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    Edward Hopper Seven A.M. 1948   • Ukraine Planning Nuclear Provocation On Friday – Moscow (RT) • Russia Warns Of Another Chernobyl Over Ukraine’s
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    “The credibility of Canadian journalism is unquestionable” That is correct, it hasn’t any to question.


    “Science alone of all the subjects contains within itself the lesson of the danger of belief in the infallibility of the greatest teachers in the preceding generation (…) When someone says, “Science teaches such and such,” he is using the word incorrectly. Science doesn’t teach anything; experience teaches it. If they say to you, “Science has shown such and such,” you might ask, “How does science show it? How did the scientists find out? How? What? Where?” It should not be “science has shown” but “this experiment, this effect, has shown.” And you have as much right as anyone else, upon hearing about the experiments–but be patient and listen to all the evidence–to judge whether a sensible conclusion has been arrived at. (…) The experts who are leading you may be wrong. (…) I think we live in an unscientific age in which almost all the buffeting of communications and television-words, books, and so on-are unscientific. As a result, there is a considerable amount of intellectual tyranny in the name of science.” R. Feynman

    “We’ve arranged a global civilization in which most crucial elements profoundly depend on science and technology. We have also arranged things so that almost no one understands science and technology. This is a prescription for disaster. We might get away with it for a while, but sooner or later this combustible mixture of ignorance and power is going to blow up in our faces.” C. Sagan

    1,200 scientists on this side, 1,200 scientists on that side… comme ci, comme ca… neither camp is especially good at perceiving or telling the truth, from my perspective, and they are as bad or worse at lying.

    You can play games like this with something aa vague as a water-laden planetary atmosphere, but as we see in other, less ambiguously perceptible areas, our ability to majorly alter global environments and ecologies is well demonstrated, as this image from TAE a few days ago shows:


    Yeah, carbon tax credits and green energy solutions are hokum. That doesn’t mean the weather isn’t currently kicking our asses. Man-made vs nature-made is a majorly false dichotomy: we are part of nature. The problem is that we no longer perceive ourselves living in a real natural world but rather, in a media-sphere of illusions and their derivative delusions.


    On March 7, 2021, voters in Switzerland have thrown out a law governing a proposed electronic identity system. The result is a blow for plans by parliament and the government amid fears about data protection.

    What made it even worse is that Bern intended to literally privatize the digital control. Suggestions for possible administrators were the Swiss banking and/or insurance systems.

    It is likely that the proposal of privatization via the already mistrusted financial system enhanced the negative vote.

    Final result showed 64.4% of voters – almost two-thirds – came out against the planned law of a so-called digital ID, also known as ID2020.

    In a downplaying propaganda stunt, the government, mainly the Justice Department of the Federal Council, was pushing the need for a single access point for simplifying the use of online services offered by commercial businesses, as well as contact with public institutions via e-government channels.

    If so, why then outsourcing and privatizing the highly sensitive task of people’s identity management?

    In today’s world, we know what identity means. It includes every possible point of data and information about every citizen, such as health records, criminal records, financial/banking information, shopping and travel habits, with whom and when you meet – and much, much more.

    The gfs.bern market and research institute pointedly commented after the vote: “Mistrust in private companies was dominant and helped to tip the vote.”

    In a press conference following the vote, Justice Minister Karin Keller-Sutter acknowledged “a certain unease” among voters. She called on parliament and critics of the failed plan to now cooperate to avoid a standstill.

    “We have no choice and must work towards a new solution, even if it takes several attempts,” she told a news conference. “It is key for Switzerland to catch up with other countries when it comes to digitalization.”

    This means in clear text – “We will push the digital ID through in one way or another, even if it counters the peoples democratically expressed will.”

    Read on:


    I find the difference between what’s actually happening and what the business think tanks think is going to come out of it amusing to say the least. Look at the difference in projection in the following two articles:

    “This year’s drought conditions are taking a harder toll than last year’s, as 37% of farmers said they are plowing through and killing existing crops that won’t reach maturity because of dry conditions.”

    “Farmers in Texas are being forced to sell off their cattle herds earlier than normal due to extreme drought — as water sources dry out and grass burns up. Farmers in the Lone Star state reported the largest reduction in herd size, down 50%, followed by New Mexico and Oregon at 43% and 41% respectively.”

    “France’s fruit and vegetable crops have fallen by nearly 35% due to the extreme drought this summer, Jacques Rouchausse, president of the French national association of vegetable producers, Legumes de France, said on Tuesday.

    “We have losses on the yields. For the moment, we estimate that these losses are between 25% and 35 percent. We have to stress that if we want food sovereignty, if we want food security, we really have to find ways to continue producing on our territory,” Rouchausse said on air of Radio Franceinfo.”

    Here Is Why 37 Percent Of U.S. Farmers In The Western Half Of The Country Are Killing Their Own Crops

    Compared with forecasting increases based on what exactly? Past performance? Well no, because past performance would start to point downward at some point, can’t have that. Any cuts in harvest are always glossed over with rosy predictions of the next harvest:

    Partly linked to greater EU maize import needs, global trade of total grains is pegged at 409 million tonnes, 3 million tonnes higher than the previous month’s projection but 15 million tonnes lower than in 2021-22.
    Including drawdowns for corn, wheat, barley and sorghum, cumulative global closing stocks are projected to drop by 4%, to an eight-year low of 577 million tonnes.
    Chiefly tied to expectations for a rebound in South American output, 2022-23 world soybean production is projected to expand by 11% year-on-year to a record of 389 million tonnes.
    “Prospects for growth in uptake of soy products in feed, food and industrial sectors should support gains in total use, to a record of 379 million tonnes, while solid inventory accumulation is anticipated,” the IGC said.
    Global soybean import demand is tentatively seen rebounding by 8% year-on-year, with Southern Hemisphere exporters expected to account for an increased share of trade, the IGC noted.


    ‘Man made climate change’ was invented when activists realised global temperatures were likely to go sideways until 2030. This is due to an interaction between the solar cycle and ocean oscillations. This gives 30 years of warming and then 30 years of cooling. The cooling phase started in 1998 offsetting the global warming caused as the Earth recovers from the horrific ‘Little Ice Age’.

    [An ‘oscillation’ is when large areas of warm surface water sinks below the colder waters beneath! This can be for extended periods, for example for the Pacific Decadal Oscillation these layers swap places every ten years! Real climate science is weird!]

    There is no science supporting the idea that CO2 levels influence global temperatures. The only science shows the reverse. Current CO2 levels reflect global temperatures from 600 years ago! The data comes from ice and sediment cores.

    Increased CO2 levels are a good thing. CO2 is essential for plants and they grow far better with more CO2. These huge Dutch style greenhouses often add CO2 to improve the plant growth.

    Climate change is unusual weather that has happened before. There was a kerfuffle when part of Siberia reached 100 Fahrenheit. This also happened in Gnome Alaska in 1915. We just don’t appreciate the effects of 24 hours/day of sunlight for weeks.

    These beliefs are likened to a religion and often means that followers stop using their intelligence. We are in the ‘New Dark Age’.

    For example there is concern that rising sea levels will swamp coral islands, BUT sea levels have risen hundreds of feet in the past 10,000 years so why do these places exist? And why do they all happen to be at sea level? The answer is that they are piles of sand which rise and fall with sea levels. Some parts may sink and other areas will appear above the sea. A survey some years ago found that land area had increased by 50%. They are not going to disappear!

    To add insult : the ‘greenhouse effect’ in actual greenhouses was disproved in the 1950s. Two identical enclosures were built with one covered in glass and the other with rock crystal. The glass covered area was 0.1C warmer, so an almost non-existant ‘greenhouse effect’. Greenhouses work by creating a barrier to the outside environment.

    I feel sorry for those who have been brainwashed into thinking they must sacrifice everything to ‘fight’ climate change. They will achieve nothing apart from making a few people very rich and wasting huge amounts of fossil fuel!

    ‘Green’ policies are a bit like Jenga. They don’t seem to cause problems, but then things fall apart!

    [Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s propaganda minister: “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”]


    There is so much money to be made out of looting and selling the fossil fuels [that nature sequestered millions of years ago] that a lot of people will sell their souls to the highest bidder. And the fossil fuel corporations, along with the bankers and other corporations, have enough money (albeit it fictional) to ram any agenda they like down the throats of the scientifically illiterate, aided and abetted by governments that could not care less about the future or the welfare of their own citizens, because governments are businesses. The only things governments are interested in are:

    1. keeping the masses uninformed, deluded and compliant

    2. promoting scams that shunt fiat currencies around whilst exacerbating every aspect of every predicament we are faced with.

    3. filling their own bank accounts with pilfered money

    Meanwhile, the effects of Planetary Meltdown get worse by the year, if not worse by the month.

    Overheating due to excess atmospheric CO2 was worked out over 100 years by the Swedish chemist Arrhenius. And Keeling characterised the annual increase in CO2 by 1960, three years after commencing study of it.

    The presidential task force set up to study and advise in 1965 came up with the ‘wrong answer’: we have a problem. Their report was redacted, and then buried, on the basis of “What’s good for General Motors is good for America.” Money, and its companion business, has decided practically everything since.

    Dr James Hansen (head of the Goddard Institute) decided it was more important to focus on the CO2 in the atmosphere of the Earth than of Venus, and gave his warning to Congress in 1988. By 2010 he was describing anyone who promoted the burning of fossil fuels as a criminal.

    None of it makes any difference, of course. Governments will not abandon fossil fuels. Corporations will not abandon fossil fuels. Most people will not abandon fossil fuels. They would rather die of heat exhaustion, and condemn their progeny to an ever more hostile environment than change their lifestles.

    Whether the Earth will be rendered uninhabitable for most extant life forms (certainly all mammals) by 2030 -due to the methane clathrates being destabilised by general overheating- is yet to be seen. There is plenty of evidence they will.

    In the meantime, it may pay to ponder this:


    I gave the correct information that last time you dumped a whole pile of misinformation in the comments thread.

    Please explain this

    continually increasing ocean heat content since 1968

    Dr. D

    “A certain unease” Translation for “Getting your -ss kicked.”

    “if population declines as fast as energy declines, there will be some sort of balance.”

    Yes, but no need. We’re wasting almost all the energy we have on useless tasks and items. It would be way easier to go back to 1970 or 1950 using tech and customs we already have nostalgia for. Not that matching the two isn’t a plan, but clearly there’s an overriding factor besides “Energy peaked” and “We need to reduce.” Both those are highly laudable.

    Energy USE may have declined, but we have energy resources as ever in Russia, Iran, Syria, Libya, Sudan, and probably Cuba and elsewhere, the disputed Arctic comes to mind.

    Although I’m sure from behavior that the mRNA deaths are accurate, I don’t see a ripple of it here, nor a realization of…well, anything. Makes me wonder if the doses were geographical for some reason. It’s easy to lose an extra death or two a week, especially if it’s cancer a year after. Still, pointing out that from the sidewalk, there’s “nothing to cover”. No additional deaths or illnesses visible. And if there is no dissonance, nothing will be looked into or change.

    Dark stuff, but although I believe true malice from actions and behavior, nevertheless I do wonder if the White Hats just let them (thinking: “Upcoming Ice Age”, but add your own real reason here). IF you had to reduce the ship – definitely – and IF that had to be done somehow, how better than an intelligence and resistance test? Whoever fought back, took a relatively mild harm by declining, they deserved to live. They’re the people we need. Those who just go along? They’re just not hardy stuff and maybe it’s better if they bow out now when it’s easy. And again, this is the Good Guys saying this. I think if you suppose malintent, and you suppose there are any White Hats at all, this conclusion is a given. And how white are they really, then? Maybe depends on how sure they are of their “Real Reason” for a rapid population decline.

    We’re probably seen it already: crops worldwide failing, all for different reasons, but generally related to climate. That’s true of all such periods and the reason governments fall. Apparently from my reading, that’s what they believe. Very serious and long. Enough to let a dozen cities perish in the first go. But you don’t fight wars without trading pieces. Even 5GW. We may not be the cause of that climate, it’s been going on since BC whenever the magnetosphere weakens, but that hardly matters, does it?

    If you have to write “Our bank is sound”, you’ve already lost the bank. If you have to write, “Canadian Journalism is Unquestionable” you’re a comedian. RussiaRussiaRussia, WMDs and Ties to Al Qaeda. America won’t take advantage of us on NATFA. Rob Ford. You know: jokes like that.

    Income” now has a bunch of parts, thanks to government and central bank Helping. “Income” for corporations has no doubt shot through the roof. …With a 90% drop in “profit” because the additional “Income” is all inflation. Number get bigger. Taxes get higher. So great an “Income” we stop production and shut the company down, as happens in inflations. Here, and in Argentina, Venezuela, Zimbabwe…All money, no stuff. Only cure is less money, MORE stuff. That is, “Production.” Rewarding hard work instead of punishing it.

    I like the GBN Twitter warning. “Here’s why you should trust the people whose crooked, murderous data we are examining right now…”<

    “Ukraine Planning Nuclear Provocation on Friday – Moscow (RT)”/em>

    Amazing it took them this long. They were pre-positioned for “Chemical Attack! OPCW says so!!!” every day for the first three months. What did they trade? Not to demonstrate Ukraine does deadly medical experiments on their people in return for Ukraine to not have such a Chemical weapons theater? Where they washed them down with hoses and smelled the backpack? Where every policeman touched the doorknob and the perfume bottle and were fine?

    Nukes as a bunker buster: so Europe arranges for Europe to be nuked, with Chernobyl-radiation out to the Irish Sea? I’m not sure that would stop Europe from trading with Russia, more like Europeans to stop with their own leaders.

    Of course it has been rumored Europe paid to have the first Chernobyl melt down, but that was very clever and very subtle and still can’t be proven. The major argument is that the only way that construction could melt down is to have an incredibly freakish series of events, all in specific order. And they followed it like a checklist, while being aware of it themselves. I’m indifferent. My instinct says no: they’re capable of it, but are not that forward-thinking.

    “nuclear incident might seem “insignificant” at first glance, but up to 500,000 people have abandoned their homes because of it,”

    Now you know why Germany, front line for the pre-planned war on Russia, shut off all their nuclear plants. And they needed some plausible excuse, and the Greens were sitting around looking stupid, so…

    All the Green stuff was hyper-pushed and pre-positioned for this pre-planned war, decades in the making. Find the date they started this un-economical, anti-engineering garbage, and you’ll know the date of the CFR Atlantic Council Meeting that decided we were going to invade Russia via Ukraine. It was back near 2000, but obviously especially since 2008. “We own a printing press” The Bernank said, and they installed it in Tesla’s basement to Git-R-Dun.

    “the conflict will settle into a prolonged stalemate, and eventually a weakened Russia will accept a peace agreement that favors the United States and its NATO allies,”

    I think this is Redneck’s position, and I can see why this would be so. I don’t think it will, though. Russia can take all of Ukraine with no resistance. If the US$ system and the Euro weren’t collapsing right now, that probably would be possible and happen, but Europe was a smoldering wreck even before Ukraine and the U.S. was supposed to have fallen in HRC’s Civil Race War back in 2018. We prefer not to. Since most of us are mixed “race” already, duh.

    Also — and by definition this is impossible to predict — this isn’t 1954. The systems and methods of war have altered sharply. Generals always fight the last war, even the Russian ones. However, contact with the field makes them evolve and every war ends up places nobody imagined.

    For example, what does it mean to “Nuke” someone now? We careless speakers and thinkers colloquially mean to “Bomb the heck out of and essentially flatten the whole nation” using a particular munition. But we have battlefield or pocket nukes, and they’ve probably already been used, in Syria and Ukraine, probably elsewhere. They don’t have (much) persisting radiation so there is no threshold there either. So it’s the easiest thing in the world to “Nuke”, that is, to drop a large bomb, on a location, a secured bunker, same as every other bomb. Or for NATO to do the same thing, either admitting, or denying. Once the “Nuke” is used, however, like an Iranian bunker buster, the threshold for using nukes quite generally is opened up. Especially when the public discovers the radiation isn’t that “bad” and life goes on even so, just as it does around Fukushima and Chernobyl today. It’s the Psychological fear that gives them their power. It’s a scam, propaganda, an op.

    However, once you use a pocket nuke and deny it, then a pocket nuke and admit it, then a battlefield nuke, then a regular nuke locally, where’s the resistance to using a Satan II ICBM on Savannah? There is none. So here we are, at the flat beginning of the slippery slope. Any takers? I’ve got an idea: let’s stop invading countries that are none of our business.

    “He pointed to “the Chinese, Indians, Brazilians, South Africa, the Arab world, Africa” as regions not supporting the Western line on the conflict.”

    Yes but also on that “Ukraine support” map, the center of Canada, America, and Australia. And probably 45% of the other yellow nations like France. As we know, the entire world minus a few demented leaders in airtight towers.

    “[Russia] has deployed fighter planes equipped with cutting edge hypersonic missiles to its Baltic region exclave of Kaliningrad”

    Meanwhile, PM Finland is out partying on TikTok like a college sorority girl. They are no longer a serious people and will die. This is troubling since their national mythos is that they stood up to Russia in time of challenge, and rose to the occasion, expelling an army. And this is true. But you need a nation of gritty, determined, hard-living rednecks to do that. Finland now eats caviar in bistro restaurants and clicks cellphone ads online. There aren’t enough rednecks and they are entirely opposed by all the virtue-signalers in government and capital. That is their present ethos. Their myth will cause them to cosplay Hero, and Mr. dress-up as WWII, to their widespread destruction, thinking they as simps and posers are equal to actual men.

    Sideline, since I can’t entirely understand why they wanted to demonstrate this headline in Kaliningrad unless it’s a specific communication to someone.

    America has a similar ethos, and most of our people are 10-ply compared to anyone from the 1930’s, but there are still an awful lot of hard-living, gun-shooting, fireworks-making, car-repairing whiskey drunks around, and America is a very, very large country. You’d find people of this type even in Connecticut and New Jersey, to say nothing of South Carolina. We’re pretty soft right now, but a lot harder than you’d see on TV and our ethos would bring us through after enormous hardship and grinding loss of everything, to be re-created after. Hopefully we can avoid that. Who would invade us? Who would we fight we’re not fighting already? Liz Cheney and Twitter?

    Maybe we should thank our leaders for beating us non-stop since the 90s since it’s made us tough and uncaring enough to defeat them.

    Nearly 20 of our fellow experts and national security professionals — whose digital signatures appear at the end of this op-ed — agree:” We of the national security state believe we should sell more weapons for more profit, as our employers suggest. No conflict of interest here!

    See Jimmy Dore’s mashup of “WeaponsWeaponsWeapons” by every top weapons manufacturer, presented as objective geopolitical “analysts” on CNN. Must. Spend. More. Money. Must not. Fix. Water. In Flint. Must not. Save. Whole. Colorado Valley. Of five states. Death Cult. Biophobes. #AntiLife.

    “which enables governments to maintain public support”

    It’s so darling that they think they need public support. They haven’t listened to or obeyed us for 50 years. Last time somebody did, they shot him.

    “a campaign of genocide” …where Russia specifically and painfully tries to have as few casualties as possible. Hmmm, strange genocide. There is a lot of word salad in that article, and many more lies I won’t list numerically. That’s what happens when you lie. “neither the administration nor European allies have succeeded in making clear why this [war] is important to the United States and the West.” and neither has this article, because there IS no reason. The only reason is a war of aggression to take over the world, and that’s not something even blood-flecked PMCs support.

    They’ve got nothing. They’re broke and no one cares.

    “Not freak out the next time the Ukronazis blow up something, be it a ship, a train, an aircraft, a bridge or any other target in the LDNR or Russia.”

    Russia is pretty used to this. Stuff never worked there and NATO has been attacking them for decades. Just that the previous attacks were embargoes, sanctions, reversals, and constant internet sabotage. Actually Americans are the same. We’re under attack and nothing works here for decades either. Car-eating holes in the roads, bridges shut down for years, no car parts, and of course anything run by computer both won’t work and will lose your data to the internet. Including medical and prescriptions. That’s just a Thursday.

    This might not be true in the 12 blessed cities, but I doubt it. It’s a s—tshow all the way down. Pics of Williamsburg – hottest ‘hood in NYC – look like the Bronx in the ‘80s, with spray paint and security grates dusk to dawn everywhere. If you’re not a billionaire, you’re not a person.

    “Security in the Black Sea” They need to remember what the Black Sea is called now: the “Russian Lake”. There IS no securing or attacking it. They will sink you from the Caspian, 400 miles away. Get a grip. This isn’t 1893.

    “allows Putin to end the war looking like he achieved something.”

    Huh? They still haven’t come up to speed and got the message. YOU LOST. There is no peace. You will take whatever Russia says, and you will like it. Russia is not going to talk to you, they are not going to refer to you. They are not going to sign with you, because: what’s the point? “Allow” Putin to end the war? This presupposes if the West and NATO wanted to stop the war, they could. That they are in any sort of control of things.

    They aren’t.

    Europe is a passive speed bump of history now. What they say or want has no more meaning than a pet-store parrot.

    If people like Blain can’t tell, it’s no wonder the market hasn’t cracked yet.

    “Every spare molecule we can find, we are shipping to the Eurozone..”

    There are no “spare molecules”, we pump 100% of the gas in order to use it. The problem isn’t as Blain says, a “different pipeline”, but the gas fields, which are in Russia, not Denmark or Tallahassee.

    Seven times higher? It’s not yet winter? And he says the worst is behind us? I got nothing. Does he think lies feed and warm people? With his endless latte-fueled billows of hot air? Now would be a good time to shut your pie-hole before the people remember your name as a mouthy little b—h who told them “Learn to Code.” They are not serious leaders, their nations are not serious nations. They will die.

    “ FBI Unit Leading Mar-a-Lago Probe Earlier Ran Russiagate Hoax (Sperry)”

    This goes with a theory that the records people who put on the locks are an entirely different group. That’s why the Epstein-Russiagate crew didn’t have the keys and why the “FBI” “Reversed itself”. In actuality the “FBI” like all organizations isn’t one thing. It’s a bunch of people in factions that fight with each other. The Epstein faction jumped the line and searched the house without the knowledge or involvement of the Federal records people. …Guessing here. They did it as the usual opener to find out what was in the Clinton lawsuit and as a fishing expedition for dirt on the case and the election. …And of course the government generally supports that sort of thing. Daily, yes, but especially for Trump, which is why they were sure they’d get support for it. Look at the GOP, they’re doing nothing about it, how much more the visible Democrats, and 10x more the secret Derp State really running the country who are actually at risk. That’s why Judge Brown was appointed: she halted a case that allowed Federal employees to be fired. Ever. At all. Obviously it’s illegal and unconstitutional to fire anybody! Especially if they’re Federal and Derp State. The Federal Bureaucracy tells CONGRESS what to do, what don’t you understand? THEY are the government, not us. They’ll arrest and torture you at will and whim and have daily for years now.

    “Big Pharma Spent $205 Million in 2 Years Lobbying vs Lower Drug Prices (CHD)”

    True to form, Biden and the Democrats re-raised Insulin prices to da Lambo moon!!!! Wouldn’t want American citizens to survive Type II diabetes or nothin’. Shouldn’t say that: 90% of Republicans were on board as well. Caring and helping! Helping raise life-saving drug prices every day. Highest prices in the world. Nationalize health care so it can be higher! Under Congress that every session votes to make it cost you more.

    “1,200 Scientists and Professionals Say “There Is No Climate Emergency” (DS)”

    Everything I’ve said for 20 years so I won’t rehash it. They’re not scientists, they’re frauds. Because scientists use “data” which they openly share, discuss, and repeat.

    Speaking of models, Scientists think they know the exact weight and number of every animal on the planet? Also the number of hairs on your head, and when every sparrow falls. Yeah, these are the guys that “rediscover” species believed extinct about twice a year and never left London except to club in Ibiza.

    Here’s an idea: bike across Montana. In fact, bike from the shores of Lake Michigan at Milwaukee to the Columbia gap at Dalles, across Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, Montana, Idaho, and Eastern Oregon. I’ll even let you use a Model T. Tell me what you see when you get back, chav. I’ll be waiting.


    Someone mentioned yesterday the wisdom of growing potatoes. I agree:

    Home grown


    Armenio Pereira

    Each and every doctor now speaking against the “vaccines”, after the majority of western(ized) population has been inoculated with an experimental agent, should be urged to meet their two most distinct colleagues, Dr. Tarr and Professor Fether.


    Electric Cars – Another Disaster In The Making

    There are simply not enough of the metals needed to make the batteries in the amount needed. Hundreds of new mines will need to be developed.

    This is just the first batteries – they only last 10-20 years. Replacing the batteries is a massive cost, assuming they are available.

    Lithium batteries are difficult to recycle. They may end up in landfill!

    The elephant in the room is the electricity supply. Many power grids are on the edge when it comes to supply and demand – they can not cope with the energy needs of tens or hundreds of millions of electric cars.

    Trillions would need to be spent globally upgrading power grids – new power stations, upgrading transmission lines, upgrading transformers – all to cope with the massive increase in demand.

    This will not be done. The same people who demand electric cars will also fight tooth and nail against new power stations! The costs would be overwhelming as well, and most of the costs would be spent on fossil fuels.

    The end result will be that EVs will end up having the mobility of a brick. Many countries will end up like Cuba trying to keep ancient fossil fuelled vehicles running.


    Re: who has felt the excess deaths effects of covidiotic vakzination, and who hasn’t: this is as prone to chaos as everything else. Clusters here, voids there. A woman who lives in Ukraine wrote this yesterday:

    “The other day a friend asked me what I’d choose if I could, living in a country at war or living under covid lockdown. I hate to admit it but I chose war… maybe because I’m not in an actual war zone now, but still.”

    Germany liked WWII until it came to their front door. Death from covidiotic vakzination and complications therefrom is invisible until it comes to someone near you. The illusion of prosperity that is modern life is being replaced by reality, the procession led by Herr Death, as is usually how reality reintroduces itself to our deluded noggins.

    John Day

    Peter Koenig, at SouthFront (and Global Research) has this.

    Confronting One World Order (OWO) Globalism. The Rise and Fall of the Beast

    It is utterly important that we are aware that all the tentacles are connected. There are no coincidences; and there is no single frontline in this war. The entire humanity, no matter where we are on this globe, is the frontline. That also means, there is no escape.

    Unless, and this is crucial, we wake up. This is our escape. We, the People, see the light, and ascend to another level where the darkness of the Beast cannot reach us anymore. We need a critical mass for our People’s Power to be strong enough, to pull us, humanity, through and collectively onto a different, higher and enlightened plane.

    To do that, for those who are awake, who see the Beast, who see the tentacles and their machinations as killing machines, it is utmost important that we always see the overall objective of the Great Reset, the UN Agenda 2030, and the 4th Industrial Revolution, hence, the Big Picture.

    John Day

    “No Climate Emergency”, “discuss” : Depends on themeaning of “emergency”.

    Resource depltetion is the more immediate crisis, and what the “owners” are resonding to now.

    Cull us…


    Kiev has denied responsibility (Its not us doing it, its the USA doing it)

    Who will speak for USA
    • Xi and Putin Confirmed For November’s G20 Summit In Bali (AlJ)
    Let’s increase our profits. Sell our gas to EU.
    • EU Gas Prices Seven Times Higher Than In US – CNN

    Armenio Pereira

    Things proceed according to plan: molecules being rearranged, bodies and minds turning into something else – chaos & order are not enemies, more like symbiotic parasites.

    John Day

    Well said, Boscohorowitz!
    “Man-made vs nature-made is a majorly false dichotomy: we are part of nature. The problem is that we no longer perceive ourselves living in a real natural world but rather, in a media-sphere of illusions and their derivative delusions.”

    As we discover more and more about the extreme swings of climate in geological time, what we see now is a fluctuation above the recent baseline in an unusually cool epoch.
    We are life. We must deal with it.


    Culling must happen; one way or another, whole bunches of us gonna die. Nonetheless, I can sympathize with Don’t Cull Us; We’ll Cull You. It’s functionally meaningless/useless at best and the stuff of which reigns of terror are made at worst (politics being a fool’s diversion), but attitudinally, it’s my favorite sweet spot on the existential plane. Even after all these too often tiresome and worrisome years, I’d still rather eat than be eaten.

    Honk Your Scooter Horn If You Love Paul Weller!


    Nearly 20 of our fellow experts and national security professionals — whose digital signatures appear at the end of this op-ed — agree …

    Here we go again, the experts are onto it, experts like the Imperial College predictors, experts like the people who trained the Ukrainians to lose, experts like the people advising Zelensky, experts like the WEF cabal, experts like the CDC, experts like the Pfizer scientists …. experts are full of shit, we know it, they know it, so why spend so much money churning out this nonsense? With all due respect to our host, once I read that line I decided not to read further, there is only so much crap you can allow to flow over you before some of it starts to stick. I stopped reading and took a shower.


    What’s the difference between those ww2 inflatable “tanks” and an imported piece of war machinery that doesn’t work? It’s a clever way of covering up decades of fraud producing materiel at exorbitant prices.

    John Day

    “Humans In Nature” is up. No picture. Lots of redundancy redundancy

    China’s heat and drought are cutting hydroelectric power, solar and wind, as air conditioning draws on the grid force many factories to close for lack of power.​
    China’s Power Crisis Worsens As More Factories Suspend Operations

    ​In the EU restarting of coal powered electric plants is reducing the need for (clean-burning) natural gas from Russia, as American liquified natural gas is being injected into storage reservoirs. German coal mines, closed for years, are again being mined, and Polish mines are producing more.​ (This is a geopolitical move to keep Germany from relying on Russian gas, to the detriment of American power/influence. Recall that NATO’s purpose is to “Keep the Russians out, the Americans in and Germany down”.) So much for greenhouse-gasses…

    ​Across the World, Coal Power is Back (because dirty coal is what there is still lots of to burn, and there is no real economic alternative, when oil and gas run low.)​

    ​Venezuela stops oil shipments to Europe. It was not really “selling” oil to Europe, but shipping oil for “debt relief”, not even refined petroleum products, which Venezuela needs, as its refineries are choked by sanctions on essential feeds, and lack of repair parts. The Bank of England still has “Juan Guaido’s gold”.​

    D Benton Smith

    As Jim Kunstler just observed, there are a lot of serious people seriously asking themselves serious questions about what, if anything, we can (and therefore must) do to fix the uni-mess before it kills most of us and seriously damages the rest.

    I think most people know the answer to that one. It’s a simple (but truly awful) perpetual choice between only two options, and most people know what they are.

    So what’s it going to be?

    Will it be our voluntary acquiescence to the first slow, then fast, but always agonizing, crimes and degradations which are leading us at breathtaking speed into literally lawless chaos . . . . . by passively leaving authority in the hands of those who occupy every meaningful position of authority across our land, and who are openly using that authority to cause that chaotic collapse as quickly as they can?

    Or will it be the proactive . . . . meaning: real, actual, and physically immediate . . . . eviction of miscreants from their positions of authority from top to bottom in virtually all of our heretofore vital institutions before it really is too late, in a last ditch effort to pull the chestnut of our civilization out of the roaring conflagration of vices of every description that is consuming it?

    It’s a war alright (has been for quite a while) and it is not asking for our permission to further escalate into the increased violence that IS coming to everyone who is not exquisitely adroit at avoiding the entrapping situation of having to say “No” to someone with a gun.

    Helping ourselves, each other (and anyone else who cares to listen) learn how to navigate these mortally dangerous waters is what our job is. It is not going to be easy, but that’s what you’re good at.


    piece of war machinery that doesn’t work
    That is why its from inventory and from museums.

    John Day

    It looks like Russian links won’t load today. I’ll tweak them so they’re not quite links:

    ​ ​Vladimir Putin is about to re-emerge on the G20 scene again, this time courtesy of Indonesian President Joko Widodo, who today said that both Putin and China’s president Xi both plan to attend the G20 summit in the resort island of Bali later this year.​..
    ​..The presence of Xi and Putin at the meeting will set up a showdown with the deep state handlers who control Joe Biden’s teleprompter and other, less senile “western” leaders, all of whom are set to meet in person for the first time since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The attack has left the G-20 divided over whether to place sanctions on Russia, because while a handful of G-20 countries are relatively self reliant, most are desperate for Russia’s commodity exports.

    ​Hungarian President, Viktor Orban speaks the unspeakable. He will not back down to EU pressure after this. He has chosen the other side. Attention NATO!
    ​ ​Orban said he expects the European Union to emerge weaker in the global arena once the fighting in Ukraine is over.
    ​ ​The Hungarian leader argued that the West is incapable of winning the conflict militarily, and that the sanctions it has imposed on Moscow have failed to destabilize Russia. To make matters worse, the punitive measures have spectacularly backfired on the EU, he said.
    ​ ​Orban also noted that a “large part of the world” is clearly not getting behind the US when it comes to Ukraine. He pointed to “the Chinese, Indians, Brazilians, South Africa, the Arab world, Africa” as regions not supporting the Western line on the conflict.
    ​ ​“It is quite possible that it will be this war that will demonstratively put an end to Western supremacy,”
    https://www.rt. com/news/561108-orban-ukraine-conflict-end-western-hegemony/

    Ukrainian Roulette:
    The Ukrainian military has fired multiple rockets directly at coolant systems and nuclear waste storage site inside the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant in Energodar, local government administration member Vladimir Rogov told Russian media on Tuesday. He warned that a successful strike may result in a radiation release equivalent to a “dirty bomb.”
    “One of the guided missiles hit just ten meters” from the barrels with spent nuclear fuel,” Rogov told Soloviev Live. “Others hit a bit farther away, 50 to 200 meters.”
    Since the storage site is out in the open, any hit will result in the release of nuclear waste ranging from dozens to hundreds of kilograms and contamination of the area, the official explained. “In plain language, that would be like a dirty bomb,” said Rogov.
    https://www.rt. com/russia/560971-ukraine-bombs-waste-containers-zaporozhye/

    NATO’s 2030 Strategic Concept Threatens to Destabilise the World
    Atlantic Alliance will continue targeting Russia and China until at least 2030.

    Former Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) says that the greatest threat to democracy isn’t Trump voters, or parents protesting at school board meetings – “but the permanent Washington elite which has weaponized the govt and teamed up with corporate media to intimidate and silence those who dare to disagree with them.”

    John Day

    That worked. Take out the space between “RT.” and “com”

    Cardiovascular Effects of the BNT162b2 mRNA COVID-19 Vaccine in Adolescents (301 patients 12-18 years of age, Pfizer vaccine)
    Cardiovascular effects were found in 29.24% of patients, ranging from tachycardia, palpitation, and myopericarditis. Myopericarditis was confirmed in one patient after vaccination. Two patients had suspected pericarditis and four patients had suspected subclinical myocarditis. Conclusion: Cardiovascular effects in adolescents after BNT162b2 mRNA COVID-19 vaccination included tachycardia, palpitation, and myocarditis. The clinical presentation of myopericarditis after vaccination was usually mild, with all cases fully recovering within 14 days.

    Steve Kirsh reflects and comments on the Thai study above. Thanks Luc.
    Interestingly, this is consistent with the number of myocarditis rates at Monte Vista Christian School in Watsonville, CA which was in excess of 1% but they wouldn’t reveal any of the details beyond that publicly; gotta keep the school safe from lawsuits.

    German insurance claims hint at millions of unreported vaccine injuries
    As the Daily Skeptic notes, given that TK [Techniker Krankenkasse] insures 11 million people, that means 1 in 23, or 4.3%, had a medical treatment billed for vaccine injury. And that assumes all 11 million were vaccinated.
    The background vaccination rate in Germany is 78%, although most of the unvaccinated are children, so the rate of injury per vaccinated person is likely even higher (5.1%).

    It is utterly important that we are aware that all the tentacles are connected. There are no coincidences; and there is no single frontline in this war. The entire humanity, no matter where we are on this globe, is the frontline. That also means, there is no escape.
    Unless, and this is crucial, we wake up. This is our escape. We, the People, see the light, and ascend to another level where the darkness of the Beast cannot reach us anymore. We need a critical mass for our People’s Power to be strong enough, to pull us, humanity, through and collectively onto a different, higher and enlightened plane.
    To do that, for those who are awake, who see the Beast, who see the tentacles and their machinations as killing machines, it is utmost important that we always see the overall objective of the Great Reset, the UN Agenda 2030, and the 4th Industrial Revolution, hence, the Big Picture.

    John Day

    D Benton Smith asked:
    “Or will it be the proactive . . . . meaning: real, actual, and physically immediate . . . . eviction of miscreants from their positions of authority from top to bottom in virtually all of our heretofore vital institutions before it really is too late, in a last ditch effort to pull the chestnut of our civilization out of the roaring conflagration of vices of every description that is consuming it?”

    I think they have set the institutions on the downhill road to failure at most of the higher levels, and higher is where the money comes from, so the lower levels fail without it.
    That’s what the miscreants made, and it is a cancer, and it will die and we will die.

    What we need is a parallel system. That’s what TROTW (the rest of the world) is trying to throw together on the fly. There will be a delay between the collapse of our life-support-and-exsanguination system and the lateral access to some new system for TROTW.
    TROTW may have some fuming resentments.

    D Benton Smith


    “TROTW may have some fuming resentments”.

    Yup, reckon so. And considering how badly the West has behaved, then if we we live through it we’ll be getting off light.

    John Day

    The people pay the debts of “the government”.
    “We’ll be getting off light.”
    The lightest we can get offis to die of post-vaccine cancer this year, isn’t it?
    Diabolically worked out, this is…


    Climate crisis
    I decided several years back that it was useless to argue over whether or not there is a climate emergency when the climate concerns are merely part of a larger problem. Namely, current human practices on the planet are at odds with the natural systems and cycles of the planet. We are pouring CO2 into the atmosphere, acidifying the oceans, and we do not know exactly what long-term effect that may have. We have unleashed a toxic plastic tsunami on the planet. We poison pure aquifers and deplete other aquifers without consideration of the short- and long-term consequences. We raze forests, pollute waterways causing algae blooms and oceanic zones nearly devoid of oxygen. We play with nuclear forces, sometimes having accidents with them, and lack the tools and technology to properly clean up our nuclear messes. We fiddle around with viral DNA and then either release or leak our Frankenstein creations. We are behaving like toddlers on this planet.

    I believe that humanity needs to “grow up” a bit, in order to avoid destroying ourselves. However, this is not going to be effectively accomplished by totalitarian means, not for the benefit of a small, wealthy coterie while the rest of humanity is enslaved. The change needs to come about through an “awakening” or “enlightenment” that is driven by new myths (or by rediscovery of appropriate old myths.). Mythologies can create organic movements that sweep through societies, changing minds and hearts without coercion, without threat of force, simply because “it is the right thing to do.”

    Examples (taken from my life, of course, because that is how I roll, lol.):

    More than 15 years ago I never would have imagined having a flock of chickens. It would have seen bizarre. Now, many people have chickens. Roosters are banned by the city in my neighborhood, yet there are 2 on neighboring streets that
    I hear. My neighbor to the north has talked about getting hens for years, I’ve had hens more than 8 years, and my neighbor to the south had a couple chickens for a few months. Nobody told us to get chickens. No one threatened us. And yet…the stories that people tell about themselves have shifted so that chickens in cities has, once again, become a normal “thing.”

    About 15 years ago I began taking reusable bags when shopping. When I asked checkers not to use store provided bags I was given funny looks, and when they forget and put my groceries in plastic anyways and I reminded them not to, the request was met with near hostility. Now…although Phoenix has no laws in place about disposable bags, it has become a part of the normal fabric of society that a sizable subset of the population uses reusable bags.

    Yesterday I called a client’s software vendor because they needed access to some log files in the client’s server. I had to wait with a reception type person until a tech was ready. I happened to mention something about vegetable gardening. The receptionist expressed how she wanted to garden, but had “a black thumb.” I pointed out that plants tend to grow more easily in
    Maryland than Phoenix. She agreed, but moaned about deer and insects eating holes in her vegetable plants when she tried. I suggested a fence to keep away the deer and inter-planting garlic and marigolds with the vegetables in her next attempt, as many insects dislike both garlic and marigolds, and it may help with the insect problem. I have been fascinated with gardening since I was a small child…however, it seems that more and more people that I encounter are beginning to desire to garden as well.

    Matthias Desmet pointed out that “mass formations” are not always detrimental to a society. They can also be pro-social and beneficial. The Covid madness, vaccine insanity, WEFfer war on food, censorship, etc., are attempts by the elite to harness the natural process of “mass formation” for nefarious purposes. The Renaissance, Enlightenment, and Reformation were mass formations. We need something similar that will restructure humanity’s relationship to be in more in harmony with the planet’s systems and that returns us to many of the ideals of the Enlightenment, when humanity enshrined rights and freedoms.

    John Day

    Thanks Phoenixvoice: I have “Raising Chickens For Dummies”, but I have 2 places and chickens need protecting every day and night.


    Quiet Quitting
    Gas will be shut off for 3 days for another maintenance.
    Nobody will notice because of the heat wave in EU


    “1,200 Scientists and Professionals Say “There is No Climate Emergency”

    If you want to read just one book on this subject, I can highly recommend “Unsettled: What Climate Science Tells Us, What it Doesn’t, and Why it Matters” by Steven E. Koonin. It is an excellent and balanced book that rests its arguments on actual science (vs. “The Science”), and also saves some space to discuss at length the adverse influences of politics, media, and “The Science” on public discourse.


    It’s fine wishing for a second Enlightenment, one that removes the present set of rulers from office and replaces them with a kinder, gentler, more human lot. I wish for that too. One way to do this is via the ballot box, another by the direct overthrow and demolition of the power structures.

    But the lesson of history seems to be that some time afterwards, another set of psychopaths grows up and gradually takes over, and we’re back to where we started.

    What we need is a permanent change in the human psyche, one that will not atrophy over the years.


    What we are witnessing now is the natural consequence of one of our distant ancestors -maybe 200,000 years ago- working out how to tie a knot.

    Many animal species have the ability to use tools, and some manufacture tools -usually probes to extract food from crevices. But no other species has the manual dexterity necessary to tie knots.

    Knot = sharp stone firmly fixed to a long stick = access to the meat of large animals

    Knot + bone needle = fur clothing enabling humans to proliferate in cold climates

    Knot + animal skin = boat to carry spear to marine environments and kill large marine animals

    Knot + straw = weatherproof roof

    Complicated knot = knitted clothing

    Knot = means of controlling large animals = domestication.

    Complicated knot = woven basket to carry and store food

    Fire = means to cook food and extract energy from the environment more quickly

    Fire + suitable stone = metal

    Metal + stick = better weapon

    Better weapon = capacity to kill competitors more effectively and take resources….

    We are still stuck in the Iron Age.

    But it will soon be over, because ‘clever’ humans created a world in which abstracts -such as money created out of thin air- control everything else. And without energy nothing happens.

    Also, the major consequence of massive population overshoot (of the order of 7.5 billion, facilitated by fossil fuels) is to mess up the geochemical systems that made this planet suitable for life-as-we-know-it.

    If you examine the ocean heat graph (linked above) you will see that the last opportunity to turn this monster round was in the 1970s, which is when the banks, the corporations and their political lackeys -the politicians and economists- refused to countenance anything other than perpetual growth on a finite planet.


    “..a month-and-half worth of rain [in a couple of days].”

    More land slips, more houses wrecked, more businesses ruined, bigger insurance claims.

    Yep. That’s what you get when you elevate the atmospheric CO2 level to 190 ppm above the long-term average or 140 ppm above the pre-industrial level (current 420 ppm versus 230 ppm 800,000-year average and 280 ppm pre-industrial). Superheated oceans = greater evaporation and supercharged storm systems.

    But the mainstream media are NEVER going to mention any of that because we live in a consumption-based system….until we don’t.


    Taiwan’s election campaigning has revealed a point of interest: the sitting government has declared that the price it paid for the Pfizer jab is a national security secret and will remain a secret for the next 30 years. KMT will use this to great effect – or should do – because as we all here know, Pfizer and Moderna are Gangsta Inc: paid such high kickbacks that the price paid to Pfizer would have to be investigated.

    Taiwan spends something like 50% of its GDP on US weapons and it seems that the long-standing kickbacks associated with those sales have leeched into the Gangsta Inc sales. I am sure that Pelosi was only here to get her cut. Taiwan showing all the signs of “Democracy” that we see in the west: the thieves have risen to the top.

    Does not make me want to support KMT and reunification: the CCP are just as corrupt but at least they do not try to pretend otherwise.


    Record warm as well as record rain. I metre of rain on Mount Taranaki and 100 mm in New Plymouth, both new record highs in one episode.

    Expect it to get worse, cos it will.

    Actually, the government and local councils will make it worse.


    The political fiction that humans cause most or all climate change and the claim that the science behind this notion is ‘settled’, has been dealt a savage blow by the publication of a ‘World Climate Declaration (WCD)’ signed by over 1,100 scientists and professionals.

    A “savage blow”? Give us a break. Everybody with any ability to comprehend a CO2 graph and a temperature graph already knows this, that includes most of the people working for the elites who are pushing for green energy. This is a scam, it is not about a misinformed public, it is about a deliberately conned public, it is a scam. The media know it is a scam, they don’t care, they are controlled by the elites and their whole business is to con you into believing that they care about you knowing the truth: no they don’t, their job is to make you believe their lies.

    None of the dumb fucks who believe that humans are causing global warming will ever have looked at the science and they do not care either. They are just happy to believe what they have been told to believe by their government. They are on the side of the government, they support the people who are putting them in chains and stealing their lives, these people are the enemy.

    John Day

    @aspnaz: I think it’s accurate, the greenhouse gas modeling, and anthropogenic global warming, but it needsto be taken in the context of lots of things changing Earth’s climate, and unpredictably, especially big volcanoes, but also solar output, which is not just absorbed by the atmosphere and planetary surface, but by the planetary core, which heat is slower to surface. There are “electrical universe” weather events, also. A big destabilization may soon arrive, or our solar system may pass into it.

    It’s like Donald Rumsfeld’s “unknown unknowns” and “known unknowns”.
    I think the scenarios being put forth by the global warming folks are not far off, if things go as they have been doing, but i think there are a lot of things that can be very destabilizing in a heating, cooling, and also “shields are down” against cosmic radiation kind of way.

    Burning carbon is our economic life support system. We see that now, right? It has already decreased, and I argue that it cannot increase again, for multiple reasons. That implies long term economic contraction. We have owners who thin the human herds when economies contract. It’s apparently their function as the apex-predators of us.
    This much is business-as-usual. Make your adaptations. This is where broad human talents are useful.

    It’s really hard to prepare for the Van Allen Belts going down and cosmic rays shooting our cells and DNA full of holes. This has probably happened before, but nobody knew what was up. Caves helped.

    I think we’re not done with history or with evolution. There are times when populations grow a lot, then something happens and some small fraction survive. It’s easy to think that was all in the past if it never happened to you.
    I think it is coming around again.
    This decade will be full of selection-events, and so may be the rest of this century, or even more.
    I’m trying to survive this decade and help family and friends have full lives afterwards, but even seeing the near future is a big guess.
    One round of culling at a time,,, and then there’s “luck”.

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