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    Paul Cézanne River Bend (Coin de rivière) 1865   • The Pentagon Leaks Charade (Pepe Escobar) • Explosive Pentagon Leak May Be An Insider Job – Re
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    RT: “ Kiev has dismissed the entire trove of documents as a Russian disinformation operation.”

    If any of it is useful, Russia would be crazy to make it public


    Life is full of surprise, my day starts out wondering if dinosaur tastes like chicken.

    Dr. D

    “Baltimore Mayor Calls For Citywide Curfew After All Hell Breaks Out”

    Is it possible to find a Red city where this happens? For that matter, a non-Socialist city? I mean these are not Blue Dog Democrats, they are way, way further Left to get these problems.

    We’re also…gee I’m beginning to forget – 32 of 37 leftists with the Trans gal and the prevented shooter? Maybe the new one in Louisville Bank can finally break the streak.(Probably not).

    And speaking of being completely, absent-of-all-reality insane: ““Either they [the kids] don’t care about consequences or don’t believe the consequences, and they have no respect for human life or the sanctity of life or authority to pull off that brazen cowardly act right there in the presence of police officers,” said Harrison.”

    Cowardly. Draw a gun in front of American police and fire. That may be a lot of things but cowardly is clearly not one of them. More like the #Opposite in #Oppositeland. Which it is, city and police commissioner alike. “#Oppositeland: It’s more than a place to live, it’s a way of life.”™

    “Movement Celebrated By Hollywood, Academia, Corporations, And Government Tired Of Being Marginalized “ –Bbee

    “Raytheon Unveils New Dylan Mulvaney-Branded Patriot Missile “ –BBee

    But it comes with a free rainbow flag! Buy now and get a free train derailment!

    “DOJ Races To Find Source of Leaked Pentagon Documents”

    Definitely one solution to this: pick someone you don’t like and railroad them! How’s everyone with creating anthrax in scuba gear at the bottom of a 6 foot pond? Still too plausible? That’s the DoJ, workin’ for you!

    Kunstler describes his recent road trip anywhere, through any city, on any highway, as “hell”. I can soundly confirm this.
    Yes, that would make for a fine 15 minute city, with small, low-mile battery cars and State-sponsored Amtrak, if any of that were possible, would function, and wouldn’t be an open-air concentration camp.

    Getting rid of cars? Great idea. Those Fox footage of highways is clearly hell on earth, and the “greatest waste of resources in the history of earth” as Kunstler would say. However, I don’t ask a convicted poisoner to cook me dinner, regardless of how hungry I am. I’d suck the tailpipe before I’d let them and their plans anywhere near me.

    “Turkey Says Its Black Sea Natural Gas Discoveries Are Worth Over $500 Billion: The huge gas finds would be enough to supply all households in the country for 35 years”

    Once again, a little looking and energy problems set back and delayed for another whole generation. Probably with efficiency this could be doubled.

    Club of Rome, and also the founders of Greenpeace said the same thing: it’s a sham. Now unlike some other political movements, they haven’t been astonishingly and lavishly open about it, printing each line about how they’ll kill you. However, there have been a steady, solid stream of leaks over the years that can be substantiated in person and in action. We needed a boogeyman to, as Kult says, enforce a very old (neofeudal) tyranny. So they grabbed whatever they could get people to respond to. Just made it up. In this case with THEIR companies CAUSING the pollution the very same people would complain about and need to “solve”. That’s Disaster Capitalism 101: first break everything. Then sell hammers. That’s not even 101, that’s so dumb it’s like the student paper-mache volcano for the class. Yet it still sells as if it’s real.

    …And the pollution is real, boy-howdy. But it’s all voluntary. Without a problem, how can they sell you the solution?

    “GOP House Speaker Kevin McCarthy pledges his full-scale support for Biden’s war policies in Ukraine, says “we” must win there.”

    Definitely time to make fun of Republicans and drum them out of the Party, if not the Country. Tell me again how any of these Guys get elected. Graham? Aren’t some of these statements and actions impeachable? Can we get on that?

    The Pentagon Leaks Charade (Pepe Escobar)

    I agree and it pays to be suspicious, but where? The thing that marks it, as usual isn’t the THING, but their behaviour around the THING. That is, they just let this get published day after day, no resistance? Really? Haven’t we established that they have near-total control over the media? So when it first breaks, sure it’s big news, I can see them being unable to avoid it, esp if they’re setting up “Here’s why Ukraine isn’t going to win next week” stories. But 7 days in? Who’s pushing it and telling reporters to keep going? A lot of the data is good, and while that’s no surprise to Russia who already knows these low-level things, who’s the game FOR then?

    One thing that stood out was that the Russian military was so soundly infiltrated. Probably true, even if more than expected. This is why they created and used the Wagners and can later roll in the military to Wagner with good, working habits. This may be why the West over-estimated their success against Russia, I mean if you have direct lines to every Russian General who will tip cards to help the West (or else?) then…? But the release could be the other way: what if they release it to put Russian Generals on notice “We know and are on to you.”? Isn’t that a big help to Russia (again)?

    Lot going on here and probably it’s not one thing.

    They follow on Reuters suggesting there are anti-worldwide-nuclear war faction of White Hats. But even so, they are MilIntel and don’t release the real goods but “fake” ones. Does that itself demonstrate it has to be an “official” leak?

    “Secret Pentagon Documents First Surfaced On Internet In January – WSJ (TASS)

    Okay, so again, WHO told the reporters they should report, but 3 months after the fact? Then keep on reportin’? Several parts are odd.

    Here’s another part to test: one of the clear releases was Ukr is out of anti-aircraft. Is that a trap? Russia would take quite a black eye for their new super-planes to be taken down by a 1981 Buks, even though that’s reasonable to happen. How can we test it?

    ““Whenever Ukraine does something, who is doing it?” Enjeti asked. “Zelensky presents himself as the leader … but obviously there are elements of the government there that don’t listen to him. Who knows what they’re going to drag us into.” …Department of Defense…

    …And with every other nation on earth. W in Iraq knowing no President could extract himself any better than from ‘Nam. Cheney was only narrowly stopped from attacking Iran a month before the end on the same premise. Can’t think of it like “France”, or even “Raytheon”. WHO in France? WHO in Raytheon?

    Our army is not as strong as it was in the Cold War era, and we will not be able to fight a land war in Europe,”

    Actually, this was true in 1944, and in 1954, although we were frighteningly stronger then. With only 200k casualties, America barely showed up. +2/3rds of the Wehrmacht was in Russia, Italy and Normandy were barely holding actions and they’d voluntarily evacuated Africa. That’s not to undervalue American power or military at that time, but to keep it within reasonable limits. That is to say, there was never a time we could have invaded Russia, not in 1954 with the U.S. and all of Europe. How do I know? If we could have, they would have tried it.

    “Musk Responds To Criticism Over Medvedev Tweet (RT) “

    It’s the same as not allowing Congressmen or Presidents to speak. They are relevant public policy figures. Even if you don’t like free speech it’s hardly tactical or practical to ban them. You only damage yourself and all your followers. But of course that was the point.

    “How times have changed. In 3 short years, many perspectives dismissed as “fringe” or “anti-science” in 2020 have become obvious and even mainstream.”

    They were always obvious to us. Or mostly always. Like 3-6 months in as soon as the (CDC) data arrived and confirmed.

    Astra is now “Swedish” Astra, not really all that Anglo at all. Oh! Who knew?

    Jsnyder: How about they mRNA the host animal, which then gets a virus that renders the entire food unfit to eat? Made entirely of spike proteins for instance. So most would be destroyed, but all? How about has a virus? The virus gives them a virus this happens frequently with old vaccines. There’s a reason people are infected with nearly anything, e coli, trichinosis, tularemia, when you can not assume good faith, but quite the contrary, can assume complete, high-scientific BAD faith, really there’s so many ways to screw up using this method I couldn’t list them all on a page. And there is no good faith.

    Dr. D

    Maybe not, but chicken tastes like dinosaur…


    “Nuclear arms race” – No! It’s over – the Russians won.

    Nuclear missiles are currently ICBMs. ‘B’ stands for BALLISTIC. It is like throwing a rock to hit a target several thousand miles away! Ballistic also means a fixed path so interceptor missiles can be positioned along the expected flight path.

    SARMAT2 changes all that. The missile can take an indirect route, and the nuclear warheads are steerable and so improving accuracy and evading defense missiles. In short it is almost impossible to intercept and has greater accuracy.

    This means that far fewer nuclear warheads are needed – a few thousand at most instead of 40,000! In many cases an ordinary Kinzhal would be more effective – for destroying bunkers, silos, power stations, dams, etc.

    Rather than a proliferation of nuclear weapons it is more likely to result in a vast reduction.


    T-Rex on the witness stand was wonderful humor. Thanks for the chuckle.


    Blinken Asks MBS if He Wants to Suck His Tongue

    MBS declines, “Not after Nazilensky did”


    Xi is shaking in his boots



    Distorting language to distort culture to distort Reality

    I get it, The Virtuous Cycle®

    Now we have “Drug Workers”, I guess to keep “Sex Workers” company.

    Sweet, Craptastic!



    Reading this isn’t really anything most here don’t already know/see. What got me thinking is the wording used. As Oroboros states above the virtuous cycle the article reads:

    “The role that banks have played in this ecosystem, not only as lenders but also as buyers,” will compound the wave of refinancing coming due, the analysts wrote.

    The word that caught my eye was “ecosystem” as if the banks were as natural as rain. I’m in no rush for a collapse however, it would seem our only choice is the path we take to get there, if there are any choices at all.

    AFKTT take it easy brother/sister you’re going to give yourself a stroke or ulcer. If planetary warming is caused by industrial civilization then it is way too late already. Changing our ways now will have little to no effect, the ending is baked in. On the other hand if these changes are being caused by the weakening magnetic field then that too is baked in and anything we do collectively is a waste of time and resources. So go on prepping for the worst, I am, if things hang together long enough to see me out than great if not, well you get it. Treading lighter on the planet isn’t a bad thing nor is trying to leave it a little better after we shuffle off, also a greater good. Following the climate science isn’t wrong or right we just don’t know. That said don’t close the door and say it’s settled, this is how we got lockdowns and we are well aware of were that has led us. It’s a fight for our hearts and minds, mostly minds, we can’t give our minds away it’s a very precious thing and we may find a better use for them yet.


    Switzerland not recommending COVID-19 vaccine, including for high-risk individuals


    Why did Anheuser-Busch decide to destroy its own brand? The timing – right after that shooting amongst other things, make it look like they were TRYING to do this to themselves

    Why did it put a woman in as head of marketing who clearly valued quasi-religious beliefs over any and all business concerns, had a tenuous grip on reality, and hardly any business and/or marketing experience?

    At stake is their Corporate Equality Index – or CEI – score, which is overseen by the Human Rights Campaign, the largest LGBTQ+ political lobbying group in the world.

    On a whim, I googled “Blackrock Corporate Equality Index” and then “Vanguard Corporate Equality Index” and found they are scoring 100% per the Corporate Equality Index.

    Corporate Equality Index is a subset of Human Rights Campaign – at first, looking at, I thought Hillary Clinton ha. (not so, that I can find anyway)

    They have a number of Advisory Councils (soviets) and boards. A list of platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze member corporations. I assume the medal type listings correspond to size of donation.

    I’d love to do a cross-check of, for instance, Vanguard and Blackrock ownership of these corporations vs injection which does not vaccinate requirements. A cross check on various parameters on the people working for them, board members, council members would probably be enlightening as well.

    Anyway, for years now, it appears many, MANY corporations are leaping to do this organization’s bidding, whether they blow their own head off or not, to get a better % score from them.

    After a few bouts of my ginormous employer – listed on the website, incidentally – had me listen to several multi-hour lectures by Ibrihim X Kendri on how I was an awful evil animal, saying to my black coworkers I worked side by side with for decades that if a white coworker, friend, or family member is compassionate, sympathetic, etc, they’re just trying to hide their racism. So I looked into it, read his stuff.

    Americans ALREADY hated racists, all the institutions be it corporate or government were ALREADY against racism. So wtf do you WANT, man? Kendri states that he wants a COUNCIL, neither elected nor appointed by elected officials, with authority over both government and business.

    I look at this HRC group. It’s got money going to every continent. It’s funneling money into various subgroups around the world. It’s got advisory councils, boards, and other groups for every segment and facet of human society. Councils, sub-councils, and subsub councils, basically. So this would appear to be the big dream – councils ordering everyone around, not elected, not appointed by elected officials.

    Read about what’s been happening at Disney? Huge layoffs, axing of major figures, and an interesting shareholder meeting. The CEO was directly challenged to recognize it was the insane Woke ideology/religion that was destroying the company and when will they stop. From ruining their entertainment content to destroying unique legal/financial advantages they used to had, and the general trust in their brand. (ie its actual long term value) The CEO stated he said “parents should be able to trust Disney” and then affirmed Woke Steam Ahead anyway. So apparently the responsibility is on parents to just trust. Good luck with that.

    Companies destroying themselves as if they were standing under a neverending massive waterfall of free money, as if either things like revenues or profits had been made obsolete – or they believe there IS no tomorrow.

    I can see why Russia is taking things at a slow grind. From their perspective, the dollar has to die.

    However it is that infinite dollars keep pouring into insane irrational self defeating activities year after year after year, it won’t stop until the dollar itself is horribly broken. Even inflation is “useful”- it creates more desperate people, some of whom will be willing to do whatever you want for even MORE dollars. Worried about gold? Just print even MORE dollars to bid the price DOWN. Basically, everything is broken until the dollar breaks.



    Oikos nomos


    Had a good night of sleep. I’ll take a test later, but I feel normal. I’ll report if/on long term effects
    (I expect acceleration of “due to old age” 🙂

    Re.: AFKTT
    Wrong argument. Your skills have been diverted. The truth will not affect what is happening.
    Secret, leaked files

    Effects – truth/lies – no effect, too late, too early, cannot change the trajectory what is happening.
    Why is the Pentagon trying to convince the USA public that “Its all lies”
    The public doesn’t care. The public has got bigger problems to take care
    Biden is hiring 30 TikTok Influencers


    from Polemos yesterday –

    I am not sure what the argument is supposed to do, to make me say “Well, since it once was a hot and lively world, it’s okay this next time?” But you are old guys, some of you long since retired, right? You know very well that the days of your youth are never coming back

    This presumes that disaster unfolds as a result of CO2, then concludes that anyone on the other side of AFKTT is saying “I got mine! You get yours! I’m out!”

    We’re saying the exact opposite. None of that shit is going to happen, clearly, based on the scientific record of hundreds of millions of years.

    Why would you treat the 2 sides as equally-weighted, let alone assume the asserted disaster? It has been demonstrated that its proponent cannot construct logical arguments, cannot respond logically to information.

    His last post yesterday was to basically put a flashlight under his chin and yell BOO!! by listing off things he things all follow FROM CO2 – when he was JUST TOLD that CO2 was many times higher than his highest predictions of doom.

    (The Acidity! onoes! dude, you said acidity comes FROM co2 and we JUST told you about higher CO2 leading to a more stable climate full of MORE life, have you NO short to long term memory conversion?)

    oh, so then the ocean was super duper super acidic! Plesiosaurus was digested by the ocean as were all the other ocean animals. Poor ichthyosaurs. Nothing could live in a super DUPER acidic ocean 20x acidic as AFKTT’s dire predictions! Jesus Christ. His basic premise has totally failed the burden of proof but he screeches about his presumed CONCLUSIONS as his support for the premise they are BASED on. (or fine, there was a saturation point, which AFKKT says is disastrous to reach and they died that way. not as much fun)

    On the one hand is a legitimate science – geology – with hundreds of millions of years of scientific data behind it. On the other is a “science” known to fabricate data, create models to create the desired outcome, and which keeps NOT giving logical answers to basic questions.

    Why would you assume he DOESN’T have to bear the burden of proof on this? Especially as they keep having to take down the signs at Glacier national park, the rich folks that fund his message are still living happily on the Martha’s Vineyard seaside and buying 4th homes on the Florida coast and 5th homes on low lying private Caribbean islands, flying around in personal jets. Sheesh.

    And then again why would you presume that anyone on the side of ESTABLISHED REAL SCIENCE doesn’t care about the future? Why would that be your automatic way of viewing it? lol my apartment ranged from the high 50’s to low 60’s all winter, for instance. I have no obligation to prove my virtue to discuss science, but I may as well mention it in passing. If you picture idunno a Rush Limbaugh clone driving a gigantic SUV around while puffing on a cigar and dictating his posts to his iphone er, no.

    I’m not really even a fan or fellow of the Afewknowthetruth, just a reader who has noticed that his point is not just “it’s high” but “it’s the acceleration.”

    What event divides the Jurassic from the Cretaceous periods? Kinda weird that it is there, isn’t it?

    Both periods are super warm and chock full of high CO2 levels, both have massive amounts of plants and animals, lots and lots of dinosaurs on both sides of the divide. Huh. What divided them?

    An Anoxic Event. You are NOT going to get a warming event more sudden than that, unless the Earth is hit with a supernova. EVEN THEN with a planetary anoxic event a Climate Meltdown turning the Earth into Venus due to runaway heat DID NOT occur and there were dinosaurs on both sides of the event.

    In fact there have been a bunch of planet-wide anoxic events. And yet the Earth, heating far far far far more than AFKTT’s worst predictions x100 STILL did NOT experience his predicted Runaway Planetary Meltdown turning Earth into Venus. Even then.

    You painted a picture of a warmer earth as miserable if survivable – were the dinos in the Juraissic period miserable? Was it all ruined for them?

    And for the millionth time on this site, why would you think the earth will get warmer at ALL? What does actual real science tell you is about to happen?


    Dr. D

    The only explanation I can think of is that dinosaurs didn’t exist. It’s the great Plesiosaur conspiracy.

    Why do we do this? Every day have the same conversation? It’s like being a doctor or nurse, patient wakes up, says they’re dying, and you explain, no, you’re not dying, you’re in the hospital, everything’s fine, X disease is just making you FEEL like you’re dying. Next time they wake up, forget everything and you explain it all over again. Day after day.

    Why? Because I guess that’s just the way humans communicate. It’s just because we care. Not caring would be not engaging, letting others suffer. But since suffering is mental, a condition within private consciousness, there’s a big limit to what we can do. So we try different things, and we do it. That’s being human. That’s caring.


    Don’t let a Lib become an absolute waste of a human being…

    Too Late

    China is “ghosting” the US, ignoring American attempts to re-establish diplomatic communications after they broke down in February.

    Beijing has likely arrived at the conclusion that it is a waste of time to pursue dialogue with Washington, which has failed to demonstrate any good faith whatsoever. Instead, the administration of President Joe Biden has shown itself to be easily susceptible to outbreaks of anti-China hysteria on the domestic political arena, which makes normal diplomacy impossible.

    Liberal hysteria, plenty to go around. Trump hysteria, Virus hysteria, Censorship hysteria, War hysteria, Gender mental illness hysteria, Climate hysteria. Liberals are hysterical emotional retards, panicky anxious illogical fucking retards. RF and China get it- the US regime are agreement incapable hysterical hypocritical murdering scum. Why bother trying to communicate with them? Cut off their air supply, bowl of popcorn, enjoy the show from afar. US regime imploding countdown….

    GOP House Speaker Kevin McCarthy pledges his full-scale support for Biden’s war policies in Ukraine

    GOP scum. Who will liberate Americans from the Regime? Americans?

    Disarming law abiding, Constitution supporting, logical reality based and effective citizens who loathe Tyranny and Govt abuse… unwise. As is antagonizing the Bear and Dragon when you’re a transgender Eagle with busted wings full of experimental toxic poison unable to define a ‘woman’.

    When Ivan meet G.I. Joe

    Now it was G.I. Joe’s turn to blow
    He turned it on – cool and slow
    He tried a payphone call to the Pentagon
    A radar scan – a leviathan

    He wiped the Earth – clean as a plate
    What does it take to make a Ruskie break?
    But the crowd are bored and off they go
    Over the road to watch China blow!

    When Ivan meets G.I. Joe


    Framing Reality for Sheeple 101



    Bill Gates Will Keep Flying in Private Jets Campaigning on Climate Change Because He’s Part of the Solution.



    Tongue Sucking Club

    It’s a small club and they’re in it



    Trans-parent Propaganda

    Lone Star Beer is taking a different approach to vacuum up Bud-Lite’s fleeing consumer base.

    Invest in Lone Star

    Go Woke, Go Broke®



    John Day

    Shiner Beer is the only real independent, original Texas beer since the Pearl brewery in San Antonio shut down. Shiner’s Spoetzl Brewery is about 12 miles from our Yoakum homestead.


    Spoetzel Brewery
    Lone Star is as “Texan” as George W. Bush (IMHO).

    John Day

    How to adapt to anticipated climate change when you are not the US military, and can’t directly manipulate it, or even get unmanipulated information?

    This is a tough one, and I am trying to adapt to hotter, colder, bad-space-weather-carrington-events, and especially more-erratic. My “cold tolerant” Mexican avocado trees should be ok in climate zone 9a, and they were until Yoakum got climate zone 6-7 hard-sudden-windy freezes for 3 winters in a row.

    Thanks Polemos, for pointing out that rapidity of change matters. Dropping 60 degrees F overnight with a 25 mph wind is just deadly to temperate trees. Even the olive trees were killed back to the roots again this winter. Oranges, grapefruit, tangerines … gone.

    We might get sudden global warming (MIA for 2 decades, but…) for a few decades, then an ice age. Those geologic graphs are contextual in a way, but they are not the mammalian lifestyle context. We don’t adapt fast without planning, we the most-adaptable mammals, and we don’t know what to plan for.

    I really am thinking it’s a matter of time until we get another Carrington Event, but I don’t know when, or which side of the planet it’ll hit this next time.


    Great, Shiner can capitalize on the wholesale abandonment of Bud-Lite and give a local brew the market share it so richly deserves.

    Kill off national beer!

    Promote local ones!


    Also not gay.

    John Day

    “Informed Dissent”

    Big Serge has an assessment of the leaked DoD briefing papers, which do appear to be real, though one site photo-shopped some numbers about Russian casualties before re-posting the photographs of the folded and unfolded papers.
    Some Points: The US intel on Russian troop movements and locations is better by far than the US intel on Ukrainian troops, and equipment.
    The information on Ukrainian brigade formation for the spring offensive is that they are mostly untrained, and so grossly under-supplied with tanks, artillery and other combat vehicles as to be 1/2 brigades at best, and unfamiliar with their new western tanks and other weapons.
    Ukraine fires 1000 artillery shells per day. That’s all that is being supplied by NATO. There is no stockpile.
    Russia fires 20,000 artillery shells per day.
    Ukrainian air defenses are Soviet era, mostly depleted, and the new western air defenses are already used-up. There are no replacements.
    If a spring offensive is mounted by Ukraine, presumably in May, it will expend the equipment on hand. The original equipment from before the war has mostly been expended already. Re-supply will be problematic politically for the west, and the manufacturing capacity is non-existent.
    Yet the leak as an act of subterfuge or treason is less significant than what the documents show. They show a conspicuous lack of alertness or long-range planning on the part of the Pentagon. American leadership seemingly has to contend with Ukraine as a black hole which sucks in money and munitions and gives nothing back; there is no strong sense of Ukrainian frontline strength, losses, or planning, and the Pentagon seems to lack any sort of independent intelligence streams.
    ​ ​Meanwhile, the material situation in Ukraine is degrading rapidly. Their artillery arm is running on fumes, with a miniscule shell ration and no reserve stocks to speak of, fed by a trickle of deliveries from the USA. Air defense is similarly worn thin, and the plan to repair this crucial umbrella threatens to quickly become vampiric and drain NATO interceptor stocks. The entire strategic logic of Ukraine has reversed. Rather than becoming a cheap way to drain the Russian military, NATO finds itself drawing down its own stocks to prop up the hemorrhaging Ukrainian state, with no clear endgame in sight. The proxy has become a parasite.
    ​ ​There does not seem to be any long term plan to sustain Ukraine’s war. The Pentagon’s procurement plans do not indicate any real intent to ramp up production of key systems. For FY2024, they have ordered a modest 5,016 GMLRS – the missiles launched by the famous HIMARS system. Ukraine has already fired nearly 10,000 GMLRS, making this yet another system where Ukrainian expenditures vastly exceed supply.
    ​ ​To salvage the situation, Kiev must place its hopes on one desperate dice roll with a mechanized attack package comprised of half-strength brigades wielding a disparate inventory of different vehicles and systems. This Frankenstein’s monster of armies – sewn together with a bevy of different tanks, IFVs, APCs, and artillery systems drawn from all corners of the NATO alliance, will likely be asked to smash through the heavily fortified and robustly manned Russian lines in the south, where it will be pulverized.

    ​ “Western interests” seek to hold the EU, US, UK and other English speaking countries together as an economic bloc, while maintaining neo colonial control over Latin America and Africa​, through the $US being the big financial club where everybody invests and borrows. I have recently seen several detailed articles which explain the depth of $US markets, and how there is no other option open to global investors, except if they accept a lot of constraints and fewer options. This is because the $US markets, particularly in the US, have allowed the vast purchase of American “assets”, mostly debt and property, to be bought by foreign interests, and without “capital controls”, which China maintains, to limit the flow of money across borders.
    The appeal of defaulting on $US denominated debt, or at least writing-it-down, is not mentioned in these articles. New arrangements would facilitate that, if countries transferred trade into a BRICS or Shanghai Cooperation Organization format without penalty.
    The argument is basically that “things are like this so they can’t change”.
    The Yuan is not set up to take on global reserve currency status, but a global reserve currency is not necessary the way it was in 1945, because all currencies float against each other, gold and oil, tracked by computers. The Yuan/Renminbi is already the main foreign currency in Russia, and many bilateral trade deals with Yuan/Renminbi are being signed and implemented, including with France.
    We are aware of the street-democracy taking place in France, against the autocratic pension age change from 62 to 64, by Rothschild Banking alumnis Macron. However, BlackRock managing French pensions, by “investing” them in high risk assets it needed to unload before they collapsed in value, is not announced. The cookie jar is full of bad IOUs, and the French know it. French popular aversion to the risks and costs of NATO membership is also very high. The French do not want to fund war in Ukraine, nor Taiwan, and are averse to those risks.
    Macron, loathed in France for being loyal to banking/finance, not the people, decreed the broadly unpopular delay in pension age because the pension system is stressed financially already. Reducing NATO bills, favorable trade deals with China, and being the first major EU country to break ranks from the self-harming sanctions against Russia, would all benefit French workers and the French economy, and would forestall failure of the French pension system.
    Macron represents the Rothschild banking interest which recently employed him and brought him to “power”. It is fair to assume that his siding with China, against US/NATO and the common EU bloc, represents a diversification of Rothschild interests away from the $US only-game-in-town financial bloc. Rothschild interests are preparing for global trade and finance multipolarity.

    Europe must reduce its dependency on the United States and avoid getting dragged into a confrontation between China and the U.S. over Taiwan, French President Emmanuel Macron said in an interview on his plane back from a three-day state visit to China.
    ​ ​Speaking with POLITICO and two French journalists after spending around six hours with Chinese President Xi Jinping during his trip, Macron emphasized his pet theory of “strategic autonomy” for Europe, presumably led by France, to become a “third superpower.”​ (Hmmm, Russia, US and China are already “superpowers”, right?)

    ​Katherine Watt, ​ On enforcement mechanisms wielded against non-compliant nation-states​.
    ​ Some national leaders have been assassinated. The most obvious was the President of Tanzania, John Magufuli, killed in March 2021 shortly after he began demonstrating and talking about some of the core frauds supporting the globally-coordinated mass murder and enslavement campaign disguised as a public health emergency.
    Those assassinations, like most assassinations, send a very clear message to other national leaders not to step out of line.
    But the primary enforcement mechanism, as I understand the structure of the global extortion system, is financial.
    National governments that don’t comply lose access to international banking systems: transaction processing; loans; manageable interest rates on borrowing; currency stability; aid packages. Everything. The lifeblood of their economies is drained.
    At the top tier, the Bank for International Settlements owners do it, through their control of private central banks and treasury secretaries in each country; through World Bank, IMF, World Trade Organization, and WEF programs; and through BlackRock and similar transnational, parasitic financial/technology firms.
    The same extortion mechanism works on smaller scales, to enforce the compliance of commercial banks, state governments, hospitals, schools, counties, towns, private businesses subject to state licensure, families and individuals, and has been used extensively during the last three years…
    ..We’re currently living through a global demonstration of the extortion/enforcement system, with one salvo fired in 2007-2008 with the Great Financial Crisis, and a second salvo launched in August/Sept. 2019 with the overnight repo rate crisis followed immediately by the falsified “pandemic” as the massive systemic shock pseudo-justifying implementation of long-prepared economic and political centralization plans. (The criminals call it “policy coordination.”)…
    …The salvo that started in late summer 2019 is still going on, and poised for an intensification as the dollar is being forced out of its reserve currency status, the injections continue to kill off populations, and sovereign governments continue to be hollowed out through infiltration, corruption, bribery, extortion, blackmail, censorship, propaganda and demoralization.
    Many of those things are very old methods for overthrowing enemy nation-states, repeated throughout history.
    The difference is that for the past century or so, those methods have been used with far greater precision, coordination and durable effects by non-State actors (central banking families) to destroy all of the national governments, countries and populations around the world simultaneously.

    Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. expresses strong disapproval of CBDCs and Digital IDs

    Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. expresses strong disapproval of CBDCs and Digital IDs


    ‘We’re not antivaxxers… we have lost loved ones’: Widower of BBC presenter who died from Covid-19 vaccine complications launches legal action against AstraZeneca on behalf of 75 people whose ‘relatives passed away or suffered jab-related injuries’

    Just 75?


    John Day

    Yemeni govt holds talks with Saudi Arabia to end 3-year civil war
    ​ ​Yemeni government officials have gathered in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, to discuss a comprehensive three-year peace plan to end the country’s civil war, a Yemeni diplomat said on Friday.
    ​ ​The move signals that regional rifts are easing. A permanent ceasefire in Yemen would mark a milestone in stabilizing the Middle East.

    ​Erdogan needs re-election on May 14. ​This might provide most of Turkey’s gas needs for decades. Coming online soon.
    Turkey Says Its Black Sea Natural Gas Discoveries Are Worth Over $500 Billion
    ​ ​Last week, Turkish Petroleum (TPAO) said on Twitter that the installation of the pipes connecting the energy base in the Black Sea to the Sakarya Gas Field Land Facility had been successfully completed. The company said the inauguration of the start of the gas transmission from the field is expected to take place on April 20 in the presence of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.
    ​ ​The Sakarya gas field is set to initially produce around 10 million cubic meters per day, before reaching a peak within three years to pump some 40 million cubic meters per day in 2025, Dönmez told CNN Türk.
    ​ ​The field inauguration could be the beginning of the Turkish plan to become less dependent on imports of natural gas, which account for 99% of consumption at present.

    Cynthia Chung, ​ The Curse of Game Theory: Why It’s in Your Self-Interest to Exit the Rules of the Game​ Thanks for the lead, Luc.
    ​We are taught never to question the rules given to us in these game theory scenarios, but to react accordingly to what has been defined to us as a limited set of options in an artificial scenario.
    ​ ​Perhaps the best indicator to this is, ironically, the very creator of the prisoner’s dilemma, John Nash. Nash had won the Nobel Prize for Economics in 1994 for his “landmark” work beginning in the 1950s on game theory…​
    ..​In 2007, he was interviewed while still working at Princeton. Here is his very unselfish offering of his “enlightenment” (his words) on game theory after over 50 years of work in the field. Keep in mind he is using the definition of rational behaviour according to game theory, which is defined as a selfish self-interest:
    ​ ​“I have had some trouble myself on the psychological level; I’ve been in mental hospitals…I realise that what I had said at some time may have overemphasized rationality…And I don’t want to overemphasize rational thinking on the part of humans…Human beings are much more complicated, the human being as a businessman….Human behaviour is not entirely motivated by self-interest of each human…game theory works in terms of self-interest, but…some game theory concepts could be unsound. There is over-dependence on rationality. That is my enlightenment.”

    John Day

    ​Belgian Psychologist Steve Van Herreweghe has received a two-year suspension for his statements on social media about The Great Reset and the World Economic Forum…
    ..Van Herreweghe used his social media platform to voice his concerns about The Great Reset and the World Economic Forum (WEF), which he believes are components of a larger effort to establish a “New World Order.”

    Psychologist Suspended For 2 Years For Warning About Great Reset and World Economic Forum

    ​Peter McCullough MD, ​ Fatal Massive Multiorgan Inflammation in a Teenager after COVID-19 Booster
    Insights from Autopsy Study Help Explain Thousands of Unexpected Deaths from “Unknown Causes”
    ​ Who is the next to die after COVID-19 vaccination? This is a question that parents of a 14-year old Japanese girl wished they would have asked before she rolled up her sleeve for her third BNT1262b2 mRNA COVID-19 vaccine/Pfizer (Comirnaty®) which was not medically necessary nor clinically indicated.

    ​ “Vaccine” products, which cause human cells to produce and release spike protein for months, are not specifically mentioned, but …
    ​ SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein Accumulation in the Skull-Meninges-Brain Axis: Potential Implications for Long-Term Neurological Complications in post-COVID-19

    Huge Veterans Study: COVID and Flu Vaccines are Useless at Preventing Hospitalization

    ​ Peter McCullough MD, ​ VIZIR (Viral Infection treatment with oral ZInc: a Randomized controlled trial in COVID-19)
    ​ ​2022 Omicron Era Trial Found Twice Daily Zinc Reduced Need for ICU or Death
    ​ ​Ben Abdallah et al from Tunisia recently published the VIZIR trial (viral infection treatment with oral zinc: a randomized controlled trial in COVID-19) which randomized a spectrum of acute COVID-19 patients to zinc 25 mg po bid versus placebo. Zinc has been known for decades to be an inhibitor of RNA-dependent polymerase. There was a 42% reduction in the primary composite of needing ICU admission or death. It is noteworthy, that the two most common companion drugs for zinc, hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin were not mentioned anywhere in the paper.

    John Day

    I am glad that you are improving further, zerosum.
    It is prudent to continue treatments and supplements for 48-72 hours of feeling completely normal.


    MQ-9 Reaper

    I keep thinking back to WWII. To fight V1 rockets when they ran out of ammunition RAF pilots would come alongside a V1 flying bomb and position their wing under the wing of the V1. They would then flick the wing of the V1 so it tipped on its side and it would then crash to the ground.

    The effect seems similar to what happened with the Reaper, although I would have thought it would automatically correct to normal flight. Just speculation!


    Ukrainian woman lost her brother in Bakhmut, Was wounded and not evacuated, died from wounds.

    The Ukros were sent to Bakhmut with hardly any weapons, they were cannon fodder.

    From someone with skin in the game

    John Day

    Substack partly reinstated by Twitter. Format war: Substack’s Easter Miracle

    The Times reported the specific method Elon chose for Substack’s suppression was the same method employed by Twitter’s previous management when targeting President Trump for “misinformation.” This is to say, sure, he can post, but his posts can’t be liked or shared, which means they die. The tone, here, seemed to imply the following: a once important tool for the ‘good and healthy’ suppression of political dissidence was now being used for Elon’s personal gain, which is bad. But that flashback to the Before Times hit hard.


    My morning test is NEGATIVE.
    I’ll keep you informed of my condition.
    Since I could not swallow, I did not eat, I lost 3 lbs.
    I’m producing a lot of phlem,(old man drippy nose)
    I’m capable of continuing my pills, aspirin, D3, Zinc, + statin, blood pressure
    I ate 1/2 a bowl of cherrio.s
    Noted changes
    I still get cold shivers
    Shakes worst and difficult to use a spoon to eat
    My balance is worst. I now find that I “suffle” like an old man.
    No pain.
    I’ll take another test this afternoon


    The US must be horrified at the thought of peace breaking out in the Middle East, after all their effort!

    I suspect Saudi Arabia will find that their Patriot missiles will not work when they need them, as Saddam Hussein and Erdogan found out. I wonder if it is possible to find and disable the remote control kill switch?


    what’s so great about civilization?


    Jennifer Bilek has some stuff on how “T” got added into “LGB”, and points to a number of companies and foundations. There’s also an interview of her talking about how it took only ten years to drive it to the forefront.
    There’s a reason its called “trans”- trans humans are Transhumans. I guess the WEF are that far along to push the me-robot agenda.
    BigMed was running out of steam. “Trans” is really, really, really big money.


    The illusion – for that is all it is – which we are being sold is little more than the digital version of the eternal life that humans have pursued ever since we began to notice that our days on this planet are numbered. It is largely a geek version of the cosmetic medicine industry’s claim to offer us – at huge cost – the façade of eternal youth. And there too, enhanced beauty, it turns out, is also a bell curve. Certainly the post-First World War development of cosmetic surgery allowed many survivors to go about in public. And even today, those with disfigurements benefit hugely. But that good is all too easily undone when those without disfigurement seek to improve that which was already good enough. Sure, a small amount of cosmetic enhancement may work. But the ever-present danger is that you end up ruining everything.

    The same goes for the proposed Great Reset. Not only will the digital technology fail to deliver – because what is promised won’t work in the real world – but it will destroy all that we previously had in the attempt. We will certainly end up owning nothing… but I doubt anyone is going to be happy about it. Because the end result will be a real world so profoundly broken that even the technocrats themselves will finally understand the folly of pursuing their fourth industrial simulacrity… most likely when they face the same fate as the last cabal of corporatists to attempt to shape the world according to their fantasy utopias.

    Counterfeit World – Part Three – Hubris



    It is extremely poor composition of the daily update when you insert an unreferenced graph of supposed Earth temperature hundreds of millions of years ago that fails to identify who generated it, or identify what proxies were used to generate it; you also link a bought-and-paid for lair as an expert whilst totally ignoring what real experts on the matter.

    ‘The downward linear trend for Arctic sea ice extent in March over the 45-year satellite record is 38,900 square kilometers (15,000 square miles) per year, or 2.5 percent per decade relative to the 1981 to 2010 average. Based on the linear trend, since 1979, March has lost 2.28 million square kilometers (880,000 square miles). This is roughly eight and a half times the size of Colorado or six and a half times the size of Germany.’

    Meanwhile, ice continues to melt, sea level continues to rise and overheating catastrophes increase by the month, if not by the day.

    Damaging cyclones and tornadoes were very rare in New Zealand. In the first three months of 2023 there have been two major cyclone events -both catastrophically damaging, and a plethora of tornadoes that have cause significant damage in Auckland, Nelson, Kapiti Coast and now Bay off Plenty. Unprecedented!

    We note that there is no reporting of current geochemical or geophysical data on TAE and assume this is because such data does not fit the false narrative the TAE team wants to promote.

    In the last round of idiotic ranting by the deniers of reality, I pointed out that ocean heat content -the best measure of Planetary Overheating- is at a record high, and is increasing by the day.

    I also pointed out that the full effects of desequesting previously sequestered carbon do not manifest immediately and that there is a considerable time lag between emissions and the dire effects of those emissions because it takes a while for the earth to stabilise after a major disturbance to its chemical stability.

    I have repeatedly pointed out that the current rate of disturbance to chemical stability is occurring at a rate more than one thousand times that of any previous Mass Extinction Event, the most notable being the Permian Mass Extinction Event, i.e. atmospheric CO2 is up by approximately 140 ppm from the pre-industrial level of 280 ppm. A few weeks from now (end of May) it will stand at a new record high in terms of the existence of the human species of 422 ppm.

    Next year it will be 425 ppm.

    Whilst the consequences of use of fossil fuels are already extraordinarily bad -oceans littered with plastics and more microplastic than plankton in a lot of regions; beaches littered with plastics; microplastics detected in human bodies; major disruption to Jet Stream stability; increasing loss of land to sea level rise; droughts and inundations of an unprecedented nature [within the time frame of existence of our species] it is our children and grandchildren who will suffer the utterly catastrophic effects of the fossil fuel insanity and the completely fake, entirely false narratives of governments on the matter. Asd with everything else, government polices make matters worse faster.

    Nobody cares.

    And what a pity that rather than being noted as a source of good information, TAE has become noted as a source of false narratives and can no longer be recommended.

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