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    absolute galore

    Meant to ad, it’s tolerated by other tough guy motorcycle dudes at the rally because a. they think of it as another kind of club and couldn’t give a damn b. they believe in the first amendment. c. they couldn’t give a damn, they are there to have fun and not worry about hat logos, even offensive ones. d. they didn’t realize it would make you so upset

    absolute galore

    or last, but not least, e. they realized it would make you upset.



    f. they are just kind of comfortable with white supremacy and Nazi symbolism


    And you’re going to extrapolate that from one picture of a small rack of helmets? Hello?


    I imagine that this is what madamski cafone is like in real life:

    madamski cafone

    “WE hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness–“

    My only problem with this otherwise fine declaration of independence is the second clause of that sentence. Creation connotes corporeal beings and their respective functionalities, and some people are born significantly impaired, and there’s a big diff between a 100 IQ and a 150 IQ, etc, etc. But that’s a politician for you: has to shovel in some lofty bloviation lest his head asplode like some nattering nabob of negativity.

    To quote that scrofulous old rascal, John C. Calhoun, “The proposition to which I allude, has become an axiom in the minds of a vast majority on both sides of the Atlantic, and is repeated daily from tongue to tongue, as an established and incontrovertible truth; it is, that “all men are born free and equal.” I am not afraid to attack error, however deeply it may be intrenched, or however widely extended, whenever it becomes my duty to do so, as I believe it to be on this subject and occasion. Taking the proposition literally (it is in that sense it is understood), there is not a word of truth in it.”

    Despite Calhoun’s embodiment of the self-indulgent entitlement that aristocrats felt at that time, especially Southern slave-owning USA citizens, I have to love the crusty old gargoyle —

    (“Friends call me Yessiree Bob.”)

    — not just for doing the best ever impersonation of a genuine Frankenstein just after being jolted alive, but for excelling at pointing out the looming pitfalls of what probably wasn’t even yet called “liberalism” except by early Ivy League poli-sci hipsters. He magnificently failed at pointing out the pitfalls of the regional politics he respresented in Congress and beyond, but with a jaw like that, how can a person not succumb to confirmation bias?

    The fact that his colleague and somewhat mentor/loyal opposition (iirc), John Randolph of Roanoke —

    (“But friends call me Johnboy.”)

    — was a laudanum addict who resorted to physical violence in the Senate, earns him futher prestige from me. Randolph was a crazy elitist arrogant genius who was probably hormonally challenged. I think of both of ’em as “high-functioning cranks” and “enlightening dickwads”, with Calhoun deserving to have his face smashed in daily with a heavy lead-framed glass mirror leering back at him while Randolph, poor sot, probably just needed to (literally) grow a pair and thereby grow up and get laid. They nonetheless made profound observations on what would become the phenomenon called socialism, especially the sins thereof that Dr. D likes to point out.

    Socialism being one of many utopiate paths toward slavery, and both men knowing slavery very well, they naturally saw where such -isms would lead. Ironically, such personalities would just as easily been brilliant but misguided communists like Trotsky and such, or brilliant but misguided New Deal socialists like Huey Long or LBJohnson.

    It’s as if, in order to really know on which side your bread is buttered, you study the other side mercilessly to revel in the difference or at least tell them apart.


    China pursuing New Zealand Model

    “As the diplomatic and economic costs accumulate in the next year, I think there will be an [internal] push to persuade Xi to go another way…and gradually open up,” says Shih. “But I think the most likely outcome in the next 12 months is status quo to continue with the zero-COVID approach.”

    China Old school vaccines are leaky and protection fades. China does not appear to be pursuing recomb or mRNA route. Looking to hamster ovary tech instead. US military should be vaxed up several times over in the next 12 months. Hopefully ADE is not a thing,

    Hamster farms might be a growth industry if this pans out.


    Long, wonderful essay from Edward Curtin. Keeps things in perspective.

    The Houses of Dead and Crooked Souls


    I should add that the comments section is very good as well.

    absolute galore

    deflationista wrote: f. they are just kind of comfortable with white supremacy and Nazi symbolism

    I already accounted for the possible portions of “they” that are like that. Still have no idea what your big point is?That there are people in America that have depraved viewpoints and ride motorcycles? Or are you saying that everyone that voted for Trump or attends motorcycle rallies is a Nazi?


    Insightful comment on JMG’s open COVID post. The resemblance between the two events is uncanny.

    “Recently I have been really stuck by the similarities in the reactions to the covid pandemic and the terrorist attacks in 2001.
    The Fear,
    The absolute need to be seen doing something about it,
    The demonization of anyone questioning the narrative,
    The concentration of power
    New government powers
    The huge new subsidies for those offering solutions (no need for the solutions to actually work, just sound good,)
    Bad policy that is unlikely to resolve the problem (or effectively deal with the predicament)
    OOPS probably more like Bad policy that make the situation worse.
    And Americans turning on one another with an “other” that can not be trusted.

    It is just that left and the right switched places. We have gone from anti-terrorist authoritarianism to medical totalitarianism.”

    My guess is this one will become the gift that keeps on giving.

    madamski cafone

    Mr. Curtin writes a finely balanced blend of conciseness and illustrative detail.

    those darned kids
    madamski cafone

    On The Song of the Lark:

    They’re especially active in the morning but they sing all day until dusk. The sun looks heavy with dusty fog suggesting end of day. There’s a hint of seagreen in the twilight that I rarely see in the morning. Her face and hands look dusty and dirty like after a day’s sweaty work cutting dry stalks in the dirt. But what most sells me on evening is her expression: exhausted but uplifted.

    madamski cafone


    madamski cafone
    those darned kids

    #4 has arrived!

    and you thought it would take until 2022..

    let’s have an office pool – ¿when will injection #5 be offered? i say february, 2022: the new “jabbaxx-91” from mercky.


    Shut you entire country down for one case, after 20 months, and people call you a success story.

    It may have seemed ridiculous to those whose countries have a more lax approach, with perhaps predictable results. NZ has been lucky but it most certainly is a success story because of its approach. Going hard and early is in sharp contrast to New South Wales in Australia, which dithered and dallied and which now has daily cases up to nearly 700. The lockdown in NZ may have seemed over-reaction but the single case has already grown to about 10, with perhaps another 50-100 expected. The rapid lockdown may not seem so stupid in hindsight. NZ’s strategy has seen most residents able to live their lives normally and has seen the economy rebound strongly with an effective full employment situation (4% unemployment is often considered the minimum level, given the usual churn).

    Apparently there have been protests in three cities but only a couple of dozen people in each place. In the past, most NZers have followed the rules and have had the reward.

    Whatever the long term strategy should be, New Zealand has done pretty well with the pandemic so far. No-one has the answer but NZ has gotten this much more correct than most/all other countries.

    By the way, a tweet from Nicole:

    It was inevitable. The delta variant is too contagious for previous containment measures to work. At least we have the advantage of being able to learn from the mistakes of others


    “…especially by the ‘tough’ motorcycle riding segment in America? Or by the ‘tough guy’ Trump supporters? I attended several rallies over the last two years and saw Nazi tats, Nazi / SS patches, and Nazi flags being carried during Trump rallies.”

    Hey, Biden is the President Now- Those Nazi hats were left over from the BIDEN/OBAMA Western Ukraine Coup- you remember when Biden and Obama supported the Neo-Nazi Ukraine Govt Coup right? Oh and then the Nazi Ukrainians burned people alive in buildings after Nuland fed them chocolate chip America cookies?

    I think Hunter Biden made some coin supporting the Neo-Nazi Bandera party… recall any of that Deflationista panty boy.


    @ ezxla

    Thanks for the run-down.
    It is hard for me to know what is going on for the “average” person here. Most of my close friends are a generation or more older than me, and have been jabbed. My closest family that lives nearby, well, we were a “Covid positive bubble”…which was annoying at the time, but in retrospect has been a good thing. The people I used to associate with who were near my age, had kids, etc., were at my church or were parents of my daughter’s friends. My daughter has moved onto middle school and there are no in-person church services…so it is difficult to know what others think.



    When people are frightened they spend copious amounts of time focusing on their fear and the object of their fear. This is so preoccupying that they don’t see the encroaching authoritarianism.


    It may have seemed ridiculous to those whose countries have a more lax approach, with perhaps predictable results. NZ has been lucky but it most certainly is a success story because of its approach.

    Yes, NZ has been a success story, but what is the end game? I am in South Korea, which has also been a success story, but what is the end game? Are we supposed to live this like forever? Until we find a vaccine that does not leak? How many years do we wait for that?

    In the beginning, the call was to flatten the curve, and to make sure our hospitals were not overrun. I was 100% on board with that. This virus was something new, something frightening (and rightfully so), and we needed time to study it and understand the mechanism of the disease. We have had a year and a half to study it. We have learned that it causes serious long-lasting disease in some people, and we are learning more every day. What next?

    There has been a lot of optimism that if we can just wait for a vaccine, then we can go back to normal. But now it seems that optimism was misplaced. So where do we go now? Small businesses cannot hold out forever.

    Mr. House

    If you still think this is about a virus, you’ve lost the plot.


    So where do we go now? Small businesses cannot hold out forever.

    I don’t know but, if NZ does get this outbreak under control the elimination strategy may be the best way to go for us. Small businesses have been supported, though some will not have survived. If we get a rapid recovery again, then I’m fairly sure we’ll stick to this strategy, despite being isolated in terms of individual travel (but not in terms of goods). Full restaurants, full events and lots of places internally to visit will seem like Nirvana to many others. Though some miss travelling abroad (though that’s still technically possible), no-one I know hates the approach that’s been taken here. Even opposition parties are on board (but only because the public is).

    Maybe the UK is being watched closely as a possible end game. Looks like the virus is being held at a plateau with deaths and hospitalisations subdued due to the vaccines.


    John Day’s blog is fine now. That was very strange yesterday.

    Dr. D

    We’ve reached the horizon: the discussion has now devolved into Hitler. That didn’t take long, so: good work for those I’ve been defending free speech for! “I sawr dere a flag! It were a BAD flag. Oh noes, that flag is a-coming for me!” Meanwhile, we’ve killed 6M people since ’01, are now mobilizing to kill our own, and that’s all been jolly: no discussion. We burned down 14 cities with $1.2B in destruction and +55 people killed. That group is regularly beating Jews and gay Asians in the streets, lock up Jews by religion in NY, shutting down Christians by religion IN THEIR CARS at drive-ins nationwide while keeping casinos and liquor stores open, using drone-strikes to find resisting pastors in Canada, and … crickets. “But there wuz a FLAG I tells ya! If we don’t stop dem dere FLAGS, somebody might do…” Do what? Everything listed above that Bush, Obama, Biden, Trudeau, Macron, Merkel, and May have already done?

    Are we for real here? I’d take 100 Sturgis bikers celebrating Obama’s birthday over one Scott Morrison. The bikers you can reason with. They understand the concept of liking this one guy vs a group of guys. The Bikers allow other idiots they hate the guts of to write books and wave flags that are dedicated to killing every biker and erasing their way of life, and passing the laws to do it. That’s free speech, free action. It’s gotten so no one on the left has that level of tolerance, nor indeed any tolerance at all. They are intolerant. Totalitarian, in fact, allowing nothing but ”Do what you’re told.”

    And yes, you know why they say half the things? BECAUSE IT PISSES YOU OFF. That’s their lesson to you about yourself and dealing with your emotion like a sissy. What happens when you can’t have your way and order people around? What happens when you meet the same power you’ve been throwing around at everybody else and they tell you to shove it and can make you?

    What is a fascist? Someone who believes in the merger of corporation and state, like Facebook, Google, Amazon. Someone who thinks the State should control and organize most of the culture, as with regulating everything, national health care, and picking winners and losers by shutting small businesses and bailing out their friends at Sachs, GM, and Pfizer. They are known for being aggressive pro-war, overseas. They like cultural purity, believing there is only one way to think and do things, and if you disagree, you are weakening the state and must be removed. To do all these things, they need the largest most centralized federal government to be involved in everything, national, regional, local, run by one party, the “Right” party: Them. Their religion therefore, is the State, and religions are only tolerated in their service to the State. If others disagree, they are shut down, arrested, and purged. Therefore they are anti-free-speech, anti-book, anti-non-state education, and because of the enforcement, pro-disarming. Because this involves friends, they are anti-property rights and anti-justice.

    Their methods are to get businesses and government to work together and create monopolies that can drive the culture. They do this by sowing artificial divisions between groups, generally ethnic, to unify the larger side to purge the smaller side and steal their stuff. This is done via serial hoaxes, well-delivered through their media agents and mouthpieces, but which are essentially untrue. When this happens, they then dress in black, break windows, and terrorize citizens into compliance, while the participating government does nothing to stop them, letting the people know the power lies with the fascists. They are universally Leftists, as Bonito, a worker’s organizer, and Adolf of the “Worker’s Party”. Later, they are elected in, often with contention and suspicious events, then use that power to criminalize and erase the two party democratic system, largely by shutting down free speech and claiming a fake or overblown terror threat, organizing the nation under one unified vertical system with no dissent.

    If they gain power, they then run the nation to complete ruin in larger wars, larger frauds, and larger oppressions, most often killing more of their own people than their enemies do.

    Am I anti-fascist? Why yes, actually, but Fascists are LEFTISTS. The opposite of Leftists, Socialists – and King/State Authoritarians too – is FREEDOM. Decentralization. Isolationism even. So the position of Liberty, as opposed to authority is Free Speech, free Conduct, free motion, free opinion, self-defense, and defense from government by keeping them small, out of private business and social engineering, and limiting their power via speedy trials, meeting your accusers, open evidence, trail by jury, pre-signed warrants, and so on. Is there a party the believes in larger government, more centralization, suspending warrants, arresting dissidents and opposing party members, starting 7 new foreign wars, crushing free speech, uniting of government and corporations, particularly when it comes to social media and cultural unity, is against self-defense, wears black, and beats/oppresses minorities who speak out or resist?

    Why yes there is one party with 100% of that platform. Even a party and a half. I am against that party, and the half, and am therefore anti-fascist. To be anti-fascist, you must be free speech, free expression, and therefore allow or even defend naughty speech. Such as books, helmets, and hats.

    But you are not, I see, and are therefore leaning pro-fascist. Good job. Let us know if you believe the other lines of the anti-speech, anti-freedom platform.

    How can free speech people tolerate…free speech and expression? Gosh, how mysterious. Maybe you don’t know what the country stands for. What the very 1st Federal law is, but it goes like this: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” What does it say there? Thou shalt not abridge the freedom of speech? THAT’s the America they are pro-patriotic for. Where you can say dumb s—t if you want and we can’t stop you. …I mean other than ALSO having free speech and telling you it IS dumb s—t. …And trust me, I, and they, will tell you.

    What you’re saying is, why are these pro-Americans so tolerant? Why do they accept different points of view from people who have committed no crimes? Why aren’t they intolerant? I would ask you the same. Why would YOU be intolerant of people who have committed no crime? Intolerant of people who – more than just offending you for sport, which is hilarious and I approve heartily – but may actually BELIEVE other points of view. We should stop, shut down, punish, ban, all points of view except my own. Now that’s TOLERANCE, Right? When no one can speak except you let them? No one can sell except with your permission? Or even if we THINK you might maybe think, the wrong things.

    Here we have a few hats. Huh. On the other hand, we have every. single. attribute. of actual fascism, at lever level of culture, government, and corporation, doing every. single. human rights violation. On every. single person. Including reporters, children, and the unborn. Mass murder, worldwide, for decades. Guess which we’re worried about, nagging and scolding, mad it, or have time for? The symbols. Not the ACTUAL arrests, imprisonment, beatings, deplatforming, beating of minority groups, or erasing of opposition parties and views, or the 6M black and brown people the administrations’ black and brown people have killed for sport and profit.

    Funny ol’ world.

    Hey, call me when you care about or want to stop ACTUAL Nazism, and it ain’t from Jimmy-Bob. Cause I’m already there.

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