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    Dr. John Day:

    So far the US has denied a US General has been captured in Marupol. But of course, we won’t know until it has been officially denied! Yes he has a mistress!

    Just a few more juicy rumors to throw out there for your viewing pleasure! It seems the general has trouble keeping his you know what in his pants! He has a travelling Ukrainian “wife” code named “Klute” (Jane Fonda movie ’71?). She serves as his translater. Just before the Russians invaded, it was noted that she had arrived in Marupol! Naturally the Russians quickly surrounded Mariupol thereafter!

    Now there are rumors the general has been captured by the Russians. But who knows?

    One thing that is probably true is that a large number of Nato people are trapped in Mariupol. Russians have intercepted 6 different languages via radio so far. Numbers range from 20 to 100 to 250. We do know Marcon fired his top intelligence official over the failure to get French military out of Mariupol. Marcon also desperately tried to set up an escape corridor with Putin too (obviously forgetting what happened in Syria).

    Since there is plenty of smoke, there is likely a nice warm BBQ fire somewhere in Mariupol!

    Figmund Sreud

    Following is one of the leading stories in Canada (CBC) right very this moment:

    How a QAnon conspiracy theory about Ukraine bioweapons became mainstream disinformation

    How a QAnon conspiracy theory about Ukraine bioweapons became mainstream disinformation.

    More than a quarter of Americans polled at the end of March said they believe that the United States has been developing bioweapons in labs across Ukraine — a conspiracy conceived, crafted and amplified by QAnon and the Russian government.

    Five weeks ago, that conspiracy theory was little more than a fringe belief. Today, it is an official stated reason for Russia’s brutal invasion. And it could be a sign of what President Vladimir Putin is plotting next. […]

    …rest – text and vids at:

    – near mastery in art of propagandizing!



    The Ukraine war has confirmed for me that Covid was a total scam. I never really believed that Covid ever existed but after such a long time my confidence was waning, only to be boosted by the Ukraine war. I am now confident that the whole thing is a scam based on the PCR tests.

    I am also now confident that both China and the USA oligarchs are in on the Covid scam. For the USA oligarchs this is a perfect mechanism for controlled demolition of the USA and Europe economies while the Ukraine war ensures that Europe, Australia and Ukraine is not tempted to ally with Russia and China in times of trouble: I suspect the gas pipeline from Russia was all part of this plan as it was built by the west then used by the west as an imminent threat so an excuse to defend Europe from Russian influence.

    Obviously the climate change/green energy scam was also part of this plan, using the throttling of energy to control the demolition of the economies – Germany closing its nuclear reactors before replacement energy supplies come online? Really, in Germany? Impossible!

    Yes, there was obviously a lot of help from the treacherous Europen politicians.

    China benefits from all of this: remove the superpower preventing Taiwan integration (Xi will no doubt have arranged with the west when that will happen), an opportunity to become top dog in the world (Xi must have wet dreams about this), Covid is the perfect excuse to enact the throttling of supply lines while the domestic audience consumes the bad Americans blame game.

    Of course, this means that the Zero-Covid policy in China will persist until supply lines are unrecoverable and the permanent damage done to the USA. Do not forget that a lot of the USA and Europe oligarchs have huge investments in China and Russia, so their fortunes are not threatened.

    Maybe this is why Russia is not totally demolishing Ukraine: the battle in Ukraine is for show, it is not for all the marbles.

    For me the whole game is becoming clearer: one unanswered question is what is Russia getting out of this deal, for it seems to me to be impossible that Russia is not a part of the greater plan. Sure, Russia has to play its “bad guy” role for Europe and the USA, but once that is over, what will the China, USA and European oligarchs give to Russia? That is not clear at the moment. Obviously it will make a lot of money out of this, but what else?

    Figmund Sreud

    This just maybe a hint to a question, ‘Where do the mercenary terrorists come from?’

    The Dangerous Idea of a Well-Behaved War

    The war in Ukraine resuscitated a certain dangerous fascination for war. Notions such as patriotism, democratic values, “the right side of history,” or a new fight for freedom are mobilized as imperatives for everyone to take a side in this war. It is not surprising then that a large number of so-called foreign fighters are willing to go to Ukraine to join one side or the other.

    I met a few of them recently at the Poland-Ukraine border, where I was conducting interviews with a Norwegian film crew of soldiers and foreign fighters who were either entering or exiting the war zone.

    Some of them actually never got to fight or be “recruited” as they lack military experience or proper motivation. It’s a mixed group of people, some of whom have spent years in the military, while others only did military service. Some have family at home waiting for them; others, no home to go back to. Some have strong ideological motivations; others are just willing to shoot at something or someone. There is also a big group of former soldiers who transitioned towards humanitarian work.

    As we were crossing the border to get into Ukraine, a former U.S. soldier told me: “The reason why many retired or former soldiers moved to humanitarian work might easily be the need for excitement.” Once you leave the military, the closest activity that can take you to the “fun zone,” as another one said, referring to the war zone in Ukraine, is humanitarian work — or, in fact, a series of other businesses mushrooming in the proximity of war, including contractors and criminal activities.

    “We are adrenaline junkies,” the former U.S. soldier said, although he now only wants to help civilians, something he sees as “a part of my process of healing.” What many of the foreign fighters have in common is the need to find a purpose in life. But what does this say of our societies if, to search for a meaningful life, thousands are willing to go to war?

    The Dangerous Idea of a Well-Behaved War



    Russian Artillery

    One thing that I would like to touch on is Russian artillery. Russia’s military is geared up for a contential war. You can trace this feature back to WW2. That how Russia finally beat Germany.

    Today US artillery is no match for Russian artillery. US artillery is not designed to fight a contential war. The Russian’s new artillery can shoot farther, faster, and more accurately, period.

    So going into phase 2, we are likely to see Ukrainian forces in the Donbas cauldron crushed. Yes these are the Ukraine’s best equip troops having 8 years to dig in. So these battles will initially be big artillery duals.

    Also there are no big cities for the Ukrainian to hide in, in the Donbas region. I believe many of the small towns occupied by Ukrainians in the Donbas are largely empty of Russian speakers too. So expect these towns to get flattened, especially after what happened in Mariupol.

    The US satellite and drones flying along the Ukrainian border and Black Sea, will be the “”remote” ears and eyes for the Ukrainian’s old Russian artillery, since the Ukrainians have completely lost their eyes and ears (no drones). Russia’s eyes and ears will dominate the battlefield in “real” time.

    Russian artillery will be very concentrated. It will sadly result in a complete total slaughter. Once the Ukrainians have been routed, Russian armored forces will move in to finish off what is left of them.

    Surrender, I believe, is no longer an option. Too many Russians have died from the initial go slow approach. Ukrainians are killing all Russian POWs. The Russians are no longer willing to suffer high casualties anymore. This is the sense I get from what I have been reading.


    @boilingfrog comment #105841

    Thanks very much for posting this link!
    It’s insightful.



    I have also come to realize that Covid was but just a sjingle step in a process to deprive us of our freedoms. Digital currencies are another such step in which Canada is taking the lead in.


    There are reports that many old museum Russian artillery pieces are duds.
    We’ve all seen the pictures of the two missile that hit the train station. If they were not duds, would such big pieces survive with the whole serial number intact?



    Those were the motor stages of the missiles you see on the ground. The motor stage separates from the warhead once all the fuel is used up. These are old Russian missiles that the Ukraine inherited from the USSR over 30 years ago. Russia no longer uses these missiles as they have much better ones now.

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