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    Samuel Peploe Paris-plage 1907   • Jeffrey Epstein’s Trail Of Bankruptcy And Ruined Lives (WaPo) • Jeffrey Epstein Kept “Meticulously Detailed” S
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    christopher cobb

    That Doug Casey article is pure shite…China has never colonized a territory outside the Chinese mainland. Malicious, manipulative utter shite.

    christopher cobb


    “Jeff knew his relationships with the rich and famous brought him protection. “He kept a diary in meticulous detail in case he ever needed it. “One former congressman said there are a lot of people ‘breathing a huge sigh of relief’ now Jeff is dead. “They should hold their breath for a long time to come. It ain’t over.”

    I know it will not happen but I truly hope each and everyone of the perverts is called out and would’nt it be great if the victims got to chose the punishment. that choir should be singing soprano.

    Dr. D

    No surprise on FDR or other (fake) Socialists and Progressives, but literally none of those 6 things listed can be a “Right.”

    Why? Because they are not inherent in one’s self, but require the assets and cooperation of other people. To be a RIGHT for the receiving party, they must be a SLAVE to the providing party. So let me rephrase this. FDR is for the open Slavery of:

    1) All Employers
    2) All Salary Providers
    3) All Homebuilders and Mortgage providers
    4) All Doctors, Nurses, and Hospital staff.
    5) Anyone he feels like, or everyone in society, who must therefore put you up in their home and nurse you.
    6) Every Teacher, Professor, and Apprentice Tradesman.

    That’s quite a list of slaves: EVERYONE. And who runs that Plantation? Apparently the government, just like Germany, Italy, and the Soviet Union during the same period. Therefore, the government employees and party members are the only effective non-slaves. Hey, we know.

    Of course each of those things can be legislated for taxation and supported as a Social Good, (albeit not at the U.S. Federal level), but that doesn’t make them “Rights”. You don’t have the right to someone else’s life, their work, their expertise, their time, or their property. You can ASK for it, you can even tax it, but by definition, human rights cannot infringe on OTHER PEOPLE’S human rights. Were it any other way, some animals would be more equal than others, which is Socialism, as above, and is what we have now.

    But then, putting all three of those Socialist heroes on the cover of “Time” magazine as “Man of the Year”, and were breathlessly admired among FDR and the “smart set”, and FDR wanted to call his campaign “Progressives”, but couldn’t because Hitler was already using the term. Ah, history! How soon forgot. The one thing we learn from history is nobody learns anything from history. I’ve got an idea! Let’s do it again! One more time for old time’s sake!


    Charles Alban

    Dr. D… you’re right and you’re wrong. you’re right that FDR had it wrong about “rights” but you’re wrong about AH.

    AH understood that there are no “rights”.. there are only obligations and responsibilities. Your obligation is to serve, to give without the expectation of return, and not to take. This is Vedic.. straight out of the Bhagavad-Gita, with which I suspect AH was familiar. There’s a good reason Time put him on their cover. We need his like again. i would recommend you read Mein Kampf, the original without any “helpful” annotations.

    Diogenes Shrugged

    You’ve been regularly and systematically fooled about Hitler.
    But then, the victors never, ever recount history truthfully.

    General Patton’s letters to his wife:

    Long, but worth it:


    Despite Epstein’s death, government prosecutors have vowed to continue their enquiries, indicating they will pursue all those involved in the billionaire’s offending.

    Another anti-Logos Russiagate to keep the expensive, time-wasting, distracting circus in play and keep up MSM’s cash flow.


    “This country doesn’t need me because it’s so self-centered.”

    Ai WeiWei stikes me as pretty self-centered himself. Maybe it’s a case of similars repel. Or maybe just PMD (progressives mental disorder aka pseudo-democrats mind derangement), which afflicts many in the art world these days.


    FDR’s second bill of rights disappeared. They are dependent on a functional government. It isn’t. Washington DC is corrupt and incompetent except it makes the rich richer. This is the result of no borders, no democracy and corporate rule – the free flow of capital, people, goods and services.

    Humans evolved in tribes. We are hardwired to deal with around 150 people. Civilization requires a bureaucracy. This is always a hierarchy unless there is democracy and the rule of law. When society’s wealth becomes concentrated at the top, empires collapse. It will again unless truth, democracy and the rights of citizenship are restored. The problem today, as the Atlantic Alliance splinters apart, is that climate change and nuclear war are extinction events that require human cooperation to survive.

    Charles Alban

    Democracy is the tyranny of the majority by the few. Congress is controlled by three billionaire jews. AH despised democracy and fulminated at length about it in MK. It’s a means for a small group to control the government, as we see in the US. You need properly trained responsible and accountable leaders advised by committees with no voting powers. This is how corporations are run. No democracy there.

    And re extinction events…these are natural purges. Part of the great wheel of time. As Plato tells it in Timmaeus

    “Thereupon an aged priest said to him: ‘O Solon, Solon, you Hellenes are ever young, and there is no old man who is a Hellene.’ ‘What do you mean?’ he asked. ‘In mind,’ replied the priest, ‘I mean to say that you are children; there is no opinion or tradition of knowledge among you which is white with age; and I will tell you why. Like the rest of mankind you have suffered from convulsions of nature, which are chiefly brought about by the two great agencies of fire and water. The former is symbolized in the Hellenic tale of young Phaethon who drove his father’s horses the wrong way, and having burnt up the earth was himself burnt up by a thunderbolt.
    For there occurs at long intervals a derangement of the heavenly bodies, and then the earth is destroyed by fire. At such times, and when fire is the agent, those who dwell by rivers or on the seashore are safer than those who dwell upon high and dry places, who in their turn are safer when the danger is from water. Now the Nile is our saviour from fire, and as there is little rain in Egypt, we are not harmed by water; whereas in other countries, when a deluge comes, the inhabitants are swept by the rivers into the sea. The memorials which your own and other nations have once had of the famous actions of mankind perish in the waters at certain periods; and the rude survivors in the mountains begin again, knowing nothing of the world before the flood. ”

    So climate change and rising sea levels is simply the revenge of the gods for our wanton destruction of the planet and increasing corruption. We are not “wearing our wealth well”. You can never escape your karma.

    christopher cobb

    well well seems we got here a ginuwine nazi…said in the voice of Slim Pickens. Who is this really, Jules Evola?

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