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    G. G. Bain On beach near Casino, Asbury Park 1911 • Japan July Consumer Prices Post Biggest Annual Fall In 3 Years (R.) • Dollar Stores’ Admission: Ha
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    “It’s also the suspicion that the Communist-led government is trying to game the system by snapping up foreign firms in key areas of the economy while blocking others from doing the same in China. China “remains the most closed to foreign investment of the G-20 countries,” David Dollar, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution and former U.S. Treasury attache to Beijing, said. “This creates an unfairness in which Chinese firms prosper behind protectionist walls and expand into more open markets such as the U.S.”

    Yeah, try buying “land” in Asia as an investment. No can do! You might be able to buy a condo, but you’re not buying any land. No way. They protect their own. Us? We can’t sell our resources, industries, technology or land to the Chinese fast enough! Talk about short-term thinking. It would be fine if it was reciprocal, but it most definitely is not. We are absolutely stupid.

    Remains to be seen how much the Chinese have invested of their own money. One Chinese guy in my area took out a $10 million line of credit in China, cashed out the next day, and proceeded to buy $8 million worth of properties. The Chinese are going after him now, but meanwhile he’s been living a life of luxury on a line of credit.

    What a crazy world.


    Good article re Syria. He talks about the Israeli connection. And Turkey and the U.S. are in a sovereign country without permission. Man, the U.S. just does what it pleases and everybody bows down low.

    “The Syrian crisis is at a critical point and there is prospect of the collapse of the rebel-terrorists. If they [are] crushed or expelled, it would allow hundreds of thousands of displaced Aleppans to return home as soon as services are restored. This would also allow the Syrian army and allies to focus on attacking ISIS in the east and terrorist groups remaining in Idlib, Hama, the outskirts of Damascus and the south.

    The tide is running against the rebel terrorist factions and their supporters. Up until the last year, fanatics and mercenaries were traveling from all parts of the globe into Syria via Turkey.”

    And the U.S., Israel, Saudi Arabia and Turkey were aiding and abetting these rebel terrorist factions with funding, training and arms.

    “The war in Syria is bringing numerous conflicts to a head: sectarian wahabism vs secular Islam; the “new american century” with one superpower vs a multilateral world; zionist dominance and occupation vs Lebanese and Palestinian resistance.”

    Clintonites Prepare for War on Syria

    This author says to get your information from: “Consortiumnews, Global Research, AntiWar, MoonOfAlabama, Al Masdar News, Al Mayadeen, CounterPunch, DissidentVoice, American Herald Tribune, 21stCenturyWire, Black Agenda Report, the Canary, RT, PressTV and TruePublica (not corporate ProPublica).”

    Somebody needs to write a good book on the role that NGOs and foundations are now playing in our world. With George Soros-type money behind these outfits, it’s almost as if there is another layer of government working above all of us. I know George Soros is filthy rich, but where is he getting his money from? Who else gives him money? Is he a front for others? The guy is everywhere.


    The above article also says:

    “– uncritical acceptance of major NGOs who are predominately funded by billionaires. These organizations need to be considered with some skepticism. For example, in 1990, Amnesty International mistakenly corroborated the accuracy of the false claim that Iraqi soldiers were stealing incubators from Kuwait, leaving babies to die on the cold floor. In the runup to the 2003 invasion of Syria, Human Rights Watch did not oppose the invasion and implicitly accepted it by only criticizing the lack of preparation. Physicians for Human Rights, another Soros project, has issued grossly misleading reports on Syria.

    The latest propaganda tool being used to promote US aggression against Syria is the photograph of little Omran in the orange ambulance seat. The video comes from the Aleppo Media Center “AMC”. Like the White Helmets, AMC is a US creation. The photo of Omran has been widely accepted without scrutiny. The insightful Moon of Alabama, has raised serious questions about the media sensation. Brad Hoff has documented that the main photographer, Mahmoud Raslan, is an ally of the Nour al Din al Zenki rebel terrorists who beheaded a young Palestinian Syrian a few weeks ago. This is confirmed step by step in this short video. Another good short video exposing the propaganda around #Syrianboy is here.”

    A friend of mine worked for an NGO/charity: big offices, big salaries, bonuses, fine furniture. If the people donating money realized how much WASN’T going towards what they gave their donation money for, they’d be shocked!

    With the billions upon billions being donated every year, how much is getting to the people who really need it? Ilargi has already seen this in Greece. Where are they? Stop giving your money to these big, huge charities that basically siphon money off for enormous salaries and office buildings.

    With the amount of money that was donated for Syrian refugees, if it had all gotten to them, they would have never flooded into Europe. Why was this not done? This is a travesty for all concerned.

    Of course, the biggest travesty of all is that their country has been bombed for no other reason than Israeli and U.S. interests.


    “A basic income for just 2000 people seems to miss the whole idea.”

    No, it’s an experiment. An approach desperately needed in this world, assuming it can be run and measured honestly.

    Just imagine – policy – based on what is proven to work; instead of whichever delusional ideology just managed to get elected-


    “I know George Soros is filthy rich, but where is he getting his money from?”

    Easy. If he gets told ahead of everyone else what the Fed is planning to do and all the other central banks. I mean, the European Central Bank is “lending” billions to bankrupt Spanish companies without having to justifiy it. Anyone who knows that before the news is released can make a mint out of their shares or options on their shares.

    Personally, I don’t believe the story that people like Soros and Warren Buffett are smarter than everyone else on Wall Street. That is nonsense.

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