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    Fra Filippo Lippi 1406-1469 The Virgin Mary   • The IMF Says Austerity Is Over (Tel.) • Reflation Trades of 2016 Deflate With Remarkable Speed (R
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    “BBG can’t even run a story on climate anymore without adding “..the emerging risk of an emboldened and growing Russian empire..”, and more of such useful hints.”

    They would happily blame “Global Warming” on Putin – no doubt about it. 🙂

    Here is a more balanced piece of information about the temperature of the Arctic – which was quite similar to the present – in the 1930’s and 1940’s

    The WMO’s Dubious Omissions…Arctic Of The 1930s And 1940s Just As Warm As Today!

    It is funny how they select the starting-point of their charts to make a point.

    And here is the ice-extent:

    There Has Been No Significant Net Change In Arctic Sea Ice Extent In The Last 80+ Years


    It looks like Southern Europe – in the hilly areas – is getting a good dose of late April snow. Norway and much of Russia too.

    It was not that long ago that they were telling us that there would be no more skiing on the Alps.

    Is global warming going to cancel the ski season?

    It seems that when there is no snow it is due to “Global Warming”. When there is too much snow (i.e. California and NE USA) they don’t mention “Global Cooling”

    tony smyth

    You know I’m getting truely sick and tired of this UNTRUTH about EU bureaucrats telling Europeans what to do. How many of them are there?
    There were around 36,000 public sector employees in Derbyshire County Council (UK) in the third quarter of 2013, according to the Office for National Statistics. This compares to the 33,000 employed by the European Commission.

    33,000 for huge economic block, much larger than the US. So the Brits are leaving supposedly to escape the control of the EU bureaucrats. Well, how many civil servants are there in the UK? Get this: 316,792 full-time civil servants, 6,198, and part-time 9,271! Was this ever mentioned during Brexit? NO!!!

    This idea that the bureaucrats dictate how things go in Europe is nonsense. It is a LIE. The individual nations do it.


    Point kind of taken, Tony, but all those millions of civil servants now have to abide by the rules dictated by the EU’s 33,000. Where applicable, for sure, but they’re applicable in very many cases. Not saying that’s always bad, or even in most cases, but it is Europe’s reality. And it’s often a good thing: you don’t want Bulgarian products on the shelf without any rules or quality control. It’s the top that screws it all up with grandiose vistas of power. And it’s the bottom -Greece, Italy, that pays the price. The lower levels do a lot of good work. But that work is being defeated by the likes of Juncker and Dijsselbloem. A feature, not a bug.


    Raúl, here is an interesting book review:

    America is Regressing into a Developing Nation for Most People

    There are a few observations that I find very interesting and that ‘knew’ but couldn’t express such as:

    A majority of the low-wage sector is white, with blacks and Latinos making up the other part, but politicians learned to talk as if the low-wage sector is mostly black because it allowed them to appeal to racial prejudice, which is useful in maintaining support for the structure of the dual economy — and hurting everyone in the low-wage sector.

    Sidenote: I found this through Hacker News [1] which I read often mostly for the comments and analisys on the story more than for the story itself. But this one in particular was flagged, meaning that it broke one or more guidelines according to a moderator. This to say that it may not be as good as I think but I personally find it very informative.


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