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    Anonymous   • This Crisis Is A Turning Point In History (John Gray) • Asian Development Bank Says Pandemic Could Cost $4.1 Trillion (UPI) • The K
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    The John Gray article is aight but I have to worry when someone uses a phrase like anarchy of the global market..
    And while I am getting picky – AEI is a non-partisan think tank closely linked to conservative thought. – Really? what are they conserving? resources? nope. stability? nope. national unity? nope.
    Raul, good job today calling bullshit on forecasters waxing lyrical about our future. The experts are just so expert these days it seems.
    On Corona – I have to say that down here in Australia we seem to be in the top tier of dealing with this health crisis. When you consider our absolute iron-grip ties to Chinese tourists, students and businesses – they are our number one trading partner and all that – I would say our numbers are low and that curve is getting flat out like a lizard drinking.


    I thank you very much for introducing me to John Gray, Raul.


    Do read Straw Dogs and Black Mass.


    Dear All,

    There has been a theory floating around here that the infection rate is much higher than we realize, that most people have no symptoms, that we are much closer to herd immunity than we realize, that this is much ado about nothing, and that we should all go back to work tomorrow to save the economy. But I think the Korean data shows this theory to be horseshit. The data from Seoul now shows that virtually every new case is either imported or linked to a previous known case. If this was really spreading like wildfire there would be countless untraceable cases. That is not happening. Yes, this is highly contagious. But the R0 is only 2.5 to 7.0. And that is before the NPIs. With the NPIs we are closer to 1. And Korea has been really good with the NPIs.

    Bottom line: Less than 1% of any population has been infected yet. We have a long way to go.

    And for those who say that flu kills a lot more people, have you really confirmed that flu was the actual (or sole?) cause of death in those other cases, and not cancer, emphysema, senility or old age?


    You got me thinking that I should try to find info at a smaller/granular level.
    Therefore, Here is something to read.

    Hawaii COVID-19 Daily News Digest April 3, 2020


    Total Number of Individuals Tested by Clinical and State Laboratories


    Airline Arrivals Continue to Drop – 20
    On Thursday 543 people arrived at state airports and of that number only 89 were visitors. Most of the passengers were returning residents. The state’s 14-day, mandatory self-quarantine order is for all out-of-state arrivals and interisland travelers, unless exempted. The table does not include interisland travelers at this time.

    HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) – Boarded up shops. Empty streets. “Takeout Only” signs in the window. Face masks. All sights of what has been called the ‘new normal’.
    And with most people staying at home, rush hour seems to be a distant memory of the past.

    Based on data and current projections, Director of the Hawaii Department of Health Dr. Bruce Anderson said it could be a month before Hawaii hits its peak, and even longer before we’re in the clear.
    “We’re going to be looking at at least a month until we actually reach our peak, and then we can expect the disease to tail off. It may be considerably longer than that. Time will tell as to how effective our mitigation measures are,” Anderson added.


    On this beautiful spring morning in early April, while billions of people all over the world are cowering in their bathrooms and closets, hiding from a harmless invisible boogie man, here’s a little reality comedy from China Uncensored to lighten the mood.


    Will do, Raul.


    Because I bragged on it but forgot to share the actual link:

    Wayne Shorter Quartet 2001

    Dr. D

    How on earth are they estimating peak dates with no testing? That’s not facts. This, plus everything else, since October, you’re being played.

    This Crisis Is A Turning Point In History (John Gray) “

    Gray is talking about re-localizing, something The Automatic Earth has been saying is inevitable for more than 10 years. Therefore, when it arrives, it’s not due to virus, but to systems analysis.

    Pleasant that he doesn’t attack his home country for a change. I thought if you didn’t do that, they’d take your passport and expel you. He didn’t instantly surrender Britain to anyone who asks, so he won’t be asked to any dinner parties. The important people always hate their country, betray and surrender it, and are very, very proud.

    Russian Ventilators Sent To US Made By Firm Under US Sanctions (R.) “

    They just make up laws in their heads, then follow or don’t follow whatever laws they feel like. Like every other day. D—n, It’s good to be a gangsta’

    US Snatches Masks From Germany In Act Of ‘Modern Piracy’ – Berlin (RT) “

    Nice to report that, but France just did this, and most especially China denied all existence of Wu while buying up millions worldwide, sapping 3M and Australia, and then sending non-masks certain to kill doctors…possibly even the masks argued about in this article. But what was “invoke the powers act” going to be BUT this? And do we really say, “yeah, we’re just going to let all Americans die because Germany, claiming to be far safer, far less hit, would like to save an additional person.”

    Not saying this is the solution, just those are the moving parts. Are nations supposed to HURT their own and save everybody BUT their citizens? According to all government over the last 20 years, yes. The only people who are to be sacrificed are Americans, everyone BUT all 7 Billion, 660 Million foreigners are to be actively murdered. Oh, that’s us. Or at least us outside NYC, as Cuomo is demonstrating. But is that a rational and normal thing? Of course not. Nations are supposed to prefer their own citizens and help everyone else as much as they’re able. This from a country that demanded we go to Wuhan and shut down the virus, and have jurisdiction over their animal markets. We’re Team America: World Police, right?

    “US AG Barr Orders Release Of More Federal Inmates (R.) “

    NY just released 8 sex offenders, 3 “likely to re-offend” and put them up in a nice hotel, at taxpayer expense, right next to a school. In a society with no jobs and everyone wearing masks. The only good part about letting them out is the schools are closed and kids are home. But sure, please release all the predators and rapists you have and keep drug offenders in. Oh then if you stay alone all day on a paddleboat or in a park 40′ from anyone, arrest them. If you’re on a packed subway train for no reason, that’s fine. #Cuomo!

    Ankle Monitors Ordered For Kentucky Residents Refusing Quarantine (Hill) “

    This is the problem with Martensen’s plan: ain’t nobody going to follow it. He’s a smart guy raised by smart guys in school with smart well-behaved guys. However, Jimmy-Bob in Western Kentucky has the mind of a junior-high student (somebody has to be on that bell curve), his family is hardly better, and he doesn’t give a f—. About anything, ever, which is why you see them on “Cops” getting pulled over with a bottle, a 10# bag of pills, and their kids in the back. Like other children, they literally incapable of following strict directions, which is no slight to them personally. However, there are a lot of them, and may-fold more of them than policemen, judges, even if you ran the ankle-bracelet factory day and night, besides which they’d cut it off with pliers, because, as said, they don’t give a f—. Jail means nothing to them because they can’t think that far. Good luck with your “laws” and “rules” suckers. They don’t apply to the insiders, and they don’t apply to Jimmy-Bob, only to people like me who weren’t doing anything wrong in the first place. But we have an answer: more laws.

    Trump Firing Inspector General Who Flagged Whistleblower Complaint (NBC) “

    Was that the guy who changed all the rules and paperwork to make it “legal”? Like I said, rules don’t apply, only to you and me. He’ll be collecting 5-figure pension and a 6-figure Gofundme for good work. Wrongdoing? I think we did the full investigation they suggested and didn’t find it. Many times. In fact, continuously. However, Schiff promises this time, this time, he’s investigating again. What Ukraine, what finger-rape by 2020 candidates? Believe the man, believe the accused, not the victim.

    Translator Exonerated Don Jr. In Trump Tower Meeting (Solomon) “

    Once again, wildly illegal and unconstitutional, no one cares. Trump is still guilty, RussiaRussiaRussia. We’ll get that rascally road runner some day.

    Monsanto Predicted Crop System Would Damage US Farms (G.) “

    Sure, but the FDA finally doing their job: outlawed wildly used Zantac as a cancer risk. Known for a while, so who was holding on this? Why not noticed in paid studies by experts, colleges, and pharmaceutical companies, drug been nationwide for decades? Need I ask? Monsanto no different: pay everything, buy off regulators, colleges and experts can’t betray their countries and own children fast enough. No men to be found. Never question. Always surrender.


    The paradox of distancing and cardiovascular disease

    Deaths (related to cardiovascular disease and stroke) were found to increase by 29 percent as a result of social isolation.

    Dr D Rich

    Thanks for the reference, sumac.carol

    Btw, what’s up with the use of the word ‘granular’ all over the innertubes lately??


    Monsanto. MoonMist Cigarettes.

    On The Virus: I’ve waffled. It’s horrendous and I’m gonna DIE. It’s a live exercise (think Boston). It’s a convenient cover for a tanking world economy. It’s a remarkable show of world unity combined with a fermenting pre-www3 undertone.
    I do know that the numbers do not merit the response- mostly because testing is STILL iffy and I can’t believe any numbers without reliable testing- we simply don’t have real statistics, and it seems we don’t want to run them.
    I know that if The Virus is what it is purported to be we are not going to put up with pseudo-martial law for eighteen months until a dubious vaccine comes along- when corona viruses are notoriously unvaccinatable. Thus, it will come and go and come and go and we will learn to live and die with it.
    I don’t trust anecdotal stories from anyone trying to make a bigger point. They play violins and/or stir anger. I hate it when a politician says “Ya’ know, A guy named Marty wrote to me and said….”
    Sure he did.
    A little objectivity would go a long way where we are now. Real numbers based on real tests run in real random studies to ascertain where we really are.
    I’m waiting. In the meantime, I have lost my fear. It’s a bug and it might kill me. So it goes.


    I told Ya!
    U.S. Air Force confirms its first Hawaii-based case of COVID-19

    By Dillon Ancheta | April 4, 2020 at 11:08 AM HST – Updated April 4 at 11:12 AM
    HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) – The U.S. Air Force has confirmed the first positive case of COVID-19 for an active duty airman in Hawaii.

    Officials say the active duty military member is assigned to the Pacific Air Forces headquarters, and tested positive on April 2.

    The person is in isolation at an off-base home. The individual also didn’t have any recent travel history, but did have contact with other personnel throughout the headquarters building.
    Officials added that Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam remains at the Health Protection Condition Charlie. No immediate restrictions are in place, though that will change as needed.

    Going forward, the Air Force and other military services will only provide the total numbers of members who tested positive for COVID-19 at the service level.


    Oh, yeah. Euromomo. European monitoring of excess mortality for public health action. Gives stats on usual death rates.


    my parents said know

    Thanks for the link
    I dug up a report
    Better people than me can figure out the implication of these reports.
    It will be interesting to see covic19 in next year reports.
    Seasonal influenza causes a major health burden [20], especially for the elderly and persons with underlying health conditions. In addition to the direct effects of influenza infection,
    underlying health conditions may be exacerbated leading to poor
    health outcomes and even premature death. In this situation,
    influenza or respiratory tract infection may not be registered as
    cause of death. Hence, estimates of influenza-attributable mortality based on all-cause rather than cause-specific mortality e.g.
    respiratory deaths including influenza and pneumonia, is expected
    to be higher. Influenza-attributable deaths coded as nonrespiratory deaths have been found to be at the same magnitude
    as for respiratory influenza mortality [21,22]. Therefore, all-cause
    mortality attributable to influenza may be expected to be around
    the double of influenza mortality based on respiratory cause of
    death alone.
    Recently, a global study estimated average annual influenzaassociated respiratory mortality rates in Europe from 1999 to
    2015 to be 3.1 to 8.0 per 100,000 population [23]. As expected,
    these estimates are lower than the median of the all-cause estimates of influenza-attributable mortality of 13.3 per 100,000
    population (Table 3).


    Thank-you, zerosum, for providing the link.


    My parents said know:

    Speaking of Boston, 101 years ago 21people drowned in the Great Boston Molasses Flood!

    That was one hell of a sticky mess!

    Dr D Rich

    Straight from Our OverLord, Bill Gates from his recent TED talk.
    Wrap your minds around the intellect nonpareil.

    We don’t want to have a lot of recovered people…To be clear, we’re trying – through the shut-down in the United States – to not get to one percent of the population infected.”

    For the math inclined, 3.5 million people is a tiny number to Mr. 100-Bill-ionaire Gates, but to us it’s still 1% and 1/10th of 2018 influenza cases 35 million.

    But Bill wasn’t finished…..making his money pitch and taking control. So, he said this:

    Eventually what we’ll have to have is certificates of who’s a recovered person, who’s a vaccinated person…
    …So eventually there will be this digital immunity proof that will help facilitate the global reopening up.”

    Brave New World… immunity certificates to control the movement of the riffraff.

    Wanna bet Patrick Soon-Shiong, abraxane fame, is involved with digital immunity mapping via DoD derived specimens?

    Dr D Rich

    DoDSR, the Department of Defense Serum Repository

    RAND Study on the Role of the DoDSR in Pandemic Influenza Preparedness

    On May 1, 2009, during the early stages of the 2009 H1N1 flu outbreak, an unpublished RAND study, originally commissioned in 2006 by USACHPPM was published in its entirety on WikiLeaks. The leaked documents[33]included a justification for the $500,000 contract cost, directly authorized by former Surgeon General of the United States ArmyKevin C. Kiley on August 4, 2006, which stated the study and its 12-month timetable for delivery was necessary

    … to describe the current and future capabilities of the Department of Defense Serum Repository to assist with the early identification and response to an influenza pandemic. Adequate resources are not available in-house to perform these analyses in sufficient time to prepare for a pandemic …

    Despite the leaked study draft’s publication date of May 2008, at the time of the leak and outbreak in May 2009, RAND listed the study as a “current project”, noting in its description that “the threat of an emerging human pandemic [has] highlighted the importance of a comprehensive U.S. Armed Forces health surveillance architecture”.[34] Around the time of the leaked documents’ appearance on WikiLeaks, the lead author of the unpublished RAND study published an op-ed piece[35] in The Baltimore Sun describing the control of the outbreak a concern of “national security”, and highlighting the need to “marshal the best … institutional strengths … to prevent, detect and respond effectively to this latest infectious disease”.


    Dr D Rich that Bill Gates (of Hell) stuff if terrifying! Are they gunna know I’m harvesting my own wild-caught food from within the limits of my patch of regulated forest? Yes they are and will they regulate and monetise it based on their expert knowledge of how everything works just like Monsanto?- you bet.


    Where’s the Evidence Supporting the Drastic Measures Against COVID-19?
    The more I learn the more I am concerned about govt response to covid. I am in schizophrenia world -hearing a constant barrage of lockdown rules, while reading that this is a nothing burger and the treatment is worse than the disease. I think this combo will be very difficult for most people to digest. By the time they figure out they’ve been played the damage will have been done.

    V. Arnold

    I’m not quite ready to call it a “nothing burger”; but it does seem that CV-19 is well within the “norm” for flu’s of historic pasts….
    An encouraging report out of N.Y. is that 1,500 mg., IV, of vitamin C, is very effective for those patients with sepsis (a further complication)…
    So, it seems that I may not have been too far off in suggesting 1,000mg/1gram of C, 4 times a day.
    6 – 8 grams a day (or more) if one suspects infection.
    That could well beef you up for a visit to a competent doctor; for further suggestions of treatment…

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