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    VIncent van Gogh Railway carriages 1888   • West’s Attempt To Create A Ukraine Scenario In Niger Is Faltering (Bordachev) • How The US And France
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    Dr. D

    Saw the outdoor christian food bank, and wouldn’t you know it? The atheist food bank right across the street.

    Just kidding, of course there’s no such thing as an atheist food bank or atheist outreach. Atheists are most represented in government. So the government STOLE all the poor people’s money with 15% inflation rates, to give a small amount back in social services. They, the PMCs and rich, have a 20% tax rate – or zero if you work for the gov’t because it pays itself and has auto-raises – and a 80% effective tax rate on the poor. Then they give you food stamps, but only if you beg and only if you’re very lucky. It’s like $500/mo and they just cut that in half for some?

    That’s the atheist food bank. Taking food FROM the poor. But you’re welcome to open one, post the pictures, and prove me wrong.

    Against me picking on the same few cities all the time:

    “These Are the Most Dangerous Cities in the US
    1. Bessemer, AL
    Violent Crime Rate (per 1,000 residents): 33.1
    Your chance of being a victim: 1 in 30
    2. Mobile, AL
    3. Monroe, LA
    4. Saginaw, MI
    5. Memphis, TN
    6. Detroit, MI
    7. Birmingham, AL
    8. Pine Bluff, AR
    9. Little Rock, AR
    10. Alexandria, LA
    11. Cleveland, OH
    12. Kalamazoo, MI
    13. Milwaukee, WI
    Chance of being a victim: 1 in 59”

    “”America Is Under Attack”: Georgia Senator Demands Special Session To Investigate, Possibly Impeach Fani Willis

    Don’t worry, they’ll cave. $5 bill on a fishing pole they’ll forget all about it.

    “West’s Attempt To Create A Ukraine Scenario In Niger Is Faltering (Bordachev)

    You mean conditions where the West loses? “Let’s you and him fight.”

    “First, it would involve a certain amount of risk and the need to take responsibility for the consequences.”

    Well that’s never happening then. The NeoCons and media, having murdered another million people and a whole nation this time, are now slinking away placing the blame. “You see,” the WaPo says (CIA/Bezos merger) “The real problem here is that Ukraine just is unwilling to take any human losses.” IKYN. They’re just a bunch of cowards, I guess. Losing more men than anywhere, anytime, any purpose in 80 years, losing more in one year than all U.S. soldiers combined probably since 1930, no, that’s just ‘not doing it enough.’ Real CounterOffensives have never been tried. (* I guess the similar war we funded in Iran killed a possible million)

    What can I say? Shaking your head doesn’t really cover it at this level. Even mental illness beggars the word at this level. But that’s WaPo for you. Lies don’t stop, so they moved to EPIC lies. If that isn’t stopped, they’ll go “Ludicrous Speed.”

    Does Ukraine notice, as their country ceases to exist? No. Not really. This is the power of propaganda and framing previous to it all. The ‘extremists’ are in power, so when they lose their 4th army yet, 1,000 irreplaceable soldiers again yesterday and every day, they don’t say, “Why are we trying to win Donbass and a people we hate their guts anyway?” No. They have the sense that Russia will continue to Lviv and Paris, because, as per yesterday, It’s what Russians DO. They’re baddy-bad Asiantics, evil by ethnos. Genetically defective, inferior. So what would be normal considerations for you and I are entirely excluded. And I’m sure there are a lot of normal, practical people there, but we, the Western Social engineers have gotten very good at keeping every normal person away from the levers of power. Look at Ohio.

    “total war casualties in Ukraine among both sides are at nearly 500,000 dead and wounded.”

    Problems with these numbers. We’re at 400k DEAD before this, not Dead + Wounded. Wounded is equal number according to NYT? So that would be 1 Million in both categories, which is possible but seems too many? Could be, but seems high. Whereas 250K dead-dead is only one city, which seems far too low. I can’t accurate anything here, but I’ll just make up a number at 400k dead, 250k wounded, at 6-700k out of action, total fact-free guess. We won’t know for years, maybe ever. That’s because they can’t be evacuated, have no where to evac to, and will harvest their organs if they look funny. So wounded may be lower than recent wars. They’re also refusing to declare dead and collecting their paychecks with the mere 20% of U.S. Aid that makes it over and doesn’t say with Congressmen.

    “many of those brigades Zelensky sent in futile aid to help Bakhmut were also urgently needed in the upcoming spring and summer offensive.”

    See? It’s all Ukraine’s fault!!! Our PMC spreadsheet jockeys from NATO never dun wrong. Every time you did what we said you won every battle. Oh, wait… Every NATO-trained attack lost WORSE than the Ukrainian methods, poor as they were. NATO fighters and tactics are the worst on the planet and lose to goat-herders regularly.

    “No one can claim the United States didn’t give Ukraine every chance to find out if it could succeed on the battlefield”

    Hahahahaha! Sure, pal, sure. You go ahead and run into a modern war, charge the 5 layers of mined defenses with no air cover. How is that in the NATO manual again? Oh wait, it isn’t? It clearly and distinctly says it’s suicide and should never be tried under any circumstances? With anti-tank Javelins that don’t fire and 1/10th the rounds need for your 777s? Tell me again about how you “Gave every chance.”

    It’s an intentional pre-planned, well-funded, slavic genocide. Eugenics worse than anything the Nazis did, because they’re the same people.

    Ukraine Conflict ‘Could Last For Decades’ – Medvedev (RT)

    Huh, that’s not my read, but that means I’m wrong. It doesn’t seem credible that he could not be correct on something so critical and public. What does he know? There’s still a lot of stuff we know but isn’t commonly said. Bakmut (yes they’re still trying over there) was honeycombed with underground bunkers and fortifications, called euphemistically “Salt Mines” and stuff and not reported. The West stockpiled massive equipment there and intended to have the men pop up behind Russian lines with it. They were also hiding far more men in these conditions than reported, and they are far harder to sweep than the surface. But as an example of the sort of new-world, “hidden”, things that could make wars go on for years. Why wouldn’t the U.S. have such places with 10 years of more weapons in our own DUMB Cheyenne, “We don’t have” but suddenly appear if Russia overextends themselves?

    “Can you name any US diplomats on the level of Lavrov et al?”

    Probably, probably even Ron Paul is, but that’s why they won’t be allowed near the levers of power. As Ukraine, they make sure only the crazies have a voice. They need WWIII. As said again yesterday with F16s “It’s as if Joe wants to start WWIII”. No kidding. Yet no one notices. You could probably nuke Brooklyn and they wouldn’t notice, not affect their PMC denial at all.

    ““Russia is an economic dwarf, it is like a gas pump whose owner has an atomic bomb,” Borrell stated. Nevertheless, the diplomat claimed that Russia poses a threat to EU security,”

    Russiaphrenia. It’s both the biggest and the smallest. The Uppest and the Downest. The Leftist and the Rightest. We just say stuff until something catches in the population that allows us more war, we don’t care what it is. If we said “It’s the Barbi-est” and that worked, we would do it.

    So your allegation here is that Russia is the size of Holland that’s why Europe is in danger of being conquered by them tomorrow? Uh-huh. If so, you’ve got a lot more problems in France and Germany and should probably flip those leaders and address them. Fix your own house first. If Russia is combined Europe’s equal, then say so. We can know you have a real war that requires the real mobilization and deaths of 2-5 million Euros with the leveling of every city out to Normandy.

    Both! Neither! Shut up and take my money!

    Downside: after a lifetime of nothing but this, the people no longer notice.

    “the United States has no intention of ending the conflict,” Lavrov explained, noting that “their officially declared objective is to inflict a ‘strategic defeat’ on Russia.” … Kiev “Western sponsors are constantly pushing them to up the ante.”

    He’s not making this up. We’re talking peace and sending nuclear-capable F16s? Uh-huh.

    ““Today’s West is steered by people like Josep Borrell who divide the world into a blooming ‘garden’ and ‘the jungle,’ where the latter clearly applies to most of humanity”

    Yes, they’re appalling blackface racists, like Trudeau. Except general racists like you find in Atlanta (more more often in NYC) aren’t actually out there, actually murdering other races by the millions. Like barely a few guys ever. But these guys are. That makes them about 1,000x worse than Cleetus who won’t be the same room with races but otherwise leaves them alone. They make you think the opposite that Cleetus who wants to be left to his own kind is worse than a cartel who JUST KILLED 6 million “others” in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Ukraine. THEY, the Hunter Bidens, go to the swank dinner parties. They, the Tony Blairs, collect 6 figure speaking payoffs and jetset all the Carbon left on earth.

    But Cleetus is your real problem, not a policeman who burns the mountain and shuts off the escape routes, trust us.

    Btw, that Lahaini policeman just happened to be the Vegas chief of police who oversaw the 2017 Shooting. Well with a highly public success like that, NO WONDER they hired him in paradise the best police job in America! I wonder if he’s the one who shut off the fire hydrants too. As they say of Copy Editors, “They are nothing if not through.”

    ““..spending on Ukraine aid stood at $130 billion, while 15 million Americans did not have medical insurance and 30 million people in the US lacked food stamps..”

    Yeah, but Lahaini got $700 whole dollars, so… That’s enough to buy a bag of groceries!

    “To achieve what?”

    Well obviously they are trying to kill the American people too. Not just the Russian and Ukrainian people. They hate us at least as much as them. We may be MORE an obstacle to their plans than they are. So you have Amazon, cars that drive around hitting everyone, derailments, and a wide open Fentanyl free-for-all nationwide. Legalized all crime. So not paying OUR money because we have a war elsewhere is a BENEFIT, not a drawback. How else could we justify killing 100k Yanks a year?

    “California Achieves World’s First Crime Rate Of Zero After Legalizing All Crime” –BBee

    “Q: Why does the NYT run a lengthy article on this, at this time?”

    Yes, why indeed?

    Dr. D

    @ Susmarie108

    Do you have a book recommendation for the SCIENCE of Yoga?”

    There’s a good question.


    The Decline of America’s Military Reflects the Overall Decline of America Itself

    Brian at the New Atlas lays it out succinctly

    Even the public confidence in the military is plummeting.

    Reminds me of the early 70’s when even the dumbest of mouth breathing Duh’mericans knew something was up with Nixon and Vietnam.

    The jig is up


    Critical Thinking in Duh’merica

    Is there such a thing?

    51% Of Americans Think Public Colleges Should Stop Offering Degrees That Lead To Low-Paying Jobs


    About time all you knuckle draggers smelled the Java

    “Gender studies, art history, religious studies, and ethnic studies are among the degree programs Americans would most like to see eliminated…..”

    Gender studies, art history, religious studies, and ethnic studies are Hobbies not actual occupations.

    On the other hand

    ““There are real ethical problems with eliminating majors that lead to ‘low paying’ jobs. Who will become our next kindergarten teachers, social workers, or medical technicians?

    Kindergarten teachers, social workers, or medical technicians can get associate degrees. Extra associate degrees can be added later as needed

    Get real

    Most jobs don’t need a four year degree



    Veracious Poet

    Well, haven’t been around for several days ~ I see the religious arguments that started last week (Atheism vs. Theology) went off the deep end (or was it the depends end?), not much to add, just grateful to have been gifted, really blessed I suppose, with a natural experiential real reality understanding…

    Of course, just like subjective nature of Wisdom vs. Intelligentsia, I guess it all depends on which mentality you’re going to approve, support & follow, including your own EG0ic state.

    Reminds me of the vast swath of humanity I encountered during my time deep in the bowels of Gotham’s legal services industry + journalism pool…

    Both sides of the aisle, prosecution & defense, have a professional job to do, sworn to represent their client to the utmost, right or wrong ~ *The Truth* is sprinkled liberally among both sides, but most importantly are *The Lies*.

    I literally heard a Federal Judge “coach” students in a mock trial, from many different angles of *legalese*, tell the liars-for-hire that The End Justifies The Means (I was curious & having a slow day).

    I’m hear to report that those shifty lawyerly ethics & morals are now the MO employed by the “left” or “liberals” (or whatever the anti-spiritual, anti-archy, anti-family, anti-social order term is appropriate to label), tearing down the social fabric so that Anything Goes, No Shame!, Up is Down, Right is Wrong, which is the empowering mechanism that conquered “America”, “The West” (past tense, it’s all over but the wailing & gnashing of teeth), with Global aspirations To Infinity & Beyond!

    Note all the pseudo-legalese nonsense chanted in unison publicly by dramatis personae (concerning 8 years of trying to destroy Cheeto), thanks to smooth talking liars-for-hire like Clinton, Obama et al., every pronouncement of “fact” is spewed in character from their CULTural Win! Win! Win! script, to hell! with The Truth, we’re building a Utopia for Humanity 😉

    Unfortunately, I think the “woke” mob may find out, a decade or two too late, that there are certain mores that shouldn’t be tweaked, twisted, tampered with, that is if you like modern civilization

    What would Mao do?

    You all have fun now! 🙂







    We want to build a “smart city” in Maui, but what if the owners don’t want to sell the land…


    Get Me My Marshmallows!


    John Day

    Understanding World War starts with much-edited piece Alexander Carpenter put up yesterday.

    The Space Wars Are Here, Interview with Pippa Malmgren

    There’s a reason that I do this, and it’s genuinely not because I got any superhuman qualities. It is because of my dad. And so, my dad was advisor to four presidents and many heads of state. He worked for Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, and Ford. He was one of the key people on the Cuban Missile Crisis, so effectively ended up almost as a nuclear weapons negotiator with the Russians. Nixon sent him to Moscow when he sent Kissinger to Beijing. So, basically from an early age, I had an apprenticeship from someone who was literally constantly in the Oval Office, and what my dad taught me was how to think as if you’re in that room…

    ..We’re in an era where warfare is not played above board anymore, we’re in an era where both Russia and China talk about unrestricted warfare, a world where everything can be weaponized, take off the uniform, put on the other side’s uniform like anything goes.​..

    ​..And so, if you notice a couple of weeks ago, the Canadian foreign minister came out and said, “If the worst case scenario for Taiwan is to look like Hong Kong, we can’t go to war over that.” And you’re like, “Whoa, are we agreeing to do some kind of a deal?” And maybe for Taiwan it’s a hundred years, instead of 25 years, maybe there’ll be all kinds of bits and pieces that are a little bit better. But it all amounts to the Taiwanese taking the position, do we want to be another Ukraine? Maybe not. And Xi taking advantage of this Ukraine action to then try to negotiate and navigate a deal where he gets to be the superhero, because number one, he gets Putin to stop and Ukraine to end, and number two, because he gets to keep a whole bunch of things that are on his list. And so I think, look, this is very Chinese.​..

    ​..So first of all, when I lived in Hong Kong, I ran an asset management business for Bankers Trust for all of Asia, and so I spent a lot of time in Taiwan, and I always was struck that the Chinese capital controls, which meant that you could build a factory in China, like let’s say a Heineken beer factory, and you could make a ton of money there, but you could never take your money out, because it’s not convertible. And you would say, “But I made a ton of money, I’d like to take it out.” And they said, “No, we think you should build another factory. And you would say, no, but I’m done. I don’t need another factory.” “Well, we think maybe you didn’t file your taxes correctly last year, and this could be problematic for your staff.” You’re like, “Maybe we need another factory in China.” So this is kind of the game, with one exception. What is the one nationality they allowed them to take all their money out? Taiwan. So why? Because they were buying the whole middle class, and so everybody who’s made money in Taiwan has principally made it in China.​..

    ​..And notice that the former chief executive of TSMC, the big Taiwanese computer chip company, recently stepped forward and said, “I’d like to be a candidate for president, and I would run on a platform of let’s cut a deal with the Chinese, because we don’t want to be razed to the ground. And let’s figure out an accommodation between us.” And by the way, meanwhile, I do think there’s an active strategy that the US is literally airlifting the most valuable parts of the semiconductor production in Taiwan, which are mainly those Dutch lithography machines, which cost 250 grand each, I think, and they’re moving them to Texas and Arizona. And they’re moving the families, because you need a certain amount of skill to operate these things.​..

    ​..I also see semiconductor production moving into space. We’re going to have in orbit manufacturing that produces much higher grade computer chips at a lower cost. We can come to that in the space sector. But in other words, the dependence on Taiwan for that is diminishing every day. So, what would most wrong foot the United States is if the Taiwanese themselves said, “Let’s cut a deal.” Because then we can’t do anything​.​..

    ​..One of the biggest issues we have, and I agree with General Milley on this, he has publicly said we have an under-reported massive military buildup occurring in the Pacific. And we do, on both sides. It is separate from, though related to, Taiwan. But it’s about the Chinese have these super dredgers where they’re creating what they call unsinkable aircraft carriers, they can literally create an island that is reinforced with military capability in a matter of weeks. And so, they’re creating new fortifications in the ocean, in the Pacific. The US is building a massive new Guam.​.. Which is just slightly south on a little island called Tinian.​..

    ​..So, I’ve been describing this, and you mentioned it earlier as we’re already in World War III, and that freaks everyone out when I say it. And I said it, I think first two years ago or so.​.. “Yeah, we are. And there are more countries involved than there were at the beginning of World War II.” But it’s an invisible war​…

    ​..I’ve basically said we’re in a hot war in cold places. Now those cold places are space, the Arctic, and the High North. People are like, “What do you mean we’re at war in space?” I’m like, well, okay, so let’s remember we live in a GPS world, and so we’re completely dependent on satellites for not only missile guidance, but frankly, Uber Eats, right? None of this happens.​..

    ​..We shut down if we don’t have that. So, what’s been happening in space, which is we’re in a proper space race now, right? There’s a race to establish the first physical foothold on the moon that will be manned.​ [and mined for helium-3 for nuclear fusion reactors.]…

    ​’s kind of the new commanding heights, if you have control of higher orbits and the moon, you can basically take out everybody’s satellites from above.​..

    ​..Now, people, again, they’re shrugging their shoulders, “Well, what does this mean for me?” Well, it means your GPS might not work tomorrow, but it also has led to a fight over subsea internet cables. And the first cable cut was in… It’s actually technically January 6th, 2020, which is a very interesting day for other reasons, and nobody connects the dots on this thing. But the fastest internet cable in the world is on a little island in the Arctic called Svalbard in Norway. Now, why is it there, of all places? Because that is where pretty much all the high altitude satellites connect to Earth, is at Svalbard. So you cut that cable, and suddenly your missile guidance system’s not working, and your Uber Eats isn’t neither. So how much damage can you do to the world? Answer, a huge amount. But luckily, that was a lot of redundancy already built in. So somebody basically… It’s such a wonderful story, it’s so interesting. There was an oligarch yacht positioned over the top of the cable, and that yacht had a submarine inside it, but they think that, and I’ll just say, we don’t know who did this, right? And nobody wants to acknowledge who did it, but somebody’s submarines went underneath it, and they cut away, I think it was six and a half kilometers of…​ undersea cable… They cut it and took it away. So it’s not like, “Oh, it hit a rock and it broke.” No, no, no, somebody cut it at both ends and took it away. Luckily, it was redundant. But it was the opening salvo to my mind of World War III.​..

    ​..Why did it all just disappear? Because nobody wanted to say that Russia and the United States were directly in war, because that is just a very… The threat that you go nuclear, nuclear threat, nobody wants to be there. So basically, suddenly everybody just dropped it. Nobody wanted to discuss it. And so it went away. But since then, we’ve had all kinds of attacks on the subsea internet cables all over the world. And, again, if you Google this, you’ll see it the Marseilles Cable, the main cable that connects the United States with Europe and Asia. More recently, the cable between the Shetland Islands and the Pharaoh Islands, so between Scotland and the Danish Pharaoh Islands, and everybody’s like, “Who cares? ​… Yes, but this is also the exact passageway where we track whether Russian submarines are coming into the Atlantic with or without nuclear weapons. So you want to have that internet cable live because without it you have no visibility on this, at a time when Russia is threatening to use nuclear weapons.​..

    ​..And then that’s just the hot war in cold places. I’ve also said we’re in a cold war in hot places, which is what I’ve described in the Pacific and Africa. And I’m about to do a piece talking about the hot war in hot places, because now the coup in Niger, and the string of coups across Africa, it’s literally heating up into a regional war, where it’s ultimately the Russians versus the West.​..

    .​.Ed D’Agostino: I asked, said, “You’ve been in DC, you’ve worked in DC at the highest levels. Is it really that bad?” And you said, “No.” And then you said, “It’s worse. But if they showed the American public how bad it really was in Washington DC, no one would believe it.”… Politics is a blood sport. It’s a very tough game. I was in it for a period of time, but it’s hardball​.

    So where are we now? Well, so you know in the past I’ve been writing about this concept of the social contract, and that there’s always a social contract, and that social contract is breaking down principally because of the debt burden, and that’s not just true in the US. That’s true in many parts of the world, all of Europe, the UK, frankly, China. So if you think about the debt burden as a wrecking ball, a heavy weight that bears down on the social fabric, and it basically breaks the promises that have been made.​..

    ​..So anyway, the weaponization of the media space has created a lot of jangliness in the public dialogue. So everybody doesn’t… Every time I give a speech in the States, I get half the audience comes up and… Well, basically everyone in the audience comes up and says, “I can’t talk to the other half of America. I literally can’t have a conversation with them anymore.” And you’re like, okay. But that means a hundred percent of the audience are thinking, “Either you agree with me, or you must be evil or stupid.”​ …

    ​..I think it’s super interesting, the one presidential candidate, which I’ll come to the presidential race, who is saying this is Robert F. Kennedy.​ And I watched Piers Morgan, who I know, and Piers in person is a very thoughtful man, but he started pummeling RFK, “You go on Fox News and you talk to those Republicans, and you have a conversation with Trump, and aren’t you ashamed of yourself because you’re a Democrat?” And RFK said, “How are you going to persuade your opponents if you don’t speak to them?”

    ​ Surplus Energy Economics, Known Knowns , Dr. Tim Morgan

    I have chosen to call this “Known knowns”, not in the sense that everyone does understand the economy stated in these terms, but because everyone can so understand it if they choose, which is a rather different proposition.

    ​ The narrative here commences with three principles. These are the energy basis of the economy, the critical role played by the proportionate cost of energy, and the character of money as a “claim” on material products and services.

    ​ This leads to some equally obvious inferences. One of these is the conceptual necessity of “two economies”, which are the “real economy” of material products and services and the parallel “financial economy” of money and credit. Another is that the general level of pricing is a function of the relationship between these “two economies”.
    ​ Our situation now is that the enormous impetus given to the economy by the application of coal, petroleum and natural gas is fading out – stated simplistically, we’ve worked our way through lowest-cost fossil fuel resources and are now having to resort to increasingly costlier alternatives…
    ..Going forward – and assuming, for our purposes, no recourse to extreme monetary recklessness – systemic inflation is likely to run at between 5% and 6%, capped by the deflationary effects of rapid contraction in discretionary sectors of the economy.

    #260: Known knowns

    Paul Craig Roberts: The End of US Dollar Hegemony
    ​ “So we see now a movement away from the use of the dollar as reserve currency. We see countries now focusing on keeping their reserves in gold and in the currencies of their trading partners. And we see now that international balances between countries, that trade differences are being settled in other currencies, in their own currencies, in the currencies of their trading partners. This change is not really dramatic and all at once, but it’s ongoing,” Roberts said, emphasizing the gradual nature of the process…
    ..Unfortunately, the veteran economist said, there seems to be little policymakers can do to stem the crisis, which he’s confident has already begun. And worse yet, neoliberal economists in charge of policy don’t seem to actually want to make any changes.
    ​ ​“It’s already happening. This is a gradual thing and will pick up momentum as it goes and the results will become more obvious. People will rush to get out of the dollar and when that starts, then the process moves quicker. That’s my explanation of what the real situation is. Of course, it’s ignored. There’s no discussion of this. If the Federal Reserve knows about this, there’s no sign that they do. If the United States Treasury knows, there’s no sign that they do. The neoliberal economists pretend nothing really has changed…But what they don’t realize is you don’t need a reserve currency,” Roberts said.

    Tulsi Gabbard, the former U.S. representative for Hawaii’s 2nd congressional district, has slammed the Biden Administration’s response to the horrific Maui wildfire, labelling it a “horrible, horrible disservice.”
    “The sad part is, we are eight days past this wildfire. And I’m in constant touch with community members and leaders. They are still not seeing a response from the county, the state, the federal government, to be able to go out and help them.”​ …

    ​..She added that “The community support hubs that they have are 100 percent community led, volunteer supply collections, conducting all these co-ordinations on their own. They feel like the government doesn’t care about them.”
    ​ “That’s a horrible, horrible disservice to people who have gone through a kind of loss that we can’t even imagine,” she added.
    ​ “Not only are they not getting the support that they need, but oftentimes they have been getting blocked from being able to receive the support from their friends and neighbors,” Gabbard asserted.
    ​ “This is a crisis that is continuing on,” Gabbard warned, adding “It is not at all lost on the people of west Maui when they are told that FEMA is going to give those impacted a one-time $700 payment. And as they look at the news, they are seeing tens of more millions of dollars being sent to Ukraine.”

    John Day

    ​ A whopping 85% of media quotes on US military involvement come from someone paid by the defense industry…
    ​ The generals have been replaced by various experts with academic credentials, typically linked to one or more ‘think tanks’. Far from the neutral academic centers of intellectual integrity that the names suggest, these entities are little more than laundromats for discreet special interests. I should know – I used to be a director of one.
    ​ Every Wednesday, some of the highest-ranking figures of the Bush administration would come to our Washington, DC office to deliver their main agenda points for the week, requesting assistance in placing and promoting them to both grassroots activists sympathetic to the cause and to the general public. The experts within the think tank were hired based on political litmus tests, no doubt to ensure that their views aligned with the organization’s. When they no longer do, you’re either fired or you leave.​..

    Sasha Latypova,​ Are you programmable? Mind Control-Part 1
    Understanding the technologies that target you is the first step in effective defense.

    How Western Big Tech Firms Wipe Away Hunter Biden’s Many Sins

    ​ House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer asked the National Archives on Wednesday to hand over any unredacted records in which President Biden used a pseudonym during his vice presidency — as Republicans move closer to launching an impeachment inquiry into his role in son Hunter’s foreign business dealings.
    ​ Emails previously released by the Archives and retrieved from Hunter’s abandoned laptop reveal that Joe Biden used the email address “” while he was President Barack Obama’s second-in-command and that his aide John Flynn cc’d Hunter on 10 emails containing the elder Biden’s daily schedule between May 18 and June 15, 2016.

    John Day

    Dr. Meryl Nass Sues Maine Medical Board Over Suspension, Alleges Board Violated Her First Amendment Rights

    ​Meryl Nass MD , The Complaint has been docketed. The docket number is 1:23-cv-00321-JDL. The “JDL” denotes that it has been assigned to Judge Jon Levy.

    Meryl Nass MD , Dr. Paul Thomas’ case against the Oregon Medical Board is on appeal
    ​ Dr. Thomas has published scientific results showing that unvaccinated children are much healthier tha​n children vaccinated according to the CDC recommended schedule. A few days after his results were published, the Oregon Medical Board issued an emergency suspension of Dr. Thomas’ license. The Oregon Medical Board had no justification for ordering an emergency suspension of Dr. Thomas’ medical license—and the Oregon Medical Board violated its own rules when it did so.​
    Dr. Sherri Tenpenny received an immediate suspension of her license last week–not to do with her care of patients, but because the Board did not like her lawyer’s response to their interrogatories
    ​..As in my case, Dr. Tenpenny had her license suspended before a hearing, before the Ohio Medical Board had heard from her, and in the absence of patient complaints, in order to make an example of her and frighten other doctors who might challenge the narrative.

    ​ Peter McCullough MD , Could Omicron Have Been Intentionally Engineered and Released?
    [A: Yes, we have been here before. Most recent possible common ancestor with any prior circulating COVID strain was February-March 2018]
    ​ These investigators did an intensive mutational analysis of the early sub strains of the SARS-CoV-2 Omicron strains and have come to the conclusion it may have been intentionally modified by humans, potentially to prolong the pandemic. This is along the lines of what Dr. Jordon Trishton Walker, Pfizer Director of Research and Development revealed in the Project Veritas sting operation.

    John Day

    Giving up posting links for now. Spam-blocked despite logging out and back in and not repeating content in attempts.

    John Day

    Steve Kirsch , New police testimony + peer-reviewed literature both show vaccines ARE causing SIDS
    (This cop has now been charged in Canada, I think.)

    Vaccines are causing most Type I diabetes​ , Steve Kirsch
    From the odds ratios, it’s clear that at least 75% of all cases are caused by the childhood vaccines. However, the medical community will never acknowledge they are responsible for this error.

    ​Steve Kirsh with a long list of coincidences involving sudden death.
    Go ahead… get your COVID booster. Nothing to worry about. These are all coincidences.

    John Day

    Putin Has Already Achieved Main Objectives In Ukraine, Lukashenko Says (open to negotiations)
    ​ He was responding specifically to a question over the circumstances under which he thinks President Putin would consider the goals fulfilled, in a ‘mission accomplished’ sense.
    ​ Lukashenko admitted he was having to speculate in response, saying: “You know, we did not discuss the topic with him in this spirit, but I dare to express my position. The goals of the SMO have already been fulfilled.”

    ​(Duh!) Report: US ‘Classified Forecast’ Predicts Ukraine Counteroffensive Will Fail

    Via Google Translate, from Greek. These forces include the last battalion that was being held in reserve, armed with all NATO equipment.
    Russian military sources are talking about a repetition of the Battle of Kursk in 1943 in Rabotino, speaking of another massacre of Ukrainian forces. The Russian governor of the Zaporizhia region, Yevgeny Balitsky announced a failed night attack by the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Rabotino.​..
    ​..Despite the losses, the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is bringing in new reserves, hoping to break the Russian defense.
    ​ The elite “Marun” team has already been deployed on the front lines, made up of soldiers trained in the West. However, even the West acknowledges that the chances of success are extremely slim. The Washington Post, citing CIA sources, reports that the Ukrainian army will not reach Melitopol and will not be able to complete the task of breaking through the land corridor to Crimea.​..
    ​..These are the sacrifices of the leadership of Kiev on the eve of the so-called Independence Day. They must justify the financing and supply of decommissioned European weapons with their blood ,” Balitsky said.

    Ρώσοι στρατιώτες: “Σφαγή των Ουκρανών στο Ραμποτίνο σε μια επανάληψη της μάχης του Κουρσκ – Τους θάψαμε μαζί με τα Leopard 2, Marder και Stryker”

    ​ Germany and the wider West have been shocked by a video released a few hours ago showing the losses of the Ukrainian Army in the settlements of Urozain and Staromayosk.
    The video shows the destruction of 31 (!) Ukrainian tanks in a single battle for a settlement!​ (Google translate from Greek.)

    Απόλυτη καταστροφή: Οι Ρώσοι εξαΰλωσαν “εν ριπή οφθαλμού” 31 τεθωρακισμένα και ακόμη δύο φάλαγγες των Ουκρανών- Σε κατάσταση σοκ Κίεβο και Δύση

    Russia Is Preparing For A Large-scale Offensive. Military Summary And Analysis For 2023.08.19​ ​(Putin attended strategic war conference)

    John Day

    ​(Autumnal outlook) The Fall. Military Summary And Analysis For 2023.08.18

    Open to the public for viewing and photographs now , Russia presents at “Army 2023” the Western “trophies of war” captured in Ukraine

    Tεράστιο πλήγμα στο γόητρο του ΝΑΤΟ: Η Ρωσία παρουσιάζει στην «Army 2023» τα δυτικά «τρόπαια του πολέμου» που αιχμαλώτισε στην Ουκρανία

    Military Summary Channel has a 5 minute update on Niger: ECOWAS delegation visits Niger, meets with deposed president and current military government, in what may be the last negotiation for peace. US prepares to evacuate the large drone, and intelligence base in Niger, indicating a prelude to war. Wagner forces land in Mali, which is allied with Niger. (Africans think well of Wagner, but US & France fear Wagner displacing them.)

    John Day

    This came up on Dr. Mccullough’s list-serv, Pedophile Presidents of the US.


    My new Fall Fashion wear

    I’ve decided to wear my memes




    Evacuation TEST

    Yellowknife should have an evacuation manual from their experience of having 20,000 people leave jn 2days by one road. (Preppers are giving good advise on TV)
    Okanagan has added to the total.
    There are now 30,000 evacuated and sections of highway #1 are closed, travel restrictions are imposed, housing conditions critical.
    Emergency management etc. stressed.
    Second phase still to come ….. everybody go home, go back to ???
    Life is getting harder
    I know ….. Extreme weather are happening everywhere.
    Next ….. “Hillary” bringing pouring rain to vacation destinations in Baja Mexico , then California.
    People don’t need the extra hardships of the destruction of war.
    In 2014, the late US Senator John McCain said Russia is “a gas station masquerading as a country,”
    Russia poses a threat to EU security
    (.. that is able to beat/stand up to the bulling of NATO AND THE USA)
    Americans are not allowed to read TASS
    • Zakharova Says Kiev Elite Preying On US Taxpayers (TASS)

    “..spending on Ukraine aid stood at $130 billion, while 15 million Americans did not have medical insurance and 30 million people in the US lacked food stamps..”

    • West’s Overall Aid To Kiev Over Past Year Exceeds $160 Bln – Lavrov (TASS)

    How to keep a secret
    August 18, 2023
    Trump Can Prove It
    By Matt Kane
    Every general election since 2004 has seen between 120–130 million total votes. The 2020 election reportedly saw 155 million votes. There were roughly 168 million registered voters in 2020, which means that voter turnout in 2020 was an astonishing 92%. This is statistically improbable.
    A short list. Chose a word
    Covid 19
    Energy Shortfall
    Systemic inflation
    Contraction in discretionary sectors
    No one notices
    Who cares
    No one would believe it.

    Looking deeper
    By Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH

    A recent paper from Tanaka and Miyazawa working at the Osaka Medical and Pharmaceutical University, and the Institute for Life and Medical Sciences, Kyoto University, Japan caught my attention on the European Commission Zenodo preprint server.

    These investigators did an intensive mutational analysis of the early sub strains of the SARS-CoV-2 Omicron strains and have come to the conclusion it may have been intentionally modified by humans, potentially to prolong the pandemic.
    This is along the lines of what Dr. Jordon Trishton Walker, Pfizer Director of Research and Development revealed in the Project Veritas sting operation.

    August 5, 2023 Preprint Open Access

    Unnaturalness in the evolution process of the SARS-CoV-2 variants and the possibility of deliberate natural selection
    Tanaka, Atsushi; Miyazawa, Takayuki

    “…the formations of a part of Omicron isolates BA.1, BA.1.1, and BA.2 were not the products of genome evolution as is commonly observed in nature, such as the accumulation of mutations and homologous recombinations. Furthermore, the study of 35 recombinant isolates of Omicron variants BA.1 and BA.2, confirmed that Omicron variants were already present in 2020. The analysis we have shown here is that the Omicron variants are formed by an entirely new mechanism that cannot be explained by previous biology, and knowing the way how the SARS-CoV-2 variants were formed prompts a reconsideration of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic.”


    I emphasized

    “… the Omicron variants are formed by an entirely new mechanism that cannot be explained by previous biology, and knowing the way how the SARS-CoV-2 variants were formed prompts a reconsideration of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic.”

    Michael Reid

    The early explorers consistently described the native Americans as tall and well formed. Of the Indians of Texas, the explorer Cabeza de Vaca wrote, “The men could run after a deer for an entire day without resting and without apparent fatigue. . . one man near seven feet in stature. . . runs down a buffalo on foot and slays it with his knife or lance, as he runs by its side.”7 The Indians were difficult to kill. De Vaca reports on an Indian “traversed by an arrow. . . he does not die but recovers from his wound.” The Karakawas, a tribe that lived near the Gulf Coast, were tall, well-built and muscular. “The men went stark naked, the lower lip and nipple pierced, covered in alligator grease [to ward off mosquitoes], happy and generous, with amazing physical prowess. . . they go naked in the most burning sun, in winter they go out in early dawn to take a bath, breaking the ice with their body.”

    Guts and Grease: The Diet of Native Americans


    Translation: The Polish publication Mysl Polska has published shocking statistics related to the participation of Polish citizens in the conflict in Ukraine. According to the publication, over the past year and a half, about 10 thousand Poles have died on Ukrainian territory.

    If true that is indeed a shocking number.

    D Benton Smith

    Humor (as in funny, as in jokes, as in gales of laughter) has long been known to be a form of social and political weaponry against which there is virtually no defense other than fighting or running away.

    Ever wonder why that is? I can tell ya.

    It’s because jokes get the listener to reject (with laughter) all sorts of absurdities, lies, malice and bullshit on one’s own determination, rather than being compelled to do so by an outside authority or as the consequence of physical reality. ( Because when one does something REALLY bad and nonsensical the result is going to be one kind of unpleasantness or another, ranging from the displeasure of unhappy victims all the way to getting squashed by a boulder, blown up by an Acme sky-rocket or going “splat!” at the bottom of the cliff.)

    Instead of explicitly informing someone directly that they (or maybe someone that they are in some sort of alliance or agreement with) are being a fool or a liar or an outright shithead, they are instead being encouraged to observe that behavior or fact from a safe non-aligned distance, so that they have the opportunity to reject it on their own mirthfully, without being compelled to do so by someone who makes them change their behavior (perhaps forcefully, if things don’t change.)

    If they do reject the humorously described onerous behavior then they laugh at the absurdity, and move (at least a little) toward a more amenable and acceptable frame of mind or mode of action.

    If they don’t reject it (for example if they are approvingly in favor of the alleged misbehavior or suggested idiocy, for instance) then they don’t laugh and are therefor not improved. They are instead unresponsive, or might even boo, or leave, or throw insults (or heavier objects) at the would-be comedian. In any case, they don’t think its funny at all. That’s funny, because they are what’s funny.

    If it weren’t for jokes there would be a lot more fights and shouting matches. Good natured joking has saved many lives, but if ya can’t take a joke then there’s not much you can do to defend yourself.

    The reason that there is no defense against humor is because in humor there is no attack. There is only an invitation. The invitation is to examine the inner workings of oneself and one’s behaviors, and possibly reform oneself as a result. The only alternative is to grumpily decline introspection and stay unhappily screwed up.

    That’s why lack of a sense of humor is such a bad sign. It reveals that the laughless one has already teetered a bit too far past past the brink. It’s why wokesters and Lefties are notoriously unable to write memes or “get” certain jokes. Even gentle joshing seldom works with these sad sacks, but get ’em to laugh again and you’re half way there.

    As for those demonically mirthless sourpusses who have abandoned even the pretext of humor, well I’m afraid that for them it is not going to end well. When they get to the punchline they’re going to discover that the joke is on them, and that’s no laughing matter.

    John Day

    Hawaii State Government Attempts Information Blackout On Maui Fire – Refuses Media Access

    Formerly T-Bear

    At John Day,

    Yesterday a report on either Sputnik or RT mentioned there were still about 1,000 people missing. Would imagine there is reason quarantining the area until qualified searchers have covered all destroyed homes. The quality of journalistic media is NOT to be trusted in keeping mum until all the work is done and the proper authorities make their reports and NOT causing further duress to the public. What do you think?


    Why are some refugees more welcome in Canada than others?

    Why are some refugees more welcome in Canada than others?
    Afghan refugees still face delays in their attempts to come to Canada. Yet, Ukrainians have seen red tape cut and doors open. Why the difference?
    by Kandice Pardy
    February 27, 2023

    The world is accustomed to the stereotypical face of the refugee. The well-worn images of the Black or Brown face from post-genocide Rwanda, war-torn Somalia, or gang-ridden Honduras. According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) there are 32.5 million refugees and an estimated 103 million forcibly displaced people worldwide. That is one-in-77 people on earth.

    Refugee crises have become normalized. The world seems to shake its collective head as each crisis enters its consciousness. People mutter sympathetic words and unvaryingly move on.

    It has been personally challenging to witness the collective global response to a relatively atypical refugee face: a fair-skinned and straight-haired version of displacement. I have stood at one of Canada’s busiest international airports – airports that are welcoming thousands of Ukrainian travellers – and asked myself: Why has Canada been so welcoming to Ukrainians, unlike Syrians, Iraqis, Afghans and Rohingyas? Is it because they are white skinned?
    July 15, 2023, was the last day to apply for a visitor visa under the Canada‑Ukraine authorization for emergency. (Ukrainians refugees escaping the Neo-Nazi gov.)
    as of August 5, 2023. – Applications received
    Applications approved
    Canada promised to bring in 40,000 Afghan refugees. Only 8,500 have arrived.
    The racist distinction between supposedly civilized and non-civilized populations comes as no surprise as this logic is deeply ingrained in the migration and refugee policies themselves. What is happening with Ukrainians unveils its existence.
    British Columbia wildfires intensify, doubling evacuations to over 35,000
    PUBLISHED SUN, AUG 20 20235:05 AM EDT

    The fires have drained local resources and drawn in federal government assistance as well as support from 13 countries. At least four firefighters have died in the line of duty.

    Prime Minister Justin Trudeau convened a meeting of key ministers and senior officials on Saturday to discuss wildfires. The Incident Response Group, which met for the second time this week, agreed to make “additional resources available” to both British Columbia and the Northwest Territories (NWT).
    (The cupboard has been emptied for Ukraine -“additional resources available” )

    ‘Most homes’ in Lytton, B.C., destroyed by catastrophic fire, minister
    More than 1,000 people fled village and surrounding area; RCMP working to find those unaccounted for
    Rhianna Schmunk · CBC News · Posted: Jul 01, 2021 8:30 AM PDT | Last Updated: July 2, 2021

    D Benton Smith

    According to reputable main stream news sources, the the IRS agent killed in firearms training recently was actually shot by a fellow IRS agent who was also in training.

    Hmm. Maybe the training DOES work.


    Hawaii State Government engages in genocidal land grap for blood drinking Satanic Overlords and will impose a ‘Smart Island” dictatorial tyranny on Maui as an experiment.

    If it goes well on Maui, they will roll it out to the rest of Hawaii

    They turned off the water

    They didn’t turn off the powerlines, which enhanced fire spread

    No warning sirens

    And sent all the kids home from school with parents at work

    Shut down the escape routes north of town


    Zerosum- there is a video with George Webb and R. Fuellmich where Webb mentions people using “directed evolution” (34:00).
    I’m afraid they don’t say much about it, but it sounds like what you mention about omicron.


    @ Dr D: RE: A book recommendation for exploring the SCIENCE of Yoga.

    The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali would be a good starting point.

    A must-have version is “The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali”, translated/with commentary by Sri Swami Satchidananda.

    Also – “The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali”, Books 1-4 by Baba Hari Dass (my Teacher).

    The Yoga Sutras are a ROADMAP – they provide direct instruction (not just words or philosophy) on the essential practices for understanding the mind. Without practice, nothing can be known/achieved.

    “Within the space of these 200 short Sutras the entire science of Yoga is delineated: its aim, the necessary practices, the obstacles you may meet along the path, their removal, and precise description of the results that will be obtained from such practices” ~Swami Satchidananda.

    Happy that you also asked.

    LOVE to Seekers.


    directed evolution
    Cannot comment/agree/disagree about what George Webb says.
    It’s All Above my Paygrade
    Someone else can substantiate/verify/prove his claims/informations.



    George Webb is an investigative journalist in the Washington, DC area that discovered the NATO Military Grade encryption blackberries and hard drives used by DNC Chairwoman’s IT assistant, Imran Awan.

    The Defenestration of Dr. Robert Malone

    The Defenestration of Dr. Robert Malone
    BY John Mac GhlionnJOHN MAC GHLIONN JANUARY 6, 2022


    1913, they set up our talmudic money system, here in the states, using murder and broken arm bending. 110 years later, you have a satanic goverment, filled with pedophiles/ Transvestites in front of your children in school/ 32 trillion dollars of debt. Endless war. A broken, corrupted legal, educational, medical system. Your local politicians, judges and police chiefs are well paid to be traitors., freemasons, every 1 of them. You all wonder why Im so angry with the Tribe, big nose small hat motherfuckers. They destroyed my country and are killing people I know and love. Get your fuckin heads out of your asses.

    Dr. D

    “quarantining the area until qualified searchers have covered all destroyed homes.”

    Jumping in, perhaps impolitely. Yes, that’s true and perhaps a good reason. Although journalists are seen everywhere, usually, in every event anyway. However, the reason we have journalists is, Do you TRUST them? Qui vadis? Who watches FEMA, the search teams? As they, the police themselves, loot and burn like they did in Katrina? There’s meant to be tension between them and the problem is like now when there isn’t and journalists exist to stamp official police press releases.

    We also know that when private people are landing private aid to their private own neighbors, that is, MY house, MY friends, the Army and FEMA are CONFISCATING IT. For whom? Clearly they’re not handing it out. So if I walk back to my burned house with a shovel, you’re going to A) not let me in and B) Strip down to my skivvies and hand you my wallet if I do? WTF kind of “Help” is that?

    A: Worse help than shutting off the water in the middle of fighting a fire. Like rounded up and shot time. I would hope such people live very nearby, and that they might have a mystery fire shortly so they can share the feeling.

    Celtic: Why you yelling at us? Is it productive? Do we not know, or are you trying to raise a militia and enter the Capitol? What are you yourself doing?


    Ukronaziland Commits Last Remaining Elite Brigade For Final Attempt

    This is their last remaining bridge of about 2000 well trained men

    In a front this big, it’s nothing.

    The Russians are not only going to double triple quadruple down on their considerable artillery advantage on this ‘elite’ formation, you can bet your bottom dollar that Bounties & Bonuses (BB) galore will be offered for destroying the UKtardistan’s ‘Challenger” tanks and Canuckistan invented Strykers.

    Three Strykers have already been confirmed as destroyed and are burning carcasses

    Can not wait for the Challenger barbecue

    Russian Main Battle Tank Fires Point Blanket Rounds into Ukronazi Wheeled MRAP = BBQ

    Big rubber tires burn furiously well


    The NATO=NAZIS getting their punkasses kicked in Ukronaziland are the same cowards on Maui mopping of the domestic genocide/Smart City conversion plot.

    Yes, they are cut from the same cloth as the ones in UKRONAZILAND but the Ukroid version is actually being held responsible for their actions and are going to Hell.

    FEMA is a version of SS camp guards

    They want you to show your digital tattoo before you can visit the pile of ashes that used to be your home.

    There’s Pedo Joe, and then there’s Uncle Joe

    Two peas in a poison pod


    Michael Reid

    The Science of Yoga: The Risks and the Rewards: Broad, William …

    A lead science writer for The New York Times—and lifelong yoga practitioner—
    examines centuries of history and research to
    scrutinize the claims made about yoga for
    emotional wellbeing,
    weight loss,
    healing, and

    He reveals what is real and what is illusory,

    in the process exposing moves that can harm or even kill.

    A New York Times bestseller.

    The Science of Yoga draws on more than a century of painstaking research to
    present the first impartial evaluation of a practice thousands of years old.


    Racism in Canada’s immigration policy(Ukrainians to the front)……probably not.
    Amongst the Canadian citizenry there are about 1.3 million people who claim Ukrainian ethnicity.

    It’s about the votes.


    That Brownstone Institute article was the worst thing I have ever read on the site.

    D Benton Smith

    you write,

    That Brownstone Institute article was the worst thing I have ever read on the site.

    I don’t understand why you say that. When I read the referenced article (about Robert Malone) it struck me as being supportive of Malone’s challenges (or at least his professional qualifications to make such challenges) to the false Covid 19 narratives pumped out by the bad guys, and their efforts to censor and silence all such challengers. That seems to me like a good thing, not “the worst thing”.

    Have I simply misinterpreted what you intended to say? What am I missing here?

    Formerly T-Bear

    The good Dr. D on August 20, 2023 at 11:31 pm at #141674

    Jumping in, perhaps impolitely. Yes, that’s true and perhaps a good reason

    ¿impolitely? Not at all. Impolite are those a$$holes that cannot respond to things addresses to them, and there are quite a few in the commentariat here – sadly.

    My observation would be that hardly any here are familiar to the protocols used by first responders; ambulance, fire, accident, police, etc. Searching fire scenes for possible remains is one of those first responses and the protocols are built around preserving evidence that may lead to establishing identity of the remains. If others come to the scene and disturb it that evidence is lost. It is imperative to keep access to such scenes to the absolute minimum, thus the attempted area quarantine that unfortunately is o for all manner of conspiracy speculations as if there weren’t enough already. Residing in UTC (GMT) +2 I do not experience what news presentations you may and rely on sources mentioned.

    Would append a followup to you. Your response to a prior comment I made was quite a good assessment of the conditions. However my point was that the absence of any appeal of judicial finding is not observed, therefore any claim that the election was legitimate is false, a lie, a political coup de grâce for the Republic, a coup d’état in broad daylight.


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