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    Pablo Picasso Family of Saltimbanques 1905   • New Zealand To Enter Nationwide Lockdown After 1 Local Covid Case (Axios) • Uttar Pradesh Logs Low
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle August 17 2021]

    V. Arnold

    Pablo Picasso Family of Saltimbanques 1905
    Family of Saltimbanques (French: Famille de saltimbanques) is a 1905 oil on canvas painting by Pablo Picasso. The work depicts six saltimbanques, a kind of itinerant circus performer, in a desolate landscape.

    I would opine that this is a very special Picaso; beautifully rendered, blah, blah, blah……… 😉
    I just really like this painting…


    To our (NZ) Western cousins.. my sympathies on the retarded lockdown mandates that we now share

    V. Arnold

    “Floundering. Friendless. Broke. Broken!”

    • Strange Days Ahead (Kunstler)

    Kudos to James; he has expressed that which I struggled with…
    Bankrupt; on all levels


    Can anyone assist pls – I’m sure I’ve seen a story in the last day or two on how/why the three international press agencies (AP, Reuters, APN(?)) enjoy untramelled access to domestic reprint. Can anyone provide the link to that story?

    The context is I took a couple of complaints to the NZ Press Council three-odd year back and they were rejected – the paper argued that they were incapable of fact checking the articles they published as they lacked international presence.
    it just occurred to me that argument/ruling + the mainstream evidencing of the minimal diversity of international coverage is quite a good illustration of why we can;t have nice things (or at least a substantial debate),
    Wish I’d saved the article now – I hope someone else has.


    PS – if I’ve asked that before and you’ve responded, please just link to the previous reponse.
    I’m not sure quite what’s going on, but recently I find myself frequently thinking “have I said that before..? have i asked that before?” and I’m worried I’ll self-censor without getting the answer, so apologies in advance for any repeated questions or statements..

    those darned kids

    Michael Hudson – Biden forfeits his Afghan victory by defending his Deep State advisors

    ol’ michael’s not in a good mood:

    The media are showing pictures of the Afghan palace and one of the warlord’s office. I did a double-take, because the plush, wretched-excess furnishings looked just like Obama’s $12 million McMansion furnishings in Martha’s Vineyard.

    John Day

    No pics, just what you know.
    The battle is joined. It cannot long be hidden that the vaccinated are more susceptible to the new strains.

    This scientific paper from The Journal of Infection looks at ADE, antibody dependent enhancement of viral pathogenicity.
    This is the phenomenon whereby antibodies may help a virus infect an organism more aggressively.
    The context for this is antibodies formed in response to vaccines against the “alpha” coronavirus.
    There are populations of blocking antibodies and populations of facilitating antibodies.
    In the battle against the alpha SARS-CoV-2, the blocking antibody effect is clearly dominant.
    Those same vaccination-antibodies have a different summation against the delta variant.
    They tend to help it infect human cells.
    This is true for all of the vaccines against the original spike protein. Yep, that’s what you got.
    ​ ​However, in the case of the Delta variant, neutralizing antibodies have a decreased affinity for the spike protein, whereas facilitating antibodies display a strikingly increased affinity.

    ​Israel is one of the most completely vaccinated countries in the world. They gat that special deal from Pfizer. Their cases started going UP as more people got vaccinated, and now…
    Health officials predict thousands of seriously ill COVID patients within month
    Bennett reportedly agrees to expand hospital capacity after being presented with numbers showing hospitalizations quadrupling by mid-September; funding for plan unclear..​.​
    The predictions from the health experts were based on a doubling of the number of hospitalizations and serious illnesses every 10 days.

    ​The bulk of hospitalizations for COVID-19 in the January through June time period occurred well before May. Anybody not receiving a second vaccine 2 weeks or more before being diagnosed with COVID was counted as “unvaccinated”.
    That’s how they got that “pandemic of the unvaccinated” line. It was. Now it looks more like a”pandemic of the vaccinated.”.
    According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the White House and most mainstream media, what we have now is a “pandemic of the unvaccinated,” with 95% to 99% of COVID-related hospitalizations and deaths being attributed to the unvaccinated.
    To achieve that statistic, the CDC included hospitalization and mortality data from January through June. The vast majority of the U.S. population was unvaccinated during that timeframe.
    By Jan. 1 only 0.5% of the U.S. population had received a COVID shot. By mid-April, an estimated 31% had received one or more shots and as of June 15, 48.7% were fully “vaccinated.”

    How CDC Manipulated Data to Create ‘Pandemic of the Unvaxxed’ Narrative

    India, birthplace of the ‘Delta variant” (previously known as “the Indian strain”), uses ivermectin based treatment for COVID. Uttar Pradesh is 2/3 the population of the USA, and much poorer, much more congested. There is good reason to be dubious of any statistics from India, but the clearly beat COVID in New Delhi.
    At 17, Uttar Pradesh Logs Lowest Ever Daily Covid Figure, Active Caseload Drops to 419

    Dr. D

    Well, the PetroDollar should collapse pretty shortly.

    China says: “WHEN we attack Taiwan in the China Sea, you can now see that the American support and the Taiwan government will collapse in days.” What can you say to that?

    How about: “If the PetroDollar falls, the Americans and Patriots win”? Along with the people?

    As the BTC video yesterday, PetroDollar is murder-backed, by U.S. Army power protection projection. So if we can’t protect anyone, what’s the US$ worth? So we may be counting weeks now. Rosh Hashanah Sept 6, followed by 9-11.

    Although it’s hard to see a connection, F-Stan actually DID happen on Nixon Day, moved up like +2 weeks from expected. That IS a major event.

    “coordinate their response, which at the time I thought would lead to some form of regional secession”

    This is how it’s SUPPOSED to be. That IS the Constitution, with a WEAK central government. We’re going back there, real fast. And thank god, since the Federales are going to collapse and be unoccupied. Like, can’t pay their employees and all go home. That WOULD normally be bad. But in our system, power and control simply devolves to the States and Governors, which have more than adequate tools to carry on. That is, stop riots, keep order, enforce rule of law, and protect property so people will feel safe continuing to create goods and trade them. And that IS the economy, not “money”. Money is irrelevant, an accounting chit.

    Disruptive, yes, but necessary, and no reason it should go badly. They are so violent, oppressive, and extractive, getting them off our back should lead to an unexpected boom of prosperity. Default on the debt alone would liberate more cash than the whole planet had before 2000.

    “he described anomie as “derangement,” and “an insatiable will.”

    The Wendigo, psychological cannibalism. A mental illness that consumes all, and because of it, cannot be satisfied with norms and limitations.

    Unfortunately, as you see, event the smallest officials of the least concern like school boards behave as tyrannical petty Hitlers – and always did, actually. The Wendigo is transmissible and everywhere. Like pedos, the attacked grow up to become the attackers. That means devolving is no panacea. However, unlike Federal level or higher, you CAN bring them to heel relatively easily, with a lot of pressure and shouting, which the people are doing right now, relatively easily; although it doesn’t seem so, it is.

    “Afghans Fleeing Taliban Need Negative PCR Test for Now-suspended Flights (RT)”

    That can’t be right: as many have said, the Taliban are experts at wearing masks, and masks work. Because masks work, no need for tests.

    Nadal said: “The only way out of this nightmare is vaccination. Our responsibility as human beings is to accept it. “I know there is a percentage of people who will suffer from side effects,”

    Hmmm. Whose nightmare? If you’re vaccinated, your nightmare has ended forever: you’re safe. So where’s the nightmare? In someone who deeply and voluntarily chooses and desires it? Truly strange thinking. Also appallingly illiterate and unscientific as there’s no such thing as natural immunity, when the CDC and experts in that Atlantic article definitively said there is no way out via vaccination. So he’s also anti-science, I guess?

    Or perhaps when you are living in delusion, there really IS no end to the nightmare. The only end is waking from delusion.

    “Afghanistan: We Never Learn (Taibbi)”

    And Greenwald last night, “Governments Have Been Lying to Us.” Uh, duuuh? But we never learn because it wasn’t painful enough. Yet. We’re going to cure that shortly in the next few months. And by “learn’, THEY know. They profit while we die. That’s a great lesson, well-learned! It’s WE who seem to have the learning disability, Mr. Jesus-bombs-Baghdad.

    Anyway, that’s it: put a fork in it. Collapse is definite and imminent. They lost.

    Dr. D

    CNN: “Taliban ‘Mostly friendly'” And mask safe! Way better than the Maga-heads. We gave them the country cause they wanted it! We’d never do that back home.

    madamski cafone


    madamski cafone

    Apparently, the vax vs job plight so many are facing affected me. Yesterday, working on fiction, I opened a page and tore it a new one:

    “Oh, he was just a snakeskin in a sharksuit. He told me to do it or he’d fire me. I ignored him. Took him awhile to realize I wasn’t doing what he’d said.

    ‘Pack your stuff and leave,’ he said.

    “I ignored him. He grabbed me by the shirt. I swiveled my chair and stomped on his instep. He didn’t like that. I grabbed his nuts, squeezed, then elbowed his face as he stooped over.

    “‘If you’re not gone by the time I take lunch, I’ll make you fire me again, spitlicker.’” Something like that. You could see the incomprehension in his eyes. I took my pistol out of my personal drawer and a few odd’n’ends. Dumped the rest of my drawers, and my files, on him as he lay clutching his nuts. Kinda buried him.

    “ ‘Fuck with my paycheck or my royalties or I’ll come back to work for you, I swear it.’ ”

    madamski cafone

    “or I’ll”

    ‘AND I’ll…’


    Breaking: Australia will vaccinate 24,000+ students without parents present and they will not be allowed to be there…

    I’d tell Australian men to grow a pair but I know now that their balls must be in a little pink sack at the bottom of their wives purses.

    Here’s a headline worthy of The Onion or Babylon Bee

    Australian Officials Institute Mandatory Sex Education for ALL Australian Children by Actually Having Sex with Them

    Parents will not be allowed to watch

    Good on ya mate!

    madamski cafone

    “Australian Officials Institute Mandatory Sex Education for ALL Australian Children by Actually Having Sex with Them

    Parents will not be allowed to watch

    Good on ya mate!”

    Well done!


    As opposited to the Eunuchs of Australian somehow I don’t think French Men would allow Macron and his Vichy government to rape their children.

    The people of France spray liquid horseshit on the French presidential palace

    those darned kids

    However despite getting jabbed, students in the eight council areas will not – unlike their peers – return to the classroom from 16 August.

    They will instead return at an unspecified later date.

    Year 12 students from other parts of Sydney will return to school on 16 August for essential education as well as wellbeing support.”

    Dr. D

    Hate to say this, but send them to the Outback with a tent until this blows over. Go Wolverines!


    Are journalist coming out of hiding?

    Journalism is the production and distribution of reports on current events based on facts and supported with proof or evidence.

    Opinion is a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge.

    shunning – (persistently avoid, ignore, or reject (someone or something)

    Censorship – (the suppression of speech, public communication, or other information. This may be done on the basis that such material is considered objectionable, harmful, sensitive, or “inconvenient”. Censorship can be conducted by governments, private institutions, and other controlling bodies.)

    ignoring – ( refuse to take notice of or acknowledge; disregard intentionally.)

    A US military defeat – paying a huge price rather than earning profit.

    Ron Paul: Kabul Has Fallen – But Don’t Blame Joe Biden

    Ron Paul: Kabul Has Fallen – But Don’t Blame Joe Biden (blame yourself)
    “Until more Americans demand a pro-America, non-interventionist foreign policy they will continue to get fleeced by war profiteers …”
    The military industrial complex spent 20 years on the gravy train with the Afghanistan war. They built missiles, they built tanks, they built aircraft and helicopters. They hired armies of lobbyists and think tank writers to continue the lie that was making them rich. They wrapped their graft up in the American flag, but they are the opposite of patriots.

    [..] Political control in Afghanistan has returned to the people who fought against those they viewed as occupiers and for what they viewed as their homeland. That is the real lesson ….

    Must read …. is this journalism

    Biden forfeits his Afghan victory by defending his Deep State advisors

    Biden forfeits his Afghan victory by defending his Deep State advisors
    By Michael
    Monday, August 16, 2021
    His first pretense was that we invaded Afghanistan to retaliate against “its” attack on America on 9/11. This is the founding lie of U.S. presence in the Near East. Afghanistan did not attack us. Saudi Arabia did.

    Biden tried to confuse the issue by saying that “we” went into Afghanistan to deal with (assassinate) Osama Bin Laden – and after this “victory,” we then then decided to stay on and “build democracy,” a euphemism for creating a U.S. client state. (Any such state is called a “democracy,” which means simply pro-American in today’s diplomatic vocabulary.)


    Change is in the air

    The rats are abandoning and attacking Biden.


    News18 explicitly mentions oxygen plants. Ivermectin must have been edited out at print time.

    I remember Bob Malone said he choose to get the Pfizer injection because Moderna was 3x the spike instructions.

    madamski cafone

    “However despite getting jabbed, students in the eight council areas will not – unlike their peers – return to the classroom from 16 August.

    They will instead return at an unspecified later date.

    Year 12 students from other parts of Sydney will return to school on 16 August for essential education as well as wellbeing support.”

    I like to read this as an awareness on some authorities’ part that they know the vakzines don’t really work. Wadda maroon! I tellz myself. Hope Springs Eternal, my favoprite tourist trap.

    madamski cafone

    “Wadda maroon! I tellz myself. “ meaning the maroon is me.

    madamski cafone
    Mr. House

    Mister Roboto

    Half-hour video:

    madamski cafone

    While people argue whether the climate is a problem caused by humanity, a position marked by high moral dudgeon easily exploited by the usual suspects, or is natural, a position marked by casual acceptance and shoulder-shrugging bordering on apathy while nonetheless screaming about how the usual suspects are making a killing selling gangrene energy, the climate continues making life harder every day.

    But we’d rather argue opposing political positions on the issue rather than do something about it.

    It’s like complaining about how God made the world fflawed but focusing not on the world but on what a poopy-head God must be to make a world like this. FInd someone to blame rather than deal with the problem. But isn’t that what we usually do?

    Sunny-day flooding is about to become more than a nuisance



    From: Old White Round Eyes Bedpan Joe

    To: CCP

    You can take Taiwan, our military is just a hollowed out store front, a Potemkin Village, for military industrial corporations to loot the public treasury. They haven’t ‘won’ a conflict since WWII.

    That’s by design, stealing everything that’s not nailed down to the floor is the whole point. All conflicts since WWII are ‘wins’ to the U.S. Masters of War

    The checked flag is up for Taiwan, go for it!

    I, Old White Round Eyes Joe, endorse this ad! Is this an ad?

    Where is Taiwan? Isn’t that the Chinese takeout place on D St near the White House that I love?


    Those are CCP landing craft headed for the Taiwan coast.


    The first flag in the video is the mandatory white surrender flag

    those darned kids

    the chinese don’t see america’s inability to conquer afghanistan as a weakness they can exploit, for it is a weakness they understand they possess as well.

    hahaha, i imagine when the chinese withdraw from kabul in 2037 at least they’ll do it in a more orderly fashion.

    taiwan will reunite with china when the economic, not military, situation demands it. i imagine around 2029.

    i could be wrong – i imagined that kabul wouldn’t have fallen until later this week.

    D Benton Smith

    Day after day, year after year, I have come to these Hallowed Halls of The Automatic Earth to see how the world has been ending recently and read my fellow travellers’ estimates on when it will get the job done. It continues to be a very good and instructive experience which I value deeply . . . but it does become just an itsy bit repetitious at times. The same human frailties keep getting lamented over and over again.

    So why not pile on while the piling is good? If there was ever a time when i could get away with such straight up phylosophizin’ this has gotta be it.

    Bottom line of our problem as human beings is that our very short range physical senses and personal productivity, operating only in real-time , and saved as skewed memories (or short-shelf-life “stuff”), are just not sufficient to keep us alive for very long. To survive for more than a few hours or days we depend, we utterly DEPEND, upon information and help from others.

    To be of much use that information and help must be true and beneficial , but AT THE SAME TIME the same fundamental rule applies to those we must compete with for limited resources. If our competitor gets the true info and the good stuff then THEY will be the one’s who survive, not us. We lose. Too much losing results in death. And so at the same time that we REQUIRE truth, fairness and help, we MUST lie, cheat and steal. Ouch.

    This is the ORIGINAL damned if you do and damned if you don’t dilemma, isn’t it ? It looks so hopeless just on its face that most folks simply avoid thinking about it at all. Too bad, because if you think about it long enough and honestly enough the way out of the trap becomes more and more obvious ( albeit gradually ) and the escape route is this : be as aware as you can. Be as truthfull as you can. Be as realistic as you can. And when faced with the choice of ignoring known consequences in order to obtain a trinket of only delusional transiet value, take a good hard look at those consequences again . . . and then choose to forego the trinket and the self-inflicted obliviousness that goes with it. Because the PRICE that you SHALL pay for ignoring WHAT YOU ALREADY KNOW TO BE TRUTH (i.e. the known consequences) , is the very definition of stupidity. It is deliberate and self-inflicted UNawareness of truth.

    So what is truth ? Aw c’mon ! Skip the disengenuous sophistry. You know damned well what the truth is. The truth is simply your most honestly realistic scientific wild ass GUESS of what it is.. That guess get’s updated as new information arrives. Hopefully that’s fairly often.

    As mentioned earlier a LOT of that information is second hand (third hand, fourth, etc.) data, that is relayed to you from a host of outside sources and ultimately from other people . . . who are doing basically the same damn thing that you are. And what are YOU doing ? You are truthfully and faithfully helping ANDyou are lying, cheating and stealing . Which of those things, when to whom is based upon your currently best beliefs and assessment of reality.

    Those beliefs are your map of the terrain. They may or may not be very accurate. Truth and consequences will tell. But the FACT is simply, that there IS terrain. And you are in that terrain whether you like it or not, and you have a map of some kind or another, so happy trails.

    Now, we are told not to mistake the map for the terrain , and that’s pretty good advice , but the corollary to that advice is to recognize that maps can be very useful (almost necessary) things when passing into or through strange new territory that can’t be seen all at once with your own two eyes. Used properly, and for its intended purposes, a map can and frequently does save the traveler’s ass by revealing what is just over the horizon of their own limited senses. Where are the destinations, and which roads lead to them , and what obstacles or dangers exist along the way? Where is the treasure, and where be the dragons?

    Informations in the form of words and pictures are a lot like maps. Think of their relayed, descrptive words , illustrations and advices as sense multipliers or perception extenders. . . and understand that they are only approximate. When (if) you do actually reach the represented places that you have been told are there (if they even truly exist in the first place!) that their actuality is going to be one hell of a lot different , in lived real experience, than the thin paper Travellers’ Guide to Life The Universe & Everything that helped or hindered your passsage. Whatever that destination turns out to be will be the real thing, not a more or less fictitious second or third hand description from other peoples’ viewpoints. Expect to revise or even change preconceived notions in a hurry.

    And, by the way, please update that map for the next guy in line.

    absolute galore

    Sources: US to recommend COVID vaccine boosters at 8 months

    Question #1: Is Delta more virulent than Alpha (or Original Coke, or whatever?) Or is it LESS virulent? I have heard both.

    Question #2: Are the boosters exactly the same composition as the original vaccine,? Or have they been genetically manipulated again to correspond to the Delta variant?


    The Chinese don’t need to invade Afghanistan, they will offer them a business deal they wouldn’t refuse.

    Ilargi said:

    “China will recognize the Taliban. And then build a pipeline.”



    Year 12 – is that the equivalent of 12th grade in the US?
    Are run of the mill people in Australia aware that the vaccinated can still contract and transmit Covid?
    Are run of the mill people in Australia aware of the myocarditis/pericarditis risks, of the blood clot risks?
    Are they really going to permit their precious children to get jabbed?
    WTF is going on?

    (Or perhaps there it is like so many senior citizens here, most of whom are completely unaware that there are significant numbers of vaccine adverse reactions. They have been convinced by the propaganda that all of the “noise” about adverse reactions is just baseless anti-vaxx kerfuffle.)

    Dr. D

    SWAG: #1. No, it’s the same, they’re making it up. Note this fits well with them having Nooooo Delta test to speak of and extrapolating a single test 10,000x. And with ADE/Vaccine CAUSING Covid, the only “logical” explanation in that paradigm is that it MUST be Covid. Or it would work. Because J&J would never lie although they pay fines for lying 12x a year.

    #2. Boosters are reputedly exactly the same. Because they didn’t work the first time. Logic. In actuality, who the heck knows since there’s no penalty for putting anything or nothing in them, and mismarking them endlessly. We’re already pretty sure there is graphene in them.

    Why should they bother to change anything since although they’re what didn’t work before, people are lining up to make sure they don’t work the third time? I mean, saves on advertising. Until they protest and you have to make up a new story, run with this one.


    Taiwan is already actively renegotiating their ‘business’ deal with the CCP as we speak, they just bought a clue watching the Afgan Clusterfuck.

    Taiwan also saw the Hong Kong ‘accord’ via the British wasn’t worth wiping your butt with.

    Democracy for Hong Kong!



    The Kabul Airlift is going to be more challenging than the Berlin Blockage
    Troops going in. Reffugies coming out. Logistic night mare …. food, potties, etc needed at both end of the airlift

    Pentagon Says Goal To Evacuate 5,000 To 9,000 People Per Day From Kabul Airfield
    At the height of the Airlift, one plane reached West Berlin every thirty seconds.[7]

    Seventeen American and eight British aircraft crashed during the operation.[8] A total of 101 fatalities were recorded as a result of the operation, including 40 Britons and 31 Americans,[7] mostly due to non-flying accidents

    Dr. D

    Phoenix: Have you met other parents? They’ll tie their kids down and force it down their throats kicking and screaming against every reason, even when the kids vow to disown them and pick their nursing home.

    I don’t know that I’ve met a parent that cares about their children before. Not really. They’re not humans, just annoying extensions of the parent ego. Sorry I don’t have a good view.

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