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    DPC The shores of Biscayne Bay, Miami, Florida 1910 That’s not a bad metaphor to work with. “Conditioned to catch the falling knife”. The expression c
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    Good piece on epistemological synthesis.
    The people perish for lack of knowledge, especially self-knowledge. Through lifelong exposure to corporate media and education, the average person’s mind is forcibly filled with other people’s maliciously marketed ideas and ideologies, intended to shape their preferences completely without the persons awareness. Edward Bernays authored a book on that subject, ‘propaganda’ it was called.
    The oligarch controllers seemed pleased to be able to centrally condition people’s behavior so efficiently in the modern age of universal literacy, by using central control of the printing press as a weapon against reason, with myriad applications in the marketing of commercial and ideological products, principally by utilising Freud’s new insights into people’s powerful unconscious drives and how to predictably manipulate them, so as to have people consistently act against their own best interests.

    I’m beginning to suspect that rendering aid to those Yazidi people was a pure fiction to disguise the real reason for bombing IS targets near Erbil, in order to protect the US’ ’embassy’ mission there.
    The reports that hundreds of Yazidi’s were buried alive are probably fabricated as a convenient wartime-atrocity. It is by means of reporting fictional or exaggerated atrocities committed by an inhuman ‘enemy’ that war hysteria is traditionally fueled in domestic populations, and the humanitarian intervention to combat atrocity becomes an easy sell. Most of the ‘journalists’ doing those fictional reportings have such a warped epistemological basis, malformed by a lifetime of absorbing propaganda and half-truths, they cannot mentally or emotionally question dominant narratives supplied by trusted authorities, such as press agencies.
    Carroll Quigley’s ‘Tragedy and Hope’ povides some insight into the selective reporting of atrocities, fabricated or real, to deliberately promote wartime hysteria in WWI, and also on the use of press censorship to hide from the public the total futility of the military engagement, thus senselessly prolonging the war for lack of public feedback and resistance.

    We hear that mass graves have been uncovered where Yazidi women and children were buried alive by IS (and infants were buried alive in their incubators). However, as a method of execution, burying people alive must take 200 times longer than just shooting them. Such a tactic could be deliberately used to terrorise IS’ opponents, but then it would have to be publicly known that it happened in order to spread fear, yet the mass graves were apparently hidden, totally defeating the purpose of such an outlandish atrocity. Then there are numerous reports of beheadings and cruci-fictions perpertated by IS in Iraq and Syria, who can confirm the actual truth of such reports?
    The eyewitness reports concerning some atrocious events do seem too numerous and too well validated to make all such atrocities out as fiction, but mediawise repetition could be employed to make single incidents seem much more common.

    “It’s very difficult for the EU to squeeze Islamic State through sanctions because the group is selling oil in a global market through Turkey, and is doing so at a 75% discount of about $25 a barrel,”
    Hey, but trading with terrorist organisations is itself an act of terrorism under those anti-terror laws, rendering material support and all, so any (turkish) company caught trading with IS or facilitating IS’ trade in any way through the turkish market, can itself be prosecuted as a terrorist organisation. So can the US government for that matter, when giving IS support in Syria, which they publicly stated they did.
    And at those discount prices, IS-oil isn’t building a sound financial basis needed to maintain and maximise production of the fields they’re currently exploiting, so the production volume of their fields should decline very rapidly.


    Ilargi, great titles: Life and Times in Propagandistan and Conditioned to Catch the Falling Knife! And great writing too! We are constantly being steered and herded and ever-so-subtly (or not so subtly) conditioned to believe this or that. It’s everywhere, from the colors you end up painting your walls (a color only a few years ago you hated) to the best ways to improve your health (which almost always includes a drug) to the leaders to love and the ones to hate. It makes you wonder, when you decide on something, whether you had much input at all.

    Re Ebola: Dr. Kent Brantly, the American doctor was who given an experimental drug, is slowly recovering.

    “Brantly began to deteriorate and developed labored breathing. He told his doctors he thought he was dying, according to a source with firsthand knowledge of the situation.
    Knowing his dose was still frozen, Brantly asked if he could have Writebol’s now-thawed medication. It was brought to his room and administered through an IV. Within an hour of receiving the medication, Brantly’s condition dramatically improved. He began breathing easier; the rash over his trunk faded away. One of his doctors described the events as “miraculous.”

    By the next morning, Brantly was able to take a shower on his own before getting on a specially designed Gulfstream air ambulance jet to be evacuated to the United States.”

    Sounds like a very hopeful serum.

    John Day

    Here’s something as reliable as the hackers who dug it up. (I wonder who they are.)
    It’s an email thread of some really shady Ukrainian government/military guys, and at the end it gets into the shoot-down of MH-17. The lead up to that is fascinating/sickening, too.
    I’ve gotta’ wonder if this is a way for Russia to leak something they know, while maintaining a plausible cover story.


    “The Obama administration is pushing for regime change in Iraq on the basis that current prime minister Nouri al Maliki is too sectarian. […]

    The “too sectarian” trope is a fraud. This is all about Washington stationing combat troops where the oil is. It always gets back to oil, doesn’t it? U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel summed it up perfectly in July, 2007, when he said:

    ‘People say we’re not fighting for oil. Of course we are. They talk about America’s national interest. What the hell do you think they’re talking about? We’re not there for figs.’ (Washington’s blog) […]

    So what’s the message here? What is Obama telegraphing to ISIS about US policy?

    It’s simple. “You can kill as many Arabs and Christians as you want, but if you lay a finger on even one oil well, we’ll nuke you into oblivion.” Isn’t that the message?”


    What the papers have already forgotten all about:

    “MH17 – We know with 99% certainty who shot down MH17 ”

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