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    Banksy   • Western ‘Experts’ Failed To Destroy Russia’s Economy (Strelnikov) • G7 Allies Consider Outright Ban Of All Trade With Russia (ZH) • Fe
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle April 23 2023]

    Dr. D

    “Bud Light Marketing Executive Goes On Leave After Disastrous Trans-TikTok Stunt

    Again, no apology: complete defense. Since when does the 3rd VP of paper clips lose the company $3B in three weeks and not get fired? That means their behavior remains entirely abnormal. They continue to attack their customers every way they can think of. That’s why the CIA was installed at Bud.

    Exactly following: apparently the TN shooter’s manifesto was long, elaborate, and highly disturbing. Which is why it’s been entirely classified and hidden from the public. Suppose this shooting was from a Constitutional gun-rights person “taking back” the country: think they would hide who they are and everything they’ve ever said right down to which gender they are? I don’t think so either. So if you’re the “Right” kind of people, the law doesn’t apply. Then it’s “dangerous” to tell you the truth and might disturb your “safe space” of complete ignorance. If I told you the truth, you wouldn’t do what I want you to. You wouldn’t obey me at your own detriment.

    There are several of these a week, no need to elaborate. The most oppressed group, which claims they are undergoing a “genocide” while their numbers triple in 10 years, are defended by let’s see: all major multi-billion, multi-national corporations, all government organizations, all pop stars and influencers, the entire mainstream media, and generally the entire medical establishment. Yes, I’m sure that’s what “genocide” looks like, people. And they wonder why people think they’re mentally ill. Wearing pants doesn’t make you a man, people, anymore than a wool hat makes you an alpaca.

    “”Entire Downtown Is Effectively Dead:” Baltimore City Descends Further Into Turmoil

    I was in Baltimore, in this area once. It was beyond a movie, South Bronx or Omegaman. It was like landing on a collapsed planet, where nothing of civilization remained. That was in the good old days, before the hard times we have now.

    “Feds Have No Data on How Regulations Reduce Emissions: Audit (ET) The federal government does not know if regulations to limit methane emissions are achieving their target…”

    Strangely, I believe this makes such laws or regulations illegal. Back of my mind, Supreme Court cases, has to do with how it’s not a law, but “policy” fabricated by bureaucrats. Since they can’t argue why their policy upholds Congress’s mandate/law, then it’s “just made s—t up” and lacks legal force and standing. Which is appropriate. What if they said “regulate Methane” and instead the guy was “policy” for his HomeOwner’s Association and his Ex-wife? They have to be clearly related.

    ““There is no solution to climate change and terrestrial biodiversity loss that does not include forests,”

    I mean, yes, but that has nothing to do with CO2. Nothing. Hey dum-dums: all the CO2 put in the trees will be re-released when the tree dies of old age. Except in extremely unusual cases. …I can’t believe things as simple as this aren’t understood, either by discussion or with simple thought of a few loose brain cells. We grow the food, we eat the food. Circle of life. Time Exists. This is too difficult a concept to comprehend.

    CO2 and Masks: I don’t think they’re good for you, but that doesn’t mean you should make up or wildly exaggerate evidence against them either. Waiting, but pretty sure this is going to be essentially false.

    John O’Looney, Once again point out that if he said “Bigfoot is real and had tea at my house” they wouldn’t ban him. They’d take the money. Only TRUE things are banned.

    “Shannon Corbett” Hate to say this but again, this is a Intelligence + Fortitude test. Can you READ, and can you stand for your beliefs? If you were trying to reduce the passengers on the Rocket Ship, this is how you would do it. Some people can’t read, some can’t be bothered, and some can’t stand up for themselves. That’s life, but Nature is not required to help such people.

    ““..a petrol station with matryoshka dolls couldn’t possibly stand up to the combined economic might of the enlightened West..” It’s all about faulty modelling. A bunch of economists looking at nominal GDP only.”

    As generally, as always, telling lies leads to you eventually falling for your own bulls–t. This is only less true than that the Secret State will always topple the legitimate government. And here we’re +20 years past John Perkins printing that the “Economic Modelling” is always false and always has been as a pathway to theft. No one looked and checked their assumptions because of it.

    I’ve said this steadily, as have others: The U.S. economy is consistently 30% smaller than printed as it is FIRE and fraudulent Bond-Kiting. Now it may be +40%. If we have a $9T economy where does that put us? Since we don’t know how to make a road or trains, how do we compare with essentially anywhere in Asia? Yeah, we’re struggling to hold on to 1955 while they’re in the 2090’s.

    Again, however, if I were the good guys, I would enhance all their wrong assumptions, put them to go further and make their conclusions as public as possible. This is the only way to be discredited is for the little people, the janitors, the phone-answerers, to not save them from themselves. We’ve had a parasite of evil and constantly save the organism, making it stronger and more capable for the parasite’s use. Don’t. Let them run it with their terrible thinking and it’ll crash in hours, and we can identify and remove the problem. This is exactly the core premise of “Atlas Shrugged” and strangely turns out to be true, the only thing that’s worked in the 60 years since then.

    If you’re the good guys? You know only Russia can devastate NATO and Davos adequately for the money to collapse? Then you push to publish all the “Over in 5 days” “they’ll greet us with flowers” papers internally and in press releases, knowing you’ll lose, Russia will destroy them, and all these guys will be discredited and lose power. Then, for example, leak the Pentagon Papers II to contrast with the truth.

    Anyway, so Russia is 2-3 Germanys, and China is 2-3 Americas. We are the size of Canada, and Canada is a crater of certain housing collapse.

    Internets: “It’s pretty bad in Canada. They could have had it all: America’s sense of freedom, British literature, and French cuisine. Instead? They got French immigration policy, Britain’s love of pointless bureaucracy, and American economic policy. And they’re paying for it, literally.”

    Oh Canada. What are you doing? You were once modest and great. Did this all start with abandoning the Maritimes to Welfare death forever? After ceding the Grand Banks to China for extermination?

    “German Tanks Pose Logistical Problems For Ukraine – Foreign Policy (RT)

    Yes, all the “Help” from government makes Ukraine lose FASTER. Like all other government help, nearly everywhere in time and space. Go for it. I want the war over too.

    “• Berlin To Expel Russian Diplomats En Masse, Moscow To Mirror That Decision (TASS)”

    Excellent, now Russia can continue to dispense with dealing with Europe for a generation, and it’ll be Europe’s fault. This will save them no end of trouble.

    “Airman’s Leaks Started Just 48 Hours After Russia Invaded Ukraine (ZH)”

    Still hard to tell. He is the P.R. fabricator’s poster child against the mythical “Right”. He had access to above-top-secret data in Army (okay) but also CIA data streams. Yet the roots of the story hold. Why would White Hats burn their own for no real reason, and a year ahead? Black Hats clearly are feckless running around with their hair on fire, so they didn’t see it, didn’t know it, and are reacting. High level people are the clear winners here, top, multi-agency war-stoppers. Yet there is no real mechanism and no follow up. The media dutifully report on it, creating the black eye WHILE ALSO arresting the airman for them and suppressing all the info.

    So a 3rd airman ACCIDENTALLY stopped WWIII on schedule? Really?

    since he signed into law an unpopular pension law earlier this month.”

    Each time I hear this reported, they wildly understate what happened. Why I’m not sure, because this is the quickest way to explain? Macron put through a major, nationwide change, against any popular support, without using any political process. That’s a major. He did it using “Emergency Powers” when there was no emergency, erasing the French “Constitution” and therefore erased the Fifth Republic altogether. He did this for his former employers, the Banks – Rothschilds in fact, not by implication, but by actual name — and thereby dumped all the hundred-billion of Bank Balance Sheet “dog s—t” as the traders say, onto the French People via the French Pension funds. This is an unprecedented direct theft that will lead to immediate collapse, and back-fill by (poorest) taxpayers in the future.

    This is no doubt one of the many ways Davos has prevented collapse with Powell hiking rates, but it cost them. Yes, that is a more complex thing to describe, but you could say “Macron trampled all French law and custom” to “Transfer $100B to the corporate Banks” and that’s why they’re rioting. That’s not a “Reform.” Duh. You fools. I’m going to go “Reform” this Liquor Store with my .38 today!

    “French Cops Confiscate Cookware (RT) “

    Following London’s hard-knuckle sweep confiscating Spoons. Then later, a crackdown on people in parks, 30 meters from each other. They should be so proud. You did see the French Publisher arrested in UK at France’s behest, right? Yes, Taking out MissTrust, Davos re-captured the Brexit Island to liquidate in defense of the WEF and tyranny. Sure, I always arrest people in one nation for breaking the law in another. That’s just common sense. We’ve always done that, don’t you remember?

    “Macron responded that he would do so only “if people are ready to talk.” “Where I’m from, eggs and pans, these are for cooking,”

    I’m the opposite. Club him into a l’hopital with a saucier and maybe he’ll be ready to talk. Like CIA/Bud (run by the same people as Macron), he has no apology and no respect. He needs to have some put into him tout suite. They remain far too polite in France and in Canada where they egg the PM on sight as well.

    “They blocked the A69 highway with concrete blocks.”

    That is an excellent idea. Why haven’t we done this before?

    “French Police Cleared To Use Drones For Crowd Monitoring (R.) “

    “Monitoring”. And do WHAT? “Monitor” like the FBI fully ‘monitored’ the Kenosha Riots and ‘monitored’ Rittenhouse being nearly shot, then beaten to death while they ‘monitored’? That is to say: cameras are only relevant if they help you DO something. This is true nationwide. They “monitor” electric substations for instance. But they are 50 miles away and no one is coming. You could unload a bulldozer, level the whole area, re-load it, then return it to the Rental Agency before anyone arrives.

    In this case, Macron can get evidence that “Every Frenchman in France doesn’t like him.” Oh yeah? We knew that already. If you ARREST them, you’ll need to 20x your prison system, which is exactly what a protest is supposed to do. You’re SUPPOSED to be arrested. You’re SUPPOSED to demonstrate the State is utterly helpless to do anything, apply force, if the people don’t cooperate.

    Suppose he even cut off all their bank accounts, as happens in Canada, Australia. So? Now 80% of the population would use cash, or tuna cans. No taxes would be collected.

    “They may torture my body, break my bones, even kill me. Then they will have my dead body, but not my obedience.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

    “US Democrats Threaten Matt Taibbi With Arrest (RT)”

    I’m a little confused why this is news. The Democrats threaten EVERYONE with arrest, always. They have Articles-to-impeach or threatened to impeach every Republican President since Eisenhower. I mean, maybe like Taibbi, being Leftists themselves, they didn’t know this? Having not been on the receiving end before?

    “Is TikTok a US Deep State Front?”

    Duh. All social media companies are. And many/most others.

    “It’s the Tories”

    Well, yes but you’re missing that it’s also Labour. Or 2x Labour, who can tell they’re all so interchangeable.

    The global north is now a minority in a new world order”

    Nice picture of murdering homophobe Che behind her. Whatever, she’s not wrong and people need to hear it. If a Che poster is what’s needed so your ears function, so be it. I’ll go get one myself, made in China.

    “What’s a “Rapid Deployment Capacity”?

    It’s the Pots and Pans Shock Force. Da Coppers.

    We did Nenner the other day, this is a longer, more technical interview from before:

    “We are going to have peace even if we have to fight for it.” –Dwight D. Eisenhower

    There’s never another way. At least not yet.


    “It’s all about faulty modelling. A bunch of economists looking at nominal GDP only.”

    It’s all about Lies, Lies,Lies

    GDP is a lie, a Big Lie

    Shadow Stats has been trying to present an alternative to the Empire of Lies, Lies, Lies for years but the State Sponsored Media Whores continue to peddle piddle.

    Russia as a ‘gas station’ economy is a case of projection.

    The largest cities in the Empire of Lies are ‘first world shit holes’ is actually closer to the truth.

    W C Fields comment about Philadelphia as, “A cemetery with lights” sums up Duhmerica on the nose

    Legalized shoplifting, flash mobs, wall to wall junkies crapping on the sidewalks, Woketard mayors with one finger in their nose picking boogers and the other finger up their lazy asses.

    The Empire of Lies only has Big Shitties® as urban areas now.

    Everyone I talk with in local business can’t get help. Plumbers, carpenters, electricians, there are no young folks interested in actually working with their hands, they all want to be ‘internet influencers’ with thousands of ‘followers’

    It’s beyond decadence and perversion, it’s an outright Death Kult worshiped as ‘culture’

    The Clotshot genocide has wrecked reproduction, both medically and mentally in the young generation.

    The new families being formed are a fraction of what’s needed to continue a functioning country and culture.

    It’s gone for at least a generation.

    Duh-merica is Gas Station Sushi®


    Throwing out a kiss to the Empire of Lies: Blow It Out Your Ass



    You fucked up. you can’t blame someone else.

    You made your bed, sleep in it.
    Gov. for the people, of the people, by the people.
    Democracy, liberty, freedom.
    Money/equipment for Ukraine and their votes or negotiated resolution/settlement with gov. workers.
    Even the bosses are “quiet quitting” and “working to rule.”
    A living wage for all.
    You chose war instead of peace
    You chose lying instead of truth. The secret is out.


    For every Russian KIA you’ve had anywhere from 7 to 10 Ukrainians KIA

    “You can’t fight a war with a kill ratio like that…”

    The Ukronazis are dragged juveniles and old men out of cafes, stuffing them in vans, and sending them straight to the front and the Russian Meatgrinder


    The Ukronazis are also trying to kill off ethnic Russians, and ethnic Hungarians and ethnic Romanians in Ukraine by sending them into the meatgrinder before ethnic Ukrainians. The blonde blued eyed Ukros need to be preserved, kill off the ‘slavs’ by mobilizing them first.


    Ukrainian Psychologist Says 70% of His Clients are Cucked AFU Soldiers Whose Wives Ditched Them

    Sad day on the Ukronazi home front

    Where’s the loyalty?

    Can’t run a country without families


    The Spike
    “A growing number of scientists are sounding the alarm about the risks of both COVID and its cures”

    Now they tell us?



    So not that long ago I could simply post a bitchute link in the text box here and it would display

    Just did that with a bitchute link and it remained just a text link = WTF?

    Here is a bitchute link both just pasted and clicking the LINK button and pasting

    Let’s see what happens

    Russia Has Switched To National Currencies For All Energy Payments


    “Why would White Hats burn their own for no real reason,”
    Trust the plan…….


    …and what did we learn today?

    the 150th Canadian doctor who “died suddenly” since Pfizer & Moderna mRNA rolled out

    Roll over to comply…and you just might Die !
    Try forcing others to comply…and you might find a special hill to fuck off and die on.
    Die trying fuckers.

    Bidet/ Dims, C-eye-eh, F-bee-eye all collude and conspire to conceal their crimes by committing more crimes.

    Golly gosh is this a CONSPIRACY?

    “They may torture my body, break my bones, even kill me. Then they will have my dead body, but not my obedience.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

    Sorry Mahatma, things have changed.
    They may not torture my body, not break my bones, not even kill me. Then they will not have my dead body, but not my obedience. Never my obedience, that will always lie with the truth.


    Just as I predicted a while back about the Ukronazis

    Prigozhin Says Wagner Won’t Take Prisoners Anymore Because AFU Killed Wounded Wagner Soldier


    Ed Dowd reposted:


    Can you spot the transgendered person in this picture?

    Of course you can’t.

    Because transgendered people look just like everyone else. It’s impossible to tell the difference.

    ~Dr. Eli David




    Wait until the 2023 stats come out on those graphs



    Woketards of Hollyweird jump the shark


    Dr. D

    “Woketard mayors with one finger in their nose picking boogers and the other finger up their lazy asses.”

    The problem is when you forget which is which.

    ““You can’t fight a war with a kill ratio like that…”

    You can if you’re 10x larger. But not if you’re 10x smaller.

    John Day

    John Olooney banned on Twitter

    I suspect that this is because Grim Britainstan has all sorts of hate laws backed by monitoring cameras, spying agencies and police retards. He is hating in the same way others have been accused of hating by trying to stop child grooming in the UK. Stepping on the toes of the elite is not tolerated in the third world.


    As a result, a respected US publication, The National Interest, has published an ashen article whose main conclusion is that the comparison of the economies of Russia and Italy betrays the blatant incompetence of Western experts.

    Remember the Imperial College experts telling us we were all going to die of Covid. The much renown Imperial College, one of the most prestigious engineering and science universities in the UK. If that is the best of the UK then the UK is failing rapidly. Even if the UK leaders were conscientious people trying to improve the country – we know they are not – what can they do when they are fed garbage information.


    The federal government does not know the extent that regulations are reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, despite committing $200 billion towards the issue.

    Because it is not about the climate, it is about theft. Theft by redirecting government money to favoured companies, facoured people, favoured crooks like the USA’s Ukraine government. For example, farmers in the Netherlands are having their farms confiscated by the government in order to save the climate, that land has to be used for something so it will end up enriching the government owners. Why would they care what happens to the climate when they are busy counting all the cash they are stealing?


    Clouseau Pot


    Ukraine will likely have to procure a range of different munitions, rather than a single type, for German-made Leopard tanks, Foreign Policy has reported.

    It’s not about tanks, it is about theft. Sanctions and “financial contributions” to the US government’s Ukraine pseudo-government. Same basic model as the climate change theft. All they want is to steal your stuff so that you will own nothing by 2030.


    Former US president Donald Trump has promised to put a swift end to the bloodshed in Ukraine should he be elected again in 2024.

    Which general will he murder to do that then?

    John Day

    Dr D was dissing the Che poster in a picture, and fair enough, Che killed people, but that same poster always looked so good that it is still chic. I learned about Che back in the 1970s, and saw the poster differently after that.

    “But if you go carrying pictures of Chairman Mao, You ain’t gonna make it with anyone a-ny-how..”
    This is the pure, unobtainium cultural revolution stuff that you can’t even buy on Chinese eBAY:
    “Follow the Chairman, the Great Helmsman, through stormy seas”
    Great Helmsman

    Awww, it’s not showing up.See it here:


    From Team Desantis, a goof on Woketurds

    V. Arnold

    The U.S. is sick, sick, sick…
    The transgenderism political movement is but one of many issues destroying the fabric (what is left of it) of U.S. society.
    God help the children of that doomed society…
    The LoS has always accepted Transvestites (check out Pattaya & Bangkok) but has never acted out the looney toons seen in the U.S.; thank the gods…
    The above picture of the basket ball team says it all…

    D Benton Smith

    So Glen Beck is sitting there ranting on camera to anyone who’ll listen, complaining that he’s had just about all he can take of the massive bull shit and lunatic criminality that’s going on in broad fucking daylight with practically everything that exists, and how NOBODY is doing a GAWDDAM thing bout fixing ANY of it even though it is plain see that it needs fixing in an urgent way!

    So he’s WAITING (on camera, and loudly!) for solutions to just happen spontaneously? I suppose the next step of his brilliant plan will be to threaten to hold his breath until Daddy fixes everything for him.

    To which an adult can only say, “Well okay, Glen, have it your way if you insist. We’ll all just stand around like infantile imbeciles until God fixes it for us. But I strongly recommend that you not to hold your breath. And it might also be a good idea to prepare yourself for not liking the way He fixes it. It might not be to the specs that you expect.”

    Glen’s problem, see (although don’t hold your breath waiting for him to see it himself any time soon) is that he doesn’t know that his trusted “civilization” is not built into the universe like some guaranteed Bill of Rights. It’s just a machine. It’s really just another sort of “AI”. It’s the sort of AI that runs on people and policies, rather than the computerized kind that runs on electrical machines and digitally programmed data), but it really is just a machine that follows the rules that are built into it, and that’s ALL that it does.

    He trusted that AI (that so-called “Civilization”) to do absolutely EVERYTHING for him, and now that it is NOT doing what he WANTS it to do he hasn’t got the foggiest fucking notion of how to do ANY of it for himself. Not a clue.

    It used to give him money, and services, and justice and even food . . . and all he had to do was WANT whatever he wanted (and shove a little counterfeit money into the slot to prove that he “deserved” to get what he wanted.)

    Well I’ll tell ya what, Glen old boy. The ol’ “civilization” of yours is running EXACTLY the way that you (and everybody else) collectively designed it. That’s what it frigging consists of in the first place! Every time that you (or anyone else) abdicated responsibility for knowing and doing what needed to be done (and assigned a particular part of the job to someone else who was thereafter “responsible” for that specific task or decision) you contributed a working part to the giant AI “machine” that we fondly (and perhaps wishfully) have called Civilized Society.

    He shouldn’t go whining and crying (and waiting for someone to automatically give him something different) when “American Capitalistic Democracy” (jeez!) works the way he built it instead of the way he said it.

    No free lunch, . You want justice, fair play, courage and sanity? Well, then, you gots ta know HOW to do them thangs, Glen, and then actually DO them. Justice, sanity and courage can not be farmed out or purchased like a ham sandwich.

    John Day

    This made it really easy to feed the boy whatever information you might want him to leak.

    The Pentagon’s humiliation just grew deeper, as it turns out National Guard Airman Jack Teixeira’s leaks of classified documents started far earlier than has previously been reported.

    Tipped off about a second, 600-member Discord chat group where Teixeira also posted, the New York Times found the Massachusetts Air National Guard information technology specialist started sharing information about the war in Ukraine within 48 hours of Russia’s February 2022 invasion. In contrast to the previously reported chat group, this one was far larger and was publicly listed on a YouTube channel.

    John Day

    As The FT reports, Jen estimates that if you adjust for price changes the dollar’s share of official global reserve currencies has gone from about 73 per cent in 2001 to around 55 per cent in 2021.
    Then, last year, it fell to 47 percent of total global reserves.


    John Campbell talking about the WHO treaty debate in the UK.


    To Oroboros + others, prev. thread.

    I use public transport, volunteer for a charity, speak to ppl around, frequent the train station, cafés, etc. (CH) The Ukr. ‘fleers’ / ‘refugees’ here come in two classes, surprise.

    The Rich are downtown shopping and in Hotels and maybe (idk) staying with powerful ppl. They mostly got rid of their cars bearing Ukr. plates and use rentals, I have heard, and seen, at the start of the war there were many lux cars with Ukr plates.

    Leaving Ukr. via Poland, destination Europa, having the guards turn a blind eye to men 18-45 (say) costs 10K Euros, I have heard — a right price imho.

    So some rich men are here with ‘family’ and to my eye they are very anxious, angry, defensive. (From the street, the shops, etc.) Their wives and children are submissive and subdued, unhappy. While sporting the latest Nike shoes, Designer handbags, etc.

    In the class notches below there are handicapped men, physical mostly, mental also, but not only. Men with more than 3 children under 12 (or so, age varied, was 14 at some point I read) were exempt from the ‘draft’ for a while, so there are a lot of them. The rest are grandparents, 55-60-or +, with daughter Mother, and some number or children.

    Ukr. ‘refugees’ (does NOT tally the Rich ppl, they are tourists or temp. residents, etc.) 75 K in CH. > pop 8 million.

    In France 110 K ‘refugees’, 80% are women (MSM.) > pop 68 million.

    Another story…

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