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    John Day

    Thanks Friends and neighbors.
    I’m back from work for the day and really appreciating your contributions to this forum again.

    I’m working on spirituality. A friend lent me a book I read chapter 42, about life, the universe and everything. It has a whole lot of chapters.
    I’m just going to read a little when I can and keep working on being a spiritual helper in this (mostly) physical world, gardening, practicing thoughtful medicine, and so on.

    We’re going to have a May-Day garden party at the Yoakum homestead.
    Mayday is a Saturday, like spring equinox was and the day before Easter was. Those parties went fine.
    People connected well. Some days, normalcy might be enough.

    I just keep plugging away “arrogantly”.
    I’ll fight if somebody jumps me. It’s automatic.
    If I have a little while to think it over, I might do something more elegantly creative, like Putin/Lavrov.
    I love those guys, because they seem to play 4 moves ahead.
    That was part of my meditation on my bike ride to work. Those chess players have seen this cusp coming for the dollar as global reserve currency for a long time. Even I have, and they are smarter.
    They have been able to pre-position facts-on-the-ground for over a dozen years for the inevitable death throes, so they might have a lot of set-pieces to dissuade our (rich) shadowy puppet masters from taking rash actions in a wide array of foreseeable situations (Ukraine, Iran, Venezuela, Afghanistan, Syria)
    I’m not trying to be deluded or optimistic, but none of the interested parties over-there stands to benefit from the Samson-Option of our cornered elites. The prudent grown-ups have to make the choice not to act rashly, the EA$IER choice for Western elites, day after day, and year after year as the $US Empire gradually morphs into …something.
    The Digital US Dollar looks like a swell idea.
    Make it like that digital Yuan, like digital $100 bills.
    Beat the Chinese yellow-menace with a skim-free digital $US.
    Go America! (Sorry banks, we’ll get right back to you.).

    V. Arnold

    @ Dr. Day
    What is the proper dose for Ivermectin? I seem to recall x number of mg. per kilogram of body weight…
    Thanks in advance…


    @ VArnold – the recommended dose is 0.2mg per Kg of body weight.

    150 lbs – 14 mg
    200 lbs – 18 mg
    250 ibs – 23 mg

    Although IVM is extremely well tolerated, and has been shown to be safe at over 10x dosage levels!

    V. Arnold


    Although IVM is extremely well tolerated, and has been shown to be safe at over 10x dosage levels!

    Thanks Germ, for that reply and information…
    I’m likely to order some Ivermectin from the Indian site Kachhela Medex.
    But I’m going to try some Thai chemists first; seems like they should have it given our geography (tropical)…
    P.S,; and a shout out for all your help here at TAE…

    Dr. D

    Madamski, what? I already said even today: humans are sorted from birth according to how obedient, compliant, and unimaginative they are. Anyone who insists 2+2 or defends themselves is made a janitor or thrown in prison. It’s super-duper simple. “I” who are in power, want minions, not thinkers. So I pay minions and jail thinkers in Belmarsh without trial as an example to others. So easy a cave man could do it with a rock. And did.

    How do they do Vitamin D? The exact same way. If you were a medical genius, you’d see right away that half the medicine is like pounding two rocks and be thrown in the bin. You’d fail medical school 1st year because of it, and not be a doctor, you’d be a “crank.” Therefore it took 50 years of hard slugging for the AMA to admit Chiropractors exist, despite failing every day of those 50 years to help their patients’ chiropractic issues. Right now we’re still doing it with medical pot and psychoactives for PTSD, as well as TBIs in the NFL, biomes as a cause of Ulcers, as well as the opposites: 50 years of study 6-figures deep that cholesterol is not heart disease, STILL prescribing deadly statin drugs daily.

    How do they do it? The sorting hat, and compartmentalization. Pfizer is well-known to buy science wholesale. Against all science they create multiple studies and if they aren’t in their favor, scuttle them as “incomplete” and never publish: the direct OPPOSITE of science, printing only the pre-ordained, rigged, often even fabricated “successes”. The Lancet and NEJM editor’s discussion of how all studies they published were open frauds, not only paid falsely by pharma, but 80% could not be repeated. Open data-fabrication by grad students and researchers is discovered year after year. 300 Studies of complete word-soup published because nobody reads nothin’.

    These are the “Expert” studies, the “Science” that regular MDs believe, totally, completely, unwaveringly, without hesitation or skepticism. Or they lose their license. If they add outside information, like Chiropractic or I dunno, shamanic events that regularly help patients, they lose their license. If they question open medical contradictions as we’ve seen this year, they lose their license. If they prescribe things that help 1,000 patients, as Zelenko did, curing Covid instantly outright, they lose their license. Christ himself could not be more proud as they arrest you for miracles, furious to stop any more good from occuring.

    Gee, why aren’t people who question these obvious things, published more or less continuously, why aren’t they doctors? Could it be they lose their license? Credibility? Livelihood? They obey like mindless minions. If they didn’t, they’d have been bounced years ago. In 2nd grade.

    But in the rough: money buys science. Queue “” for the weekly exposures of embarrassing fraud that kills ten-thousand a pop like Vioxx or Statins or more broadly, Roundup.

    Once you bought the researchers, everyone downstream does whatever you paid them to do, without realizing it, because you’ve ALSO paid for them to NOT realize it: it will be fatal and land them in Belmarsh. As AZ said, they’ll have the courts confiscate their kids and inject them. Whatever it takes. Who cares? This is exactly how Intel runs presidents like puppets, even before Dulles and JFK.

    At your age how can you even ask the exact mechanism by which people in a bureaucracy, a system, are controlled? You’ve done nothing but stare straight at it since you and I were born. It can’t possibly be simpler: you lie, cheat, steal, lie some more, bully, murder, imprison, then lie again. When the next guy pops up, as each generation does: lie, murder, cheat, rinse, repeat.

    You just saw this in CNN’s reveal of Zucker calling down personally and making it happen ’cause he said so. In Time Magazine’s direct statement there was a “cabal” of corporate and political heads just “deciding” how it was going to be, democracy be damned. In Gates’ pre-creation of a vaccine steering committee: steering it how he wanted. After setting up the October test that will also prime actors to move in the directions he prefers. If anyone doesn’t follow prescribed minion direction, they’re marked for elimination, suddenly funding cut off after they discover that latest black judge or doctor is racist. Whatever it takes, who cares? This is just the last MONTH peppered with enormous, open, public examples.

    What do you think is happening with the horse-trading going on with the whole AOC Squad now 110% for war-extending, border-killing Bidens and NeoLib Pelosis? I’m pointing out what’s ADMITTED. You think there’s nothing hidden that’s not admitted? Like Lindsay Graham’s boyfriends?

    And this is exactly how the Germans did, except they didn’t have the non-stop stalling action and pushback poor and rural America (but I repeat myself) gives them.

    They BOUGHT it. You think the funny-man’s party went from a church basement to Chancellor in two years because he had no allies? No, Bosch and Thyssen suddenly, miraculously saw the light! Just like Amazon and Coke. Bosch PUT him in there, funny man didn’t bring Bosch along after. What they DIDN’T expect, and what started the Western, London war, was that funny man would double-cross them and use the state to own Bosch and Thyssen instead, putting them under house arrest. THAT’S when London realized the man they installed got off the leash.

    Just like now: Corporations PAY to install senators. PAY to set voting laws. PAY to remove troublemakers. PAY the NY Times to slander the opposition to the corporations. This month Amazon revealed to rig Union votes and have a paid army of pro-Bezos chat-posters.

    And you say, How do they control people? How do they decide things? They just press their advantage, inside and outside the law, they press their self-interest individually and collectively to gain more power and money. If they didn’t, the law says they as CEOs would be sued and removed for failing “fiduciary duty.”

    Money ≠ Power. But money is useful merely as one subset expression of power. It’s legit and often used, but they could care less if they have to drug a reporter and take a pic of the gay prostitute named FangFang they put in his bed. It’s the work of a minute, with lifetime rewards. But it’s always quicker and easier if they’re just a unprincipled whore and take checks, like Cuomo does. Once I own the reporters, I own reality, and use THOSE blackmailed reporters and editors to hunt and kill any remaining real ones. Just like any other military or mafia operation.

    Best of all, the people just believe it, despite everything I’ve written above, coming out week in, week out, every year of their lives. If you point out what the NY Times published only a year ago, they’ll deny and won’t believe it. Right now they are punishing Russia for rigging the 2020 election. So Russia wanted Joe Biden? No synapses fire. No gears turn. Hunter was a conspiracy theory last month and is public expose on Kimmel this month? No synapses, no gears. No dissonance. We were always at war with Estasia. Ignorance = Strength.

    Bernays had a book on this. It’s 100 years old. It’s on every bookshelf in Wall Street, K Street, and Madison Avenue. It was the favorite book and inspiration to Goebbels. It will tell you in perfect detail “how they do it.”

    madamski cafone

    @ Dr. D

    “At your age how can you even ask the exact mechanism by which people in a bureaucracy, a system, are controlled? ”

    Because they are all ultimately controlled by themselves as are you. You too place Process over Results when Results so obviously rule over all. (Little thing caused causality.) The System, you/they/we say, is This Way, that is to say, you/we/they perceive it This Way. But the System actually is what it is and that is larger than any attempt to encapsulate it with Logic Algorithms of Thought, yea, even Bernay’s mighty book.

    There are still things in this world bigger than your philosophy, Horatio. Rules of Thumb, even micrometric rules of thumb, are just rules, while people are highly complex if driven by a few basic instincts.

    I value people and their ability to be alive over the systems that arise around them. I value people and their power of volition, even volitional nonsense, over my or yours or Clausewitz’ or Bernays’ or Chomsky’s or Solzhenitsyn’s or Hamilton’s or Thoreau’s or Marx’s or Carlyle’s or *$%@$%^&*’s series of sociopolitical syllogisms claiming to “explain” all this, yea, to the point where some of us feel compelled to state several times a week on average “I told you this would happen”… (except when it doesn’t: gotta protect the System if only as a System that Explains Reality to Me, the predominant fool’s errand among we, uh, fools)

    I am a fool. Bit of a genius, alas, but one can’t pick one’s guardian angels, I reckon. An emotionally overwrought intellectually overworked fool. I cite this as a system of logic by which to explain this; I believe in people. Not en masse, lord forbid, but as individuals. Why, I even believe in you, dear Doctor of Doom, which is why I prod you so much.
    Listen, You Mangey Pokemon Humpers, I Got Somethng to Say

    madamski cafone

    @ Mr. House

    “Until some Martin Luther like figure makes a convincing argument about the dogma and why it shouldn’t be followed, which won’t happen until plebs really start to grumble about most of this nonsense, which won’t happen until they finally realize things aren’t going back to normal ever.”

    Seems to be a predominant pattern for how revolutions get going. FWIW, I think the most convincing aspect of Luther’s manifesto is that he nailed it to the door, and yes, I think the papal analogy works pretty well, with the caveat that modern Madison Avenued milinidustrial Holy Writ is an infant compared to the 1,000 year run that Luther disrupted with his hammer. While it has a trillion more voices and hypnotic “miracles” to dazzle the peasants with, it doesn’t have a millennium of traditional inertia behind it, and is in fact based on constant change, incessant innovation, especially of the trivial (which is the most important aspect of tradition and all indoctrination).

    Also, the reigning authority (I’ll call it the Standard Model) is running low on magic holy water to run its miracles. TVs don’t work without electricity and stable airwaves. The Temple is already tottering. Today’s Luther will be lucky to be able to pound a nail in its door without the thing crashing around hir head.

    madamski cafone

    “Today’s Luther will be lucky to be able to pound a nail in its door without the thing crashing around hir head.”

    Which is not to deny the need for Luthers, of course, just to emphasize how FAST things happen in toay’s Jet/Space/Electronic Era.


    Epic rant from Dr. D. One for the books! Money buys science, for sure, today.

    Personally, I see compartementalization, which Dr. D mentions, as a major factor.

    When ppl, say docs, are put in different boxes (specialities, jobs, status, regions, etc.) they, as all humans are tribal animals, stick by their ‘thing’ (knowledge, skills, position) and refrain from dissing or attacking others in other boxes – this holds over all ‘modern democracies’ and different professions – one has to accept what “other specialists” say, “are doing” etc. Which leads to just blanking things out (in the mind.)

    Just as lawyers won’t attack judges nor legal clerks nor most often, the Police. The directors of High Schools don’t hurl abuse at their teachers (except for scapegoats, miscreants, rebels, from time to time) nor critisise those who write the programs – Gvmt. ppl – and do pretty much accept those who write the ‘texts’ and make money from that. Atomization (specialisation, technocracy, of Society provides a big explanatory clout.. Meaning the all-rounder who likes to see things from the outside but works at improvement on the inside is not welcome today.

    But.. Dr. D’s rant is based on the idea that money, power, and competition are the driving force in human life – interaction and history. That of course isn’t so, the impulse to belong, to do good, to be creative, to make others happy, to be happy oneself, in some kind of ‘group’, be it family in a small village, or entire large countries, is an important part. (Can those impulses be subverted? For sure.) So, it is all more complicated. And it isn’t just a ‘fight’ or ‘stand-off’ between the Virtuous and the Evil.

    Ok this thread is dead I won’t rattle on, maybe I’ll take this up later.

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