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    Salvador Dali Elephants 1948   • Dr Reveals Stunning Truth About Covid Vaccine (RAV) • Simply Put: **** YOU (Denninger) • Moderna Knows Their Vac
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle August 22 2021]

    V. Arnold

    LOL Calvin got it exactly correct…


    The Ministry of Health (MiniHealth in Newspeak) which made the citizens sick. Winston Smith had it easy.

    Dr. D

    Ah Afghanistan…another rounding error:

    “BofA strategist Michael Hartnett wrote that in the past 18 months “the Fed has bought $4 trillion bonds, twice the amount the US spent on War in Afghanistan past 20 years as it, and other global central banks, have spent $834 million every hour buying bonds since COVID.”

    Even the cost of war is nothing compared to bank bailouts and rocketing that income disparity FROM the working TO the unworking paper-owners.

    So we’re at what, $5 Trillion in budgets? Who can keep up? The Fed system can solve any problem except those caused by too much money. When that breaks is anybody’s guess, but we’re going to get another chance to measure the psychology of it. Since they know, the only logical thing to do is to at least take out the inevitable in your own time. Smith says distribution of stocks has largely occurred from the insiders to the muppets. Corrupt regulator and now insider Gary Gensler, who insured at the very least enforcing the LAW would never be an obstacle to insider-trading pyramid schemes, was just on the trading hour pointing out his red socks. Red socks? Red BEAR socks. So when they take it down, he/they can say “Don’t sue us, we gave you every possible warning, even on national TV. Not our fault.

    He should fashion-coordinate with that other sock puppet, Justin. Remember Biden’s socks? Not making this up.

    Like the terrible timing of Biden speeches, the Wikileaks drop is all coordinated. With the audit, and elsewhere. Has to be. Can’t have 12 parts all moving in unison, first delayed, then released in harmony, all on accident. And the visible purpose is all the same as well: discredit the Federal level, crash the currency.

    Moderna: Well the NTSB allows Tesla to go out there and kill new innocent people every day, generally by driving around until they can find a police or fire truck to slam into, and that’s unbelievably obvious, so why would we expect a hazy, unclear data from VAERS and FDA to do anything? Talk about Reagan “deregulation”? Nothing’s been regulated almost in my whole lifetime, and not because they’re canceled or repealed. I’m still paying BUCKETS for them, with more laws than ever. Instead, the regulators, SEC, FBI, FDA has been right there the whole time, but PROTECTING the fraud and death. 100,000 felonies in MERS? Banks all embezzled, regulated, then shotgun-merged instead? Worse, then the muppets trade, buy, etc BELIEVING they are safe, protected and regulated and don’t need to look out for themselves. It’s glorious, could not be a system more conducive to death, fraud, and theft, and the ensuing destructing of the culture. Even if you just say “This ain’t regulated: you’re on your own” like in Crypto or health supplements, would be a step up from here.

    So to me it’s a given that if Moderna and the FDA — or indeed anybody else – are in the room, then whatever they decide or release has nothing to do with safety but with profits and agendas. Apparently nothing can cure this belief in people, not billions in fines, losing their pensions, their kids disappearing, not thousands of drug deaths a year, not their own maiming: NOTHING. No wonder they don’t respect us; why should they?

    “vaccinating people, when other parts of the world had none,”

    This is popping up all over, and is a new seeded narrative. Maybe they realize if all N.A. and E.U. are dead, that makes all non-Western places dangerously stronger. So they need to take out Africa, S. America, Asia, etc. Not sure. They never cared about anybody else before, so what’s the rush?

    Also Joe has “500 million doses”. Really that bad at math? There are 330M Americans. Half took it, that’s 160M. So 400M doses are suddenly desperately important, 4x the population? Two things: one, they’re going to force them on Africa, which is safer than NY, NJ, and Delaware, and has been all along. I’m safer in the gutters of Calcutta. Two, they put 10 extra lines on your vaccine passport (weren’t those a conspiracy?) for a reason.

    I don’t know what it takes for you to believe the chicken crossed the road.

    Also in “The Narrative”, why suddenly Pfizer? Astra not deadly enough?

    Police Say Melbourne Anti-lockdown Protest ‘Most Violent In Nearly 20 Years’” police said between beating unarmed citizens. “Say whut! Where’d all this violence come from? A Bobby said while clubbing a Shelia and trampling children with horses, “This violence must stop!”

    Well, seems like it’ll be over soon, with “soon” in quotes: months yet. Seems pretty likely the White Hats have an all-forces attack going on now, starting with F-Stan of course, but from every side, too many to defend, almost too many to name: Ghislane, Wikileaks, McAfee, vaccines, Crypto, Wall St, bond market, China, hostages, sinking ships, censures from Parliament, disappearing VPs, rising prices, universal shortages, new email leaks, everywhere. But that’s what happens at the end battles.

    Again, problem here is the world is going to change radically and not predictably. If “the center does not hold” WGAF? The center never did anything except screw me anyway. But re-localizing, erasing the currency not of one nation, but the whole world, has never been tried before and nobody really knows what will happen. Certainly all supplies will be cut off and disrupted for many months, although perhaps not as bad as a blink-collapse in ’01 or ’08.

    those darned kids

    “hateful to me as the gates of hades is that man who hides one thing in his heart and speaks another.” ~ homer, the iliad

    “i’m normally not a praying man, but if you’re up there, please save me, superman.” ― homer simpson



    Polder Dweller

    It’s all going smoothly and according to plan, I’m sure.

    Zylon-V has an efficacy of 39% which is better than 50% and so gets EUA and on Monday, full approval, because otherwise Bill might lose some money.

    Face masks don’t stop people from getting infected according to the Daily Mail.

    Now it seems that lockdowns aren’t good for your health because they could lead to you getting a rubber bullet in the eye.

    those darned kids

    raúl: the above “south australia” info startled me so, so i looked for it. it is from last year, not that i imagine anything has changed.

    Tue 25 Aug 2020

    from the same article:

    What about the Northern Territory?

    The NT’s emergency declaration ends on September 24 but it can be repeatedly extended for 90-day periods.

    The Health Minister, Natasha Fyles, recently warned the strict border restrictions could be in place for years.

    Authorised officers can use whatever force is necessary to:

    Remove someone from somewhere
    Prevent someone from entering a place
    Search for and seize anything related to public health
    Examine and remove documents relating to the health emergency
    What’s more, they can do it at any time of day and without notice or a warrant.

    • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

    are these really freedoms worth being hated for?


    Looks as if we were set up as a penal colony to allow the extraction of resource wealth for the aristocrats until no longer necessary. It really sucks to be Australian.


    Of the 2.2 trillion dollars wasted on the Afghanistan clusterfuck, approx 500 billion was spent on interest servicing the debt to merely finance the operation.

    So about 1/4 of the total expenditure went to bankers.

    So they spread the love around.

    The parasitic weasels of the MIC used Afghanistan for a live fire training exercise for 20 years. They ‘sharpened the sword’ of U.S. imperialism on it and gave the CIA full control of the opium racket.

    Someone speculated that the CIA no longer needs the heroin trade now that Fentanyl and other synthetic opioids can kill the US poor and working class so much more effectively.

    Poppies are so 20th century.

    An Afghanistan is so 12th century.

    Next stop?

    Buy a clue from Australia and impose a military occupation and dictatorship on your own country, it saves on travel time.



    Earlier today, I bumped into a GP (UK General Prectitionar, doctor) friend in a local store. “Are you still taking IVM?” he asked. When I said Yes, he just laughed and said “Why? It doesn’t do anything.” Now, he’s actually a very smart guy who happens to be a GP trainer, who works with new students just out of medical school.

    Rather than get into a conversation with him I sent him this when I got home:

    “Prof. Santin, one of the pioneers in the use of hyperimmune plasma for Covid 19 patients, Director of the Yale University Research Center in the USA – is promoting the use of ivermectin -” I am convinced that ivermectin can really be a game changer in the fight against Covid19. The world literature is demonstrating the efficacy and safety of this drug at all stages of infection – I have witnessed first-hand very rapid responses after ivermectin administration both in Long Covid patients who have not been breathing well for months, and in extremely severe patients during the acute phase who were on oxygen and close to intubation. This evidence convinced me to quickly change my mind.

    Here was his immediate reply:

    “I really don’t want a back and forth with this. I liked our non-COVID interactions more. I’ll delete anything you send that has to do with this if you can’t respect this request.”

    Where’s the intellectual curiosity? Why wouldn’t he email Prof. Santin directly himself and ask him what is the “world literature is demonstrating the efficacy and safety of this drug at all stages of infection”?

    And this is when we have a mutual friend who’s been double jabbed, and is currently sick at home with Covid, and who has received zero medical advice from his own GP. UK advice is to stay home ’till you get so sick that if your lips turn bluethen call an ambulance

    It’s all just beyond comprehension.



    Mister Roboto

    It’s all just beyond comprehension.

    And yet anybody who doesn’t support it is “wow, so crazy”. (And it was the doctor who initiated that entire exchange, I would hasten to point out.) We are truly in the Twilight Zone, and I’m at a loss to comprehend if there will be any exit from it.

    Mister Roboto

    My ad hoc solution is to have as little interaction as possible with coronapansies.



    The Covid Fairytale is a perfect match for the Salem Witch Hysteria.

    Same psychotic underpinning, same societal trance.

    Your GP doctor friend should have his license yanked for intentional malicious willful ignorance.

    He is guilty of crimes against humanity, he has no business ‘practicing medicine’.

    And I mean that literally, he is merely practicing medicine, like a child practices piano lessons.

    D Benton Smith

    There may or may not be organized control structures above the World Economic Forum, directing and coordinating its activities for purposes that are not fully expressed in the published goals and purposes of that august owners club that is explicitly owned and operated by the 1000 richest entities in the world. It would be highly irrational not to at least observe and consider the possibility. Like the old saying goes, everybody has got a boss.

    In the final analysis, though, that probability does not really matter, because the most serious ( fatal, actually) flaw is built right into the organization as it presents itself. It’s not a secret. It’s published and common knowledge, right there in the open for all to see . . . or NOT to see, as the case may be. Because the flaw isn’t based on something or anything that the WEF has. It’s what the WEF does not have.

    It does not have checks and balances. It’s a monopoly, so to speak, which has no competitor of roughly equal power to prevent it from simply doing whatever it wants . . . with no way to reign it in if it decides that it wants everything.

    That management part of the World Economic Forum, that part which gives orders to its subordinate parts, consists solely and only of its owners . . . the aforementioned 1000 richest entities in the world. Nothing wrong with that, right ?

    Well, yes, actually. There is something wrong with that. It’s called detente, balance of power, “checks and balances”, fairness, equality and a host of other more or less inadequate attempts to label a concept that is fundamental to existance. For every force there is an equal and opposite force.

    In other words, if the forces which control the actions of the WEF consist only of those who represent financial power , then that power is unchecked by the other forces which are necessary to survival.

    These other forces have no authoritative role in the WEF’s executive management, and even the toothless “advisory” roles parcelled out to a chosen few are limited to those who are “invited” to it by the financial powers who select them.

    I should not have to point out the liklihood of anyone being selected who wants to say something that the WEF ownership sincerely and earnestly doesn’t like.

    Also, that there are types of power other than financial which are harder to see or measure but are every bit as vitally necessary to life as money. Perhaps more. Money may make the world go around, but it most definitely does NOT make the world.

    Not only can money not buy you love, it can’t even rent the truth, justice , freedom and life that make life worth loving.

    Is there, then, a way for the forces of love and truth and justice to get a seat on the board ? Nope. The WEF Board decides who gets to sit on the board, and they are financial power.

    It’s a conundrum, isn’t it? A dilemma. Catch 22.

    In which case there is one and only one way to fix it.

    You have to start telling the truth.

    Not all at once, mind you. That might be impossible, and way too dangerous in any case. No, all I’m saying is that you have to start telling the truth. Tell some, and then tell a bit more, and then even more. No need to shoot anybody (I hope) , just keep looking and telling.

    You will know when you have told ENOUGH truth when the combined force of that truth, love, justice and freedom matches the money force of the World Economic Forum. You’ll know it’s enough when the WEF and friends are reigned in from their reckless quest for suicidal power.

    At which point you can ease off. Please don’t overdo it. Checks and balances , remember?


    D Benton Smith
    ” For every force there is an equal and opposite force.”

    I come back to

    as an example of where to look to find the movers, shakers, and the influencers that are molding your thinking and your actions.
    They are hiding in plain sight.
    They are ruling without you being aware that you are being ruled.
    At present, two groups are in open conflict. (hint: Taliban)
    (there are roughly 4,200 religions, churches, denominations, religious bodies, faith groups, tribes, cultures, movements,)

    Polder Dweller

    Is this what’s really going on? I’ve no idea, but it’s a very interesting interview with a lot to think about.

    Polder Dweller

    @Germ, that sounds very similar to how my UK GP (now ex-) friend reacted, he really flipped his lid about ivermectin. I can’t help thinking that these doctors are being threatened with being struck off if they so much as engage in a discussion about IVM.

    The video I just posted offers a possible explanation.

    Mr. House


    The flu i had in Feb of 2020 was worse honestly. I took the bus into work Tuesday morning, my throat hurt and something didn’t feel right overall. Around noon i told my boss i didn’t feel good and went home. That started about three days where i had a fever, chills, and laid in bed until Friday. But later Friday night i suddenly felt as though i had come back from the dead. Like a 180 i felt “good”. What i had at the beginning of august was very different. Sunday i started to feel strange, fever started on Monday but i still worked. Tuesday i decided to use PTO. Lost taste and smell Friday of that week. The fever lasted about two weeks, brain fog (you feel unbalanced standing up, almost like your brain isn’t getting enough oxygen). Cough that i still have but is getting weaker. Major fatigue as in walking around the block would cause you to sweat like you just ran a 5k. Sitting upright at a desk would could you to sweat heavily. Heart rate was very fast just laying in bed. Wasn’t nearly as painful as the flu in Feb of 2020 but very long lasting. Basically if you listen to Karls Coof podcast, the second most recent where he describes what he had this August, its exactly the same as what i had.

    D Benton Smith


    One of my earliest formal investigations was of comparative religion. The conclusion was that they were all predicated on pretty much the same basic concepts (which I more or less agreed with) but were operated day-to-day as power structures ( which I disagreed with, for the most part.) Then at age 12 came the first big moment of decision, putting my actions where my thoughts were. I made an appointment to meet with my Catholic parish priest, who I respected. In the meeting I told him that I could no longer honestly be a Catholic because I simply did not and could not believe in several of the it’s core dogma. He accepted my resignation without argument, whereupon I went my way with renewed respect for him AND his chosen religion.

    The quest continues. Going better than expected so far, so few complaints.


    @ Germ. I have similar stories regarding the intolerance, insanity, mania/hysteria of those I know. I have lost respect for so many since this madness began. In fact, I started losing friends during Brexit and into Trump Derangment Syndrome. People I had good relationships with and had respected suddenly turned into unhinged madmen, incapable of seeing nuance. Black-and-white thinking dominated their worldview. “If only we got rid of this vile man and reversed the will of the people, things will improve”. It saddens me that so many I love are incapable of coming to their senses.

    The irony that we offer the freedom to choose while they enforce their “correct” viewpoints on others (as we are all just uninformed) is huge. At this late stage in this tragedy, we have to sit and wait for the truth to reveal itself. It seems we cannot even attempt to warn others.  In the end, nobody will escape this unharmed in some way. Everybody has somebody that they love who has bought into the narrative.

    I can imagine them pointing their fingers at the unvaxed in early 2022 “this is all YOUR fault!” Just as easily as turning on the very authorities that poisoned their immune systems with this crap.

    Of course, like so many who resist this violation of the nuremberg code, I will accept if I am wrong and will willingly succumb to a coronavirus that targets unvaccinated humans with healthy natural immunity. I don’t suspect so though. It is seeming more likely that I will be burned alive by an angry raving mob of lunatics for being a carrier of disease. Nobody in their right mind would have guessed that 2021 would have passed for the medieval age. With this in mind, the next medical innovation on the cards is probably bloodletting people to death (in order to save them from the dreaded covid)

    Mr. House

    Still don’t have taste or smell. Its strange when you eat a jalapeno and pepperoni pizza and can’t taste a thing. You can feel the heat from the peppers, but this is all.

    absolute galore

    germ quotes prof. Santin:The world literature is demonstrating the efficacy and safety of this drug at all stages of infection – I have witnessed first-hand very rapid responses after ivermectin administration both in Long Covid patients who have not been breathing well for months, and in extremely severe patients during the acute phase who were on oxygen and close to intubation. This evidence convinced me to quickly change my mind. ”

    Remember, this reportage is from early spring, before the Delta variant. According to FLCC and Dr. Kory, Delta needs to be treated much earlier, and they were apparently seeing less efficacy with Ivermectin in more advanced cases. Whether this was just an initial observation and things are more nuanced, I don’t know, have not seen much from them.

    There is still very little info on whether Delta is more or less virulent, though everyone is in agreement that it is more easily transmitted.

    Wonder what happened to the trope that only 20% of people even come down with covid when exposed, based on the percentage infected on the Princess Diana (?) that was on lockdown.

    Mr. House

    ‘Tainted’ Blood: Covid Skeptics Request Blood Transfusions From Unvaccinated Donors

    When you lose the drudge report, you’re losing the narrative 😉


    Anecdotal evidence? Wow, that’s setting the bar pretty high. But sarcasm aside, why is Mr Denninger the goto for vaccine or immunity expertise?

    Mr. House
    Mr. House

    Because we’ve been reading him since march of 2020 and he makes more sense then what the TV tells me. Just like the automatic earth and others made more sense in 2008 then what the economist and the wall street journal were telling me. Next question?


    DW documentary, eng., The history of Afghanistan (> 50 years) is interesting as it airs a lot of old vid. footage. Re-traces the rough lines of the history. Reminded me, for ex. that Afghan women got the vote before the Swiss ones (1964 vs. 1971.)

    It brings home that in Afgh (imho) there have been two main ‘from the ppl, or popular’ impulses or forces at work: rural, local, poor, religious, socially conservative, “tribal”, working in primary production; those willing to fight we know about, the Mujahideen, the Taliban. Manipulated by foreign funding, arms, co-opted, instrumentalised…And SPLIT, as the Northern Alliance (Shah Massoud’s son, seems weak? – link 2) was, and is, determined to fight the Taliban, yet another complicated story.

    VS.. ‘progressive’, urban, more secular (mixed..), richer, more ‘top social’ classes, which were, and are, in thrall to foreign powers and subservient to them in many ways, be they turn-by-turn the Brits, the Soviets, USuk, with EU support, etc.

    Today it is China and Russia who will negotiate what will happen.

    DW television: 1H 22mins.

    In the Afgh. debacle, few ppl have COV-19, are v. sick, or dying, no hospitals are swamped. Nobody wears masks (a few exceptions, and see burkas…), basically nobody is vaxxed :), heh, it appears that in Afgh. COV-19 is not a consideration, maybe there is a lesson there.


    Because we’ve been reading him since march of 2020 and he makes more sense then what the TV tells me. Just like the automatic earth and others made more sense in 2008 then what the economist and the wall street journal were telling me. Next question?

    So, confirmation bias then. Why do you think you are a good judge of what makes sense in virology and immunology? And if you are, why do you need to read anything?


    @ Oroboros & Polder

    Thank you for those comments – they reassure me that it is, in fact, not I who is going mad!



    I like Denninger because he swears a lot at people I disapprove of.

    those darned kids

    i like karl denninger because he knows a lot about a lot and can articulate it clearly without having to resort to boastfulness like some others may do. to wit:

    As for Facebook, don’t worry, I am not on there either. I think it is a good place for the masses to congregate and leave the rest of the internet smart people like me.

    Debt Rattle May 3 2019

    D Benton Smith


    ref : ” So, confirmation bias then. Why do you think you are a good judge of what makes sense in virology and immunology? And if you are, why do you need to read anything? ”

    The same judgement that empowers me to judge from whom to expect information more likely to be be true rather than false. No guarantees, of course, but ya gotta start somewhere in the search for good data . . . and it’s inadvisable to turn to sources thrice proven to be pathological liars, fools, crooks and bullshit artsists.

    Of what use is an expert to ANYONE if those “anyones” don’t have some capacity to judge who is a reliable expert. Are you volunteering for the job ? Will YOU recommend where I should turn for verity? If, so then convince me why I should take your advices.


    You should go make comment at “The Market Ticker”

    absolute galore

    Hey everybody! It turns out we all really DO want the vaccine, but we’ve become too emotionally invested in our anti-vaxx stance to be able to listen to the little voice telling us we are wrong wrong wrong. I know this because I just read it in Salon! What a relief!

    Given the ease with which people can find misinformation and faulty pseudoscientific “evidence” that supports their initial bias against the COVID-19 vaccine, it’s not surprising that a burgeoning community exists to elevate and adulate those who have championed not getting vaccinated as an expression of their “protected freedom.” Every time a person is reinforced with strong (not positive, but, intense) feedback for such a stance, their confirmation bias deepens. Every conflict that they invest in defending their position strengthens their commitment to a sunk cost fallacy way of living in the world. To be open to changing their minds and/or behavior would be akin to being open to losing all esteem and connection in a world that trades on social capital.

    Sadly, the writer has not yet received the memo from SCIENCE that herd immunity is not possible, and likely never was (especially after employing leaky vaccines):

    If we hope to reach the vaccination levels that will prevent COVID-19 from permanently affecting our way of communal life, we must reimagine the way in which we interact with those whose confirmation bias leads them to reject the science and humanitarian evidence that supports vaccination as the only way to achieve herd immunity. We must stop shaming them and, instead, invite them into spaces where they are safe to step back from the investments they’ve made in their public positions so they can consider new information without it challenging their sense of self or belonging.

    But unlike many, the author is COMPASSIONATE! She advocates creating a safe space to try to brainwash us:

    Leading these conversations by finding something that you can agree on is a good start. (For instance: “I know we’ve both invested a lot of time in informing and expressing our viewpoints. I know that this subject matters a lot to both of us which is why I’d really like to have a heartfelt conversation rather than a public shamefest.”) It means embracing the motto of “doing no harm,” as well as “taking no shit” as we work toward the freedom for all to live in a world where the openness to change one’s mind is as valued as stirring the social media pot.

    It’s funny how these approaches always start with the assumption that one side is correct and the other side is loony tunes. The writer is a psychologist, so she is obviously getting all her info from the non-censored SCIENCE. No chance that some parts of each narrative might be true, and that extremes on either end are often false (and corrupt the entire position, since nuance is extinct in the 21st Century).

    We need more “How to Talk Safely to Friends and Relatives Brainwashed Into Mass Psychosis By The Main Stream Media” articles.
    There’s a psychological reason anti-vaccine misinformation is so hard to fight


    @Mr-House yesterday – I had the antibody test (38 bucks out-of-pocket.) I wanted to find out if I had antibodies from a covid exposure (and the “bad cold???” I had) over a year ago. Looking back I probably would have saved my cash but it was a learning experience. It didn’t shed much light, food for thought –

    A good friend got tested at the same place. Nurse was surprised his test came back negative, since he’s had the jab. He’s kind of pissed, after all the fanfare and risk of side-effects he doesn’t show antibodies, what the actual WTF? His regular doctor is hemming and hawing about how welllll it doesn’t mean you’re not immune but tests and specificity and antigens and hand-waving stuff.

    Mine came back negative. Now I don’t even know if it means anything TBTH. Maybe it’s just a cheapshit medical test that’s unreliable. The only thing I know for sure is that it emptied 38 bucks from my wallet.

    Afterward I looked up the test I took – a smaller biotech company, they just import the test in sealed foil packets from China. The tests are not approved, but authorized under an EUA, like the jabs (curious that antibody tests are not reimbursed by health insurance, but the EUA covid-jab is?) Some cursory efficacy testing is performed here. I count 86 other, nearly identical test kits. Lots of caveats in the test report. With all them ifs and buts, seems like the real motive of these tests is an income stream.

    FDA posts test data for them here you can look them up by brand name.

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