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    Marion Post Wolcott Signboard along highway in Alabama 1939   • EU Leaders Agree Brexit Delay Until Halloween (Ind.) • Macron Enrages Other EU Le
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    Assange has been arrested by British police inside the Ecuador embassy



    A curse be on all involved. We won’t forget.

    V. Arnold

    And the stupid fucking bastards do not even understand an inkling of the repercussions of this travesty of justice!
    Fuck all; this truly ends it; justice is just a quaint word that used to mean something…
    And yes; a pox upon the lot of them; may they all rot in their personnal hells…

    V. Arnold

    The horror; the horror…

    V. Arnold

    Utterly depressing…
    I’m in shock…

    V. Arnold

    Truly; this is as bad as it gets…
    We are, none of us, safe, anymore…
    The damned fools won’t see any of this……………………..

    John Day

    This is appropriate on all counts, I think:

    John Day

    Today’s offering, Prisoners And Puppets is not essentially different from Debt Rattle, sigh…
    Thanks Ilargi


    Black Hole …. Wrong
    “What you’re looking at is a ring of fire created by the deformation of space-time. Light goes around, and looks like a circle.” The images — of a glowing, ring-like structure — show the supermassive black hole at the centre of the galaxy M87, which is around 16 megaparsecs (55 million light years) away and 6.5 billion times the mass of the Sun.
    It takes 8 min. for light to travel from the sun. The dark hole is bigger than the solar system. It would be impossible to see any movement of the shape of that circle of light. It would not be a circle. It would be growing exponentially for 55 million years.

    Human intelligence …. less than monkeys

    • Chinese Scientists Put Human Brain Genes In Monkeys (TR)

    We should be putting intelligence genes from long living social/economic structures creatures that have succeeded to existed longer than us.
    eg. monkeys, birds, etc.

    J. Assange … All the MSM should be revolting …. Does the 5th estate exist? Is it a puppet?

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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