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    First Russian Lunar Lander In 50 Years Takes Off – Set To Land Robot On Moon On 8/21

    The Empire of Lies can’t even take astronauts to the space station.



    PART 1.

    Kiev Regime Plans Women’s Mobilization

    There have been new confirmations regarding the “fight to the last Ukrainian.” Taras Chmut, the head of the Ukrainian fund “Back Alive,” recently stated:

    “The extent of the losses we are experiencing is overwhelming for people. This includes injuries and health issues. It has become an overarching problem: individuals who have been on the front lines in the trenches for a year and a half require physical recovery. To facilitate this, they need to be replaced by others in the trenches. This translates to hundreds of thousands of individuals who will need to be mobilized. This is in addition to those who are currently serving, as their service is not indefinite. This means that out of the three of us, one will definitely be selected, then the second, and finally the third.”

    “The third will be taken away” implies that 100% of Ukrainian men subject to mobilization will be drafted.

    However, women will also be impacted. Ukraine has grandly showcased women’s military uniforms. It is emphasized that the uniforms are even comfortable for pregnant women(!). In short, the conscription of women is under consideration.

    Experts have calculated ( that the remaining mobilization reserve for the Kiev regime is approximately 1.5 million people, which is not a large number. It’s important to consider that the professional army has suffered significant losses.

    #Source (


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    PART 2.

    The current build-up in Warsaw is not coincidental. The preparation of the next proxy fighter is well underway. In terms of general mobilization potential based on population, Poland is comparable to Ukraine. The only difference is that Poles have more opportunities to leave the country and avoid the conflict.

    Considering the aforementioned factors about the enemy, we can estimate the amount of manpower required under the so-called linear mode of action, focused on wearing down manpower and equipment at the LBS (presumably a location). This estimation is made without disrupting the main Western logistic routes.

    This leads us to the necessity of mobilizing an additional 3-5 million people into the RF Armed Forces. It’s important to emphasize that this estimation is based on a linear method of action, meaning a direct approach. This further supports the idea of a strike ( from Belarusian territory towards Lutsk-Lvov along the Polish border.

    #Source (

    John Day

    Fundamentally Important

    SYRIA UPDATES: Explosion close to U.S. base in north-east and ISIS attack Syrian Arab Army bus​ , Thanks Eleni.
    US continues to commit war crimes in Syria in support of ISIS​ , Vanessa Beeley
    ​ These young men were still in school when this war against Syria started. They lost brothers, fathers, mothers, sisters but here they are, sacrificing everything for this country. Despite all the hardships, all the darkness, all the savagery they face, they will keep fighting for each other, for a glimpse of a future even though they have never known what a future is.
    ​ The West will never prevail. The blood of the martyrs will protect Syria and even though my heart breaks for these broken, stolen lives – the courage of these people defies all description. If only we in the West could exhibit such courage against our ruling axis of evil with it’s manipulative, perverted, cold hearts. This world would be a better place. Don’t let these souls die in vain.​..
    ​..Om Al Fouz from Taldara, close to Salamiyah, has lost five sons in the genuine “war on terror”.
    ​ “When I lost the first one, I felt as if I had broken my back, I lost the second one only fifteen days later – I thought my heart had broken. Then the third, the fourth, the fifth, each time I grew stronger”.
    ​ Om Al Fouz also told me: “I have 25 grandsons, I am ready to give all my children for this battle. We are all ready to be martyred, this is our country, our dignity, our honour, our morals. We will never leave this country to anyone else”.

    ​ Lukashenko tells West to deal with smuggling of children from Ukraine for illegal organ trade​ Thanks Christine.​
    Aleksandr Lukashenko advised ill-wishers to deal with a real problem – the trafficking of children from Ukraine to the West for organ transplants: “They bring children from Ukraine, dismember them and take organs out. They should deal with this problem.”

    ​ Simplicius looks at the new Russian CBDC, Central Bank Digital Currency, which is a transactional currency only. He spends a lot of exposition explaining differences between Russian banking, and western banking, which has broken ties with Russia in every way, including the BIS and the SWIFT format. Russian banking is largely a state utility, though there are private, for-profit banks. There are fewer of them, a progressive decrease since peaking under western neoliberalism in the early 1990s.
    ​ These private banks complain that the CBDC will compete them out of business, but Putin replies that the CBDC will not pay interest, so it won’t compete with them for customers who want interest-bearing accounts…
    ​ That is the start of an interesting segue to Islamic-banking. Russia is setting up a network of Islamic Banks, which are distinguished by not charging interest, so this CBDC will be consistent with Islam, and consistent with traditional Christian injunctions against usury (modified by Roman Popes to fund Crusades and pogroms as “investments”).
    Islamic banks have a form of sharing profits and risks in any enterprise, joining as partners in the enterprise. This is not new, and it has worked for thousands of years.
    ​ This CBDC platform is therefore palatable to Iran, and to other islamic nations. Other CBDCs envision the banker being able to remove or modify funds of a depositor, but this appears to be based upon a much more respectful model.
    ​ Islamic-style finance is inherently stable, not prone to blowing financial bubbles. I have long thought it to be a very good long-term system, which avoids creating debt-slaves.

    War By Other Means: Short Selling JPMorgan Chase , BY ELLEN BROWN Thanks Christine.
    The Targeted Crypto Banks
    SVB, Signature and First Republic were not insolvent: they had sufficient assets (largely long-term Treasuries) to match their liabilities. They were just “illiquid;” they lacked enough readily available funds to meet the unanticipated deluge of deposit withdrawals in March. In fact, no bank could withstand a bank run in which 85% of its depositors demanded their money back in the space of three days, as happened to SVB that month.
    As of December 31, 2022, SVB had roughly $211 billion in assets, which were primarily offset by $173 billion in deposit liabilities; but it had only $13.8 billion in actual cash and “equivalents” – liquid money available to meet withdrawals. It had been flooded with deposits from tech startups funded by venture capitalists, and the startups did not need loans. The deposited reserves had therefore been used to buy Treasury securities, at a time when interest rates were so low that only long-term securities provided an adequate return. Some were marked “hold to maturity,” meaning they could not be sold at all; and the rest could be sold only at a major loss, since old bonds attracted few buyers after interest rates on new bonds shot up in the last year.
    Yet many other banks had followed that path, investing in long-term assets that could not be liquidated or could be liquidated only at a substantial loss. So why did only SVB, Signature and First Republic wind up in government receivership? As explained in my earlier article here, they were considered “crypto-friendly” banks. In a revealing article titled “Operation Choke Point 2.0 Is Underway, and Crypto Is in Its Crosshairs,” blogger Nic Carter details the “coordinated, ongoing effort across virtually every U.S. financial regulator to deny crypto firms access to banking services.” Whoever instigated the raid on the three targeted banks, their stock was heavily short-sold, driving share prices down. This alarmed the venture capitalists, who alerted their tech startup clients. Word spread quickly by social media, and the bank runs were on.
    The Infamous Bear Raid
    In a 2010 article titled “Wall Street’s Naked Swindle,” Matt Taibbi showed that the bankruptcies of both Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers, which triggered the banking crisis of 2008-09, were the result of targeted short sales. He wrote:
    [W]hen Bear and Lehman made their final leap off the cliff of history, both undeniably got a push —especially in the form of a flat-out counterfeiting scheme called naked short-selling. … Wall Street has turned the economy into a giant asset-stripping scheme, one whose purpose is to suck the last bits of meat from the carcass of the middle class.
    Even countries have been victims of targeted short-selling of their currencies…
    ..Banks are vulnerable to short selling only if they are publicly traded. State-owned or city-owned banks are impervious to that sort of attack. The Bank of North Dakota, our one and only state-owned bank, is a stellar example. It cannot be short sold and it is not vulnerable to bank runs, since over 95% of its deposits come from the state itself. The Bank of North Dakota also acts as a mini-Fed for local North Dakota banks, extending a lifeline in the event of capital or liquidity shortages.
    Like the U.S., China has a vast network of local banks; but most of its banks are government-owned. We may need to follow suit as a matter of defense. We need to ensure, however, that the governments owning our local banks actually represent the people. Banks should be public utilities, serving the public interest.

    War By Other Means: Short Selling JPMorgan Chase


    “…the conscription of women is under consideration….”

    That’s not the smell of Victory

    That is throwing the future of your country into the Volcano




    Gangster Nation of Lunatics

    Hunter lost his pet spider



    US Special Counsel Jack Smith’s office has asked a Washington, DC court to begin the criminal trial of former president Donald Trump on January 2. Smith maintains that this will give Trump’s legal team enough time to prepare, while Trump insists that Smith is “deranged” and “trying to infringe”on his campaign.

    The prosecution is providing evidence that elections in the USA are “fixed” then they are then claiming that it is unreasonable that Trump would really believe that an election has been fixed. Bizarre, banana republic style prosecution where the optics do not matter, however ridiculous they appear.


    The perversion and depravity never ends in Duh’merica

    Can You Dig It?



    You will never have peace in a jew run world. They don’t create, they destroy. They do not accommodate, they want to control. You focus on politicians, who are essentially meaningless puppets. you focus on countries, but they no longer exist. The open border in America proves this. The UN and the WHO are jew run jewbanked. They stole enough money to go for it, they want you dead, wake the fuck up.. You are like dogs chasing their tails with this everyday soap opera called news. Its all bullshit, all lies. You are being set up. They create the problems, then give you the solution.

    Veracious Poet

    Sign of the times?

    Man forced to ditch Ford EV truck during family road trip to Chicago: ‘biggest scam of modern times’ ~ Bala said he was initially motivated to buy an environmentally friendly vehicle as owning one is ‘responsible citizenship’…




    wow, that a Rumble link to Tommy’s Podcast with Kunstler Collum Luango

    Mister Roboto

    This makes me almost sad that deflationista isn’t still here.

    Mister Roboto


    Mr. House:

    You are not the only person banned from Wolfe Street!


    You will enjoy reading Ukrainian opinion of all the aids given to Ukrain
    Viktor Medvedchuk, a Ukrainian politician and chairman of the Council of the Other Ukraine movement, said in an article published on the website.
    the Ukrainian politician wrote. “Under it, 80% of the aid remained in the United States. Translated into the language of corruption, this is an 80% kickback. Naturally, Biden would declare anyone he wants ‘a democrat’ and ‘a defender of European values’ for such money.”

    Medvedchuk said that “Biden blackmailed Ukraine’s then-president [Pyotr] Poroshenko by saying that the United States would deny a billion dollars in aid.”

    “As we understand, it was not a billion, but about 200 million, as the remaining 800 million dollars was left in the United States at Biden’s disposal,” the politician wrote. “Poroshenko intentionally opted to ‘milk’ the money, sacrificing Shokin to the corruption scheme. After that, the next Ukrainian president, Zelensky, will make the entire Ukrainian people a victim of this scheme.”

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