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    Pablo Picasso Man with ice cream cone 1938   • US On Verge Of Becoming Party To Ukrainian Conflict, Moscow Warns (RT) • US Has Doomed Europe To H
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    Dr. D

    Today’s stellar quotes:


    One of the Four Horsemen of Atheism, demonstrating why you need a moral code, and why it seems only religion provides one. Reading his wiki page, he is an acolyte of religion; just that the religion is Science and logic. It’s logical to defeat your enemies by holding their children’s corpses in your basement, but it is not moral. Because the morality doesn’t arise from anywhere, it isn’t attached to anything.

    Sad subject, tho, for us as well as him. Relative morality means “Whatever I like, whatever works for me” and woe to anyone who gets in their way! Fires of the Inquisition!

    “Let this be the whole of the law: do what thou wilt.” – Crowley. One of history’s most upstanding men.

    “US Has Doomed Europe to Hunger and Cold – Russia (RT)”

    Everything’s in a holding pattern with the same distractions. What are we not seeing? Where are the troops amassing, both the real tanks, and inflatable ones? Waiting September election in Italy? The Market? China is already embargoing and softening up Taiwan for real invasion?

    “Middle East States in Line For $1.3 Trillion Windfall from Extra Oil Revenues (G.)”

    Like the stock market the “Money” or “Claims on real goods” are transferred. So the wealth has been transferred from the West to the Global South, with the West’s express permission and indeed fierce, determined action.

    ““Ukraine is winning because of our belief”

    The Ego is all. If I believe it, if it exists in my mind, it is reality. Convincing someone of a lie is the same as it being true.

    This is why as yesterday, this is “Mass Formation PSYCHOSIS”, the short version of which is “Mass Formation”. Don’t drop the “Psychosis”, if we’re talking about making clovis points or the Enlightenment, it’s not the same thing. Psychosis means “You’ve lost your mind.” You have little to no contact with objective reality.

    “Volodymyr Zelenskiy was special. He was bright, hard-working and wanted to be the best”

    I’m sure this is true. I like Zelensky. However, he’s over his head and has no backbone and no moral compass. He’s a weak man, a comedian and actor, not a strong man, a soldier or farmer and statesman. So he was picked up and placed by savage, mass murdering billionaire Ukraine is run by and they will quite literally kill him, his family, and everyone he knows if he doesn’t obey exactly and play his part. Above them the U.S. will murder him, his family, and everyone he knows if Kolomoisky doesn’t. Do YOU want to sit in that chair?

    However, I would do the expected, gather force on the side, and double-cross the guys above me for the good of my country even if it kills everyone, just because I’m that sort of farmer, soldier, statesman kind of guy. And that’s why they picked him and not me.

    “Ukraine’s 2019 presidential election, which Zelenskiy won by a landslide.”

    In which, like Bush and Obama, promised peace and reconciliation. Justice and to root out corruption. And like Bush, Obama, Clinton, Bush, Reagan, Carter, and Nixon, he was lying.

    “”Kraken” regiment has, some estimates suggest it is about 1,800 soldiers strong”

    The origin of the word “Decimate.” In Rome, if you left your post, they drew straws and 1 in 10 Roman Soldiers would be killed on the spot as punishment. Not sure how this works as you have 10% less soldiers every round, and the ones you killed are battle-experienced. But hey, I’m on the American plan with a volunteer army so what do I know?

    Video: yes this is what being illogical feels like. If you do the common thing which makes no sense you’re a racist, and if you do the uncommon thing which makes no sense you’re a racist. Conclusion: You were born, therefore you are a racist! Welcome to America, little buddy!

    (Spoiler alert: this is the plot to “White Fragility”. If you are White and born in Africa or Korea, you are a racist. Why? Melanin. That’s how people who are not racist and anti-racist think. Don’t you want to join? What if I told you all you had to do was accuse somebody and could then take all their stuff? Want to join now? As demonstrated by Robespierre, Extortion is the highest moral good! …In #Oppositeland.)

    V. Arnold

    Pablo Picasso Man with ice cream cone 1938

    Now that’s an amazing Picasso; love the colors; the crazyness; and the lick…

    The best video

    Living in an Asian (SE) culture, I can fully appreciate that video; typical western ignorance and insensitivity towards everything not western…fuck all……..I’m done…


    Moral codes are invented by men, whether in religious context or not, and are based on experience of what leads to a healthy and stable society.

    Just because Sam Harris has no morals, doesn’t mean atheism leads to lack of morals. Maybe they’re even stronger. How do I know you religious people actually have morals and are not simply afraid to disobey God?


    @redshift Your thinking is shallow. “What leads to a healthy and stable society’ is discovered, not invented by men. Moral codes are discovered, not invented by men. Basic concepts of right and wrong energize and direct human activities; electricity is discovered, not invented. Now, moral absolutes can never be fully known by finited creatures, just like the concept of infinity itself can never be known; yet we all recognize that infinity exists as a concept. The same applies to morals. Together we must agree upon objective right and wrong; by even discussing morals we admit of their objective potential. These concepts are the bedrock of Western civilization since Plato on through the early Christian fathers (the best of whom were Platonists). Harris is suffers the Atheist’s logical fallacy: “I’m right in saying there’s no such thing as right.”


    Being a boss of a piss pond is better than not being a boss of anything.

    fact check
    Inspectors report for prison attack – nil
    Inspectors report for nuclear security – nil
    Inspector report for humanitarian food shipment for staving people – nil
    Inspector report for Russian export – nil
    a volunteer in a volunteer army cannot quit being in a volunteer army


    @ dr d
    Matthias Desmet very specifically does not call the Covid madness “mass formation psychosis” — the studied scholar calls the phenomenon “mass formation” and applies the term to negatively, neutrally, and positively charged events.

    I believe it was Dr. Robert Malone who appended “psychosis” to the term. I hold Dr. Malone in very high regard, however, psychology is not his area of expertise. The term “mass formation psychosis” — while an apt description of the Covid lunacy — is a type of “pop psychology” shorthand. It sticks because, by itself, the term “mass formation” is not descriptive enough for lay people to grasp what is being described. We understand a “psychosis” to be a mental break with reality.

    However, in my post yesterday, it was appropriate to use the term “mass formation” as a description of one way that an idea can quickly permeate a human society, changing minds and behaviors without coercion, without infringing on personal liberty. It could even be said that the current Western paradigm of considering the earth something that humankind should exploit and tame is actually a psychosis — humanity’s delusion of grandeur — because, in actuality, we are beings still dependent upon earth’s biosphere for oxygen, gravity, water, etc., and cannot healthily sustain ourselves for long periods of time without these provisions from our planet. If the idea that we are dependent upon the earth — or, at the very least, existing interdependently with the earth — were to permeate the minds of humanity, this could be seen as a lifting of the current psychosis, the belief that we are independent from the natural world.


    Regarding moral codes:
    I was raised Mormon. At about age 31 I realized that Joseph Smith, the founder of the LDS faith, was basically just a charismatic guy that created a religion so that he could sleep around with other men’s wives and young women. I came from a devout LDS family and had been devout all my life. Needless to say, this shook me profoundly.

    Morally, something interesting happened. I had, up until that point, lived according to a moral code that many would find a bit extreme — no alcohol, no tobacco, no caffeine, no shopping on Sundays (except in true emergencies,) attend church service EVERY Sunday (unless sick or traveling,) 10% gross earnings donated to the Church, wear fancy, long-ish underwear under my clothes, no sleeveless, low-cut blouses, nor “short-shorts,” no two-piece bathing suits, no sex out of marriage. I immediately found myself dropping this moral code. (I love wearing tank tops! Yeah!) And then I found out something curious.

    All of those years that I had grown up Mormon, interacting with the people and culture of the rest of the world, I had developed a deeper, more fundamental moral code than the one imposed by the religion. When I was a practicing Mormon, I had a double-standard — the moral code that I applied to myself and other “active” Mormons, and the moral code by which I judged the rest of the world, that had developed jointly from my upbringing and my life experience. When I ceased to believe in the LDS faith that second moral code —applied to “non-Mormons” — I discovered WAS my intrinsic moral code. I have used it ever since. Within six months I was, essentially, an atheist — I do not believe in any sort of humanoid, parental, god-creature. But that moral code has remained and is my compass.


    USA Murder Inc

    “We tortured some folks” Mr hope and Change Obama

    Today’s Expert panel ruminates on the Nature of Violence, how to be a compliant, obedient and cowardly citizen. Sponsored by Pfizer, the WEF, the MIC, the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, and Epstein Island Fantasy Vacations.

    Obey Citizen, your cowardice is courage.
    War is Peace and you will be violently subjugated for the greater good of ignorance. Pass it On-
    #whyresist #cowardlycourage


    @phoenix – have appreciated your recent posts. I love how you take time to interpret life’s lessons – and that you share your experiences. You are an inspiration!

    On moral codes:

    My moral code was developed through connection to my inner voice/my conscience in tandem with life experience. The conscience is a great gift, it offers insight and opens a portal to higher consciousness. We suffer the consequences of not listening.

    One recent example of the power of my conscience came during Covid. The KNOWING came to me in the space/place deep within…the message – NO VAXX. I listened.

    LOVE to All.


    Farmer McGregor

    @redshift: “How do I know you religious people actually have morals and are not simply afraid to disobey God?

    “The fear (respect, reverence) of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom”
    from the ancient book of Proverbs in the Jewish bible (the Old Testament), parenthetical added.

    Being of afraid of God is a good thing. Very good.



    ‘If the idea that we are dependent upon the earth — or, at the very least, existing interdependently with the earth — were to permeate the minds of humanity, this could be seen as a lifting of the current psychosis, the belief that we are independent from the natural world.’

    It is the job of governments and the mainstream media to stamp out such thinking! And they will lie incessantly to adhere to that agenda.

    So it will be the collapse of the credibility of governments -in particular the NATOstan governments- that will allow people trapped in ‘the Matrix; to start living with a modicum of sanity. That, and the collapse of the consumer society -coming soon- that currently keeps them supplied with “Kills 99% of all known germs” products, cosmetics, hair conditioner, convenience ‘foods’, plastic clothing etc.

    That is where the deNaxification of Ukraine by Russia plays such an important, along with the counterproductive policies foisted on the masses by the saboteurs that comprise NATOstan governments. Progress is slow mainly because the ground being fought over and then liberated is littered with mines

    On the matter of the deNazification of Ukraine, the Military Summary channel informs us of a ‘rebirth of Russia’ as far as the Special Military Operation goes: it’s difficult to keep up with the losses of cannon fodder sent to the front line by the UK/US directors of the Ukrainian forces but it seems to be of the order of 1000 humans per day and of the order of 30 amoured vehicles per day.

    There is rumour of the Ukrainians fighting back in ways only ‘honourable’ nations would: use of supposedly banned (we pretend not to make them and pretend not to use them) antipersonnel weapons against civilians, chemical attacks, biological attacks, shelling nuclear facilities etc.

    We know it’s a dirty game that the bankers and corporations play. It always has been.


    @Fattigmann you’re nitpicking on semantics. Just replace ‘invented’ by ‘discovered’ in my sentence then. That’s what I meant, morals were discovered from experience on what works and what does not work well for the community.

    Dr. D said “… and why it seems only religion provides one”, that’s the point I was disputing.

    Veracious Poet


    v. Arnold said

    Living in an Asian (SE) culture, I can fully appreciate that video; typical western ignorance and insensitivity towards everything not western…fuck all……..I’m done…

    There are plenty of white people living in Asia who get pissed off with the locals because they do not practice British manners. You choose to live in a foreign culture but expect the people to “behave”?

    Friday evening we had met some friends and were standing outside a restaurant, as were other groups of people, when this white guy walks up to us, he obviously is wanting to walk along the stretch of pavement that we were occupying. He stopped short of us, looked at me with the clear message “move out of my way and let me pass” and when I did nothing – I am in Taiwan, so Taiwan rules apply and everybody else in the group is Taiwanese – he rolled his eyes and tutted then pushed his way through in standard Chinese fashion.

    Then you hear all the white people complain about people not keeping their dogs on leads, how they drive so badly etc etc …. you sometimes wonder why these people chose Asia as home, maybe they didn’t, maybe they were thrown out of their home countries for being so grumpy.

    D Benton Smith

    Sam Harris has long been the high-profile spokesman for atheism, , A.I. and other materialistic sophistry, but even so I was shocked and amazed. And there wasn’t really any good motive for even doing it! No one advised or led him to metaphorically blow his own shit-for-brains out to the entire Internet and beyond. He just up and disencephalated himself voluntarily. It’s amazing what hubris can do.

    Harris is so full of himself and little else that he apparently believed . . . with supreme confidence . . . that he could get away with blurting out to the world the despicably monstrous and insane fallacies that underpin the pseudo intellectual drivel that he spouts for a living. . . . and not be called out and rightfully condemned for it. I bet he expected instead to be praised by his equally insane friends for that truly shocking admission of their total disregard for the value of human life..

    Bye bye, Sam. I think it’s safe to leave the sun screen at home for your next trip.




    Scholz looks worriedly and helplessly at his gas turbine, as if it’s miraculously going to take flight, while his great country goes rapidly down the toilet.

    Latest report from our friend in Munich:

    “…things have changed a lot through the pandemic, I fear that our best years are over. There are new rules all the time and according to the announcements of our politicians the next autumn/winter will be even worse than the last one. People are mostly in a bad mood and are getting more and more aggressive. I don’t recognize Munich anymore, And there is the war in Ukraine going on, do they really have a chance to win against Russia? Where will it end? What’s the purpose behind all this?”

    New Zealand

    “Every year, otherwise healthy New Zealanders drop dead with no warning. Researches (sic) hope new funding will prevent more deaths…”
    “While her death is being investigated by the Coroner, …the cause was suspected to be sudden arrhythmic death syndrome (SADS), also known as sudden adult death syndrome.
    SADS is an umbrella term used to describe deaths of otherwise healthy people, usually under 40, after their heart stops beating, due to an, often undiagnosed, genetic instability of the heart.”

    You would think that more people could spot the lie. But no, don’t underestimate the power of the psyop.

    Meanwhile our brainwashed family and acquaintances see us as curiosities – unvaxxed, uninfected, old and still not dead.


    Good to see you at the top of the comments again. You seem to have appreciated today’s Picasso 😉 Damn sure it’ll give me nightmares tonight 🙄



    Disturbing for those of us who try to read people and happen to admire Putin. Maybe there’s some despair in that look.
    A guy with the weight of the world on his shoulders, trying to stop a conflagration in Europe, trying to talk sense with people who believe “collateral damage” is just a side show. And yeah we remember who famously coined that phrase.


    Top post. Hope your weather is better down there in the south. Beautiful day today here at the other end of the country after all the “stormy weather”

    V. Arnold

    aspnaz #113841

    There are plenty of white people living in Asia who get pissed off with the locals because they do not practice British manners. You choose to live in a foreign culture but expect the people to “behave”?

    I do not “expect anything” of the farang here in Thailand; which is precisely why I live in an area with no other farang (white westerners)…
    I love Thai culture and it’s people, and have zero problem with the mores and norms…

    V. Arnold

    SeaBirds #113843
    Good to see you at the top of the comments again. You seem to have appreciated today’s Picasso 😉 Damn sure it’ll give me nightmares tonight 🙄

    LOL…and thanks; how kind of you to say…

    As an aside: Farang (white westerner) is not a perjorative term, regardless of what many westerners choose to believe…



    Dare I say it? We have had excellent weather here in North Canterbury over the past week. Mild, a few damp spells, and little wind. Those ‘big hills’ to the west and north of us knock the stuffing out of most storms headed from those directions. And cause the torrents of rain to fall in the usual places.

    Warm nor’westerlies are great in winter-spring, but can be a hazard in the summer, when ground moisture can disappear in a matter of a day.

    John Day

    “Mango Man With Lemon Lime Ice Cream Cone”

    There, fixed it for you, Picasso.
    I’ll have to catch up tomorrow.
    Bedtime, now.

    That dude , Sam Harris said just the right mouthfull, didn’t he?


    I must thank RIM for all the work he does putting together daily updates of the clusterfuck we are in.

    I have only watched a portion of the Canadian film, but what I have watched is excellent, and clearly demonstrates conspiracy in high places…or should I say in sewers?.


    It seems like the worst the war goes for the Ukraine, the more unbelievable and unreal the news out of the Ukraine is becoming. Just like the news in Germany as the tide of the war turned against Germany in WW2. Reality is hard to swallow for the woke folks.

    Ukrainian nazis executing their own soldiers can not forestall reality.

    A Donbas military leader has claimed the Ukrainians have suffered 200,000 dead and 300.000 wounded. The war is almost 6 months old or 180 days. It is possible these figures are in the ball park. But who knows? The Russians are not talking and the Ukrainians are lying.

    Their is no freedom left in the Ukraine for Ukrainians. I have noticed that more Ukrainians seeking to escape to freedom, instead of heading west, are now instead heading to Russia. They say they are going to rescue grandma in Russian held territory and bring her back to the Ukraine. But their cars are loaded up with everything they own.



    There are certainly precedents for military forces executing their own soldiers. The French did after the Battle of Verdun, when soldiers refused to fight any more after enormous casualties (don’t quote me but of the order of 600,000) and declared: “We are not sheep to be sent for slaughter!”

    “Yes you are,” said the generals, who then made an example of the ringleaders as a deterrent to others.

    Russia doesn’t say a lot because they do not want to give any hints as to what is going on or what they plan to do. But when they do speak, it is wise to listen and heed the message.

    According to some sources, Russia has masses of equipment and specialist fighters but is short of foot soldiers.

    As people desert and run eastwards, they are offered the opportunity to ‘get even’ with their previous oppressors, and large numbers of battalions are being formed from people who would rather fight for ‘an evil dictator hell bent on taking over the world’ than for ‘f’reedom and democracy’.

    Just a reminder: “Oceania is at war with Eurasia. Oceania has always been at war with Eurasia.” -Eric Blair (Orwell)



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