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    Dome ceiling at the Ambassadors’ Hall in the Royal Alcazar of Seville, Spain 1427 (click to enlarge)   • Wagner Chief Calls On Putin To Declare E
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle April 16 2023]


    Totally Fuckin’ Normal!

    Former WGEM Anchor, Lesley Swick Van Ness, Dies Suddenly While on Vacation With Family: “She Was the Picture of Health, Positivity and Energy”

    Lesley Swick Van Ness was vacationing with her family in Florida when she suddenly fell ill and died at the age of 42



    Everything, that World Economic Forum (WEF) is planning for us – for those that didn’t “Die Suddenly”


    Head of Russia’s most prominent mercenary firm Wagner Group, Yevgeny Prigozhin, has issued an unexpected call for the Kremlin to declare an end of the war in order to consolidate territory already gained.

    Looks like Wagner group is about to lose its reputation and wants to call a halt to the proceedings now, you know, now when they are being paid a bucketful of cash for every soldier they have in the field. It is kind of like a profitable power company deciding that it wants to ration your power. Something fishy going on and something I am sure the share holders of Wagner group will be interested to know about. We don’t want any more money, please stop the fighting because our bank balance is exploding. An emergency.


    @ Raul – “The WHO will be empowered to issue binding requirements for lockdowns, masks, quarantines, border closures, travel restrictions, mandatory vaccinations, mandatory medical examinations and other measures that they see fit.”

    Watch the debate here:



    The “Universal Monetary Unit”, also known as “Unicoin”, is an “international central bank digital currency” that has been designed to work in conjunction with all existing national currencies.

    Worthless. A currency’s worth is based on the economies that have bought into using that currency as their own. The IMF has no economy and nobody would be crazy enough to hand over economic control of their country’s monetary policies to the IMF … unless they are Zimbabwe. Looks like globalisation neo-cons wanking in their sheets.


    Yevgeny Prigozhin is being set up to take Putin’s spot perhaps or some key position that helps to integrate PMSC’s into recognised power. It is the next phase in senile capitalism so the theory works for me.


    Pronounce the German umlauted U. How appropriate is that, eh?
    Unicoin unicorn, pooper of skittles
    Economies burn as the IMF fiddles.

    Dr. D


    Yes, but one that is scientifically engineered and induced on command. It requires certain parameters, and in this case, trust in authority and adhesion to #Caring as a singular goal is enough. The downside is, although I know it is induced, like other children of abusive narcissists, they neither believe me, and will attack me in defense of the abuser, and indeed ANYTHING that abuser has ever said, regardless of how irrelevant or self-evidently wrong. I can even get them to admit the abuse exists but nothing happens, no lights.

    “Wagner Chief Calls On Putin To Declare End Of War (ZH)

    Lira’s people had this, “Well they shouldn’t have gone in guns blazing.” They can’t. They have to. So right now, make Bakhmut the dividing line? You can’t. They would merely shell it from the other side for another 20 years, we already saw in Donbas. Wherever the line is, the West will continue the war forever from the other side, claiming they are peace, and continue hollowing out and destroying the entire West, all Million miles and 1B people in service of Ze and the Nazis. Forever.

    They also cannot be negotiated with, nothing can be signed, they said so themselves.

    So you tell ME what you want to do here? Understand why he hasn’t “Shocked and Awed”, applied those 500k troops now?

    “PMC Wagner evacuate the population of Artemovsk”

    ….And how could they not already be evacuated unless Ze’s Nazis had locked them in? Wait: this same coincidence happened in Mariupol?

    ““If changes to tactics are not introduced rapidly, “generations of Ukrainians” could be lost,”

    If we don’t look out banks might steal money, might have wars without Congress, and we might lose our human rights. Maybe even lock up reporters!

    ““huge losses with their junior officers.” But not senior officers who are snorting coke at Kiev nightclubs with Ze.

    Lula: Still trying to get a handle on this. So Bolsonaro visits Trump, then suddenly Lula no longer lock-steps Biden and Davos but is half-in for Bolsonaro Plan? So what Satellite intel did T and the White Hats give him to get adequate leverage for some forays into policy? Look at the #Opposite, Bolsanaro put back as apparently he has the popular support, then what? Duh, like here they start a civil war! Topple and assassinate Bolsonaro. Same as the last 50-100 years. So what happens if we DON’T just walk into their plan and do: Something Else? Control the guy without telling the people he’s controlled…you know, what the Left has done for 50 years and works great? You can tell them to their face, find the bribe receipts, demonstrate textbook fealty to Socialist values legally #Opposite to their nation and oath, but doesn’t matter, doesn’t exist. Somehow got “the memo” that they’re in Power, therefore nothing you say is real anymore.

    And what’s this I hear about all our new Admin never taking their Oaths of Office? As Atheists and Satanists, they’d never care, just lie, so what’s up with that? Apparently true though. So here’s the only round that can explain it: IF they take Oath of Office, they are then officially in the seat. But they’re in the Seat when they weren’t honestly elected and know it? If even China put them there, an act of #Treason? Legal liability. So they just show up and It’s-not-my-fault if you misunderstood! seated me in Pelosi’s office, then followed all the orders of some illegal stranger as if I were her! …Or if not, why would this NOT happen? Why not just take the d–n oath? Why would anyone care?

    PS. then all their acts, laws, don’t exist. Because they are not Cabinet, Congressmen, etc. Problem being, how do you tell the people without losing their minds? Avoid the civil war, as above?

    “the FBI’s arrest of Jack Texiera, already dubbed the “Pentagon Leaker.”

    I’m not taking it back, but apparently he had access to both MilIntel AND CIA data streams. Uh-huh. I don’t know how this works, but that can’t be normal.

    Taibbi picking on the Media, the NY Times published HILARIOUSLY dead-wrong, totally-made-up facts about Snowden, etc. I mean, they do every day, but this was so much MORE obvious.

    “• Pentagon Leaks Suspect Wins Praise From Far-Right US Politicians”

    But not the Media. The media every day says we should outlaw “information” and “Sources.” As Covid, “If we told the truth, no one would obey us. So we had to Lie! Don’t you see???”

    “• Vindman Leaked Documents To Help Impeach Trump – Never Served Time (GP)”

    Oh wait, unless the made-up “information” (“I have the documents” – Shiff) does what you want it to. And what is that, which they somehow know ahead of time? I didn’t get the Memo. HOW do we know ahead of time who’s to leak and trash and who is to circle wagons and defend? Hive-meld. Magic. Minons mind-controlled by Cthulu.

    “Outrageous Plans To Give The WHO Power Over Your Life (Tess Lawrie) “

    Yes and here, they ALSO say they can pass a treaty without the Senate. Uh…. Yup! That’s a law, we don’t do that now. Like the whole EU, actually. In this case they say, “we already have a treaty, we’re just making this leeeeeeeetle adjustment over here on the side, you probably won’t notice at all.”

    “IMF Unveils New Global Currency Known As The “Universal Monetary Unit” (Snyder)

    Did the IMF not get the memo that this is a Conspiracy Theory? BOTH the Bancor, AND the CBDCs? There’s also no internationalists with this plan, and they are definitely not rich. Dishwashers at IHOP create these things, not rich people. Well I say, sir!

    “Autism’s Price Tag Set to Outpace Military Spending: Where Is the Attention?”

    It kills more children than war, so it’s an obvious good. Since we put kids on milk cartons, that’s all covered and we don’t need to care. Every day of my life, the more children are killed, the more worser it gets, the better the Parents like it and the more they do it. I don’t have to explain that, I can just report that it’s true and we all know it and can objectively measure it.

    “promising the Navajo a permanent home on their reservation in 1868 doesn’t include water rights”

    Want more government? Ask any Indian how that worked out for them. And not having enough guns to scare the pants off them. Yeah, the first time that started to get remedied was the American Indian Movement in 1976. Got enough FBI to fabricate evidence, admit it and railroad a bunch of Indians – then like Assange try to kill them in prison – but it got enough attention to turn things from “deadly genocide” back down to “very bad.” Later Cuomo had trouble with Indians in NY as you see, their major highway runs right through the Rez (of course, 100% of the time). When they had a standoff, the Indians face to face, the Mohawk simply whacked the State Police into a hospital with a baseball bat, the NYSP not being in the State of NY – or indeed in The U.S. — when standing on that line. The Governor came to “An Agreement” not too long after. Now the Navajo have been dying 50 years – and mo’ better dyin’ as they carpet-bombed them with vax – but then the Navajo are a peaceful people…

    Not saying it’s a good idea. As violence, it’s almost certainly a BAD idea. However, you can trade a person’s blood sacrifice for the improvement of their people, volcano-style. I suspect we may have to do this ourselves. After 1979 or so, the Shamans said the Spirit told them to knock it off for a while. They’ve been waiting, and if anything happened beside a N.A. – New Age merger (New Age now sort of rotated to it’s end), I’m not up on it.

    “Earth Turns Over When The Crust Unlocks” Unf there is quite a bit of evidence for this. Global Warming – besides lying about thermometers worldwide and failing to explain CO2 history and Ice Cores, ALSO can’t explain a variety of other facts – so unlike previous Science, they simply ignore the data and destroy it. But as hipsters drink PBR in an “Ironic” way, Scientists destroy all divergent data in a “Sciency” way.

    For example: In Noah, they said not that it rained, although it did, they said “Waters came UP FROM THE DEEP” Up? Dafq? Yes, well a few years ago they found out that there ARE massive quantities of water at a too-deep level. If you broke it, it WOULD rise. Huh.

    Okay, suppose this is true and how you flash-freeze Mastadons from the latitude of Kansas up to the Arctic Circle in 10 minutes, which is a literal, scientific fact. That explains a lot. But also, the #Opposite: suppose I want to steal things and sell you stuff. Sell you an Ark in good weather, for instance. Then I just SAY this happens, or maybe it does but in good “Bulls—t” style, I could care less if it’s true or if my timing is good. You merely SELL the draconian lockdown, all-death, “Continuity-of-government” system as the “Obvious and logical” answer to a problem that Oops! Happens only every OTHER 12,000 years. Or has an error window of 4,000 years. Or other. Why do I care???, I sold you the Ark, run the government, and scooped up your daughters for my secret bases, then killed the surface to make way for my Palatial Hunting Lodges. And You, You believed me!!! Win!

    Hey, go watch “Kingsmen”, it’s a hoot, and by the side outlines a whole Dr. Evil plan on just this.

    There’s also a Comet called the “Angel of Death”, the “Destroyer” or the “Dragon” which came during Moses and has weird effect we don’t see with Halley’s. That’s only 6,000 years. Earth is a wild place, don’t get comfy. But underground bases? When the crust shifts? Hahahaha! So Revelations 6:16, they hide in caves and the rocks fall in on them? “For the great day of Their wrath has come, and who is able to withstand it?” YOU don’t, because YOU are not important. But somebody will.

    “Peace and justice are two sides of the same coin.” — Dwight D. Eisenhower

    No Peace, No Justice. Sounds familiar. Was Eisenhower Antifa? Or is Antifa Eisenhower? So BLM is actually Republican?

    D Benton Smith

    Peak means the top, greatest extent or maximum size.
    Peek means small and/or time limited observation.
    Pique means irritation or resentment, especially regarding affronts to one’s individual personhood.

    So, welcome to Peak Peek Pique. What it may lack in duration it more than makes up for in sheer chaotic annoyance.


    •Nazilensky is Secretly Buying Fuel from Putin with US Taxpayer Funds

    Empire of Lies sanctions, all ELEVEN waves of them



    Meanwhile Ukronazis paint their cars in festive patterns, I’m sure the NYT has no problem with it.

    Maybe is runs on Russian fuel


    All societies run on certain little white lies



    On the other hand, when any kind of secret is officially not allowed…….



    A former co-workers husband, father of two young children and around 40 years old, died suddenly after a brief illness a couple weeks ago. Saw the update on LinkedIn. I think I am up to about 6 cases of sudden death within one degree of separation in the last 1-2 years. These are cases of relatively healthy people between the age of 40-60 years old. In addition, at least 3-5 cases of sudden cancer taking relatively young and healthy people out. I try not to get conspiratorial on the cancer though, I have known several people die of cancer very young way before covid.


    Japanese multiplication
    It would be good to learn the long way first, so that multiplication is understood.
    No calculator required.
    The human mind is capable of so much!
    Technology is marvelous — we can expand the capacity of the human mind and body.
    But so often, instead of expanding the human mind we choose to supplant it — no longer bothering to learn phone numbers, or do simple math. We use technology instead, allowing our minds to atrophy, to lack development. One of my son’s teachers told me recently that he didn’t care if my son “cheated” during a math exam by using the computer, because nowadays everyone always has access to calculators and the internet and so it doesn’t really matter if things are learned, because they can always be looked up. I believe that there is great folly in this attitude.


    Climate Change



    On G. Lira, at top post, re. Spring Offensive.

    Gonzalo Lira in his “Poisoning the Well” video argues that those who try to impute crazy stuff to ‘dissidents’ have an agenda, aiming for all ‘dissidence’ to be rejected as some claims they make are ‘nuts’. OK, rightio — pretty basic, not new.

    Then he goes on to say that he will ban, block, anyone who denies, questions, the Moon landings! Neil Armstrong walked on the moon, no doubt about that he says. There were 5 or 4 missions he forgets.. they were Succesful !

    Plus — re. 9/11, anyone who claims a plane never hit Tower Two (? what exactly he means by this Idk, maybe he is reffering to building 7?)…? And they believe Elvis is still alive he says! 🙂

    > see vid.

    Happily, the comments are cynical, soft or harsh, or questioning.


    Having the Pentagon briefing material find its way into the public domain is a good thing, as it (further? again?) exposes the liars. Plus, in this case, as Larry Johnson has written, there is really nothing actionable in this released material, hence no real harm done to anyone but the liars caught with their pants down.

    However, if what we have heard so far is true, Jack Texiera, who is being lauded from certain (mostly conservative) corners for leaking this material, probably deserves no such praise. His motive appears to have been purely private–wanting to impress his friends on what he thought was a private digital space. No grandiose motive of exposing lies, making us aware of government malfeasance, etc. Remember that these documents lurked almost completely unnoticed on that Discord server for a long time before SOMEONE ELSE ported them over to a more public forum. If you want to call someone a hero, the person who did THAT is my nomination.


    Brilliant Whitney Webb on Jimmy Dore’s show.
    If one feels like being depressed at the end.
    It’s that bad – the theme and overall summary reached on the interview, that is.


    For those interested, Orthodox Christians celebrate Easter today.


    “Wagner Chief Calls On Putin To Declare End Of War”

    Russia has not even accomplished its first objective – taking over the Donbass. It would give the impression that Russia is very weak and it would be indicating defeat.

    Even if a peace could be negotiated it would not be regarded as binding.

    Even if Ukraine did not immediately join NATO I would see Ukraine being flooded with NATO troops and weapons, including nuclear missiles.

    ‘NATO’ [U.S.] would argue Donbass and Crimea are still part of Ukraine and could be attacked.

    Russia has no option but to fully defeat the whole of Ukraine. At the very least it has to take over the Odessa region to make Ukraine landlocked and prevent a NATO port being developed.

    The suggestion of ending the war is so bad I thought it could be fake information.


    From Naked Capitalism, Napolitano interviews ex-CIA Larry Johnson on the absurdity of the leak story.
    It is followed by the judge talking to McGregor on the same topic. I haven’t finished yet, and my apologies if someone already posted this.


    Autism’s Price Tag Set to Outpace Military Spending: Where Is the Attention?

    Answer: Who is getting the money? Is part of that money being routed through to the likes of Fauci and other US government mafia thugs? Which corporations are behind the US government mafia thugs? It is all very simple, the US government mafia is a theft machine, it steals off the people and routes the money through to the big guys. Ukraine is an extension of that US government mafia, except in that case the local operatives could not believe their luck at how rich they had become, being caught up in the US government mafia’s crimes, that they started boasting to people how they were stealing money and getting away with it. Poor form, they had to be sorted out in usual mafia style. It is all about theft. The US government mafia admitted that the original objective was to steal Russia and its resources, they admitted their goal was to steal, but are now having to settle for the usual, everyday theft of US tax payer money and the Syrian oil that Trump boasted about stealing … maybe that is why they got rid of Trump, he just could not stop boasting about his stealing.


    Ukronazi Commanders Keep Dead Soldiers’ Pay By Not Informing Their Families of Their Death

    Military Mafia and Nazilensky utter corruption cesspool in Ukronaziland


    Ahhh, finally someone said the silent part out loud…..

    DUTY TO LIE….. What the Leaked Docs Reveal. Col Doug Macgregor


    Deep in the distance I’m hearing a rumble
    Like billions of buffalos thundering home.
    The markets will rise and the markets will tumble-
    Bringing back dollars wherever they roam.

    V. Arnold

    So much garbage; so little time…
    Much thanks to PHIL BUTLER for this…


    Exciting orthodox Easter wknd !

    Mobs of teens going apeshit in Chicago…

    Fags & Transtards assault citizens directly in front of cops as the Pigs do nothing other than defend the Fagtards…

    Something about a sticker that “the only good cop is a dead cop with a baton up their ass” – pretty much the same for the entire fag community going fwd- fag cops, fag tards, fag beer… Amurica Fuck yeah !

    It’s starting to break… a Storm is brewing…


    …and the Retarded Fag “Leaders” getting covid again and again after force raping their citizens…

    With the help of…drum roll, the fag law enforcement Pigs and Liberal Fags. I see a pattern.

    Scum fuck lying Liberal politicians…


    @Noirette: what Gonzalo Lira is referring to as the “no plane hit Tower 2” story traces back to a video that circulated shortly after 9/11. On the morning of 9/11 there was a camera crew on the streets of New York filming a documentary, I think it was about NY fire departments but I can’t quite remember. As the plane flew overhead and headed for the tower the camera person became aware of it and swung the camera up in time to catch the impact of something into the tower. However, because what she or he was originally filming was close to the camera, the camera was not zoomed to a telephoto setting. So what appears on the film is a tiny pixelated blip, and it spawned endless speculation on the internet: was it really a plane? I think that there was an anonymous entity named ‘WebFairy” or something like that pushed the idea that it wasn’t really a plane.


    Roto, thx for your response, clarification. I have a faint memory of WebFairy, was a popular site at the time iirc…

    Lira likes to make fun for sure, but outing a ‘tactic’ of the PTB_MSM and then saying he himself is fooled, or has to follow with that script — surely he should add some further remarks, analysis. Anyways…


    citizen x, Chicago looks like France in the vids…but the reasons for the disorder / demos / incipient v. serious violence / revolt are different.

    In France, following on from the Yellow Vests, oppo to Macron, his Gvmt., his moves. I.e., a State (Gvmt., milit, police) vs. the PPL on the street, are in open oppo.

    In the US it looks more like faction A (blue PM liberals and their aspirants) against faction B (social conservatives, etc, the demographics are complex etc. .) which imho is deliberately orchestrated along the ‘divide to conquer’ line but perhaps more tellingly ‘who cares what the plebs do, they can’t do anything’ line.

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