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    V. Arnold

    Glad to see you have kept your sense of humor!

    I landed in a wonderful culture. As with you and your travels; work brought me here, and I knew immediately I would not go back.


    According to life expectancy, I’ve got 3 years left …. If I don’t go near a care home.

    D Benton Smith

    People have learned how to do all sorts of extremely dangerous things with little or no sensation of fear (drive cars, run chain saws, fly airplanes, shoot guns, get married) It’s all a matter of knowing nature’s rules and following them to the letter ( adults have learned mama has no mercy and less tolerance.)
    So that’s how we are going to have to handle this virus & pandemic thing. Can’t hole up forever. Gonna have to come out and do what living requires. That doesn’t mean being being brave or stupid.or pretending that the thing can’t kill us if given a chance, of course. It means don’t give the virus that chance. Get so fast and efficient at the checklist that it’s just another routine task no different than any of the other bothersome precautions that we treat as chores (like wearing clothes instead of running around naked.)
    We humans adapt fast. It’s time to get started.

    D Benton Smith

    Here’s a little background on me (and why I used ‘wearing clothes’ as an example in the above comment.) At age 12 I lived a year (along with only my family) isolated by hundreds of miles of empty tundra on the arctic coast of northern Alaska. Outside it was routinely 30 to 60 degrees (F) below zero. Dress wrong and you would simply die, within minutes, and there are no second chances) I wasn’t afraid. I loved being outside. But I DID dress properly.

    D Benton Smith


    That’s a funny term, “Life Expectancy”

    I don’t don’t know how it’s been for others, but my life didn’t turn out anything even remotely like my expectancy.

    But yeah, steer clear of those Rest (in peace) Homes.


    Washington Post: ‘As beds go unfilled, states scale back Army Corps makeshift hospitals’:

    “..States are already beginning to scale back. New York has hit the brakes on opening three of the makeshift facilities the Army Corps of Engineers has completed in Westchester County and on Long Island, and has scrapped construction on another four. Virginia paused plans for three large field hospitals in Richmond, Hampton and Fairfax County that it was planning to build using Army Corps plans. And Michigan downsized a Corps-built facility outside Detroit from 1,110 to 250 beds.

    Sites that have opened so far have seen low occupancy rates. The first Corps-built makeshift hospital to come online, at the Javits Center, is about 20 percent occupied; it has roughly 200 patients at the moment, down from a little over 400 at its peak, according to a state official. Only about 33 patients have been treated at a 970-bed Army Corps-built facility at the TCF Center, a convention center in Detroit, since it opened on April 10, after hospitals in the area surged their capacity..”

    Odd that so many formerly-reliable sites have swallowed the “pandemic”™ frenzy hook, line, and sinker.
    Who benefits from the COVID-19™ perma-fear?

    Dr. D

    Yes, can’t take the advice of a fellow that has killed 300M people. In fact, I now see that we use his vocabulary all the time leads to taking his point of view all the time: Das Kapital, the proles, etc. We could use several other pattern languages: Brotherhood, pursuit of happiness, 7th generations, whatever. Odd how if you take up even one lie, it must expand like a cancer and take over all, or the all must take it over and expel it. But you know, living between earth and sky, that ‘they’ will always try this, and the “they” is “we” as the dividing line of good and evil is in us and our hearts.

    Just using medicine as an example, as we already pay European-high taxes or higher, are already a democratic-socialist nation, and already could pay it all with some to spare by stopping our war of world conquest and return to national defense at our borders. But the point is the same, if everybody works and then everybody uses that work, what is the “government” adding here but overhead and bulls–t? We can already do that for ourselves without them. We discovered, from 150 years of trying, that what they add is to have special party members create special party favors for themselves — Florida islands with 14-year-olds from Minnesota — and leave the work to others. So what you buy when ‘they’ distribute instead of ‘us’ is violent, incompetent overlords. Which is what we already have internationally and why I point out there are alternatives.

    Also pointing out regularly, but you’re (maybe) new, that national health care is illegal in the U.S. By the 10A, it would have to be dispersed by the States. Which it has. But it immediately bankrupted the states that tried it, which is why they want to nationalize — to hide that it’s a complete failure, and even at the State level government is riddled with graft and fraud and party favoritism that destroys all. That may not be true elsewhere, but it’s the proven predictable catastrophe here. Why fall into our weaknesses? Play to our strengths. We once had a functioning system that was very good and we dismantled the good in quest of the perfect, and now have the worst system in the world: infinite expense for near-zero care, that will fix anyone for free so long as those people are not productive and work to create society. Only if you’re not working, not a citizen, or disabled can you get free care. While pretty-in-concept, is it really a good idea to starve your plowhorse to give all the oats to the horse put out to pasture and the one with three legs? Sounds to me like you will soon have no oats and no horses either, and that’s just what’s happened.

    Speaking of, their plan is going well, we are seeing food shortages worldwide now. So if only they can keep it up a little longer we can kill 10x the people with food than the virus. Aaaaand they warned you. Aaaaand you said you didn’t care, you liked it that way. So, fine. They’re still saying — amazing — that like Yang “we’ll just print money.” No, no you won’t, because your money is worthless WHEN THERE’S NOTHING TO BUY. To which they answered, that’s silly: we’ll print MOAR money. Um, folks? You legally demanded no one work, no one make food, no one ship food, no one sell food. The money has nothing to do with it. You said you’d arrest the food, if it got out there, essentially. Next will be taking all the farms, enslaving all the farmers, and MAKING them make food, for free, Holodormor-style. Which seems a laugh but still happens worldwide constantly, in Zimbabwe, Venezuela, etc. Money is not food. Work, time, “das Kaptial inputs” are. Not Brooklyn and Fairfax fantasies. But no one will learn until it collapses and they put on the stupid face: “You mean MILK, comes from COWS, who have to eat, and whose eating requires gas, tractors, machine parts, shipping, multi-million dollar packing plants? Why can’t the cow just spurt the milk in my mouth? Isn’t that how it happens?” “No Little Jimmy, someday, when you get to kindergarten, you’ll learn that the magic rainbow cows do NOT fly into your treehouse and share free chocolate milk like the magic moving pictures on the pretty wall-box. If someday, you should do a lick of real work, you’ll understand.”

    Still surprising now. Somehow the people who don’t know how anything works are running things. Which is the problem with graft, nepotism, and corruption: obviously idiot sons of idiot sons — exclusively of Party members — buy their way into Yale and then are dumber than W on meth. They will run things and claim to be “experts”, killing us all with bad responses to fake science, until you man up, call them the idiots they are, and remove them. Before the ship sinks. But you don’t have to, and history is not kind on fixes: the ship can just sink with all hands on board and then the people who know how to run things take over anyway. …Because they’re the only ones left. Which seems to be how it’s going, so I’m pretty set with it. Can’t change them, they can’t learn except by seeing for themselves, just do my own work.

    Ugh, another day too long.

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