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    Henri Cartier Bresson Boucher, Les Halles de Paris 1952   • Former FBI Lawyer To Plead Guilty In Durham’s Trump-Russia Probe (ZH) • In Bringing F
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    V. Arnold

    Henri Cartier Bresson Boucher, Les Halles de Paris 1952
    What more can be said?

    Refugees also affected by Beirut blast as UN relief efforts continue
    Canada sets up task force to support survivors and others affected by the tragedy in Beirut
    Canadians in Lebanon consists mostly of Canadians of Lebanese origin who returned to the country as well as expatriates from Canada. According to Canada’s Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, there are about 45,000 Canadians living in Lebanon[2]


    Refugees also affected by Beirut blast as UN relief efforts continue

    There are 6.8 million people living in Lebanon; the official refugee number -mostly Syrian- is 1.5 million, but that is unofficially easily 2 million. That’s close to 30% of the domestic population. God only knows how they do it. Or, rather, how they will do it after the Beirut harbor was obliterated. There must be a lot of really good people in that country.


    “ ‘..Congress inserted the words “and subject to the jurisdiction thereof.” Those six words have perplexed scholars for 150 years.’   But being perplexed by them today is racist.”

    Hogwash. The 14th amendment was written that way for two reasons: 1) foreign diplomatic status; babies born to parents where one may be an American and subject to US jurisdiction, but the other parent may not be so subject. The applicable jurisdiction of the baby and the nonAmerican parent are handled through treaties between the US and the other foreign country.

    2) The 14th amendment was written in the 1860’s. The US was “at war” with the Indians at the time, and that continued well beyond the end of the Civil War. Native Americans were not considered citizens, were not taxed and were not counted in any of the US states or holdings census of the day. It wasn’t until 1924 that Indians were granted citizenship. (In their own country, mind you.)

    If I knew that, surely a “constitutional scholar” should know it. Pretending not to know it, as regards to Kamala Harris’ status, is indeed just racist bullshit. Turley could have looked it up on wikipedia, for god’s sake and found some paragraphs from scholars before him who have written at length about this clause.


    I am curious as to where you got that chart showing that the voting absentee is so much better and different than vote-by-mail. The chart is not included in the original article, nor are any of the so-called “facts” about vote-by mail which are expressed in the chart. I find some of them rather doubtful, frankly; looks like a chart written by Red State.

    BTW, are we allowed to criticize Trump’s attack on the postal service? Can we mention his latest assaults on the environment? The seizing of the oil aboard 4 Iranian tankers day before yesterday? (Which Trump says is now in Houston, since we “confiscated” it.) May we find it odd that the new database company Trump/Kushner demanded that the states now report covid cases to seems to have technical issues, totally incorrect numbers, had to sign a nondisclosure agreement, and is refusing to answer questions from Congress about how they are handling and disseminating the data? Or is all this considered just too much criticism of the sitting President? As a follow up question, will we be allowed to mention any of this after he leaves office and we are all breathing our methane straight up, or is he to be forever held blameless for any and all sundry things that happen during his tenure?

    Asking for a friend.

    Doc Robinson

    “… looks like a chart written by Red State.”

    An online search for the image shows that it was tweeted by the Trump War Room, “a Twitter account managed by the president’s campaign” according to The Hill.


    FWIW, I’ve had some recent luck with Quercetin 800mg with Bromelain 165mg for long-term respiratory issues;
    might be worth looking at, as adjunct to or replacement for expensive corporatist-approved therapies; along with
    sunlight, fresh air, socializing with friends and loved ones, HCQ, zinc, and the like.

    No muzzle, though. 😉


    Mister Roboto

    My understanding is that hydroxychloroquine was considered a fairly safe medicine before it became associated with the Bad Orange Man.

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