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    Jean-Francois Millet Harvesters Resting1850-53   • Chelsea and Julian are in Jail. History Trembles. (Craig Murray) • Julian Assange Branded ‘Nar
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    V. Arnold

    Extraordinary; we’re truly in an era of bread and circuses.
    Every event no matter how great or small becomes a multi-ring circus…
    George; is that you, lurking, there in the shadows…?…


    This from the Daily Beast of all places clears up a bit, but also leaves questions. One thing’s for certain: it will take a lot of time before Assange is extradited to the US, if he ever is.Labour’s Diane Abbott has asked May to block extradition, like she did in 2012 for hacker Gary McKinnon. It took Jeremy Corbyn 12 hours after Assange’s arrest to say he didn’t agree. I’ll take back exactly nothing of my criticism of him

    How Assange Could Beat the U.S. and Stay Out of Jail

    Assange’s extradition is by no means a forgone conclusion. The UK courts are more skeptical of U.S. extradition requests than you might think, and Assange has several defenses open to him. One expert said that includes an argument that years of voluntary confinement has worked such violence to his mental health that shipment to the U.S. would be inhumane.

    “He’s been in one room for the last seven years effectively on his own,” said Karen Todner, a UK human rights lawyer who’s won several high-profile extradition battles against the U.S. “I would think he would try to run some kind of mental health defense. I wouldn’t be surprised.”

    Similar arguments, with the facts behind them, have swayed the UK courts in favor of some of Todner’s prior clients. Todner separately represented Gary McKinnon, a Scottish conspiracy buff who cracked Pentagon computers, and Laurie Love, who allegedly siphoned data from NASA and the Defense Department. The courts ultimately rejected extradition of both men, partly on a diagnosis that they suffered Asperger’s Syndrome.

    Freedom of speech is not a defense in the UK courts, so Assage won’t be directly helped by his argument that WikiLeaks’ wholesale document dumps represents the protected speech of a journalist. But he could argue that the indictment is politically motivated. “If you can show that the reason for extradition is political rather than just legal, that’s a defense,” Todner said. “I think that’s how you tie in the issue of free speech,” Todner said.

    If there’s a downside to contesting the extradition, it’s that the U.S. is free to revise or extend the charges right up to the point Assange is shipped out. After that, the charges are carved in stone under a principal called “specialty protection.” “Once he is extradited on specific charges, they are stuck with those,” former Justice Department prosecutor Christopher Ott told the Daily Beast. “There is a whole art to that process best typified by the multi-year effort to extradite El Chapo.”

    That means that the U.S. can’t grab Assange on a hacking charge and then slam him with an espionage indictment when he lands in the states–any new charges would require the U.S. go through the UK courts all over again, even if he’s already in a U.S. jail. “He has to face the charge that’s on the affidavit,” said Todner. “The charges that he faces in the U.S. have to be reflected in the affidavit. Anything else he’s charged with when he gets there would be a breach of specialty protection.”

    But then it veers into this:

    New York defense attorney Arkady Bukh, who specializes in defending extradited Russian hackers in the U.S., said prosecutors were smart to stick with a relatively simple hacking indictment, a charge with a direct equivalent in UK law.

    And there is no “hacking indictment”. There’s nothing about hacking in it.



    Diane Abbott: “It is this whistleblowing into illegal wars, mass murder, murder of civilians and corruption on a grand scale, that has put Julian Assange in the crosshairs of the US administration. “It is for this reason that they have once more issued an extradition warrant against Mr Assange.”

    In response, the home secretary, Sajid Javid, said: “Why is it whenever someone has a track record of undermining the UK and our allies and the values we stand for, you can almost guarantee that the leadership of the party opposite will support those who intend to do us harm? You can always guarantee that from the party opposite.”


    Aaron Maté: “The charge against Assange is that he “agreed to assist Manning in cracking a password stored on U.S. Dept. of Defense computers.” It looks like their alleged “password-cracking agreement” wasn’t even successful. Assange faces 5 years in prison over it.”

    V. Arnold

    Raúl Ilargi Meijer
    Mere molecules of hope offered; in desperate times, molecules count, and I’ll grab all I can…
    Depressing times on top of desperation add up to make, or break, moments.
    I’m not encouraged we’ll survive this; as broken as we already are as a society.
    Is this our coup de grace’ in slow motion?
    I’m afraid yes, is the answer.
    Hyperbolic? Hopefully yes…

    V. Arnold

    Jean-Francois Millet Harvesters Resting1850-53
    I like that painting; the lighting is interesting; it implies a long work day…


    Facebook Removes Page Of Ecuador’s Former President On Same Day As Assange’s Arrest

    Facebook has unpublished the page of Ecuador’s former president, Rafael Correa, the social media giant confirmed on Thursday, claiming that the popular leftist leader violated the company’s security policies.[..] In March, WikiLeaks published a tranche of documents dubbed the INA Papers linking President Lenin Moreno to the INA Investment Corporation, an offshore shell company used by Moreno to procure furniture, property, and various luxury items.

    The account number for the offshore account allegedly used by the president to launder money was shared across Ecuadorean social networks by netizens of all political stripes, including by Correa – who had about 1.5 million followers and whose Facebook page enjoyed more interactions and attention than that of President Moreno himself.

    [..] The removal of Correa’s page for violating Facebook’s “community standards” is an unprecedented move, and the former statesman is the most high-profile public political figure to ever be removed from the social platform–placing the economist and icon of Latin American “socialism of the 21st century” in the same unlikely category as right-wing conspiracy theorist and broadcaster Alex Jones.

    John Day
    Naw, that’s impossible. Where would the Taliban get the kinds of weapons to shoot down a B-52? Who would trust them?
    The Taliban is currently claiming that militants have shot down a US B-52 Stratofortress heavy bomber over Afghanistan, Middle East based news site Muraselon reports, citing official Taliban statements.
    Taliban spokesman Qarri Muhammad Yousef Ahmad was cited by the Mideast news source as saying, “Mujaheddin of the Islamic Emirate targeted US B-52 bomber with heavy weapons today early morning in Lar area in Washir district of Helmand province, the bomber went down and all its crew were killed while smoke still rising from the crash site.”
    Russian and Iranian state media were quick to circulate the claim, though it’s as yet to be confirmed by other sources. Neither US nor Afghan national sources have acknowledged a B-52 crash, which the Taliban further said killed all crew members on board.
    The alleged incident occurred as the aircraft was departing Shawrab Airbase in southern Afghanistan during the early hours of Wednesday morning.
    Well-known Taliban sources online also cited the alleged shoot down, such as Alemara Arabic, which brands itself the Arabic language version of the “Official account of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan”:
    The claim of a Taliban-downed US aircraft — which if true would constitute a rare and disastrous event for coalition forces — comes on the heels of a Taliban attack on a US convoy in north-eastern Afghanistan on Monday, which killed three US Marines and wounded an Afghan contractor.
    Early reports out of neighboring Iran which highlighted the claimed incident featured publication of misleading photos of a downed B-52 bomber, given that the main image was of a prior B-52 accidental crash in Guam in 2016.

    No news since yesterday on that. Nothing today…

    The US-Turkey showdown over Ankara’s deal with Russia for the S-400 anti-air defense system continues and could even escalate further considering Turkish foreign minister Mevlut Cavusoglu this week issued a return ultimatum after continued Washington pledges to halt sale of Lockheed’s F-35 stealth fighters.
    Not only did FM Cavusoglu say on Wednesday that Turkey will not bow to mounting US pressure, but said if Washington blacklists Turkey on either sales of the US-made Patriot systems, or blocks F-35s already purchased, then Ankara may pursue even more S-400 systems and would further look for alternatives to the F-35 jets.

    Notice how the interview is kept from straying into any mention of who coordinated with the CIA and Israel for guns, money medical care and air support…​
    A former ISIS commander has claimed that the terror group cooperated directly with Turkish state intelligence agencies for years on areas of “common interest”.
    The source said that senior Turkish government officials had numerous meetings with ISIS representatives to coordinate activities and that this also involved providing support and safe harbour to foreign fighters in the country. President Erdogan “was working hand in glove with ISIS” according to the US government counter-terrorism consultants who interviewed the ex-ISIS official…
    Abu Mansour described having complete impunity to travel between Syria and Turkey, leading Speckhard to describe him as in effect an ISIS ‘Ambassador’. “I passed the borders and they let me pass”, he said. “[At the border], the Turks always sent me a car and I’m protected. A team of two to three people from our side were with me. I was in charge of our team most of the time.” …
    Abu Mansour argued that his role was to coordinate a relationship between ISIS and Turkey where “both sides benefit.” Abu Mansour said that Turkey saw ISIS as a strategic tool to expand Turkey’s influence in northern Syria as the centre for a renewed empire:
    “We are in the border area and Turkey wants to control its borders — to control Northern Syria. Actually they had ambitions not only for controlling the Kurds. They wanted all the north, from Kessab (the most northern point of Syria) to Mosul… This is the Islamists’ ideology of Erdogan. They wanted all of the north of Syria. That is what the Turkish side said [they wanted], to control the north of Syria, because they have their real ambitions. Actually, we talked about what Erdogan said in public [versus what he really desired.] This part of Syria is part of the Ottoman states. Before the agreement following the Second World War, Aleppo and Mosul were part of the Turkish Ottoman Empire. The agreement Sykes Picot [in which they lost these regions] was signed for one hundred years. In our meetings, we talked about reestablishing the Ottoman Empire. This was the vision of Turkey.”


    the home secretary, Sajid Javid, said: “Why is it whenever someone has a track record of undermining the UK and our allies and the values we stand for, you can almost guarantee that the leadership of the party opposite will support those who intend to do us harm? You can always guarantee that from the party opposite.”

    “…undermining…the values we stand for….” Ha! is this guy for real!
    Those values are murder, war crimes, illegal wars, and corporate welfare for the arms industry, then, eh, Mr Javid? How dare anyone undermine that!! I wouldn’t piss on the Labour Party if they were on fire, but on this occasion Dianne Abbot wins. I never thought I’d say that…..

    Dr. D

    “Chelsea and Julian are in Jail. History Trembles. (Craig Murray)”

    There are many parts, and things go forward and back. Judge Snow issuing an unsolicited and outside opinion is EXACTLY HOW they will be able to appeal the sentence. He may truly be a state mouthpiece. But he may also be unable to withstand the pressure on him and sliding Assange a box of ammunition in the only way he can. With a(nother) legal mistake. Oops.

    “They Will Punish Assange for Their Sins (Turley)”

    Again, two parts. They have Assange, and indeed Clapper would like to stop him. However, putting him under oath in front of a microphone to talk all about Russiagate might be, how do we say, the LAST thing Clapper, Brennan, and the intelligence community may want. This is where he’s headed presently, so, again, is that a good thing, or a bad thing?

    Note that like Judge Snow, the charges against him are the thinnest they can find, and therefore easiest to overcome. That might show prosecutorial zeal, or it may show weakness. We can only find out.

    “Assange ‘Direct Participant in Russian Efforts to Undermine West’ (Hill)”

    And note that Senator Mark Warner(D), is the one demanding Assange appear on the Federal record and tell him all about Seth Rich and the DNC. Okay-dokie, Mark! We already had a British ambassador and Kim.Com tell you all about it, but if you really want that briar patch…!

    “Gabbard: Assange Arrest Is a Threat to Journalists (Hill)”

    While we’re measuring people, weigh in on Gabbard, anti-war, pro-journalism, and willing to accept the Mueller report without hallucinations of new and greater conspiracy theories from the grand wizard of Russiagate, Rachel Maddow.

    “Grave Threats to Press Freedoms (Greenwald, Lee)”

    Since Obama destroyed more whistleblowers than all other Presidents combined, that’s quite a charge.
    But to bring it up again, Assange DOES NOT LEAK. He can’t, since he’s not inside the organizations in question. HE REDACTS AND PRINTS LEAKS, just like the NY Times. The government’s case is that Assange cracked the passwords and downloaded the documents himself as a co-conspirator. This seems unlikely on the basis of saying “Curious eyes never run dry” or else every man that every spoke should be arrested. …Which is of course their intent and the intent of all tyrannies. Certainly every journalist who ever reported, and every man who ever repeated a story about the mayor’s mistress will be, if there’s anyone not on the payroll already. This is why they want him in front of a microphone, for a case with no merit?

    “‘Rude, Ungrateful And Meddling’: Why Ecuador Turned On Assange (G.)”

    It was so rude of Assange not to see a doctor. What’s up with that? And he claims Ecuador was being pressured by other nations? What nonsensical claims! Clearly the man is mad. The U.S. would never pressure anybody.

    “‘Swedish Software Developer’ Linked to Wikileaks Arrested in Ecuador (RT)”

    “linked to” is a big word and a favorite among non-journalists. I’m ‘linked to’ Bezos since I buy on Amazon, but that doesn’t mean we’re pals. So is this the other guy who knows all about the DNC leak? And they want him in front of a microphone too? Hey, whatever happened to that Wikileaks guy who was found dead in Norway 500 miles from his route?

    “Yet Another Conspiracy Theory Died Today (ZH)”

    This conspiracy theory will never die because logic is not a factor anymore. It’s perfectly plausible that Assange, who has released embarrassing records on Russia, is working for Russia, and therefore Trump, who is working for Russia, is attacking Assange, who is working for Russia, in order to embargo Russia, ring-fence Russia with missiles, open 20 new anti-Russia military bases, expand the military, start a new arms race, attack all of Russia’s allies, and start WWIII with Russia. Because: Russia! Russia Russia Russia! Russia has worked tirelessly to attack Russia using Assange and Trump, because they’re just that bad!

    And Mueller had found no evidence of Russia, because he’s working for Russia! Can’t you see how simple this is? It all points to Russia!

    “Democrats Call AG Barr’s ‘Spying’ Claim Conspiracy Theory (RT)”

    What a crazy suggestion! Just because even the public record could convict a ham sandwich of fake FISA warrants used to wiretap the opposition candidate in direct violation of every law and principle, doesn’t mean there was “spying.”

    Barr “must retract his statement immediately or produce specific evidence to back it up.” -Schumer

    How many pages do you want, Charles? Because I, like every other guy who reads anything, can come up with hundreds, and I don’t have clearance or subpoena power. But I imagine we’ll get to that because it’s been clearly communicated that one side or the other must go out in chains, if not as Kathy Griffin has illustrated.

    “Facebook Removes Page of Ecuador’s Former President on Same Day as Assange’s Arrest”

    But isn’t a national president’s call to not kill foreign journalists really hate speech? We need to censor that for the public good.

    UK Government ‘Halts No-Deal Planning’ After Committing £4 Billion (Ind.)

    Imagine how far that £4 Billion would go in the NIH? They could even buy a plane that flies for their carriers that can’t sail.


    Out of the ashes of a great civilization, we have a book that has survived for 2,000 years.
    The book was about the events of a whistleblower and rebel.
    The book was highlighting the conditions of the oppressed common people.
    The book was written 300 years after the events.

    I ask,:
    Will there be any survivors from the ashes of our civilizations, 300 years from now, that will be capable of writing a book about our time?
    Will a password survive that will be able to unlock the writings of our time?


    Truthdig…The Man Who Saw Trump Coming a Century Ago. (The link wouldn’t post)

    As Galbraith pointed out in his 2008 book The Predator State, the frustrated predators of the twenty-first century sneakily changed tactics: they aimed to capture the government themselves, to become the state. And so they have. In the Trump era, they have created a government in which current regulators are former lobbyists for the very predators they are supposed to restrain. Similarly, the members of Trump’s cabinet are now the saboteurs: shrinking the State Department, starving public schools, feeding big Pharma with Medicare funds, handing over national parks and public lands to “developers,” and denying science and climate change altogether, just to start down a long list. Meanwhile, our Predator President, when not golfing, leaps about the deconstruction site, waving his hands and hurling abuse, a baron of distraction, commanding attention while the backroom boys (and girls) demolish the institutions of law and democracy.

    …when those very plutocrats actually captured the government and owned the state, a Gilded Business Man would arise to become a kind of primitive Warlord and Dictator. He would then preside over a new and more powerful regime and the triumph in America of a system we would eventually recognize and call by its modern name: fascism.

    Polder Dweller

    Somewhere I was still hoping against hope Corbijn would get his act together after missing more open brexit goals than the Barnstoneworth United striker.

    Thanks Doc D for the summary and analysis of the summary and analysis. I particularly liked the Rachel Maddow superkut vid.

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