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    Henri Matisse Laurette in a green robe 1916 • Cohen Pleads Guilty, Says Violated Campaign Law At Direction Of Candidate (ZH) • Paul Manafort Found Gui
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    V. Arnold

    My newest Chuen Chom (a type of tropical cactus), which has white flowers (not red or pink), is blooming profusely after a transplant. Quite beautiful actually.
    Many of our orchids are still blooming, but it is the end of the season, so, not much longer.
    I prefer epiphytes to terrestrials; so we place (attach) them in our trees so they don’t need to be fed, just watered during the dry season.
    We’re in the rainy season now, so not a whole lot to do outside plant-wise.
    On another note; my wife’s eldest nephew got married last Saturday in a very rural province in a genuine traditional Thai wedding; wow!
    I’d never seen a traditional country wedding before (mine was traditional, but not full blown country) and it just gobsmacked me. Six hours of nonstop ceremony.
    The nephew’s, wife’s, family had never met a farang (western white person) before so it was doubly interesting. The father of the bride was wonderful, we got on very well, and he took very good care of me.
    Another first…


    Avoid the smoke by watching the Trump fires.


    Not happy with that link, zerosum, don’t do it again. If you link to some specific news piece here, fine, but a generic site that wants people to pay to see their content, nope.

    Update: Ditched your link in the meantime, because its content wouldn’t even let me see my own reply to it.



    The killer phrase is ‘since records began’. For most of the world this is around 100 years, but far less for the Arctic. For example there is a snippet from a 1926 newspaper when an Italian airship journeyed to the North Pole. The article said they did not see a speck of ice on the whole journey to the pole.

    A few years earlier a Norwegian travelled to the Arctic and saw that the ice had gone. He went back to raise interest in exploiting the resources uncovered. No-one was quite sure why the ice had disappeared but speculated it was due to German secret weapons used during the First World War! [The ice came back!]

    Of course records can be altered. In true science raw data is sacrosanct, but in the pseudo-science of climate it can be altered, principally to make the past seem colder so that global warming appears more dramatic. One article I read some years ago had a graph of global temperatures from an old copy of National Geographic from about 40 years ago. It was dramatically different from what you would see today!

    Obviously climate ‘science’ wouldn’t be so heavily funded if there was no ultimate reason. The only suggestion I have seen is that it was to create a global threat of such magnitude that forming a World Government would be a major part of the solution. Certainly one of George Soros’s aims.

    Of course this became a blueprint.

    For Trump, Russia, Iran, etc. it is determined what the perceived truth should be and the media religiously follow the guidelines. Skeptics are left to try and find alternative sources to find information which might actually be true.


    @ Raúl Ilargi Meijer

    I never paid. Strange. As a result, I went on google and found LOTS of other links to SPACE WEATHER news.

    I was trying to find original source for the earthquakes, ( 3 ) reports that were happening.
    (Venezuela, Vanuatu, Oregon)

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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