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    Mr. House

    Excellent comment D Benton Smith and i agree 100%. It seems for some time the map has purposefully been withheld from us. Which fits into what Dr. D says. We must form our own maps now, based on principles

    those darned kids

    democracy for great britain! hahahahaha

    Polder Dweller

    Has this Stew Peters interview with Zev Zelenko been posted before? I don’t remember seeing it. Anyway highly recommended, Zelenko is a man with real heart. There’s advice to keep yourself and your family healthy whether jabbed or unjabbed. Take a look:

    those darned kids

    oroboros: “The Chinese don’t need to invade Afghanistan, they will offer them a business deal they wouldn’t refuse.”

    if only they’d have signed this deal: Taleban to Texas for pipeline talks….

    those darned kids

    oroboros: monseigneur macron won’t notice the horse poo as his mask will protect him.

    Mr. House

    i feel this is very apt with regards to recent events

    Michael Corleone:
    I saw a strange thing today. Some rebels were being arrested. One of them pulled the pin on a grenade. He took himself and the captain of the command with him. Now, soldiers are paid to fight; the rebels aren’t.

    Hyman Roth:
    What does that tell you?

    Michael Corleone:
    It means they could win.

    Mr. House

    Also i respect this gentleman’s viewpoints on the economy if anyone would like to check his views from time to time

    Mr. House



    US Treasury Freezes Billions In Afghan Reserves, Depriving Taliban Of Cash
    After handing the Taliban US-supplied military hardware on a silver platter thanks to the botched Afghanistan withdrawal, the Biden administration scrambled to deprive the terrorist organization of funding – freezing Afghan government reserves held in US bank accounts, and blocking the Taliban from accessing billions of dollars held in US institutions
    The decision was made by Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and officials in Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control, the people said. The State Department was also involved in discussions this weekend, with officials in the White House monitoring the developments.
    An administration official said in a statement, “Any Central Bank assets the Afghan government have in the United States will not be made available to the Taliban.”

    How to make friends
    The reserves will only go to favored friend, contractor, allies, (Proper invoice required)

    madamski cafone

    Methinks the Taliban will be largely left alone so long as they don’t foment their religious shyte beyond their borders. Entitiies like China can, if they wish, take control of small (very small) regions for mining purposes, etc. But the logistics of even that make it economically unfeasible. Rather like trying to run a sugar factory in the world’s biggest ant hill.

    As for opium: China extremely dislikes that aspect of Afghanistan. Something about two Opium Wars. If the Taliban tries smuggling opium in large quantities into China, it may find itself overrun by Mongol hordes: China has LOTS of people and doesn’t seem overly squeamish about genocide. Not to mention that it’s literally right next door. Supply line issues for China would be much smaller than ours, even with the Himalayan massif.

    I doubt China will annex Afghanistan; I doubt the Taliban will make trouble; and I don’t think the Taliban’s power will last very long without an invading foreign Great Shaitan to justify their excistence after bringing it into power in the first place.

    madamski cafone

    Methinks China is the next domino:

    “Our Prices Cannot Fall, Otherwise There Will Be No Profit At All”: China Now Caught In Stagflationary Vice

    I’m sure that most of the non-Han Chinese population are sick of the ruling Hans. Xi is probably in a position analogous to Nixon’s in the 70s: the party’s over, reform beckons, will probably fail, and then they get their Reagan after a populist like Jimmy Carter finds himself drowned by corruption.

    I wonder when Putin will begin distancing himself from China now that it’s clear that the only threat the USA poses is nuclear.


    “A good tree bringeth not forth corrupt fruit; neither doth a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit. For of thorns men do not gather figs, nor of a bramble bush gather they grapes.” How, according to this criterion, should we evaluate the fruit of contemporary Christianity, whose tree now boasts nearly 2000 annual rings?

    Who could possibly count the millions of innocent victims who have been killed in the name of the Lord? Why should we not blame a well-known writer for a remark like this: To crucify is not a Christian act. To burn alive or to impale—that’s the deal (V. N. Voinovich, Moscow 2042)?

    Why has the result of Christian history been not faith, hope and charity, but hate, depravity, and despair, on every story of society? Is it only because of the fact that “many are called and few are chosen”? Is it only because wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there will be which go in thereat”? Or probably this grievous fruit is related to Jesus’ question: “Can the blind lead the blind? shall they not both fall into the ditch”?

    Eugene Poliakov

    Jesus would not bend a knee to the state or bomb a country. Bush’s Jesus would which is the antithesis.

    Well said Dr. D, when will we learn? Just wanted to rephrase for clarity. Thanks.

    madamski cafone

    Same logic applied to Xtianity by chooch applies to the USA Constitution and the nation for which it provides primary scaffolding. That said, Xtianity got its real fangs on when it combined with politics in the Holy Roman Church.

    Same thing applies to the scientific method once governments realized it could make better weapons and stuff made in vast amounts locally to be sold around the world. The milindustrial complex is power by science not religion, although it snorts religion like a kinky drug, especially the Dominionist brand.

    Rational critical thinking has been reduced to “anything but hokey religion”, and that has empowered a wide range of dangerous nonsense to fill the space marked Rational Empiricism.

    The preacher in the pulpit versus the talking head on TV, now combined in venues like this:


    those darned kids

    not christians, humans.

    the (oh so unfortunate) human mantra: “bang, bang, mine. bang, bang, mine. bang, bang, mine”

    madamski cafone

    Mighty fine omnibus today, Dr. D.

    “As the BTC video yesterday, PetroDollar is murder-backed, by U.S. Army power protection projection. So if we can’t protect anyone, what’s the US$ worth? So we may be counting weeks now. Rosh Hashanah Sept 6, followed by 9-11.”

    This guy — — does a unique form of semantically based prognostication based on internet verbal traffic. He predicted a month or three ago that late Sept would see massive inflation kick in hard. HIs reasoning was very arcane, per his method. Not something you write editorials with. But his method impressed me and it looks as if he might be right.

    I especially liked this from Dr. D:

    ““coordinate their response, which at the time I thought would lead to some form of regional secession”

    “This is how it’s SUPPOSED to be. That IS the Constitution, with a WEAK central government. We’re going back there, real fast. And thank god, since the Federales are going to collapse and be unoccupied. Like, can’t pay their employees and all go home. That WOULD normally be bad. But in our system, power and control simply devolves to the States and Governors, which have more than adequate tools to carry on. That is, stop riots, keep order, enforce rule of law, and protect property so people will feel safe continuing to create goods and trade them. And that IS the economy, not “money”. Money is irrelevant, an accounting chit.

    “Disruptive, yes, but necessary, and no reason it should go badly. They are so violent, oppressive, and extractive, getting them off our back should lead to an unexpected boom of prosperity. Default on the debt alone would liberate more cash than the whole planet had before 2000.”

    Not that I think the disruption will be mild, but I do like the Constitutional refresher course on this matter. I don’t see an unexpected boom of prosperity although possibly a brief illusion of that for a bit.

    madamski cafone

    “bang, bang, mine. bang, bang, mine. bang, bang, mine

    So old it’s time for it to become hip again:

    Thus Spake Specterman


    Jumping and Humping the Shark, Aussie Style

    Victoria Australia Premier says “there will be no removal of masks to consume alcohol outdoors”


    There will also be no farting outdoors as it transmits the Deadly Virus via gaseous distribution pathways (GDP)

    those darned kids

    Australia now is like the Salem Witch Trials with kangaroos and cans of Victoria Bitter sucked through a hole in your facemask


    Hang in ther folks – we’re getting closer.
    5-7 years of successful trails and this could be the one!


    madamski cafone

    You’re making me smile, Oroborus. You’re obviously on a roll.:)

    Regarding the Aussie PM’s shark-jump, here’s something I shared yesterday but resonates so well with the inane insanity of modern governance:

    Portland officials say a 21-year-old man admitted urinating in a Mt. Tabor reservoir early Wednesday, forcing the city to take a key water supply off line.

    Police responded but did not cite the man or his friends. Video surveillance and reports written by police and the Portland Water Bureau will be submitted to the Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office for possible criminal charges.

    “It’ll kind of depend on what the surveillance video shows,” said Sgt. Pete Simpson, a police spokesman. “He’s not out of the water yet.”

    Covering Portland’s open-air reservoirs has been a politically charged topic in recent years and the Water Bureau is working to comply with federal regulations. Last month the Portland City Council approved an $80 million contract to build a new reservoir at Powell Butte that will eventually help mitigate closing open-air storage at Mt. Tabor.

    David Shaff, administrator for the Water Bureau, said about 7.8 million gallons of drinking water will be discarded because of the incident. He originally said that will cost the bureau about $600,000 in lost revenue but later clarified that his math was very wrong, and that the water would have sold for a retail price of almost $28,500, and disposal fees are expected at about $7,600.

    Shaff said the Water Bureau regularly finds dead animals in the same drinking supply but doesn’t dump the water. “This is different,” he said.

    “Do you want to drink pee?” he asked bluntly.

    When questioned about scientific data and the small amount of urine in such a large reservoir, he interjected: “Answer the question. It has nothing to do with scientifically.

    “Most people,” he added, “are gonna be pretty damn squeamish about that.”

    Count Portland city Commissioner Randy Leonard, who oversees the Water Bureau, among those. After hearing about the incident, he quipped, “I think I’m going to have a Coke with my lunch today.”

    According to a Water Bureau incident report, officials spotted five people and a dog near reservoir No. 1 at about 1:30 a.m. Some of the people threw objects into the reservoir and one person “walked up to the reservoir fencing and urinated into the reservoir,” according to the report.

    The Oregonian is not naming the 21-year-old because he was not arrested or charged with a crime.

    Once officials contacted the group and confronted the man about urinating, he reportedly said, “It was a stupid thing to do,” according to the report.

    When told he urinated in Portland’s drinking water and his actions were disrespectful, he reportedly said, “I didn’t mean to show disrespect. I thought this was a sewage treatment plant.

    These cretins are in charge of public drinking water safety. While evil exists, and appears to abound at the highest levels of wealth and power, the army, as they say, is run by the sergeants. Looks like we’re up to our armpits in seriously stupid sergeants, from the dogcatcher to the presidents and prime ministers and dictators of our governments.

    Dead animals fine; a bit of harmless wizz, not. Also: Portland has been having a major drought. Over 60s days with only two very slight rains.

    Mister Roboto

    WRT Portland story: “Do you want to drink pee?” Pee is sterile. For pity’s sake.

    Dr. D

    Trying to chin up for Oz. And us.

    “Prime Minister Issues Friendly Reminder to UK Parents that the State Owns Their Children

    LONDON—Upon the news of a high court ordering life support removed from 2-year-old Alfie Evans, English Prime Minister Theresa May issued a brief, friendly reminder to citizens of the U.K. that the all-powerful state actually owns their children.

    In a video circulated online, May informed parents who were “getting a little too attached” to their children that they need to keep in mind that the United Kingdom is the actual legal parent, and the kids are simply on loan to them until the State decides it’s time for them to die.

    “Yes, we’re gracious enough to allow your kids to reside with you and for you to make lots of the decisions in their day-to-day lives, but when the rubber meets the road, we just want you to remember that the Almighty State straight-up owns your kids and will do with them as we will,” she said. “We make all the big decisions, and you have pretty much zero say when it comes right down to it. Just keep that in mind and stay in your place.”

    The Prime Minister further reminded Britons that they gave up their right to make major decisions for their household when they decided to hand over control of healthcare, social security, education, guns, and free speech to the government.” –BBee, 2018

    The only thing worse than Xtianity is not-Xtianity. You do know what the world was like before right? And in places where it isn’t? Do some cross-cultural and tell me what you find out.

    Speaking of, the environment is to protect God’s world. I’m sorry if some people don’t do that. Some people do drugs, rob others, and commit murders too. However, the worst environments on earth are in cities, where the scolding atheists are. Could be coincidence.


    4 new cases here in auckland. 1 a fully vaccinated Healthcare worker at our biggest hospital.
    At least our PM is admitting now that vaccines aren’t as good as promised.

    20 deaths reported to VAERS, 15 ruled out, 2 not enough info, 3 under investigation, not including <6 miscarriages. At least children are not on the hit list yet.

    Disclaimer. Unvaccinated and intend to stay that way

    Polder Dweller

    Getting their ducks in a row.

    On the news this evening was a report that a lot of the double-jabbed in Holland who are catching Covid have weak immune systems, nothing to do with the vaccines, mind you, they just have weak systems due to cancer treatments, co-morbidities or born with plain bad luck. There are 100,000s of them. Just jab ‘em more often, that’ll fix it.

    those darned kids

    Even though strong proof exists that water fluoridation is safe and improves oral health, Oregon has the third lowest amount of fluoridation in community water systems nationwide ranking 48th among U.S. States.

    Over half of the U.S. population lives in communities that provide fluoridated water. However, in Oregon, only about 21.9% of the population receives the benefit of fluoridated water. The Healthy People 2020* goal is 79.6%.

    we need to vaccinate the water!

    i’ll trade urine for this any day.

    *so, so cheesy..


    WRT Portland: I really hope this guy doesn’t go into a pool.

    It’s fairly obvious he doesn’t understand the concept of water treatment.

    Beside, some are pretty into the drinking pee thing, hence, “golden showers.”

    madamski cafone

    “The only thing worse than Xtianity is not-Xtianity.”

    Tell that to the few surviving aboriginal tribes with their own religious belief systems that don’t claim humans have dominion over the earth, etc. Tell that to a Jain Hindu. Tell that to a Celt in 400 AD when Xtianity was shitting itself nuts killing off heretics and developing the Divine Right of Kings nonsense.

    I like Xtianity, and feel that it has unique explantory power about themes as old as what 2001: A Space Odyssey opens with and as current as the state of the world today as we head toward environmental apocalypse with or without nuclear armageddon. But so does Hinduism. The idea that Xtianity made the world a better place is laughable, even when expressed by the likes of Chesterton, whom I adore. Xtianity killed its goddam leader, for Chrissake. (I think that’s a Triple Word Score bonus for taking the Lord’s name in vain?)

    Moral supremacism is nastier, much nastier than mere racial supremacism or national supremacism. This very much includes Xtian moral supremacism.


    Denninger today, noting how the vaccines can turn on those who receive them.

    “This sort of ridiculous acceleration of disease progression is a screaming safety signal. It strongly implies, but does not prove, that the vaccine turned on the recipient and when later exposed made the progression of disease worse.

    This was repeatedly demonstrated in animal testing with the original SARS virus when vaccine development was attempted. It was believed the cause of it was evaded by the current vaccines developed for Covid-19 but the only way to know for sure was to take years of testing to make certain that the ordinary mutational patterns that all viruses undergo did not result in such an outcome down the road.

    This is one of the many reasons it takes 10+ years to qualify a vaccine; you can’t un-take the shot, and if something like this happens and then you get infected you’re ****ed.”


    War is over …. exchange war prisoners

    EXCLUSIVE: Taliban commander who gave taunting victory speech from Kabul palace was released from Guantanamo Bay after claiming he was a ‘simple shopkeeper’ who ‘helped Americans’ and wanted to return to Afghanistan to care for his sick father
    A Taliban commander claimed he spent eight years in Guantanamo Bay in a triumphant speech from inside the Presidential Palace in Kabul Sunday
    This came as the militants declared an Islamic state of Afghanistan after President Ashraf Ghani fled his country amid chaotic scenes
    Experts identified the commander and former Gitmo detainee as Gholam Ruhani, who was accused of being a longtime security agent for the Taliban can reveal that he was released after promising authorities he was returning to Afghanistan to care for his sick father
    Ruhani secured his freedom by telling an administrative review board that he was a ‘simple shopkeeper’ who ‘helped Americans’
    State Department documents confirm that Ruhani was one of the very first prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, the Cuban-based military prison meant to cage the world’s most dangerous terrorists
    The documents show that he spent five years there, from 2002 to 2007

    those darned kids

    it seems the services of mr. urinator referenced above may be soon needed here.

    fill ‘er up!

    madamski cafone

    “On the news this evening was a report that a lot of the double-jabbed in Holland who are catching Covid have weak immune systems, nothing to do with the vaccines, mind you, they just have weak systems due to cancer treatments, co-morbidities or born with plain bad luck. There are 100,000s of them. Just jab ‘em more often, that’ll fix it.”

    The viciously circular illogic is now complete. The vakzine designed especially to protect those with weak immune systems is now excused for not working on the people with weak immune systems that it was supposed to help because they have immune systems.

    KInda like saying the sky is blue because the air above your head is the color of the sky.

    madamski cafone

    “Ruhani secured his freedom by telling an administrative review board that he was a ‘simple shopkeeper’ who ‘helped Americans’. State Department documents confirm that Ruhani was one of the very first prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, the Cuban-based military prison meant to cage the world’s most dangerous terrorists. The documents show that he spent five years there, from 2002 to 2007”

    5 years of gitmo would turn me into a Talibani too.


    Yeah. Thaaat Robert Malone.


    “This week, the Mayor of New York declared his to be the first major city in the United States to mandate mandatory vaccines for all indoor facilities and businesses, including all entertainment venues, gyms, pools, indoor dining, cafes, bars, museums, and retail outlets. All of these premises will soon be ‘off-limits’ for any employees and customers who refuse to be injected with the unlicensed experimental GMO ‘vaccine’ gene-jab.

    Mayor Bill de Blasio, a Democrat, declared his unprecedented unitary rule over the city, bypassing the normal democratic process by signing an executive order which is said to begin on Tuesday, August 17th with enforcement of his decree coming into full effect on Monday, September 13th.”

    Coming to a city near you ?

    So they really do want total control and a civil war pitchfork up their own asses…

    I haven’t decided whether I will file the rust from my pitchfork or use it as is… I will not submit, I will resist, the battle is here and coming to your door- No Tyranny, Know Freedom


    Anyone know what happened to John Day’s blog? It seems to have been removed.

    Mister Roboto

    @deflationista: If my employer forced me to get vaxxed and the Novavax were available when that happened, the nova would probably be the one I get. The other ones available in the west utilize whole spike-proteins, whereas the Novavax simply uses introduces a fragment of a spike-protein into your body to accomplish its effect. I would still be very concerned about the ADE potential, though, as I’m reasonably sure Novavax will not be a sterilizing vaccine, same as the others.

    those darned kids

    excellent news from dr. malone!

    when the phase 3 trials end, and 10 years of long-term study are finished, i’ll give it a thought.

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