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    Henri Matisse The terrace, St. Tropez 1904   • All The Way To Odessa (Escobar) • Blame West For Global Inflation — Former Czech President (RT) •
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    Mornin’ all!

    Dr. Roger Hodkinson: “Sudden adult death syndrome, of which these physicians are probably examples of, is now the commonest cause of death, at least in Alberta, where I live. That means more people are dying unexpectedly with no cause than are dying from strokes and heart attacks, and diabetes, for example. It’s never, ever happened before.”

    Brace for impact!


    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes!

    “Dizziness and Shortness of Breath Forces Grigor Dimitrov to Retire at U.S. Open”

    Gregor’s myocarditis diagnosis will be arriving shortly – as did Chardy’s.

    Formerly T-Bear


    Russian Roulette: All chambers empty except one.

    Washington Roulette: All chambers filled except one.

    Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant in Ukraine: Definitely Washington Roulette, cui bono? cui malo?

    V. Arnold

    Formerly T-Bear
    cui malo?

    Certainly not the U.S.

    Washington Roulette: All chambers filled except one.

    …but Washingon gives that gun to others; never intentionally playing with that itself…at least in the short term…
    Long term is altogether another story, as history illustrates…

    Armenio Pereira

    Once upon a time, there was a wise Zen master. People from far and near would seek his counsel and ask for his wisdom. Many would come and ask him to teach them, enlighten them with teachings of Zen. He never turned anyone away.
    One day an important man, a man used to command and obedience came to visit the master.
    “I have come today to ask you to teach me about Zen. Open my mind to enlightenment.”
    The tone of the important man’s voice was one used to getting his own way.
    The Zen master smiled and said that they should discuss the matter over a cup of tea. When the tea was served the master poured his visitor a cup. He poured and he poured and the tea rose to the rim and began to spill over the table and finally onto the robes of the wealthy man.
    Finally the visitor shouted, “Enough. You are spilling the tea all over. Can’t you see the cup is full?”
    The master stopped pouring and smiled at his guest.
    “You are like this cup of tea, so full that nothing more can be added. Come back to me when the cup is empty. Come back to me with an empty mind.”

    Emptying the proverbial ocean with the proverbial bucket seems easier than draining the ego.

    Once there was a Zen monk who was an expert on Diamond Sutra, an influential text from the Mahayana branch of Buddhism. As books were rare and valuable in his day, he carried the only copy in his part of the world on his back.
    He was a widely sought after monk for his knowledge and insight into the Diamond Sutra. He was also quite successful at propounding the book’s many profundities to not just monks and masters, but also to ordinary people. Thus the people of that region came to know about the Diamond Sutra.
    One day the monk came upon an old woman who was selling tea and cakes. The monk was hungry as he had been traveling all day, but he realized he had no money to pay for the tea and cakes.
    So he said to the woman, “I have upon my back a treasure beyond knowing – the Diamond Sutra. If you’ll give me some tea and cakes, I’ll reveal to you this great treasure of knowledge.”
    The woman knew something of the Diamond Sutra herself and proposed her own bargain.
    She said, “Oh learned monk, if you will answer this simple question, I will give you the tea and cakes.”
    To this, the monk wholeheartedly agreed.
    The woman then said, “When you eat these cakes, are you eating with the mind of the past, the mind of the present, or the mind of the future?”
    The monk was perplexed. No answer occurred to him. So he took the text of Diamond Sutra out of his back, hoping to find an answer. As he studied and pondered, the day grew late and the old woman packed up her things to go home for the day.
    “You are a stupid monk indeed,” said the old woman, leaving the hungry monk in his predicament. “You eat the cakes with your mouth.”

    Formerly T-Bear

    V. Arnold at 114455

    Russians don’t play Russian roulette. That meme was manufactured by London intelligence agencies to malign their opponents and taken up by Hollywood to enforce its effect. The Russians are intelligent enough not to play such games; Washington, well, not so sure about the intelligent part but the games part, it’s nothing but games and should another not play by rules, behind door no. 1, 2, 3 are selected forms of belligerency: political, economic or military. Make your choice (that is Washington Roulette – short form).

    Armenio Pereira

    It’s not inflation: the issue is lack of energy sources.

    The thing that isn’t clear is if fossil fuels are being withheld or its sources have been depleted.
    (Maybe we aren’t already in a full-scale war because of energy depletion.)


    “The assessment, which involved officials from all key departments and major industries, took place this summer following 12 months of preparation. It was designed to ensure emergency power plans were ‘fit for purpose’.

    “Instead it ‘exposed the fact that, where contingency plans against power disruption exist, some of those plans are based on assumption rather than established fact’, according to a report of the exercise, distributed privately last month. ‘Populations are far less resilient now than they once were,’ it concluded. ‘There is likely to be a very rapid descent into public disorder unless Government can maintain [the] perception of security.’

    “Any central Government response to the crisis may be too slow, arriving ‘after the local emergency resources and critical utility contingency measures had already been consumed’. Departments needed to revise ‘critical facets’ of their plans, it found.”

    In Brief: Cost-push prices, It’s not just the price, Let’s talk about windfalls


    “ Serbia purchases 2 million cubic meters of gas – or between 63% and 64% of all gas it needs – from Russia and its total cost amounts to €800 million ($797 million), Vucic said, calling such a price “fantastic.”

    400 million euros for a cubic meter of gas? Seems spendy. Is my math wrong?

    Veracious Poet


    Rather than SAD, I prefer ABV(Anything But Vaccine) deaths.

    I’m still seeing nothing in my little world. Friends, relatives, co-workers, no one getting sick or dropping dead. At least 90% vax rate. Which shows how easy it is for people to be in denial. The only deaths I hear about are online deaths – second hand information. If I never bothered to look – as all the vaxed I know don’t ever look – then it wouldn’t be happening.

    The other thing is common sense(which appears to have checked out of western society 2 1/2 years ago). I look because I expect to see vax deaths. I expect vax deaths because all the animals in the mRNA trials died. Just common sense not to put an experimental drug, that’s failed every test, into your body.

    Six Ontario doctors died suddenly in July. All healthy and all younger than I am. That’s a fact. Your canary in the coal mine? Again I blame the vax because it suits my bias to do so. The question I have is: how many died in August? Is it like: no tropical storms in August so global warming is over? Then the moment we get a Hurricane Katrina climate change is back!

    I avoid confusing myself by defaulting to common sense. There’s always been hurricanes, in varying numbers each season, yet life on earth has never ceased to exist. An experimental drug, which doesn’t even protect one form the disease, is a bad idea. Therefore one should expect bad outcomes.

    Then having such a drug continue to be forced on people – even children! – by governments and medical authorities…you can guess what conclusion common sense leads me about those people.

    Good luck getting 90% of the population to embrace common sense once again.


    40 Percent of D.C.’s Black Teens Will Soon Be Barred Fron School Because They Aren’t Vaccinated

    Maybe they can spend their time off school learning to read and write. That would put them a long way ahead of the kids who went to government school.


    Dr D

    From previous thread

    ‘AfewKnow: Pretty standard AGW line, I’m sure we’ve all heard it a lot. However, none of the models worked and 40 years later it is still wrong and not happened. Where is the falsifiable part of your Scientific Theory?’

    This has absolutely nothing to do with models – which were just part of the obfuscation game played by the fossil fuel sector, rather like the tobacco industry always attempting to bring doubt into the very clear link between smoking and ill health, for the sake of short term profits.

    The phenomenon of planetary overheating is a very clear matter of observation and the testable link between increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide and increasing temperature.

    F.F.S. The English physicist Tyndall worked it out in 1859, when he investigated the absorption and re-radiation of energy in the infra-red and found that CO2 altered the observed energy transmission through a tube of gas In 1896 the Swedish chemist Arrhenius even worked out an estimate of the degree of overheating likely to occur ‘if humanity continues to burn coal.’

    As with everything in this society, the controllers -the bankers and industrialists- worked overtime to ensure that the populace did not become informed about the fundamental physics and chemistry. And they succeeded, as demonstrated by the continuing high level of denial of the facts!

    ‘Where is the falsifiable part of your Scientific Theory?’

    No, it’s not my scientific theory. It is well established scientific fact. As per Tyndall’s research, remove the carbon dioxide from the tube and the infra-red energy passes through, unabsorbed and not re-radiated.

    That’s one reason for using A Few Know The Truth.

    Changing it to A Very Tiny Minority Know The Truth would be cumbersome.

    But the fact is, only about 1 in 10,000 of the adult populace of western nations has much idea about chemistry and the absorption and re-radiation of radiation.

    The real problem is that the other 9,999 in 10,000 have little or no interest in becoming informed, and they have the vote 🙁


    “ 400 million euros for a cubic meter of gas? Seems spendy. Is my math wrong?”

    Yes, but only by a factor of one million. Still, 400 euros seems spendy for a cubic meter of gas?

    Dr. D

    SADs. “No Such Disease” As Greg Hunter has said, “Just died. No reason. Just died.”

    There’s no such disease as “Just died.” This is not a thing. Medically, scientifically, or logically. That they can even say so is a certain indicator Science is dead, dead, dead. No rational thought exists for them. It is deceased, they are no more. Medicine has joined the choir invisible. “Just died”. The invisible “death fairies” came and got him. That’s where we are now in science and medicine. Not just no science, but no logic either.

    “China Launches Giant Cloud-Seeding Drones to Combat Record Drought”

    China says this works. It’s our technology. From 1974. Does it not work anymore, or just doesn’t work within American borders? So since this costs a buck two-fifty, we’re not relieving our own droughts and murdering tens of millions in the Colorado valley for why?

    The Fall is here. Ready to Rumble.

    “runaway TGV”

    For non-Europeans, that is a “Train w/ Great Vitesse” that is a “Very Fast Train”, from France.

    “This is self-inflicted, this is self-inflicted by the West.”

    Wait: what? He was totally for all of this, and considered himself “The West” just two months ago. Now it’s “them”. The other guy’s fault. Typical.

    “I don’t understand why the number one cause isn’t being mentioned. The ‘green delirium,’ the supposed fight against climate change”

    Ding ding ding! This is killing all humans on earth. To “Save” them, of course.

    “It’s necessary for the West, especially the US, to start negotiating with Russia.”

    They can’t. Russia will ignore them because they are “Not agreement capable.” They can surrender to Russia, but they cannot negotiate. They have nothing to negotiate on, and no people to negotiate with.

    ““Any attempts by Russian authorities to try Ukrainian prisoners of war in so-called ‘international tribunals’ … are illegal and unacceptable,”

    No, they need to be tried fairly in uniparty Kiev and Brussels. Because “Ur side never dun no wrong”. What a Marooon! Like all NGO’s, Amnesty is captured and a tool of a bunch of war-mongering Tools. About as peaceful and objective as the White Helmets and preventing a real AI being set up that is honest. Why are we talking to them? Defund them immediately so we can get an honest bunch.

    “The biggest flaw [of sanctions] is that full or partial embargoes are not being enforced by over 100 countries with 40% of world GDP..”

    Not being enforced? They never said they WOULD enforce them. They never signed to anything, don’t want to, and never will. That’s unlike Europe who DID sign up and is ignoring their own laws, or the U.S. who started the whole thing, embargoed Europe and doubled their imports of Russian oil. Hahaha. Euro-suckers. What on God’s earth have we ever done that would make you trust us? Brother, some continents are slow learners.

    may trigger a recession” in Europe,”

    Open mouth: Lie come out. “May”? “May trigger”? The U.S. which is mostly insulated is DEFINITELY in a Recession – before they changed the definition one Tuesday to “Recessions can never happen under DNC Presidents, but must always delay until the next administration.” We are in a recession and are ¼ as bad as Europe. They have the numbers, they are “The Economist”. The know for a literal fact they are in a Recession since March, and probably since March of 2001.

    Fabulous news though. They actually think it’s all working and will keep at it. You go girl! Double down! I’ve got popcorn.

    “ Serbia Comments on Russia Gas Supplies (RT)”

    Where does Hungary get the gas though? Their border is Ukraine.

    “Pentagon Signs Deal to Make Air Defense Systems for Ukraine (RT)”

    Big picture: all this money is going to the world’s largest money-laundering center? (Not Raytheon, the OTHER largest money-laundering, in Ukr). A center which has blackmail on the President, his son, and all of Congress? Juuuust coincidentally, nothing to do with how every time they call on the phone, Congress does everything they ask for in 5 seconds or less. Up to $40B dollars in 4 months. Of their own free will, of course.

    Can somebody tell me why this isn’t happening? Because known lifelong liars deny it?

    Ukraine Site Threatens 1000s, Incl. Americans, with Extrajudicial Killings (A.)”

    Someone was saying “How do they allow this website to operate?” Whut? For a change this isn’t YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter supporting ISIS’s Freedom of speech. It’s a WEBSITE. Yes, if you buy a web-host who’s going to stop them and shut them down? And I’m not in favor of that legally or morally. However, it’s very likely specific felonies (such as murder) are being known and supported, which is illegal under Interpol, so we wouldn’t take down the site, however specific felons may have difficulty keeping it running from prison.

    What Did Not Happen with the Release of the Mar-a-Lago Affidavit? (Turley)”

    Much heat, no light. I see more people speculating on less than ever. I’m more annoyed that they can issue a “report” that is more entirely redacted than Nixon ever dreamed, and that no one’s bothered by it, because SSDD.

    “Records covered by that government classification level could potentially include human intelligence and information”

    And “potentially” an asteroid could crash into the earth this morning, but hasn’t. Do you have a point?

    The U.S. was panicked at the thought of German spies”

    Again: who? “The U.S.” did not want to be in the war at all. The “U.S.” was against it and uninterested isolationists, uncaring which idiot king won or lost. So “We”, the “U.S.” were expressly not panicked. Now Wall St’s ENGLISH-tied banks were panicked, since they would lose collateral, and their companies, if England lost. Wall St’s GERMAN-focused banks were panicked because if England won, THEY would all go bankrupt and lose. And we know which side of Wall St won the Presidency and their lives in that argument — the banks remain English-focused to this day, despite many more German immigrants than English ones. But “The U.S.” could care less which Wall St banks failed, and if every one of them failed, “We” would have been that much happier.

    This use of “We” is very corrosive. The government always thinks they are the Country. And the People. When they aren’t and are frequently the opposite. The corporations always think they’re the People – and the Government – that they are “the nation”, when they aren’t. Meanwhile there’s seldom a time the People have the illusion that they are the Government and are running things. None of them are “The Country”. They are all subsets of “the Country” and self-aggrandizing posers for profit.

    The credibility and legitimacy of public health demands two things. The rules have to make sense; they can’t be nakedly contradictory. And the rules have to benefit people. You can’t demand jumping through hoops merely for optics.”

    Nope. We still have expensive security theatre at airports, complete with shoes, 20 years later, despite yearly reports that the DoJ sending test-bombs through the airports are never, ever discovered. Like 99% fail rate. Drugs move briskly through the same system, run by known felons, who are hired without question. No one bothers. No one changes. Nothing is done. No surprise for a people incapable of shame, embarrassment, and reason. So why not predict 2125, they will still have these rules? That would be the 100-year takeaway since Edward Bernays. If a thing is bad, expensive and stupid, we do it more and will never, ever surrender.

    62% of young Democrats refused to share a room with a member of the Republican party while only 28% of young Republicans took that position”

    This is because Republicans are intolerant bigots. Wait: what?

    “People now largely remain in echo chambers for news from the left or the right.”

    Also not true. Bc mass media is 90% DNC, the Right consumes 30% Left content, while the Left consumes 0% “Right” content. They have no idea what the Right thinks, says, or believes, and it shows. So there is only ONE echo chamber. And only ONE party that is stuck in it. This is important to fixing it.

    “Julian Assange’s legal team filed an appeal on Friday to stop the WikiLeaks co-founder’s extradition to the US”

    He was extradited. So why isn’t he here, but is being held in solitary without trial? In BELMARSH. That’s not the U.S., that’s Britain voluntarily and happily doing so, then claiming it’s us, not their fault.

    CIA Interventions. Don’t be ridiculous, there are way more countries that that, including the U.S., Canada, Britain, Spain, Turkey, and New Zealand.

    “Inflation drives men to fascism” Yes, and that’s why they want it, do it, and promote it tirelessly.



    ‘Good luck getting 90% of the population to embrace common sense once again’

    The controllers have worked hard over many decades to stamp out common sense and replace it with consumerism. They have been very successful.

    In a consumer society, common sense is a severe obstacle to consumption. The dumber the populace are, the more likely they are to engage in mindless consumption. Thus, we witness societies in which the bulk of the populace has no sense at all. Can’t bang a nail into a piece of wood. Can’t add two large numbers and get the right answer. And have no idea at all how to work out the area of a simple geometric figure. Can’t construct a sentence. Can’t regulate their intake of crap ‘food’… They do know how to pass a credit card to a retail assistant after choosing some pretty things or some junk food. Such people would last about three days in a desert.

    We see them every day, the totally uninformed and don’t-want-to-be-informed, who believe whatever bullshit the government or a corporation churn out… wearing totally ineffective masks and lining up for lethal jabs.

    That’s why I wonder whether the whole Covid scam was an intelligence test, to cull the weak, the stupid and the gullible.

    I have no evidence, of course, and am just speculating. On the other hand, there is evidence that the controllers are too ignorant and stupid to come up with such a scheme. That is true of the NZ government (and politicians in general, who are mostly just plain thick.

    The whole point is that in the natural environment of our distant ancestors, common sense was essential. If you had none, you were dead very quickly. But in a mollycoddled society -which is on it’s last legs, of course- you didn’t need much.

    The great sort out is coming superfast.


    ‘China says this works. It’s our technology. From 1974. Does it not work anymore, or just doesn’t work within American borders? So since this costs a buck two-fifty, we’re not relieving our own droughts and murdering tens of millions in the Colorado valley for why?’

    Adding heavy metal salts, e.g. silver iodide, only works if the air is saturated with water vapour and lacking nuclei for the formation of raindrops. If the air is below saturation, no amount of seeding will generate raindrops that reach the ground.


    The truth ….
    Life on earth is difficult … for humans …. for all life
    Hiding from the truth
    Democrats think, nothing matters as long as Trump and Rs are defeated.
    However, the issue is, humans think that they can divert energy from “mother earth” to control “mother earth” and all life on earth.


    ‘Ding ding ding! This is killing all humans on earth. To “Save” them, of course’

    There are many precedents for such actions, of course.

    Remember how the US obliterated villages in Vietnam in order to ‘save’ the inhabitants. And deforested a great swathe of jungle along the Cambodian border using chemical toxins to ‘save’ the people. And obliterated civilians in Iraq to ‘save’ them. And obliterated people attending weddings in Afghanistan to ‘save’ them.

    Toxic jabs were forced into the bodies of people in the western world to ‘save’ them.

    And now the US is supplying military junk to Ukraine so the Russians have to do the killing. To ‘save’ them

    I think it has something to do with the philosophy: ‘Better dead than red.’ Though I haven’t worked out how that applies to toxic jabs.


    There are two kinds of people in the world: those who seek the truth and those who run from it.

    There are two kinds of organisation in the world: those that embrace the truth and those that attempt to conceal it.


    A reminder of what Gonzalo Lira said in May: “On or before September 30th… The decision has already been made.”


    Edward Dowd: UK ONS Excess Deaths for ages 1 – 14….


    From Peter Imanuelsen:

    Something weird is happening with the excess death rate.
    There is a higher mortality rate than normal, what is going on here?

    D Benton Smith

    So the Justice Department is withholding parts of the warrant that they do not want the defendant to know. That is plainly and unambiguously against the law, which says quite sensibly and adamantly that the defendant is entitled to know everything about the warrant.

    Why did they do that? Clearly and indisputably the Justice Department is under the control of someone who is commanding them to do that, in defiance of the fact that the action blatantly violates clear and unambiguous law.

    All we want to know is the identity of who is initiating (or relaying downward) the directive commanding the Department of Justice to violate the law, and we also want to know WHY that individual wants that to be done.

    That’s all. Just tell us that little thing and we’ll be on our away.


    Trump and lawyers got a unredacted original copy.
    There is a higher mortality rate than normal, what is going on here?

    Peter Imanuelsen
    Aug 27

    Our leaders are helping “Mother Earth” reduce the human population.


    US mercenaries captured by Russia face either death or another two are facing up to eight years behind bars for the same reason

    Some perspective:
    AZ WNBA star Brittany Griner was sentenced to 9 years in Russian prison for drug possession.


    It is reported that Putin has had four jabs of the Sputnik vax. The Russian vax is almost identical to AZ , Oxford worked with the Russians to create a slightly different version of their clot shot. Russians have been put through all of the same bullshit as the rest of us with mandates and all. Funny that I tend to think of Russia being anti big Pharma and the WEF but it seems that is not how things are . Big Pharma , Gates and co, have Russia firmly in their grip too , weird.


    @Afewknowthetruth: (from yesterday) Not sure where we may have disconnected, but I agree with everything in your reply.


    In the news: Whiting refinery shuts down after a fire. Sorry about the msn. (Alerted from a comment at ZH)

    TAE Summary

    * The Goldilocks Government: Eats the porridge of the weakest, breaks their chair, sleeps in their bed, then runs back to the safety of their own kind when confronted. That sounds about juuust right.

    * Next up: Jill Biden will leave her extensive personal notes on her relationship with Joe and his health at the hairdressers to be discovered by Tucker Carlson’s wife.

    * Dizziness and shortness of breath are symptoms of cardiac arrest which is different from a heart attack. Cardiac arrest is caused by electrical problems whereas heart attack is caused by a lack of blood to the heart. What is damaging the electrical systems of the hearts of otherwise healthy athletes? Maybe an EKG should be required before participating in US Open or other high profile sporting events.

    * It would be interesting to know the net effect of excluding students and soldiers who refuse vaccination. They are getting rid of those least likely to blindly follow authority, most likely to think for themselves and least willing to go along to get along. Is there rejection a good thing for a school or the military?

    * Russian Roulette is like Filet Americain, unknown in the country it is named for.

    * Are we running out of energy by design or by depletion? Not in question is that we are far into overshoot. We will suffer the consequences of less energy now or will find a way to overshoot even farther and more of us will suffer the consequences later. Twenty years ago Jay Hanson advised people to use as much gas as quickly as they could because the quicker we used it all up the fewer people would be around when we ran out.

    * Specialization is for insects. A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly.
    — Robert Heinlein

    John Day

    90% or 10% of the problems , now beginning to encroach upon our life-support-system are caused by all/some and/or a few humans, and were/were-not avoidable, and can now be mitigated by concerted-human-effort/killing-more-folks.

    We all, each of us and in-concert have work to do.
    Any group not burning coal, oil, iron and copper as fast as they could would have been (and was) overcome by the groups that did do so.

    That equation is now different, as all of those are in shortened and more-expensive supply.
    It looks to me like depletion is real and is being “managed” by insrting artificial crises and shortages just before it becomes common-knowledge, so as to maintain initiative in the control-narrative war-room.


    @Redneck: I noticed the same thing, prompting my comment some time back that perhaps the Russians and the West are just WEF actors playing “good cop-bad cop” with the global public.


    Who am I?
    I’m allowed but You are not allowed to tell lies, insult, calling name, yell or act impolite.


    Models, models, models (wonder if it will post)


    Well I’ll try one more time…
    AFKTT takes Dr D to task on the magical thinking of CO2 driven global warming and writes…

    This has absolutely nothing to do with models
    And follows with…
    The phenomenon of planetary overheating is a very clear matter of observation and the testable link between increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide and increasing temperature

    He then justifies his beliefs by referencing the 19th century scientist, Svante Arrhenius’,1896 calculations on the effect of carbon dioxide (CO2) on global warming are frequently cited by proponents of Anthropogenic Global Warming as evidence that it was known more than 100 years ago that significant or catastrophic warming would occur due to a rise in CO2. Although he conveniently ignores the seldom referenced 1906 publication by Arrhenius where he dramatically reduces his initial estimates on CO2 warming effects.

    A rather simplistic view of the scientific method is as follows:
    1 – Develop a hypothesis
    2 – Develop an experiment or model to test the hypothesis and it’s predictions
    3 – Compare the results to real world observations (empirical evidence)

    Well the case of the AGW thesis
    1 – Hypothesis: Doubling of CO@ will increase global temperatures by 5 – 6 ℃.
    2 – Create global models primarily based on various derived CO2 sensitivities (at least some 73 models exist)
    3 – Compare the results to real world observations FAIL, FAIL and FAIL badly

    But what I really found entertaining was how he dismisses the absolute failure of these models and the prediction by climate experts (looking at you James Hansen, Michael Mann) by blaming these failures on the fossil fuel industry when essentially all of these models were initiated and funded by governments, institutions and green entities whose very existence rests on proving CO2 is a existential threat to the earth itself. They gave it their best shot and reality proved them wrong over and over and over.

    The arrogance and continued certainty in the face of failure after failure of the simplistic CO2 hypothesis is just boundless.


    “Average temperatures are hovering around 44oC.”

    We [in the scientific community] knew 20 years ago that planetary overheating would be bad for humans, bad for wildlife, bad for food production, and bad for civilisation. But we didn’t know it would get so bad, so quickly.

    20 years ago I genuinely believed it would take until the 2080s for the Earth to be rendered largely uninhabitable. But I must admit, 20 years ago I thought there would be some action to reduce the insanity of burning ever-increasing amounts of fossil fuels..

    I was wrong.

    It just goes to show that, when it comes to governments and their money-lender Ponzi schemes, one cannot overestimate the propensity for sociopathy and suicidal mania.

    And what we are witnessing now is just the early phase of planetary meltdown!

    We can estimate what it will be like twenty years from now -a largely uninhabitable planet for most vertebrate species -which includes humans, of course.

    Would that be sufficient incentive for the maniacs to stop lying and stop making the predicament worse faster?

    Obviously not, as far as the madmen/madwomen who are in control of the use of money, the use of fossil fuels, and the application of military force are concerned. 🙁

    Thinking about all this geochemical stuff, it really does look as though the scumbags who were in control for centuries, and whose progeny are in control now [of the political narratives, not the outcomes] , have concocted a plan for a rapid, massive, population reduction.

    Way too late, of course. Self-reinforcing chemical-physical feedbacks have already been triggered. 🙁

    So for most of us, what matters is how we live.

    Many would say that has always been the case.

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