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    Helen Levitt New York 1939   • DOJ Threatens Action Against Pandemic Crackdowns On Religious Ceremonies (JTN) • Can Trump Reopen The Economy On M
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle April 12 2020]

    V. Arnold

    Helen Levitt New York 1939…
    WTF? It’s interesting, especially the one back in the shadows; But no Idea in the end………

    Economist Danielle DiMartino Booth talks about the correlation to the great depression and today in a sit-down with Patrick Bet-David.

    Great video; she’s very savvy…


    The Plague the Torah Refers to Must’ve Been Fungal?… Revisionist Religious Conspiracy Theory


    Who has that much power?
    Why would someone expend that much power against Assange?

    The virus has done more political, economical, social damage than anything that Assange and Wikileaks could have done.

    Dr. D

    Speaking of lies from my comment yesterday (okay, a few minutes ago), Financial Times: Fake, just ‘cause. ‘Cause always, ‘cause we can’t say any words UNLESS they’re lies, “Death toll is climbing ever faster in NY and London.” No, “ever faster” means the rate is accelerating. That curve is above 45deg. Their curve is still rising, but at an decreasing rate. And why? “Numbers are rising” is still a dramatic headline. The numbers are bigly, so that sells papers anyway. But no, they have to lie, then print it right above their own chart that shows it’s false, they’re lying. Ugh. No one notices. No one cares. The very next thing they say we all believe. “Assad gasses his people.” “RussiaRussiaRussia” “Iraq has WMDs.” Iran, the foremost Shia state, has ties to Al-queda, their opposite and arch enemy, the furthest Sunni Wahaabists. Every word, every day.

    Noreda shows decent chart, though. U.S. rates are far lower, not higher. Because we’re ridiculously larger. That’s why we’re not as serious about lockdown, although actually amazingly cooperative, for us, and at great personal cost.

    The Justice Department signaled Saturday night it may intervene”

    That’s a heck of a hard call. Hamilton, Henry, didn’t write “you have the right to speak EXCEPT if someone is sick. You can believe what you want EXCEPT if there’s a pandemic, we can call, any time we like, either too early or far too late, and keep the “State of Emergency” “War on Adjectives” going on forever.” It wasn’t “Give me Liberty unless it’s inconvenient and someone might get hurt.” However, obviously now might not be the best time to congregate. Shows that they believe their God and are willing to die for their religion, however, which is why such hatred and scorn is put upon them. “Idiots! Chumps!” By people who believe in nothing, and cower in their basements hating principle and bravery.

    White House officials concede the approach will have little effect on the larger economy”

    Yeah, this guy lives on the coast. So, because YOU have trouble with medieval diseases and open sewers on every sidewalk from San Diego to Redmond, the guys in Tulsa have to eat s—t and die in a box, starving and unemployed. Oh wait, that was every other day for the last 30 years; This disease changes everything. Not. Not only is he dictating everything for the other 3,000 counties with almost no cases (of course!) but we have the MonoCulture, where one size fits all, regardless of if you’re a town of 300 in Wyoming or W. Virginia. ‘Cause I said so! I’m a Schmarty! Look upon me and my arrogant genius and despair! Abandon all hope, ye who read the L.A. Times.

    This is why we have Federalism, where one size does not fit all and we push the decisions down as far locally as we can. ESPECIALLY in INCREDIBLY large and diverse nations.

    More models. If Finland is right, why hasn’t everyone gotten it already? Clearly it’s impossible to leave your house without being contaminated according to their computer. A: because it’s a computer CGI we invented in our heads. Mostly, but not entirely devoid of reality. Why? Because we already know from the results their model cannot possibly be true. Great job over-hyping and scaring everyone to death though! Suicide rates are way up!

    I have to be complimentary, otherwise I would be simply lying”–Newsom

    Hell hath frozen over. It is the end of the world indeed. No about Trump, but that a politician opened his mouth and did not tell lies. That we know of. Yet.

    Hundreds Of US Meat Workers Have Tested Positive For Coronavirus (LATimes)”

    Along with tens of thousands everywhere. So? Did they stay home with kleenex for a day like everyone else? Getting it means NOTHING. It’s only people who need medical care that matters. Again, great job with wild, unfounded fear. And the deaths you cause from it you can’t go to jail for! So this article: “Two people in the entire U.S. meat packing industry died.” In four months. Wow.

    “also that of Africa, where the situation is developing differently”

    Now that’s interesting. Which is why they didn’t follow up or provide any facts, however vague, about it. How is it different? Guarantee it’s different in a way that doesn’t support The Narrative™. Not looking though because EVERYTHING I see doesn’t follow The Narrative™.

    Here’s the timeline of government failure.

    Answer: more government, more laws, more rules, more budgets.

    Greece: Exactly what I was going to say from their numbers. Greece is wildly smaller = fewer cases. But also because far smaller, far more rural and disperse. Adjust for those two and you’ll find, sure they were better, but how much? Probably mild. From this logic you could say Iowa was better, far smarter than NY. Not really. They just don’t have 67,000ppl/sq.mi.

    Is The Next Great Depression Here? (VT)

    We’ve been in it since ‘08, ‘01, or even 1994, your choice. They’ve done everything they can to keep it going and make it worse, just like FDR, in order to prevent a few wealthy people from finding fair market value and losing a small % of money. Now an entire generation has no houses, no children, no household formation, no retirement. So thanks for killing and eating your children, you cannibals. Right now they’re doing it via medicare while all the young are out of jobs.

    Turkish Court Accepts Indictment For Khashoggi Murder Suspects (DS)”

    I struggle to imagine what possible jurisdiction they would have over Saudi sovereign territory, affairs, and citizens, but law? What law? We just make it up.

    Government money creation … spurs prosperity.

    Done reading. If this were even SLIGHTLY true, then why does prosperity ALWAYS get WORSE every time they create money? Not just here, but everywhere in history? No one notices. Nods heads, “Oh you’re right, Mr. Expert, you’re so brave and strong to dilute the money –I– use, and thereby steal MY hard work for yourself to distribute to others, to your friends, to buy support.” So where does your bread, your cheese, your chair come from? From ME, getting up at 4am and W O R K I N G. Your money creation means NOTHING, has no purpose, no creation, no intelligence, no risk, no value, no worth. You’re just stealing to buy votes from the people who DON’T work. And by this I mostly mean Wall Street and they hand money back to you, D.C. to keep this theft and power rolling, and us all near-dead. Even in the odd and uncommon chance that you actually create a road or bridge that might have value, which hasn’t been done in my lifetime, all that money going to Google and Apple and every defense contractor that never built a plane that could fly, while more than half the nation dies in decay in Flint. But go ahead: no one will learn any other way. Do it until the nation collapses and the poor die most, like every other time and place in history.

    At the time, Assange, 48, was also wanted in Sweden

    Very clever to bring them up prominently fill space with them, knowing they are now quite provably false. Good job, Daily Mail, who cleverly prints all false things while technically being free of libel. “I didn’t SAY your mother was a whore, I said SOME PEOPLE said she was. Anonymous people we don’t know. And later retracted it.” See?

    Speaking of, wasn’t that “Worst Shift” nurse the one who made everything up, wasn’t on shift, and was totally discredited?

    P.S. CBS is still using the false footage from Italy. After being exposed for their fake news. Twice. Not. Helping.



    From the article below :

    “Every patient I’ve prescribed it to has been very, very ill and within 8 to 12 hours, they were basically symptom-free,” Cardillo told Eyewitness News, adding “So clinically I am seeing a resolution.”

    Cardillo, CEO of Mend Urgent Care, says that the drug must be used in conjunction with Zinc, as the hdroxycholoroquine opens a ‘channel’ for the mineral to enter cells and prevent the virus from replicating.

    This is a very powerful statement. While it needs to be verified it gives a simple treatment which at least can be tried OUTSIDE of a hospital by ANYONE. There are some precautions needed, for example I take Metformin and this would need flushing from my system before the drug could be given.

    I read about how the elderly are being refused hospital admission, care homes where the staff are ill or self-isolating such that residents are being left dead in their beds.

    I read about hospitals being swamped, staff infected and dying. ALSO all the routine functions of hospitals such as surgery and treatment for other illnesses are being suspended, leading to further death and suffering.

    If the treatment above is remotely effective it should be given to those who start developing serious symptoms. It can be done in people’s homes and so help to stop the spread. It could mean hospitals actually being able to treat other people again.

    I do not know if this treatment just alleviates the symptoms and help the body fight off the infection, or whether it does actually stop the disease. Are people still infectious after treatment?

    Even so it does seem like a miracle cure with a drug which has been around for fifty years and whose side effects and problems are well known. It should be tried at every opportunity. While stocks are scarce due to hoarding fresh supplies from the manufacturers should be sufficient – it seems to be a ‘one-off’ treatment rather than ongoing, like its’ normal users. It would be criminal if this treatment was not used because of politics!

    One [sort of] amusing thought : If Trump haters refuse to take it because he mentioned it and die, while Trump supporters take it and live, well I am sure Trump would shed a few crocodile tears!


    Underdogs have default.
    Elites have jubilee



    Oracular Divination (title: The Sage Consults the Lightning Bugs)


    >UN Seeks To Lease Hotels, Ships To House Refugees
    Maybe cruise ships aren’t the best idea. Too many people, too close together.

    Figmund Sreud

    Shish! Proliferation of doctors – with an opinion and an advise – continues unabated. Here is one, Canadian, … a “spin doctor with a PhD in Centrifugal Rhetoric from the University of SASE”. Yes. This doctor, Dr. Steve, offers a handy guide to spotting the pandemic scamsters:

    Please Advise: Who’s Least Likely to Lie to Me about COVID-19?

    … read and take note.




    I just heard Cuomo say live on C-Span that Minnesota receives about $300,000 per Covid case.
    Hey- let’s put an economic incentive into a positive result! (app. 10:40 am cdt)

    Concerning Dr. D’s post from april 11:
    In the late eighties, my 82 yr old grandmother had a terrible stroke. Unable to speak or move, it was clear from her eyes she was terrified. She had a DNR order on her clipboard. A few days in, she had a heart attack. The attending nurse said the next day that she knew her daughters “weren’t actually bad people, and wouldn’t want to lose their mother”, so the nurse ignored the DNR and the hospital kept her alive for another six months.
    Death can be a blessing. My many nurse-friends always said “pneumonia is the old person’s friend.”
    I have a DNR. I dread hospitals. They buried my Gramma alive for six months.

    Eos forgot to ask for eternal youth for Tithonus, her beloved, when she begged for it from the gods. Eternal life withered him into misery. The gods took pity on him and turned him into a cicada.
    Death can be a blessing.
    I have too often seen my friends watch their love for their parents turn to a secret wish for finality.
    Death can be a blessing.


    Dr. D says: “The very next thing they say we all believe. “Assad gasses his people.” “RussiaRussiaRussia” “Iraq has WMDs.” Iran, the foremost Shia state, has ties to Al-queda, their opposite and arch enemy, the furthest Sunni Wahaabists. Every word, every day.”

    Don’t forget the Warren Commission’s Magic Bullet Theory, the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, and the NIST report findings that Building 7 fell straight down in its own footprint because of a couple of office fires.


    “crashing into an exploding shit show”




    Hey bosco. Plumbers are expensive. Take a handful of these next time, and maybe you won’t have to call one.


    I do it for the thrill, OMG.


    Mm ba ba de
    Um bum ba de
    Um bu bu bum da de
    Pressure pushing down on me
    Pressing down on you no man ask for
    Under pressure that brings a building down
    Splits a family in two
    Puts people on streets
    Um ba ba be
    Um ba ba be
    De day da
    Ee day da that’s okay
    It’s the terror of knowing
    What the world is about
    Watching some good friends
    Screaming Let me out
    Pray tomorrow gets me higher
    Pressure on people people on streets
    Day day de mm hm
    Da da da ba ba
    Chippin’ around kick my brains around the floor
    These are the days it never rains but it pours
    Ee do ba be
    Ee da ba ba ba
    Um bo bo
    Be lap
    People on streets ee da de da de
    People on streets ee da de da de da de da
    It’s the terror of knowing
    What this world is about
    Watching some good friends
    Screaming let me out
    Pray tomorrow gets me higher higher high
    Pressure on people people on streets
    Turned away from it all like a blind man
    Sat on a fence but it don’t work
    Keep coming up with love but it’s so slashed and torn
    Why, why, why?
    Love love love love love
    Insanity laughs under pressure we’re breaking
    Can’t we give ourselves one more chance
    Why can’t we give love that one more chance
    Why can’t we give love give love give love give love
    Give love give love give love give love give love
    ‘Cause love’s such an old fashioned word
    And love dares you to care for
    The people on the (people on streets) edge of the night
    And loves (people on streets) dares you to change our way of
    Caring about ourselves
    This is our last dance
    This is ourselves
    Under pressure
    Under pressure


    There’s some of this in all of us. Boogaloo referred to it obliquely when he confessed his “dark side”.

    When Prophecy Fails

    It’s the Blimp!


    The FT graphs are interesting. How you view them depends on one’s education and world view.

    The State of Washington deaths were jagged at the beginning. Likely did to imported infections that were not detected due to the testing debacle by the US federal government that let the pandemic spread undetected throughout the USA. Dr. Anthony Fauci admitted America did nothing until it saw what was happening in Italy and then the Washington DC issued guidelines and left it to the 50 States to do haphazardly lockdowns. This caused the differences in the graphs between Washington, New York and the other states.

    The top five nations for new cases were all members of the now defunct Western Empire. A global trade organization instituted to make the rich richer and the poor poorer. They succeeded. Government was drowned in the bathtub. Except unprepared, the Wuhan Coronavirus crashed the global economy totally. The differences in the number of each nation’s deaths are directly due to how well government dealt with the crisis. In the West it is horrific due to western plutocrats who put profit above human lives.

    All four nations at the bottom of the graph instituted strict contact tracing and isolation of the infected. Unless national governments are reconstituted in the West and strict testing regime, staffing and safe quarantines of the infected are set up, my prediction is the number of new cases will plateau and trail off very slowly as the herd is culled. A dark age will engulf the West until a treatment is found or democracy, government by and for the people, is restored. Only people working together can overcome the pandemic and reopen the economy.



    Dr. D

    Washington DC issued guidelines and left it to the 50 States to do haphazardly lockdowns. This caused the differences in the graphs between Washington, New York and the other states.”

    Well that doesn’t sound right. NY locked down first and is worst. Iowa hasn’t locked down and it’s untouched. Yes, NY has more world traffic but then why not D.C. or Miami, O’Hare or Atlanta?
    The lockdown is political, so that the Federal could only do it via martial law, which I hope we do not want. As the States are sovereign, they are in control. They have the power. And they’ve used it as they wished, for the first time in my lifetime as legally required, and only because the Feds didn’t. But although always legally having all the power they need, it won’t stop them from complaining and blaming the Federal level which does NOT have the power under our Federal system and the Constitution.

    As a Federal system should Billings, MT have the same draconian rules as Brooklyn, NYC? Of course not, but that’s what you get if you DEMAND a Federal-only response and complain about any other possible response. That’s part of what makes “tyranny”: that the system, the rules, account for nothing but are iron and ignorant. That and how we see everywhere rules apply to YOU and not them, yesterday with Chicago mayor getting her hair done and proudly clicking a selfie-hug with no masks. “Rules for thee and not for me, forever and ever, amen.” Pass on edicts. Pass on hypercentralization and a monoplan for a nation with 3.79M sq miles.

    A dark age will engulf the West until a treatment is found or democracy.”

    OMG people love drama. Shows just how light and laughable the “crisis” is that they have time for such rot and nonsense. There is no Dark Age. All information ever known is at your fingertips. All cell phones work from the Space Stations to McMurdo, Antarctica. Netflix has not been shut off. You can order food and clothes from anywhere worldwide and have them delivered to your door. Even book a transatlantic flight if you wish. How on God’s earth could that be misconstrued as a “Dark Age.” If there’s any dark age, it’s of the mind as well tell ourselves endless, tireless, ceaseless lies, life being so easy we’re bored and need invent things for entertainment.

    Government was drowned in the bathtub.”

    Government has been growing in a straight line for 100 years and has never been larger than now, as it controls $2T/year of a $12T (ha) economy. That’s 1/6th. It increased under every president, particularly Reagan, the only person under whom it supposedly shrank, but clearly doubled (?) an already large and essentially pointless ineffectual government as say under Carter. But it’s easy to tell as we claim to have 17 intelligence agencies, a half-dozen law enforcement agencies, FBI, SEC, CFTC, IG, yet not one of them can do a G-d d—–d thing except watch porn, not even stop world-wide child trafficking and rape, among the highest people everybody knew about for decades, not even get from behind a golf cart during a child shooting.

    At the same time, this government doles out money and enforces the most unjust and illegal monopolies the world has seen outside of Soviet Russia. Without a hyper-large, extremely active, and fundamentally capricious government, this level of income equality would be impossible. I wouldn’t say government was drowned in a bathtub, I’d say it was The Blob, growing ever larger, mindlessly crushing everything it touches, as right now it didn’t restock 5 million masks and unemployed 16M people.

    People talk about how the virus has shut down the economy. The virus did nothing. N O T H I N G. It was a rounding error. It was our CHOICE to voluntarily shut down everything worldwide that shut it down. WE did. It’s not an asteroid from space, we CHOSE it. And that may be wrong or it may be right but the virus had little to do with it. So we don’t have to cure or overcome anything to reopen it. We shut it down voluntarily because we felt like it, so we can re-open it in an instant because we feel like it. Much of America is in “quarantine theatre” that is so full of holes and exceptions it’s buying the worst of both worlds. A third isn’t stopping anything, and wouldn’t, except their bars are closed and people are cranky, so the only places they CAN go, they do. So essentially, they’ve been “open” all along except you put them out of a job and into desperate poverty with a lot of free time. What’s to re-open? Groceries, Wal-Mart, Amazon, Home Depot, Dr.’s offices, car parts, gas stations, pharmacies, pizza parlors, liquor stores, drug dealers, and prostitution are all open right now. Since almost nothing was shut down except (sit-in) restaurants and schools, what’s to reopen? What are we overcoming? Not the virus. Our own choice or fears. The virus has now killed 0.006% of the U.S., and that’s with bad accounting. They claim we’re at the peak.

    The virus isn’t in control. It’s not responsible for the economy. We are.


    FWIW- He misspoke. The number I think he meant was $39,000. It came from State Sen. Scott Jensen of Mn., referring to those who went on ventilators. Comment comment from 12 April 2020, amended 14 April 2020.
    Went back to the transcript and the tape. He said $300,000.

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