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    Veracious Poet

    A “civilian” trying to evacuate from Mariupol:

    🇺🇦 Ukrainian troops are trying to escape from Mariupol in women’s clothes, but even here they fail.

    All the info I’ve posted is just from the last couple of days…

    From all indications the Ukrainian military is in tatters, what does the State dept. hope to gain from dissembling in the face of failure?

    It seems to me that the Empire of lies & hate is reopening the Kiev embassy to put “American” human shields in harm’s way, perhaps as a premeditated provocation against Russia, to retaliate when, not if, U$ Embassy marines are killed?

    This may be the line of demarcation in the sand, that once it’s crossed, results in NATO deployment. What utter insanity! 🙄

    Seems the brigade commander @ Azovstal is more sane than the District of Clowns:

    🇺🇦 Brigade commander of underground marines prays to the world to save them from Azovstal
    Serhiy Volyn reported on the critical situation for the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Nazis at the plant in Mariupol.

    There are a lot of wounded, every day a lot of new dead and wounded. The situation is deteriorating sharply, problems with ammunition, medicines, food.

    When Goncharenko tried to accuse Putin, the brigade commander of the 36th brigade of marines directly refused and generally gave the impression of an ordinary sane person, recognizing that the situation is extremely critical and it is no longer possible to solve it by military means, and in general, peace is better than war

    -Z- Phase II is reaching far into western Ukraine to destroy rail lines & depots that would carry/store armaments & supplies for Ukraine Nat’l. & Azov troops:

    🇷🇺🇺🇦⚡And so the railway junction in the Lviv region burns. Precise strikes destroyed the Krasnoye railway station.

    🇺🇺🇦❗This morning, five Ukrainian railway stations were hit in Central and Western Ukraine. This was stated by the head of the board of “Ukrzaliznytsia” Oleksandr Kamyshin.

    Today a lot of young men, primarily Ukrainians, left this realm 😕



    I am not a luddite. I’ve spent 35+ years of my life telling various kinds of robots what to do or say, and listening to what they tell me. I really like robots. I prefer the company of robots over that of most humans. Some humans have created rude, orc-like robots, and should be punished. Asimov is spinning in his grave!


    Wife and I go to the market. We enter the right of two entrances, past the express lane and do our shopping counter-clock, finish and head to the middle for ice cream and the regular check-out. Short lines for each lane, but a dude beckons to the side that has all the self-check robots. We grumble about this, and he makes vague ‘no no i have a ckecker’ noises. Herds another guy to the checker and ushers us to the robot.

    Robot may have vague instructions printed on it’s faceplate, but I’m old and not wearing my glasses. I plug the green box on the screen, and we proceed to ‘bucket brigade’ the items across the scanner. There’s not enough room to bag what we have in the designated bagging area, perhaps just under 1m^2, and apparently loaded with a sophisticated sensor array.

    I put a bag in the cart and start bagging in there as I go, so I can sort the squishy stuff and not get it squished. The robot complains. It does it’s “HELP! STOP! THEIF!” routine, and the human minder approaches. I surreptitiously place myself between the minder and the robot. The minder divines that I’m on the level…this time…and heads back to his podium.

    And I keep on plugging. At this point, I’m fully John Henry’ing the fuck out of that scanner. The sub-assembly responsible for speech output is aghast, flabbergasted, nonplussed! The minder makes several more attempts to come to the aid of the floundering device, but it’s no use…we’re done. The robot takes a final breath, reads the tally, and requests some dough. I show it my chip, there’s a vague slurping sound in the back, and it’s over.

    I say a hearty “Fuck you, robot!” and walk proudly out the exit.


    1) A checker in this same market accosted my wife about not wearing a mask not 2 months prior. Said my wife had to go use the robot. Now there are 3 TIMES AS MANY robots in that market. Stupid human! You go push broom!

    2) I really, really enjoy yakking with people in the checkout. The checker in particular, if you repeat, becomes a ‘low-level friend’ with whom you exchange dopamine shots when you compliment eachother’s appearance. The robot sucks. The robot speaks to you in a rude, condescending Amy Schumer voice.

    3) From an efficiency standpoint, they should be putting these in the express lanes only, since the high volume customers almost always have strange things like fruit with cryptic SKUs and cookies that aren’t in the inventory.

    4) I strongly resent the flip in the basic dynamics of this transaction. When I go into a market, I rather like the buyer/seller transaction. It’s almost always on friendly terms, both get something we want, and the support ripples outward through the community. That disappears with the robot and the minder. It’s now a guard/prisoner transaction: get in line, do as the robot says, the minder’s watching, so no shenanigans!

    Yeah… Fuck you, Robot!

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