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    Andy Warhol Shot Sage Blue Marilyn 1964 (click pic for great article!)   • Putin Vows ‘Consequences’ For Those Who Interfere In Ukraine (DM) • Th
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    V. Arnold

    Andy Warhol Shot Sage Blue Marilyn 1964

    What a superb picture of Marilyn…

    V. Arnold

    “Time is of the essence, as the FDA is expected to authorize vaccines for children as young as six months old..”

    • GOP Lawmakers Demand FDA Publish Covid Vaccine Safety And Efficacy Data (JTN)

    The horror…the horror…

    Dr. D

    Article review again, aka outrage:

    “Understanding Vladimir Putin, the man who fooled the world. …The Russian president has always shown us exactly who he is.” — The Guardian

    The Guardian, putting two contradicting sentences together in every paragraph. So he fooled you by telling you who he is? And what is this “us” and “we” stuff? I’m sorry you’re a moron, Mr. Guardian Writer, but the rest of us aren’t illiterate inbreds from Eton.

    The article immediately launches into how conservatives and populists worldwide are hateful Russian Putin-Nazis, Trump, Salvini, and Farage are Putin-puppets, oh and also that everyone hates Liberals like Hillary Clinton. And that Bill Clinton also loved Putin. Mixed messages, much?

    Other quotes: “ The collapse of the Soviet system in 1991 had allowed for the emergence of democracy and freedom of speech.” Yeah, that 10-year life expectancy drop, having only crooked oligarchs to vote for, and being shot by local mafia warlords if you spoke out were totally the definition of “democracy” and “free speech.” What’s not to like? Why would they ever be mad or distrustful of NATO and the United States?

    In 2007 Putin “accused the US of an “almost uncontained hyper use of force – military force – in international relations, force that is plunging the world into an abyss of permanent conflicts”. Yeah, I mean, we started 5 wars and killed a million people for sport, our soldiers convicted of open war crimes, many more covered up, created centuries of birth defects with depleted uranium, McCain said we wanted and intended a “100 year war” and were openly saying we would attack Iran. Where did he get the crazy idea that there was “Military force” of “permanent conflict”? That’s just ridiculous.

    Not to have a single paragraph without a face-ripping lie they add: “[Russian] meddling in the US presidential election of 2016.” You mean the meddling Obama said didn’t happen and Mueller couldn’t find? That the DHS didn’t follow on, no Congressional committee nor two impeachments couldn’t point to? That “meddling”?

    Next lie: “It is argued repeatedly in Moscow that the expansion of Nato to take in countries of the former Soviet empire (including Poland and the Baltic states) was a direct contradiction of promises made after the end of the cold war.” Um, because that’s completely true and has now been begrudgingly admitted by the NY Times and probably The Guardian as well? Is that why it’s “Argued”?

    the west’s promotion of democracy has posed a direct threat to Putin’s own political and personal survival.” Why? Putin is the openly elected and very popular leader. Democracy couldn’t possibly be better or more suited for him. Putin: 80% approval. Biden: 40% BoJo: 0%, but they like the other candidates less.

    “Putin was particularly inclined to see the CIA as pulling the strings.” Was that because Nuland was caught on saying “F the EU” “We’ll put in our boy Yats”, then did? In violent coup and place of “democratically-elected” leader Yanukovich? Why would he think the CIA/US was involved when they said they were involved, say it today, it’s reported in Wikipedia, and are still involved today to the tune of multi-billion dollars? So crazy that Putin! Where does he get such ideas that were reported for decades right here in “The Guardian”?

    The U.S. never-ever does such things! …Which is why the whole next paragraph discusses how the U.S. prosecuted an illegal war of aggression on Gaddafi and removed him in an illegal coup that has plunged Africa’s richest, most literate nation into violent anarchy with open slave markets. Where does Putin get these ideas we violently overthrow governments? From The Guardian’s daily reports that we overthrow governments? Everywhere, all the time? So cra-cray. Conspiracy, I’m sure.

    Next paragraph lie: “Putin’s response was to dramatically raise the stakes, by crossing the line into the use of military force.” You mean unlike the “crossing the line” you just described of the U.S. in Serbia, Iraq, Syria, and Libya? Because we do/don’t do such things. That are reported-and-then-also-denied by The Guardian.

    “The unofficial goal of western policy is clearly to force Putin from power.” The Guardian says we are doing regime change in Russia. After reporting all the other dozen regime changes since Clinton. But Putin is unhinged paranoia that we are after Russia and want to do regime change, which is crazy, because we’re doing regime change. You know, the one we’re not doing. That we’re discussing doing, right now.

    Gideon Rachman then discusses the options for such (illegal) regime change at length, neglecting to mention that would be a violation of the UN and International Law and also a violation of everything he’s said in the whole article about Putin being crazy and nobody’s out to get Russia. He is listed as The Guardian’s top foreign affairs expert. A real schmartz, law-abiding fellow and all-around great guy.

    The Week: “Could Putin Really Face a War Crimes Trial?”

    Look Jimmy! More of the world’s dumbest people! Point and stare. I’ll spare you. “The Week” does not appear interested in adjudicating 20 years of America’s ceaseless war crimes, resulting in the pointless murder of perhaps +6 million people. Most recently the U.S. for breaking 3 treaties, sending $3B to an open war zone, and personally funding unsecured bioweapons labs.

    If they’re proud of it and it’s all legal, I’m sure they won’t mind when we arrest them and they make their case in court.

    Dr. D


    “Russia threatening arms shipments into Ukraine,”

    Yes, they reminded the West that any weapons are “legitimate targets.” After blowing up all the new S-300 batteries that never got out of the hanger. That must have been expensive!

    “Despite Putin’s faltering invasion,” …Which captured yet another Ukrainian city today… Look ma! It’s the English: capturing cities is “losing” to them!

    “Moscow lawmaker Vladimir Dzhabarov added more bluntly it would mean ‘the destruction of the country’.”

    What they mean by that is NATO will immediately try to put 1st strike nukes in Finland. Then Finland becomes a 1st strike target for Russia. Then when NATO tries what they did in Ukraine, what little of Finland that exists will cease to exist, like their only city, Helsinki. No one’s kidding here. The math and consequences are very simple, even simple enough for crayon munchers to understand.

    the concentration of global power in a single state would be an essential condition for lasting world peace,”

    Speaking of crayon munchers, this has to be the dumbest argument since “We needed to destroy the village to save the village”. If you have one power – take Rome for example – then you have no alternative, no competition to embarrass you, and no pressure release. Then when you march around stealing from people, the war is merely “Civil” instead of “National.” Same war, probably worse. Their argument rests on something like “But we passed a lawr!” …The same law that says you can’t shoot a train full of people, and also aren’t allowed to own that gun in Brooklyn. No one cares about your laws. That you think they care what you say shows that you’re a self-aggrandizing moron who’s never visited the world outside your Safe Space. You know, the $23M security bubble around Zuck, for example. Or the economic and mental bubble around Krugman.

    “How To Wrest War Reparations From” …The American people. By shutting off their food and gas. Bad citizens, bad! Why did you start this war? Now Joe is going to keep killing Americans until Russia stops!

    Putin on Feb. 24 launched an attack into Ukraine, pummeling cities and wreaking havoc on lives and infrastructure.”

    I thought he was stalled out, bogged down, and unsuccessful. But now he was able to pummel and capture cities? Pick one.

    ““You will reimburse us for everything you did against our state, against every Ukrainian, in full.” I am unable to comprehend the level of psychosis and denial to say such things. But: if Ukraine knows they are part of a NATO plan to conquer, cut up, ruin, extract, and utterly destroy Russia, why not? There’s plenty of looting to fund Ukraine! …And in “Psychosis” Ze thinks the Empire of Lies will give them even a little? What is he smoking? The very next thing they would do is destroy and extract Kiev to Fairfax and the Hamptons, down to the last Ukrainian 12-year old girl: his wife and daughter.

    “Funneling it toward reparations may present a number of hurdles,”

    They’re right. They already captured and own this Russian money, and they are already not giving it to Ze. Yet he thinks they will? Like they did Libyan gold?

    “Zelenskyy’s Steinmeier Snub Triggers Backlash in Germany (”

    I take back my soft spot of Ze. Regardless of why, or the pressures on him, his rhetoric is now murder, genocide, ethnic cleansing. Arrest the opposition parties, arrest anyone “Soft” –which is whoever we say it is. Shoot all collaborators, which may be what happened in Bucha. Stand up for and support the brave and glorious Azov Nazis in their fight against civilians. Bad bad stuff. I’m done. He’s no longer an actor, a cut-out, an innocent. He’s the one saying inform on your friends and family so we can shoot them. Here he is reaching out to control the policies and internal politics of the German State. Tin Pot, by definition.

    “I expect Ukrainian representatives to adhere to a minimum level of diplomatic manners”

    Especially when that state, Germany, has just swallowed cyanide for you. You’re still squawking MOAR!

    “screaming something instantly understood by everyone after French and Germans had killed, maimed and hatefully destroyed each other for decades.”

    To stop Europeans wars. So they immediately started another European war, and are are wildly cheering, funding, and arming it today. …Unless Russia is not in “Europe”? They took all these measures, tried to invent a whole super-nation, a whole new currency, financial, social system. Except the one thing: getting rid of arms and stopping the glorification and support for war. That they cannot do, nor the Americans, adding to an impossible Pentagon budget and already spending more on war in 30 days than they were willing to give for Covid over 2 years.

    Why? “War”. …Vs “Peace”. This is what we fund. This is who we are. This is the truth. We are a death cult that desires war and hates all life and peace, i.e. leaving people alone.

    “Those 5000 metric tons of gold at current oil & gas prices … would pay for 25 years of EU´s fuel needs”

    As soon as England got possession of the gold, they left the EU.

    “the WHO could impose lockdowns, testing regimes, enforce medical interventions, dictate all public health practice, and much more.”

    Them and whose army? You just said, “Whether the elected government agrees or not”. If they don’t agree, whose army and police are the WHO using? You tell them to EBD, “Make Me”, and laugh and go back to making home fireworks in the back shed.

    “GOP Lawmakers Demand FDA Publish Covid Vaccine Safety and Efficacy Data (JTN)”

    Rebublicans. So look at how useless they are and how little they ask. We already have the data that the deaths of those ages – even to 20 – are ZERO. But we walk right around those bodies to find a fail. How about this: arrest them, try them, imprison and or hang them in public square as an example to others not to mass-murder children for profit. Can you hear me now?

    “The Treasury sent out checks, transferring the reserves to people’s banks. The Treasury then borrowed another $2 trillion or so, and sent more checks…”

    But this didn’t cause inflation. Last week’s “Atlantic” article said so. Except for the inflation it, MMT, caused, which appears to be 20% official, and seems likely to 10x that to 20% a MONTH by the end of the year, edging into true hyperinflation.

    The printing only works while people are productive and consent to being robbed. Which gov’t thinks is infinite, having never worked before in their lives. But when you have a “Great Resignation”, no one is working and being productive, therefore there is nothing to rob them of.

    See who this is a problem for? Not the people: the government is the one with the real problem.

    Hunter Biden Mixing Business Affairs with Hunger Charity (JTN)”

    Rather than buying food and ending hunger of their own people in China, they gave that money to a hunger charity of the VP. And that’s not influence peddling, aka “Bribery.” Explain.

    “My Personal Experience in Twitter’s Assault on Free Speech (Scott Ritter)

    He had a short, pleasant interview on Jimmy Dore, where he laid out the more important part, why he was drawing obvious conclusions on the massacre in Bucha. For the people too dumb to listen and with too short an attention span to care: 1) White is the local symbol of Russia. 2) All the people shot 4 days after Russia left were wearing white armbands. That is, they were Russian collaborators. Shot by the Azov Nazis. The End.

    He has more detail, but why bother? Are they saying Russia took Ukrainians, dressed them in Russian clothes, then shot them in order to make it look like Russia shoots their own supporters? What? Not one media outlet has the brainpower to count to “One” and be embarrassed by this.

    Monopoly” is a game that was expressly created to show how in any system created like this (America in 1930), ANY game play will ALWAYS create a monopoly, concentrate power an wealth to a single person, by very nature of the rules. …The very real and actual rules of United States capitalism in 1930. And it has been incredibly instructive to generations of children and adults on that very true point. So the bank by-rules match this perfectly, and I expect the inventor knows it.

    “The consequence is that nobody believes ANYTHING any longer”

    Yes, this is how it’s supposed to go. They don’t want you to believe the lies, really. That’s not important. What they want is to cause STRESS, which leads to obedience to POWER, and the crumbling of all authorities and institutions EXCEPT for raw, naked power. So even when we debunk the lies, here on TAE, on Substack and Rumble, the plan is still working smoothly. There is no way out. Except re-uniting under truth and morality, helping each other.

    We don’t need to take other things apart: Twitter, the GOP; we need to build something else UP. Something that we CAN believe in.

    However, as Tytler, I fear than in history the only thing that can replace the universal lies and failure of man is spirituality, God. Faith. That we will die rather than participate in corruption. These guys won’t even give up their Twitter/Bitcoin trading account to avoid corruption.


    Elon Musk Launches $43 Billion Hostile Takeover Of Twitter (BBG)

    Bret Taylor

    Chairman of the Board,

    I invested in Twitter as I believe in its potential to be the platform for free speech around the globe, and I believe free speech is a societal imperative for a functioning democracy.

    However, since making my investment I now realize the company will neither thrive nor serve this societal imperative in its current form. Twitter needs to be transformed as a private company.

    As a result, I am offering to buy 100% of Twitter for $54.20 per share in cash, a 54% premium over the day before I began investing in Twitter and a 38% premium over the day before my investment was publicly announced. My offer is my best and final offer and if it is not accepted, I would need to reconsider my position as a shareholder.

    Twitter has extraordinary potential. I will unlock it.

    -Elon Musk


    Dr.D “Stand up for and support the brave and glorious Azov Nazis in their fight against civilians. Bad bad stuff. I’m done. He’s no longer an actor, a cut-out, an innocent.”
    Most of the whole paragraph sounds like the dynamic duo of Trudeau and Freelander doesn’t it? Except they’re a drama teacher and a nazi.


    About those pesky fuel price rises,
    In 2020 Russia was the world’s second largest exporter of diesel fuel behind USA, shipping more than 1 million barrels daily. Most of it, some 70%, went to the EU and Turkey. France was the largest importer, followed by Germany and UK. In France some 76% of all road vehicles—cars, trucks—use diesel.The EU diesel demand is far higher than in the US as most cars also use the more economical and efficient diesel fuel. In the first week of April the EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen proudly announced new sanctions against Russian energy that would begin with a ban on coal. The EU is the largest importer of Russian coal. Oil and gas she said would follow at a later date. That foolish move will merely boost costs of energy, already at record high, for most of the EU, as it will force oil and gas prices far higher.


    Nancy Pelosi practicing to be a Lush.


    a kullervo

    Every citizen is a surveillance camera
    (and they love it.)

    Would you die* whithout the internet?
    Would you die* without food?
    * Of an untimely death.

    The need to pose these questions explains why the current civilization has reached a demented phase; like all other insanities, it either won’t be remembered or it will be disparaged because very few things will stand and, from those, most will be dangerous sites: toxic swamps/lagoons where cities once stood; radioactive deserts where nuclear power plants existed.

    What is civilization?
    – Civilization is the natural stockpiling of artifacts, between the limits of the commensurable scale available to humans at any given time (when humans only counted by the fingers, we had tribes; counting supported by papyrus/parchment/paper and ink, we had regional empires; using computers to count gave us global corporations.)
    This stockpiling is natural because it represents the corollary of the human brain imperative to amass as many artifacts as it can, either or both internal/immaterial artifacts (“ideas”) and external/material artifacts (“goods”).
    (We are also very keen on stockpiling “ideas” under a material guise; e.g., books, libraries, data farms.)

    Is civilization desirable?
    – From a rational standpoint, natural things can’t be desirable or undesirable, good or bad: they are unavoidable.
    Oswald Spengler is right: cultures (civilizations) are akin to organisms. They follow Nature’s imperatives: birth, growth, stability/production, decay, death. Current civilization is on its death throes: trying to stop or revert it is like going on a quest for fool’s gold (or any kind of gold, for that matter). Perhaps the wisest choice would be to elevate yourself to the position of the interested, compassionate observer.
    Savitri Devi is also right: three kind of men – Men In Time; Men Against Time; Men Above Time. If, by natural disposition, you don’t feel inclined to be a man above time then, in these crazy times of ours, IMHO, it is preferable to be a man against time.
    Vladimir Putin is a man against time (though having my sympathies, his fate is sealed); western and “westernized” leaderships are people (I should say ‘freaks’) in time: they are insane – they will go down in shame.


    Twitter employees react to Musk offer



    And my friends laugh when I say that when she was young, Nancy Pelosi was a good looking woman.


    “As you may know, the WHO is proposing a global pandemic agreement that would give it undemocratic rights over every participating nation and its citizens. Put simply, in the event of a ‘pandemic’, the WHO’s constitution would replace every country’s constitution.”

    No one seems to be pointing out the obvious–that the proposal on the table is to put in charge of the world an agency whose single biggest funding source is not UN member governments, but the Gates Foundation, which is not only an NGO, but one who has very obvious conflicts of interest.

    I know, all our governments and their agencies are already pretty much captive to lobbyists and other corrupt influences. But do we have to say the quiet part out loud with this outrageous proposal?


    France. …. I still can’t really believe Marine is aiming to win. She threw the last election at the one debate, why exactly heh.

    Plus, the ‘far right’ stigma (nonsense but there you go) still sticks.

    Historically, it was foxy Mitterand who set up Le Pen Père in a trad. conserv. nationalist. anti-foreignor party, to drain off the votes of the ‘discontents’ ensuring that the two main parties, today Socialistes and Républicains would always be in power, alternate, exchanging, ostensibly, nasty quarrels and sub rosa, deals and favors.

    That schema has now broken down, with the two trad. parties toasted, and, besides Marine, all candidates individuals with ‘made up’ parties behind them. (The ‘parties’ are necessary because F campaign legislation, rules, media exposure, all depend on identification of a ‘party’ – a random oligarch doesn’t qualify..)

    If one crunches various nos. the election is very close.

    Mélenchon (left, a split off of the socialists, an old-style pol with a worked-out program..) got 22 % and his electorate is lost in the wilderness, a reasonable expectation is that 1/3 will abstain, 1/3 > Macron and 1/3 > Marine, i.e. these voters have no effect on the end result at all. If France had a different voting system, e.g. rank ordering, or limiting first round candidates to 3 or 4, Mélenchon would have been the next pres. of France!

    One indicative way for predicting election outcomes is to look at the expat vote. (if properly counted, funnily enough it often is..)

    Expats always support ‘the most popular person’ aka usually ‘the winner’ -> they have a far-off analytical view and join, embrace, the ‘winner’s’ independent of local pressure, etc. Like children, they can smell the atmosphere. Doesn’t work for all elections, yet is highly informative for some.

    Who in the USA today has heard of, and might care about and vote for, Poutou or Jadot? All the details, distractions, are swept away!

    2022, the total F expat vote, first round:

    Macron 45%, Mélenchon 22%,

    Zenmour 9% => Branded “Right,” MSM media figure, a rabidly anti-Muslim Berber Jew, running on a mad-cap Reconquista ticket, he has advised his voters to support Marine

    Jadot 8% => “Environmentalist”, ex-Greenpeace activist, chosen by “the Greens”

    Le Pen 5%

    see, Le Monde (2017 election),

    F. Gov. site (2022 election)

    No, she can’t win. Of course the whole election might be rigged, I had my doubts about the previous 2017 one, funnily enough the scores this time seem more realistic, more in line with ‘life’, sentiment on the ground, and many (properly done) polls.

    On the ground a Marine win would have halted serious social strife, rumbling civil war, waiting to see what transpires. A sort of holding position.


    About the NATO – foreign commanders, advisors, personnel, or whatever they are, presumed to be stuck in Mariupol that the “W” has made several efforts at great cost to ‘evacuate’ (bring personnel out safely to prevent interrog. by Russia), unsucessfully, helicopters downed and so on.

    Some claimed this had to do with bio-labs.

    (I have posted about bio-labs previous.)

    There is (was) a level 4 (top level) bio lab in Mariupol.

    Michael Reid

    The human species has split into at least two groups.

    The original human species who have not received the shot and have their original DNA intact.

    The mutant human species who have received the shot and have had their DNA modified by the shot.

    Dr. McCullough

    The Shots May Be Altering Human DNA to Produce Spike Protein on a Long-Term Basis

    Dr. McCullough: “If this is true… we’ll never be able to get this spike protein out of the human species.”


    The only Way we…”can replace the universal lies and failure of man is spirituality, God. Faith”. LOVE.


    The Tytler Cycle is informative. Note: Bondage is the starting and ending point. Guess we gotta go there in order to reset? Or do we?

    What would happen if 20% of us skipped/refused/renounced Selfishness through Bondage and went straight to Spiritual Faith God LOVE. Could we flip it (rearrange our destiny)?

    This overlays with my other favorite cycle Birth/Growth/Decay/Death. No skipping steps on this cycle when it comes to the physical body/physical universe. However, ideas and beliefs are a different matter (ha ha not matter!) and what happens if we apply this cycle in order to re-order and destroy our manifestations?

    Am getting lost in the cycles here….help. Somebody re-cycle me.

    Marilyn was beautiful. Loved her in “Some Like it Hot” (her dresses were stunning and sexy…Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon are hysterical). I personally don’t care for the Warhol color treatment seen above, the photo itself is remarkable.


    Wouldn’t this be the perfect “false flag” opportunity, with the added bonus of a “clean exit” for someone the Deep State has already decided needs to go…

    Michael Reid

    I am in the leave me alone cult.

    What they want is to cause STRESS,
    which leads to obedience to POWER,
    and the crumbling of all authorities
    and institutions
    EXCEPT for raw, naked power.

    So even when we debunk the lies, here on TAE, on Substack and Rumble,
    the plan is still working smoothly.

    There is no way out.

    Except re-uniting under truth and morality, helping each other.

    Thanks for that Dr. D


    Here at TAE we are gone far from “best before date”
    (“….. favorite cycle Birth/Growth/Decay/Death.”)


    The Guardian (aka the Bill Gates Daily) is running true to form.


    a kullervo – that writing was brilliant. Many thanks.
    Michael Reid I’m in that cult too

    Veracious Poet

    Oh, Marilyn ~ A prescient warning concerning soulless worship of the “iconic” image, the evolving illusion of vapid deity à la celebrity worship…

    Influencers indeed 😕

    Anyways, last night I had a chance to re-watch “Don’t Look Up” again, as my wife & I held vigil over her mother during her caretaker’s vacation (My wife normally only overseas the 24/7 care, logistics involved, but is currently hands on)…

    On second watching I was able to detach from the emotional froth & perceived the movie as a microcosm of the modern horrors arising from legacy & social media NPD Mass Psychosis.

    Instead of seeing the Streep POTUS et al. as a parody of Trump + Biden, I saw the emotive “performance” as an unwitting indictment of the entire District of Clowns’ political CULTure & the sheeple’s misplaced trust in “celebrity”, which has completely replaced the wisdom of humble, spiritually-based leadership.

    The “real reality” of the Bush, Clinton, Obama/Biden crime families et al., manifesting as a stranglehold on the course of modern humanity, is that it has morphed “real reality” into a dystopian VR where not only is “the law is in my mouth”, but right vs. wrong, good vs. evil, is defined by whatever lies are acceptable to the majority, indeed whatever psyops/propaganda are tolerated by legacy/social media at large…

    Under the illusion/delusion of “leadership”, the very nature of life & death has become a child’s game of Winners & Losers game, like a fake universe where consequences are only determined in demented popularity contests.

    The only Way we…”can replace the universal lies and failure of man is spirituality, God. Faith”. LOVE.

    In a world of blind sheeple, a one-eyed person (the transcendent) shall be labeled as evil monsters, to be immediately slain when they emerge from under the bed…

    All hail the beautiful people!

    Veracious Poet

    Winners & Losers:

    Where is Truth, Justice & Humility?

    Veracious Poet

    L.A. Mayor Garcetti says farewell with next role unclear

    Even after two men were found dead in his California apartment, Ed Buck did not stop injecting gay men with walloping doses of methamphetamine.

    A federal judge on Thursday sentenced him to 30 years in prison in the deaths of Gemmel Moore and Timothy Dean. Another man, Dane Brown, was repeatedly injected by Buck but survived and his harrowing account of being revived twice finally led to Buck’s arrest in 2019.

    Buck, 67, a big dollar donor to Democratic, LGBTQ and animal rights causes, appeared in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles for providing fatal doses of drugs, operating a drug den and enticing men to travel for prostitution. He was convicted last summer.

    Judge Christina A. Snyder said the sentencing decision was difficult because she had to balance the good Buck did in his life with the “horrific crimes” that she called “more than just an accident.”

    a kullervo


    Thank you for your kind words.

    Michael Reid

    I am finally reading


    It seems to provide the financial reasons for what has happened the last few years.

    The money beast needs to eat and it is currently feeding on the masses.

    A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy: Systemic Collapse and Pandemic Simulation

    Michael Reid

    By April 2020, a third of the world’s population was living under medical martial law. But there was a light at the end of the tunnel: trusted pharmaceutical companies were developing “safe and effective” vaccines that would stop the spread of the dreaded virus and end the pandemic. Or so we were told.

    The clock was ticking – and Big Pharma needed lots of money in order to expedite the creation of a miracle drug. In the United States, the Trump administration launched Operation Warp Speed, a lavishly funded program that aimed to accelerate the development and distribution of coronavirus elixirs.

    At the same time, the Russian government poured resources into developing its own vaccine. Funding for the public health initiative came from the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF), the country’s sovereign wealth fund. In June 2020, RDIF announced a joint venture with R-Pharm, one of Russia’s largest pharmaceutical firms. The duo would work together to produce and distribute a vaccine developed by the Russian health ministry’s Gamaleya Center.

    The health ministry approved the vaccine after less than two months of testing, making Sputnik V the world’s first registered COVID shot. The drug’s catchy name was the brainchild of RDIF CEO Kirill Dmitriev, a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader (Class of 2009). The Soros Foundation spotted Dmitriev’s potential at an early age, and awarded him a scholarship to study at Stanford University and later Harvard Business School. He worked for Goldman Sachs and McKinsey & Company before taking the reins at RDIF in 2011.

    “To Protect the Health of Millions of People”: Russia’s COVID Shot Collusion with AstraZeneca


    Rather than buying food and ending hunger of their own people in China, they gave that money to a hunger charity of the VP. And that’s not influence peddling, aka “Bribery.” Explain.

    Ouch, crystal clear. Bidet’s mandates of force poisoning everyone or you lose your job, go hungry and bankrupt was crystal clear as well. Bidet is an evil corrupt pos, as is the DIm party. The Dims went full hypocritical retard with Russia gate, Covid and now UKR- fuck them all to hell Social Justice style.

    Rebublicans. So look at how useless they are and how little they ask.

    Yep, Repubes- same garbage scum, just alternating between good pig/ bad piggy. There is no lesser of two Evils in the US Regime- they both suck. As the Empire collapses they will self-destruct. Team America F yeah-

    Pure Blood, Pure Heart, Pure mind, Pure Intent

    There is no way out. Except re-uniting under truth and morality, helping each other. The only thing that can replace the universal lies and failure of man is spirituality

    Yep Homey, Ready and willing as I know many others are as well. That spark is coming… Year of the Tiger and all that.

    1914- WW1
    1938- WW2 Czech
    1950- Korea
    1962- Kennedy / bay of pigs
    1974- Watergate
    1986- Chernobyl
    1998- Kosovo/ Clinton-Lewinsky/ Juharto
    2010- Wikileaks afghan/ Arab springs/ Swine Flu
    2022- Ukraine / Bio Weapon Labs and here we are

    2022 Water Tiger – Explosive Energy of Rebellion and Freedom

    Mister Roboto

    Yep, Repubes- same garbage scum, just alternating between good pig/ bad piggy. There is no lesser of two Evils in the US Regime- they both suck. As the Empire collapses they will self-destruct. Team America F yeah-

    The Republicans never do anything for anybody except themselves, and that they do in grand narcissistic style. I get it that a lot of Flyover Country folk groove on Trump because he represents a return to nationalism over globalism in terms of political priorities, but the man himself was and is temperamentally and professionally ill-suited to the highest political office in the land (not that the position means a whole lot anymore anyway).

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