1,400 a year UBI for Milennials, — maybe, with a long bloody fight — and $100B a MONTH for banks, and a trillion a year for war. The rest is going for stimulus on ultra-rich Tesla subsidies and to erase student debt in direct proportion to upper-middle-class wealth. Family “Yale” gets $200k, while responsible family “Greensboro Community College” gets $30k. And I wonder: is there some end to this? Do people ever realize that THEY are not living at everybody else’s expense, but are the ones paying the bill? Only the working pay, because work is the only way wealth is created.

    Well, Taibbi’s article just shows, no, they’re not done yet. They’ve tripped over the truth and dust themselves off and carry on.

    Jimmy Kimmel Is The Latest To Embrace Hunter’s Scandal Spin (Turley)”

    Because the hue and cry is to “Check your privilege” and “eat the rich”, they support the most privileged, rich, in the most impossible displays of bad faith, bad behavior, and bad judgment with joy and fervent support. “Pastor Osteen would NEVER do that to us,” sayeth the true believers. (Speaking of: )

    Who Is The Most Powerful Doctor In The World? (IP) “

    They’re LYING. Obviously. But isn’t it awful they’re also telling the truth? This tells you all you need to know about the “Fact-based medicine” and “Following the Science”. They’re following Mr. Goodbucks, that’s all. And the slobbering, mealy-mouthed look on their face is all you need to know. They’re a putz. A schmuck. A dumkopf. The white coat is the new dunce hat. Or since that word is probably too long now, the “dum-dum” hat.

    Worse, here’s a guy (or goy) who can’t even do his OWN job. He has the worst computers on the planet with the most viruses, a fact for which he is widely famous, and has been for 30 years. But we only get our advice from total, serious, public failures. This is how the West wins. By failing everywhere, at everything, and pissing everybody off. Tricky. Let’s see how it works out for them.

    Dave Note

    Another day, another crime against humanity.

    Where will it stop?

    The Austrian court ruling doesn’t mean anything unless the Court enforces the ruling with Action, not more pontificating gum flapping.

    The judge needs to order the government officials in charge of the Scamdemic to cease and desist or face Jail Time.

    That usually get a sociopaths attention.

    Until the courts use their Force of Action, arrest and jail time, nothing will change

    The beatings will continue until moral improves

    Dave Note

    Baby brains being stifled by defacto solitary confinement is a crime.

    Even a criminal in prison could get a lawyer to address why they were unfairly put into solitary confinement.

    ‘Advanced’ western governments don’t extend that courtesy to babies in their countries.

    Dave Note

    “Coved ‘vaccines’ are not evidence based”

    So what, until a court threatens a government with consequences, jail time, governments will continue to give the courts the Big Middle Finger and laugh in their face at their impotency.


    V. Arnold (from yesterday). Yes, I read Chapter 1. Twice. 😉 I’ve seen some online reviews of the book and critical reviews invariably focus on this chapter, generally stating that today’s parents don’t have the time to teach their children, and that jobs and such are highly technical these days so children MUST participate in formal education to get by in this world (or get ahead or whatever). Basically a knee jerk reaction that there is no other option for getting an education. I guess this would be a classic example of the point Gatto makes with his criticism of the system.

    I dropped out of high school. Got a GED at age 17, I think it was. Went to college part-time here and there for awhile, managing to snag an Associate’s degree and get sort of close to a Bachelor’s before I couldn’t stomach formal education anymore and quit trying. Both of my children dropped out of high school in their second go ’round of 9th grade (flunked out the first time through 9th). Both earned their GED in their late teens without any additional studying on their part. They’re very smart people, but still … it says a lot about our education system. You don’t even need to attend [4 years worth of] high school classes to know the subject matter well enough to pass a competency exam.

    Again, thank you for the recommendation and for providing links to some of Gatto’s other works. Very generous of you to take time to do that.


    Wonder why the Brits are literally begging for both the ‘vaccine’ and the ‘passport’.
    Look no further:

    “Iconic author Frederick Forsyth has accused the UK government of waging a “campaign of mass fear” against the British public by using psychological methods to ensure compliance with lockdown that resemble those used against East Berliners in the 1960’s.

    Frederick Forsyth Says Government Has Launched “Campaign of Mass Fear” Against British Public


    Will the writers of history be influenced by Raúl Ilargi Meijer
    or Dr. D
    or zerosum
    or TAE
    or Bloggers
    or Google
    or Twitter
    or Siri

    Will there be anyone/survivors be interested/have the luxury/care, of reading/hearing, about history/the past, after the changes that the pandemic will have caused?
    Will there be any “long haulers” not mentally challenged to care.

    madamski cafone

    @ Raul

    “About the effect of isolation on babies’ mental development. Bad enough for sure. But not a word on the stunted growth of their immune systems. Odd. It all comes together.• ‘A Small, Sanitised Existence’ (Godwin)”

    Factor stuff like this in, and Vanden Bossche’s extinction rhetoric sounds less hysterical than significantly plausible.


    “Maryanne Demasi, Researcher, journalist and Prof Peter Gotzsche, Institute for Scientific Freedom.

    “Consequently, an enormous number of healthy people will be declared ill; they will be isolated; and many contacts will be asked to be tested, too. This situation is likely to spiral into chaos.””

    And again, Dr. Evil’s grand schemes dissolve into squalid consequences.


    “Answer: the pro-permanent mask Bill Gates. Last month, Gates himself likened putting on a face mask to putting on a pair of trousers. “I just don’t think wearing a mask is such a deep inconvenience. I mean we ask people to wear pants. You know, why was this politicised?”

    Actually, Senor Bill, the correct analogy would be to wear a condom all day except when you pee. But we’re not sure that Mr. Gates has a, you know, penis. I mean, he’s a ginger. Probably Annanuki They use turkey baster artificial insemination. Maybe Bill is one of their turkey bastards.

    “It would never happen, we were told. That’s ‘David Icke stuff’, was the condescending brush-off. ”

    Some of us said, ‘They’ll try but it won’t stick.’

    Like so:

    “Coming soon: Vaccine hesitancy is a threat to national security. • Nearly 40% Of US Marines Have Rejected Coronavirus Vaccine (RT)”

    There goes pretty much the entire conservative bloc. If the jarheads won’t follow that order, neither will they. You can’t round up half the populace and send them to concentration camps.


    ““..the Defense Department budget “prioritizes the need to counter the threat from China as the department’s top challenge.” Putin will be insulted.”

    But also flattered. It means he’s won. Ukraine will be begging for Russian protection in two years? and we don’t even speak of military superiority any more, we just talk about a ‘hypersonic missile arms race’ that we’ve already lost and have yet to even arrive at the starting gate.


    “These things are flying again? Incredible.”

    Dr. Evil is pleased? We’re not sure. It’s evil but hardly according to plan.


    Would someone tell Tucker Carlson there’s medicine for those hemorrhoids making him frown like that?


    Meanwhile, over at Charles Hugh Smith’s excellent blog, Of Two Minds, we read today:

    “China’s Cultural Revolution was remarkably different from the Party’s military-political victory of 1949. Where the political revolution was managed by the centralized hierarchy of the Communist Party (CCP), the Cultural Revolution quickly morphed from a movement launched by Mao into a decentralized mass movement against all elites, including Party and state elites which had been sacrosanct and untouchable.

    “The Cultural Revolution is not an approved topic in China today, and that alerts us to its importance.

    “Although ostensibly launched by Mao (as part of his 1966 purge of Party rivals), the Cultural Revolution very quickly devolved into a decentralized, semi-chaotic movement of Red Guards, students and other groups who shared ideas and programs but who acted quite independent of the Party’s central leadership. (In systems language, semi-chaotic dynamics are emergent properties.)

    “If you examine Mao’s statements that supposedly launched The Cultural Revolution, you’ll find they’re not much different from his many pronouncements in the 1950s and early 1960s, none of which sparked a violent national upheaval. The Cultural Revolution cannot be traced back to Mao’s control or plans; rather, Mao served as the politically untouchable inspiration for whatever measures the local cadres deemed necessary in terms of advancing (or cleansing) the people’s revolution.

    “The important point here is that the Cultural Revolution was not controlled by the political authorities, even as they maintained control of the Party and central government hierarchy in Beijing. But this was nothing more than an illusion of control: the forces of the Cultural Revolution had broken free of central command and control, even as the Red Guards expressed their loyalty to Mao and the principles of the Party as the politically approved cover for their rampage.

    “That’s the irony of Cultural Revolutions: the authorities cannot claim it is a political counter-revolution because the cultural revolutionaries proclaim their loyalty to the ideals and principles the authorities claim to be upholding.

    “Cultural Revolutions in effect claim the higher ground, eschewing political influence for direct action in the name of furthering the ideals which the authorities have abandoned or betrayed.

    “Given the fragmentary nature of The Cultural Revolution, the history is equally fragmentary– especially given the official reticence.

    “A recent academic book, Agents of Disorder: Inside China’s Cultural Revolution, provides granular detail on the fragmented, decentralized, rapidly evolving dynamics of the movement:

    “(The author) devoted decades to examining the local records of nearly all of China’s 2,000-plus county-level jurisdictions. He found that factions emerged from the splintering, rather than the congealing, of class-based groups. Small clusters of students, workers, and cadres struggling to respond to Mao’s shifting directives made split-second decisions about whom to align with. Political identities did not shape the conflict; they emerged from it. To explain this process of identity formation, he offers a theory of ‘factions as emergent properties’ and suggests that similar dynamics may characterize social movements everywhere.”

    “In other words, groups modified their alliances, identities and definitions of “class enemies” on the fly, entirely free of central authorities. Factions splintered, regrouped and splintered again. In the chaos, no one was safe.

    “Those who lived through The Cultural Revolution are reticent about revealing their experiences. Even in the privacy of their homes in the U.S., their voices become hushed and their reluctance to give voice to their experiences is evident.

    “The unifying thread in my view is the accused belonged to some “counter-revolutionary” elite –or they were living vestiges of a pre-revolutionary elite (children of the landlord class, professors, etc.)–and it was now open season on all elites, presumed or real.

    “What generates such spontaneous, self-organizing violence on a national scale? My conclusion is that cultural revolutions result from the suppression of legitimate political expression and the failure of the regime to meet its lofty idealistic goals.”

    That is what I see approaching us rapidly. Good time to figure out who your friends are, and for God’s sake, give up whatever pretentious politics one believes in. The last refuge of fools and scoundrels will be no place to hide when everyone’s a fool and a scoundrel.


    As for the New Deal: it did it’s job which was to make enough Americans believe things would get better that they’d stop fomenting for revolution. It was never going to ‘fix’ the economy. That wasn’t it’s job, which was to convince us that the economy would be fixed, which never happened and never will or can, huge industrial economies being impossible beasts that devour their keepers half the time. But, since we won the bloody damn fool WWII that FDR and Churchill cooked up with some Zionist help, we came out the sole surviving fascist nation, had some swell parades for awhile, and taught our kids that a good credit rating and going to college were the Two True Ways.

    madamski cafone

    Doctor Bill


    Looks like a rooster buzzard.

    But listen, they’ve made google so stupid you’ll get ‘brawndo’ answers like this on about everything anymore. I doubt they really thought, “I know! We’ll make google searches for Most Powerful Doctor’ lead to Bill!”

    They’ve just dumbed down and financialized google so much that it functions like MtV these days. MtV is music in name only. Google is a search engine in name only: it’s a maximum surveillance platform and sales (not search) engine.

    It’s a fad not a psyop. It’s actually counter-productive as a psyop cuz it’s so laughable. google most powerful doctor and see at the bottom stuff like this:

    Related searches
    who is the most powerful person in the world
    who’s the most powerful doctor in the world
    who is the best doctor in the world
    who is the world’s most powerful doctor
    who is the richest person in the world
    does bill gates have a doctorate
    does bill gates have a medical degree
    bill gates world health organization

    Click the two penultimate answers and learn that Gates is a Harvard dropout with an honorary Ph D degree from Ethiopia. Low-hanging fruit like this makes for easy viral memes making Gates look stupid. If this is a psyop, we have little to fear from Big Brother.

    madamski cafone

    “taught our kids that a good credit rating and going to college were the Two True Ways.”

    Indebtedness and indoctrination, in other words. Solid fascism. Lock ’em in.

    madamski cafone

    @ zerosum

    “Will there be anyone/survivors be interested/have the luxury/care, of reading/hearing, about history/the past, after the changes that the pandemic will have caused?”

    With no internet or tv, we’ll need something to talk about.


    The Davos set’s dystopian ambitions are very clear.

    (from top post.) Comment:

    The world-wide elites (PTB) particularly in the West (Russia, China other topic, not that I’m throwing pink hearts and flowers) in the main neo-cons, neo-libs, or upstarts like Macron and Bojo, piloting National Gvmts that have not only been weakened by *corruption,* but the concurrent imposition of an ideology which promotes capitalistic rapine AND a rentier economy (not contradictory *in fine*), touted via the sanctifying of ‘management’ and ‘entrepreneurship’ and so called ‘innovative’ ‘inventions’. Heh apologies for the looong sentence.

    Vicious social stratification is ONE result. (See Amazon workers Union attempts ..Gilets Jaunes in France .. Deathly poverty in GB..)

    Increasingly, these elites, and their hangers-on, essential personnel / aspiring groupies (ex. in MSM, the propaganda arm), join together in trans-national seemingly benevolent Organisations (outside of the UN btw, from the IMF to the duplicitous White Helmets..)

    Their confused aim, as many don’t realise what is going on, or are just accepting what the leaders, bosses, dons, tell them.. is to bury the Westphalian world-order in favor of .. … ?

    ..> A new class-based colonialism which is still seeking its aims, means, methods, etc. Some call it globalism, not a good term, maybe gangsterism on a broader scale? Something like that.


    It would not surprise me that Dr. Bill got his medical degree from Ethiopia arranged by the so called doctor who is head of the WHO as a special favor.



    It is indeed corporate gangerism!

    An excellent example of this was Obama’s failed trans pacific trade agreement that stipulated all trade disagreements were to be decided by a tribunal set up and controlled by corporations and that this body’s rulings superceded national laws! Also corporations were to be compensated for any economic harm cause to any corporation by individual governments. Trump killed it and for that very reason!


    Ilargi highlights –
    “..all other nations had to turn to the U.S. for manufacturing during the long rebuilding process. In Europe, this process carried on well into the 1950s.”

    @ Dr. D – what is your problem with helping poor people? You seem to have swallowed Ann Rand’s social Darwinism whole.

    No, the work program in the New Deal did not bring us out of the depression, ONLY if you measure by the stock market. BUT it was a huge success if you measure the decrease in Human Suffering. However I do agree with the part of the article about manufacturing with no competition did.


    Thanks for the info on Donbass and insight on Davos.

    @ V Arnold @ Doc Robinson Thanks for bringing up John Taylor Gatto and the Education system.
    I’m going to read at least one of them. My grandson (at 8) is showing signs of not wanting the public school crowded classes.

    Also on the issue of babies and small kids not getting enough interaction with people, what about all the hundreds of kids that grew up on farm when the family made a trip to town once a month. Did they suffer?

    madamski cafone

    @ Noirette

    “Heh apologies for the looong sentence.”

    It was awesome. Do it again!


    A humanitarian crisis
    At the USA/Mexico border?
    Lets see what we can find on the web.
    Can you compare the reports?
    A humanitarian crisis (or “humanitarian disaster”) is defined as a singular event or a series of events that are threatening in terms of health, safety or well-being of a community or large group of people.[1] It may be an internal or external conflict and usually occurs throughout a large land area. Local, national and international responses are necessary in such events
    December 22, 2020
    Written by Olivia Giovetti
    2. The top 10 crises the world should be watching in 2020
    3. UN News
    4. Mental health issues in LA’s homeless population is a “humanitarian crisis”
    Clara Harter
    5. 9 questions about the humanitarian crisis on the border, answered
    Unaccompanied migrant children are coming in record numbers — but it’s not the kind of crisis you might think it is.

    By Nicole Narea
    6. The Philippines Hammered by Worst Covid Surge in Southeast Asia
    By Michelle Fay Cortez
    April 10, 2021,

    John Day

    I’ve been digging the catch-up this afternoon.
    Madamski-converges-on-Dr-D, sort of… I also really like CHSs tke on the Cultural Revolution.
    We are on the cusp of that kind of historical moment, but have been for awhile, already.

    Eleni in Athens sent me 2 important things that it took me awhile to get to, because of busy life.
    The shorter one is this explanation of how the Archegos Capital IED could well have been a Chinese weapon maintained within the American financial casino, and that there may be others, and that “notional becomes net when the counterparty doesn’t pay”. Tom Luongo suggests that there may be more of these, and they can’t be discussed… Detecting and disposing of them may delay WW-3 a little while.

    This is long and it’s a video and Mike Lindell can’t stop shouting all the time and let the physicist talk about the graphs of the algorithms used to manage the very-difficult-to-manage 2020 US elections. You can skip and jump a lot. “The Key” is remarkably straightforward and it was imposed on essentially every county in every state in the US, identically for each state. The graphical correlation is .999% perfect again and again, and easy to see because of a quirky little anomalous jump in the population age numbers that could only have come from one place, which is identified.


    ‘A very convenient “pandemic”‘, by Daniel Miller (h/t Germ):

    “..Phenomenologically, the most important evidence for the existence of the pandemic is its external signifiers, especially face masks, this mass psychological theatre.

    Here again, the conjecture of the pandemic itself justified the imposition of the mandate, and nothing else: no evidence supports the thesis that masks have any positive medical effect and the more plausible scenario is their medical effect is negative. Nonetheless the Gates Foundation-funded behavioural psychologists of Sage and their equivalents in other countries argued that mandating them was necessary(‘because most people still did not feel sufficiently threatened’).

    The vague objective of an incomprehensible ambition, opposed against a nightmare, discloses a more concrete aim: control..”

    A very convenient pandemic

    Who coulda ever known?

    John Day

    Cut, paste and enter that line of code into your browser … best I can do.
    Gotta go plant some more trees before dark.


    After Obama culled all of the officers in the US military, it is interesting to see the current call for a military wide stand down. It seems there is now a growing disconnect between the officers and the enlisted men. This disconnect is causing great worry to Obama now.

    Expect to now see a purge of enlisted men going forward as a result of the current stand down.. Political correctness is more important to Obama than military effectiveness! The US military’s decline is resuming again! China has noticed this already and is acting accordingly, just as one would expect.

    This reminds me of what happened to the French military between WW1 and WW2. The left and their communist allies supported policies that absolutly crippled the French military’s operational effectiveness. This included purging officers and greatly reducing military training. Service was reduced from 2 to just 1 year. This forced the French military to spend all of their time constantly training new recruits the basics.

    Nobody was more surprised than the Germans when they easily rolled through France in 20 days! The French military performed exactly as the left wanted! Very poorly! All by design!


    Today is the last day in Toronto of the warm front that came from the US mid-west allowing “my parents said know” to launch their boat on the lake early!

    I managed to get a sunburn to boost my vitamin D3! I guess I will be glowing in the dark, 7tonight! Don’t need any help from Japan!

    The 2 kids spent part of the day spring cleaning the garage throwing out a lot of my good old stuff! I tried to resist but …. lost! I guess I am next?

    My son replaced the rear plastic bumper on his Ford and doing body touch up paint.

    V. Arnold

    @ upstateNYer

    Re: Gatto’s book;
    You’re very welcome.
    Gatto pulled no punches when it came to U.S. education (?).
    That you are reading that book is reward enough for me.
    You’ll be one less brick in the wall…
    …that most Usians seem to be unaware of the dire straights of their own, much less their country’s education; they’ll continue to fail as individuals and worse, as a society altogether.
    This very day the evidence is clear and overwhelming; but denial is front and center…
    I don’t see how this cannot be catastrophic…

    V. Arnold

    @ upstateNYer
    Re: Chapter #1
    My takeaway from Ch #1 was that those individuals (Farragot, Washington, et al) took responsibility for their own education. That our present society infantilizes “students” puts their maturity level about a decade behind their peers of the 1700’s…

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