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    Robert Rauschenberg Buffalo II 1964   • Russia Stops Gas Supplies to Poland and Bulgaria (CTH) • Russia Doubles Fossil Fuel Revenues Since Invasi
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle April 28 2022]

    V. Arnold

    Saint Saraphim of sarov

    A life to be studied for those looking for other……….

    Thanks for that Ilargi…..


    With the Saint Seraphim piece, my day is already complete. Thank you kind sir.

    @DrD – JMG responded to a question and mentioned pondering the behavior of China now… said he has thought it might be about quashing some internal uprising. Will be curious for your thoughts over time with regard.

    Dr. D

    There’s no end to Twitter jokes: “Leftists Worried Elon Musk Will Turn Twitter into a Place Where Terrible People Post Bad Opinions and Fight with Each Other All the Time” –BBee

    Oh noes!

    “Eccentric Billionaire Accomplishes More for Free Speech in One Afternoon than Republicans Have in Decades” –BBee

    They shouldn’t oversell it. Republicans have done much, much less than that. And equal opportunity:
    “Democrats Continue Proud Tradition of Wearing White Masks to Show Political Affiliation”

    Core values!

    “Poland is obviously the primary target for retaliation here,”

    Target? Retaliation? Wtf? Apparently now not only have the leaders never honestly paid for anything, but their hired reporters never have either. I’ll make it simple: You pay for things FIRST, then you take them from the store. And you don’t pay for them in Quatloos, you pay in whatever the shop tells you to. Or you don’t get any.

    JHC, is that really so hard? No one is persecuting you. Nobody’s “targeting” your ethnicity when they ask you to PAY FOR GOODS.

    Nina Jankowicz is breathtaking. I didn’t know such one-sided people existed, even in politics.
    Also opening the war on speech by the government, they clearly opened the war on Musk on NBC, ABC… Breathtaking again, the hero of the left, instantly and in seconds is a Nazi. Like Bernie was. “We have always been at war with Elon.” He gets his money from PutinHitler, not our using government subsidies to buy his self-immolating cars.

    “ Online Censorship of Ukraine Dissent Is Becoming the New Norm (MPN) “
    I wouldn’t say universal censorship is “new”.

    “The way I’m going to evaluate”

    Sir? You’re retired. You don’t have any power at all. Unless when both Joe and Psaki said you were the real President they weren’t kidding. And they WERE kidding, right?

    “Those “highest standards” included sustaining for three years the fiction that Donald Trump conspired with the Russians to steal the 2016 election and salvaging Joe Biden’s 2020 election victory, such as it was, by suppressing all news of Hunter Biden’s laptop”

    Now why people no trust “the Experts”? Is it JUST because they are wrong 100% of the time or something else?

    “Biden administration officials and Fauci were scrambling Wednesday to emphasize that the country is still in the midst of a pandemic and that emergency measures are still needed after Fauci told PBS the precise opposite.”

    Experts! We say all things, and their opposites! We can’t possibly be wrong! I R the Scienz!

    “what are the rights of vaccinated people to be protected from unvaccinated people?”

    Protected how? From whiffle bats? Or do you mean vaccines don’t work?

    “they will have made themselves an embarrassment”

    No they won’t. Everyone knows they’re incapable of embarrassment.

    Bill Hwang Arrested: Archegos Owner Charged with Racketeering, Securities and Wire Fraud”

    This was routinely using infinite leverage to buy and short 5-15% of the stock while using loopholes to illegally avoid reporting. The SEC could not POSSIBLY miss $35 BILLION created overnight to do this. He was finally arrested? Finally ONE arrest? I guess he wasn’t in the right club or trying to do what they do every day (illegal naked shorting with infinite 0% leverage) too large and drawing too much attention. You have to illegally short Overstock and MyPillow, AMC and GameStop, not Pfizer and Meta, what’s wrong with you?

    But hey, free money, invested in stonks, what’s the harm?

    “A median-priced new home in the U.S. is roughly $77,000 more expensive than it was a year ago” — MarketWatch

    Oh yeah! That! Did YOU triple your average income of $40k this year to pay for that? No? Oh well: Hwang did! Sucks to be you!

    P.S. that means your taxes went from $4k to $8k. Did you get that there $800/mo raise for the taxes alone, not for petrol, heating, food, or rent? Gee I wonder why homebuying has stalled 30%? Why do Millennials now work half a lifetime and can’t buy a house?

    There’s nothing you can say. They literally don’t care.

    Found this, literally the procedure and purpose of making everyone as fearful and miserable as possible:

    ““But Shang Yang was not content with the mere absence of active resistance. In the passage “Weakening the People,” the Shang jun shu argues that “a country which has the right way is concerned with weakening the people” because “a weak people means a strong state and a strong state means a weak people.” Shang Yang wanted to create “a condition of complete good government” in which “husband and wife and friends cannot abandon each other’s evil, cover up wrongdoing and not cause harm to relatives, nor can…the people mutually conceal each other from their superiors and government servants.”

    To achieve this goal, the Qin state introduced mutual surveillance so that “those whose businesses
    were connected should have different interests.” Based on the household registration system, the Qin state held households of five collectively responsible for any member’s transgressions; at the same time, the state offered handsome rewards for family members and neighbors to report on one another. Shang Yang applied the same technique to state officials who were in charge of overseeing the people.”

    “While the stated goal of linked liability was to create a condition in which “deserters from the ranks[had] no resort and stragglers [had] nowhere to go,” the actual consequence was far more penetrating. By instilling mutual mistrust in the most basic social ties – between husband and wife in the family, between neighbors in the local community, and between colleagues in the workplace – even the mildest dissent could be nipped in the bud.”

    “By fashioning “a people who would of their own accord enforce the legal dictates of their masters,” the Qin court could simultaneously maximize surveillance, minimize resistance, and lower the costs of domination. In short, Shang Yang achieved “the ultimate dream of domination: to have the dominated exploit each other.
    -pp 184-186, War and State Formation in Ancient China and Early Modern Europe by Victoria Tin-Bor-Hui

    Yes, every state is strongest when its people are weakest. I’m sure that worked out great.

    Like this: “People do not fear death when the rulers demand too much of life.”

    Random sources:

    What the heck happened here? With science being okay-accepted at +40% level forever, in 2016 Democrats suddenly, instantly, believed all “science” and experts at a 65% level. That’s like a religious conversion. A cult even. Not because they do it, but because where did this doubling of your belief in something come from?

    Of course, the chart DID come from the scientific media experts. So it IS probably a lie.

    “538” also then concluding, from posting this chart, where their side reversed 200 years of opinion one afternoon in 2016 as proof that their people are smart and run by science. No joke. Because Science changes overnight? With their minds and opinions, which are grounded in hard science? And of course their enemies are ignorant, violent rednecks who don’t believe glyphosate is safe as water, fools. Convicted felons like Pfizer and Monsanto told you so, and the FDA, run by Monsanto, approves it. To say otherwise is clear misinformation.

    “He described how one of the biggest benefits he’d seen at the [public] dinners was that … affected groups could ask questions and voice their concerns — and that they were heard, whether or not what they said made a difference in the decisions.”

    Ah, so like the EU or Student Council, you just PRETEND you care, gaslight them, ignore them, and do what you want because you have power. That is: just Lie. Duh. Got it! I’m sure that’ll work great in building trust and obedience. In governments and experts.

    “We see that scientific information is very, very clearly cherry-picked,” she said. Increasingly, she sees people looking for information that already supports their worldview, and that’s happening on the right and left. For her, this includes policymakers who have a role to play in solving issues like climate change. 
    The challenge is how to penetrate these bubbles.”

    Why do we need to violently penetrate the bubbles? Because I’m right and they’re stupid, duh. That’s how we have a conversation: You do what you’re told.

    The frame for this article is something about duck hunting and how the experts succeeded. …After being the ones who screwed everything up and destroyed the bayou, the forest, the ducks, the economy, and the town for 40 years. Now why don’t they trust the Feds and the experts? And the body, inside the article’s frame, after screwing up their one job, the swamp, the earth, the economy, and the town, why don’t they trust our scienz about Covid?

    Because every day it’s this maybe? “Plastic Grocery Bag Bans Actually Boost Sale of Small Plastic Garbage Bags: Study” No kidding. And don’t think the plastic companies don’t know it. And lobby for it even.

    Other experts and helpers: “Fort Worth, Texas Becomes First City Government In The US To Mine Bitcoin” The top is in. Not on BTC price maybe, but mining as there are almost no coins left. Then they can stop complaining about the electric it uses.

    “Fauci Admits “Pandemic Phase” of COVID Is over” CNN officially anti-science, and strongly disagrees. But then, Fauci disagrees too. With Fauci. Who was quoting Fauci when debunking Fauci.

    And you wonder why children have mental illness? They’re not the only ones.


    When NATO officers are captured in Mariupol, given that they are effectively mercenaries, should the Russians torture them in the same way as Al Queda were tortured and assasinated by the USA? The USA is not at war with Russia, according to the USA, so how could they complain?

    More interestingly, as everything these days is information warfare, should Russia release videos of the NATO officers being tortured? Would that enable the NATO coutries to escalate the war as planned? This is the first global war where the USA is pro-torture, pro-assassination and pro-murder-of-prisoners-of-war. How should the Russians respond to these baltant breaches of the Geneva convention when dealing with NATO officers?


    TAE just showed you the truth
    Read Them and Weep

    ‘Ministry of Truth’

    • Biden Admin Creates ‘Disinformation Governance Board’ Under DHS (PM)
    • DHS Will Establish Disinformation Board with Obvious Agenda (CTH)

    information is warfare
    … to control what information exists in the public space. It is highly important that people understand what is happening.
    ….. denying, minimizing or trivializing or banning or deranking or suppressing or cherry-picking,

    Modern warfare tools

    Economic warfare
    The Deceptionor
    The manipulators
    The sanctionnor
    The banker
    The lever
    The strangleholdor
    The chockor
    The censorror
    The entrapmentor
    The silensor
    The encrypted chat application ‘Signal’

    • Online Censorship of Ukraine Dissent Is Becoming the New Norm (MPN)
    `• Obama Goes Full Orwell In Scary Stanford Speech (WND)
    • Fiction Disguised as Science to Promote Hatred (Byram Bridle)


    Dr D. Breathtaking is the word. I stand before the madness and see it truly for what it is and have to question to myself “what the hell am i doing here, I don’t belong here” – to quote Radiohead.
    My arm is healed well enough to begin light work and I reached out to some old clients in Melbourne to plant their winter vegies for them and get the yard under control and were super excited to have me back …. I just had to be vaccinated of course.
    Are you kidding me? I mean really. People – it turns out love a segregated society which financially and socially punishes the permaculture gardeners for being nature-loving savages. Call me a coon and be done with it you enlightened fucktards.
    Oh and while we are on Melbourne – Data showed median house values in Melbourne rose 0.5 per cent over the month, recovering from the 0.2 decline in December 2021. The strong monthly gain drove up the average house value in the city to currently sit at $1,002,464; the first time houses in the city went beyond the six-figure threshold.

    Over the year, house prices in the city have risen by 17.8 per cent.
    Yeah enjoy indentured slavery you abject morons. I hope you take in the breathtaking new york style crime smell coming your way. But it will be okay because Obama will kindly moderate your hate speech just enough so you feel safe in your tiny house toilet block you will live in with 8 other people, painted yellow and blue.
    Luckily for me a local who is double jabbed (he affectionately calls it state poison)to save his business absolutely HATES the government and is setting up a system of local work to bypass CBDC’s. He has offered me work. I love that he gets how shit this is and wants actually prefers to have an un-poisoned person work for him.
    Now I can slowly claw my way back to financial stabilty.

    Mister Roboto

    Because every day it’s this maybe? “Plastic Grocery Bag Bans Actually Boost Sale of Small Plastic Garbage Bags: Study” No kidding. And don’t think the plastic companies don’t know it. And lobby for it even.

    I can understand that. Even though I use reusable grocery-bags for full grocery orders, for a lot of other stuff, I get those disposable plastic bags because I actually do use them for other things once I get them home.


    If the ‘Ministry of Truth’ would not lie, it would say that our social/economic system can operate because everybody is lying.


    Prog, Parag – life is a joke.
    [“prog” in British slang means to plunder, or the food gotten by begging. Also, a “progressive”]

    “Run for breast cancer”
    “Donate for domestic violence”
    “Give to the War in Ukraine”
    “March for child abuse”
    “Committee for mental illness”

    “Jankowicz was previously a disinformation fellow at the Wilson Center”
    So her expertise is lying. Got it.

    Mister Roboto

    I recommend reading all Brook’s thread:


    “But the higher prices Russia can now command for its oil and gas mean its revenues, which flow almost directly to the Russian government through state-dominated companies, have risen even while sanctions and export restrictions bite. Russia has effectively caught the EU in a trap where further restrictions will raise prices further, cushioning its revenues despite the best efforts of EU governments.” Guardian

    It was indeed a cunning trap … one that all but 27 people saw several months ago. In fact some of us wondered what on earth could make Germany go along with it. US troops and bases in their almost disarmed country perhaps?

    Susan C

    re: China

    This past week I read a series of articles about China written by Eric Mertz on a new substack page called General Crisis Watch. Much of what I read there sounded realistic.


    Please stop re-broadcasting the Dr. Fungus Hour. Lead by example.

    Mr. House

    Is it a coincidence that Afghanistan war ends and the Ukraine begins? We got all of a four month break from the last 20 years of endless war……..


    I guess NPR will soon be reporting to the DHS also?

    Maxwell Quest

    “I stand before the madness and see it truly for what it is and have to question to myself “what the hell am i doing here, I don’t belong here””

    I accepted this fate years ago and decided to make the best of it. Though it often feels like I’ve been consigned to a ‘prison planet’, it’s a wonderful school of learning because there are so many bad examples. A master once counseled his student: “Those who are too good for this world are adorning some other.”

    As one who is often guilty of lazy thinking and sloppy language skills, I very much appreciate the commentary of Dr. D. I love how he picks things to pieces, exposing the contradictions, fallacies, and ego contamination. It reminds me of a book I once read called, The Crest Jewel of Discrimination. One needs a mind like a razor in order to separate the real from the unreal. The average mind is unable to slice and dice an issue into its various interrelated components. The result is a limited mentality that thinks in ego-driven, emotional, amorphous blobs. If it thinks at all.

    Called my sister in NY this morning to touch base. Since we are both getting on in years, we talked about how health issues start encroaching on our activities, and how it’s so difficult to stay fit. She then confided that she’s been experiencing a strange numbness in her hands and feet lately. My first instinct was to ask when she got her booster, but I bit my tongue knowing that it was a bridge too far. I expressed my concern, but otherwise kept silent. As I’ve mentioned before, she lives in the belly of the beast, NY, and her husband is a news junky. Plus, she has enough on her plate without burdening her with the plandemic, its masterminds, and their transhumanist geopolitical agenda.

    So, when she finally got around to wishing someone would put a bullet in Putin’s head, I could no longer keep silent. I told her that it’s important to realize that everything you’re exposed to in the media on Ukraine is a lie. It’s all war propaganda. Then I shared my admiration for Putin, and expressed how good he’s been for the Russian people. That’s when smoke started belching from her tailpipe, along with ball bearings and gear fragments. “We are all entitled to our opinion”, she said after a pause. Little does she realize that her opinions are not her own.

    When one is fully immersed in the Matrix, trying to point out their slavery is next to impossible. Like Morpheus told Neo: “Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Matrix is. You have to see it for yourself…The Matrix is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.”

    For most, it’s all they can do to survive in the Matrix, but for us here at TAE that’s not good enough. We want to be free. And we want truth and our individual sovereignty, hell be damned!

    Sorry for the long post. I guess it makes up for being quiet the past few weeks.


    I like this idea from Dr. Robert Malone. It is a quiet way for like-minded free thinkers to spot each other, and perhaps it would give them a chance to reach out and form community with one another more easily.

    When I try to engage others on these things, I sometimes get reactions similar to the one Maxwell Quest got from his sister. But even when the reaction is milder, I find that even having an intelligent conversation is almost impossible. Once in a great while, I meet someone and have an interesting verbal dance where each of us kind of probes the other subtly to establish some common ground. It’s great when it works, but it doesn’t happen often.

    I don’t like “in your face” symbology where I boldly assault strangers with my sympathies by displaying something obviously polarizing–you just can’t make connections that way. The plain white band is a nice touch.


    Excellent interview with Bruce Gagnon. Leopards don’t change their spots.

    Bruce Gagnon: I often share the story about Lakota warrior Crazy Horse and the military-industrial complex that existed in the late 1800s. Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull were brought onto the reservation in South Dakota. They only surrendered to the U.S. Army because their people were starving. Washington had sent snipers on trains to ride across the western plains and shoot any buffalo they came in contact with. They decimated the herds. The hearts of the native people were broken – they saw the evil enemy they were facing in the flesh.

    The U.S. Civil War ended in 1865 and the Indian Wars soon after. The military-industrial complex was worried about its future. They had artists make renderings of Crazy Horse supposedly back on the warpath.

    Newspapers in the big cities across the U.S. printed stories about Crazy Horse raping white women and killing children. Soon the public was led to express their outrage and “the people demanded something be done”. Doesn’t that sound familiar? The Congress in Washington immediately swung into action and appropriated more funds for the Indian Wars – while Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull were sitting on the reservation in South Dakota without a gun to their name.

    This story has been repeated legions of times since – leading up to Afghanistan in 2001, Iraq in 2003, Libya, Syria, and now Ukraine. And the public relations script coming from Washington is always so familiar.



    @maxwell-quest well put. I have many relationships with blacked-out, taped-off topics that dare not be mentioned. Polite rules of yesterday (don’t talk religion or politics) have been replaced by a galaxy of hot-button no-go topics. Expressing even a conversational calm doubt in the narrative (“hey, do masks really help?” or “hey, what about when NATO attacked Libya?”) brings down white-hot heat. They project onto me a whole suite of dangerous untrue conspiratorial “beliefs” that I don’t hold but they believe I must be carrying around. That I’m stupid, anti-science(tm) “Projecting the shadow” a al Jung. (silly psych-101 stuff! I mean super-easy to spot the projection once you look for it. Total cult behaviour. Life-of-Brian crowd behaviour, “follow the gourd! the holy gourd of Jerusalem!”)

    I have just *one* friend that sees through the Ukraine info that pours from the news direct and unfiltered from Zelenskyys crazed mind. She’s pissed about the hypocrisy of tears for Ukraine and DGAF for Libya. She’s a recent immigrant, perhaps that’s why, less conditioned by the ceaseless propaganda of the last 20 years in the west. The Life of Brian is just as apt as The Matrix.

    A while back articles linked ‘childhood stress’ as a cause of maladies such as “vaxxine hesitancy” and “ukraine narrative hesitancy” or some such thing. My childhood experience was of being bullied, frequently, and when I sought help from “authorities,” I got not help or relief but indifference, contempt, more bullying. Which developed into a lifelong skepticism of authority – my best defense these last several years. My childhood stress was quite unremarkable compared to the suffering many ppl endure, and I only mention mine because – as @phoenixvoice said – “not all coping strategies are detrimental” 🙂 [this last paragraph shamelessly copied from my own post late the other day :D]

    John Day

    Thanks friends.
    Good comments today.
    I’m cramming for Family Practice Board Recertification Exam Saturday, though I’m still under-investigation for disparaging vaccines last year. If they let me take the exam THEN de-certify me, they keep all the fees.
    In my reply to their notification letter, I asked them for the $500 back if the decertify me.
    They have it all figured out, I suppose…

    Oxymoron, i’m glad somebody is making sense down under.

    The vaccinated ARE threatened by the unvaccinated, but they are 3 times as threatened by the vaccinated & boosted, I think…

    Veracious Poet


    The # of $ in aids to Ukraine keeps going up … $50 Billion and counting.
    Remember, when they send guns and bullets it comes from inventory that has already been bought and paid for by the gov.

    Therefore, who is getting the money for guns and bullets that has already been paid when they were put into inventory?

    Does Recertification involve lying by saying “I’m sorry” (but “I was right”)


    It is amusing to see that the vaccinated are still afraid of us unvaccinated! Too bad the vaccinated don’t realize that by only associating with the vaxxed, their worst nightmare, catching covid, is much more likely to come true! Worst still, the vaxxed have no idea that their shortened lives are threatened by the vaccine’s multiple poisons. As Mark Twain said, you can not easily convince someone they have been lied to.

    There are still some Ukrainians left so the war to the last Ukrainian is still on. But there are definately a lot fewer Ukrainians than yesterday. Russian artillery crews continue practicing their rather deadly craft. Sadly two-thirds of all Ukrainians will be killed just by artillery shelling. Too few Ukrainians are surrendering. It is hard to understand how so many Ukrainians could be so brainwashed but then again I look at how many (most) Canadians were vaxxed.

    The ability of the neo-nazis in Mariupol to make cement has been lost as the noose around the steel plant tightens. The number of neo-nazi wounded has risen from 400 to 600. I assume the dead have also increased too. The Russians figure there were 8,100 neo-nazis in Mariupol to start with. Of these 1,300 surrendered and 4,100 have been killed leaving about 2,600 initially trapped. That number has likely been dropping every day based on 200 more wounded.

    The Russians have pin pointed all of the neo-nazi’s bunker locations. They have plenty of water but are running short on food as their main supply of food was accidently vaporized by the Russians. May 9th holiday is rapidly coming up for the neo-nazis. The Russians have sent negotiators to Mariupol so something may be up.

    I remember very well being in Moscow in the days leading up to the major May 9th Russian holiday. Moscow was basically digging itself out of from winter’s grimy existence and getting ready to welcome spring. Little old ladies were all out in force with brooms tidying up the mess winter had left behind on all the sidewalks and streets. Gray Moscow was bravely springing back into life. I never got to see the big parade as I was whisked to my coal mine in Siberia, where winter still had a firm grip on the region and was only reluctantly yielding to spring. There was still big broken pieces of ice floating on the river and patches of snow where the sun didn’t yet shine.

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