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    D Benton Smith

    Hunger Games conference set for Sept 28th. I’m not so sure that I WANT to be catalyzed.


    I’m sure many will already know, but for the benefit of those who don’t, the Military Summary channel highlights the fact that the war started in the summer of 2014, not February 2022 -when the Russian SMO commenced.

    It seems that the Ukrainians have succeeded in outdoing the defeat that they experienced in 2014; 1200 dead (unknown number injured or captured) and a massive loss of 139 armoured vehicles, including tanks.


    The system has had an insolvency predicament for decades.

    Rember back in 2007/2008 the insolvency predicament morphed into a liquidity crisis. Bush and Paulson demanded $760 billion to shore up liquidity. And got it.

    Well, here we go again, only this time with the added ‘headwinds’ of bigger insolvency, further energy depletion, further destruction of climate stability, systems that are visibly failing, and a much bigger total population to fight amongst themselves for the rapidly declining resources and available energy.

    Demolition by design:


    I’m trying to figure out how and whom never ending doom-porn helps; whether AGW stuff, or otherwise.
    My take is that it helps the ruling class, via induced helplessness.

    What is anyone going to do individually, about AGW (and the like) besides hand-wringing and thinking utterly useless bad thoughts?

    Seems odd to attack a person via vicious ad hominem, then say “I can’t talk about it”, to me.


    Am I the only one who is seeing parallels between AFKTT and our old friend, Deflationista? Comment after comment posted on a topic that isn’t a primary discussion on the board. Anyone who presents a different side is an idiot, period. Are we all going to be called “stu-peter” pretty soon?

    Wonder what it is about this board that periodically attracts this?

    PS … RIM is allowed to ban anything he wants, including a person he does not personally care for, for whatever reason, no explanation needed. It’s his site. If someone doesn’t like it, they can launch their own site.


    Clarification RE: right to ban: I was referring to RIM requesting no further discussion of the name which shall not be mentioned. Who cares, honestly? I read a bit of “his” stuff years ago and found it lacking.

    John Day

    Zerosum copied this statement, and I disagree:

    “Therefore, the question is: where is Russia’s answer, where are the photos of corpses in the Kherson region which should be released to the public, where is the psychological warfare? Russia still does not have an offensive initiative in the informational space of warfare.”

    This statement is based upon the false assumption that only LIES can be effectively weaponized in war. Actually, the truth of Russian reliability and truthfulness in negotiations is a much more powerful long term weapon, as this is an existential war between a corrupt financial-regime (backed by “enforcers”) and a new, developing financial regime,
    which will have Russia’s full endorsement.

    John Day

    @Upstate NYer: You draw parallels between “Deflationista” (who was clearly not the Deflationista known hear around 2009) and AFewKnowTheTruth.

    I believe that is a superficial perception because “Deflationista” really did have a signature topic that was only supporting COVID vaccines and disparaging all alternatives, and displayed hybrid-entity characteristics, typical of mostly chatbot responses, and intermittent human-minder respnses, which took different tacks, including sympathy, and seemed to be clearly written by different humans at different times.

    AFewKnowTheTruth is clearly a stable human entity, the same human responses every time. Bot-armies can’t afford all-human all the time, and AFKTT has addressed multiple topics over time.
    This topical debate has lately been stressful. He was not the first one to call names, either.
    I’ll seek to be civil and find practical common-ground.

    @RIM: Got it about Guy-Mc-Pie, and I-think-I-know-why…


    @Bill7: I think indulging in doom-porn is just masochism. Another common response (and I know someone like this) is to disengage from the subject in despair at your powerlessness to do anything about it. But short of the dire predictions of things we largely cannot really affect, it is yet useful to think about how you are going to deal with them when you can no longer avoid them. “When the hurricane comes, one must seek shelter.”



    Yes, I have noticed that global cooling seems to have suddenly and unexpectedly arrived, in our neck of the woods, very recently.

    So far I have been able to be outdoors in just a T-shirt and shorts. But if our climate continues to cool at its current rate, this rapid cooling trend will soon resemble an inverted hockey stick.

    This sudden gobal cooling trend greatly concerns me because then I will soon be forced to wear pants and a jacket or I might soon go extinct!

    I have to wonder if the culprit to blame is a sudden fall in our CO2 levels?

    Maybe I need to start collecting more firewood. Maybe if I start burning some firewood now, I might be able to reverse this sudden global cooling?


    zerosum said

    This is a psychological warfare operation, and Kiev has succeeded in it.

    I understand why you are attributing success to Kiev, but the real success is the total control of the narrative in the western MSM. The billionaires totally control western MSM and now they have a captured audience in that they ordered their politicians to ban alternative view points such as Russia Today.

    But does total control of the narrative mean that they are winning? We will find out when people are asked to suffer through the billionaire-imposed energy drought this winter. Will the people be so totally convinced that they have to save Ukraine that they will accept their own suffering as a means to achieve that goal? People were willing to trust the government with the vaccine, but some bad stories came out since then, even in the MSM, so it will be interesting to see the reaction of the majority.

    The only indication I have seen is the UK government complaining that lots of Ukrainians will be on the streets during the winter, having been ejected from the homes of Brits who were giving them lodging. Maybe the Brits are over it? We shall see.


    War “big lie” propaganda has never had any relationship with reality. What works is the truth massaged to sell a political/economic message. However, what happen with the rise of neoliberalism and rule by global Brahmins is that they don’t give a damn what the “hoi-polloi” think.

    This is clear in the coronavirus pandemic. Telling the truth and spending money on public health mitigations that work were trashed to create more billionaires by injecting everyone they could with for-profit mRNA vaccines. There were no data to prove that the injections were safe and effective though they said they were. The vaccines were approved for emergency use without intensive monitoring to see if there were any adverse effects in those injected. Off-patent alternatives were “deep-sixed”. They succeeded. They are wealthier. There are adverse effects. The mRNA injections loose effectiveness within weeks and do not prevent transmission.

    The real problem is that to become apparatchik in the new world order, leaders and managers must believe the propaganda. This makes the western corporate/state stupid and incompetent. One example reported by ZeroHedge are the sanctions on Russia. China is selling Russian Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) to Europe to fill their storage tanks for the coming winter at 2 to 3 times the pre-war price. If Europeans don’t freeze to death this winter, they will be broke and deeper in debt next summer. China is making money from the proxy world war. Russia is earning more money from selling fossil fuel than before the sanctions.


    It’s just very noticeable to me how the day’s or week’s Narrative du jour gets ratcheted up and then backed off,
    then ratcheted up aga,in as useful to whatever entities. Rep. Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan, said to be inflammatory
    and easily leading to WW III, is just one late example. This week that story is off the radar, to replaced by…
    you know, whatever. “I Support /Reject This Week’s Thing.”. and stuff.
    Either choice is fine; the important thing is that one plays along..).

    God, it all gets so old..


    It’s just very noticeable to me how the day’s or week’s Narrative du jour gets ratcheted up and then backed off,
    then ratcheted up again, as provisionally useful to whatever entities. Rep. Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan, said a couple of weeks ago to be inflammatory and very easily leading to WW III, is just one recent example. This week that Very Important story is off the radar, to replaced by… you know, whatever. “Nancy who? Taiwan whathuh?”
    “I Support /Reject This Week’s Thing”, and stuff..

    Either choice is fine; the important thing is that One Plays Along.

    God, it all gets so old.. “teejus” I think was Willie Nelson’s term, which I like better.


    Apologies for the near-duplicate post; i hit “edit”, but the software somehow did not cooperate.


    Speaking of Willie Nelson- if you’re ever In A State and need to stay there and ponder awhile, put on ‘Red-Headed Stranger’.

    John Day

    @Bill7 : Strategy of Tension is part of the answer for all of the doom-porn, I think.
    It makes people “want” a “strong government”, like right-fascism.

    Our responses are monitored in real time and manipulated, observing the deflections of each manipulation to keep building the working model of our hive-mind, and of each human mind, also.,security%20in%20a%20strong%20government.


    Bill7: “It’s just very noticeable to me how the day’s or week’s Narrative du jour gets ratcheted up and then backed off, then ratcheted up aga,in as useful to whatever entities.”

    Absolutely. I pointed that out a couple months ago. I don’t think I did a good job with it. You got right to the point.

    I’m well past tired of Russia/Ukraine. I’m sorry about the human toll. I’m sorry they’re going through it, but … ?? Then there’s “cutting off gas” to Europe and all the blame going around (apparently if it’s not Russia’s fault, then Europe has no brain or backbone and it’s all on the US … ). I’m also sorry about that because I’m sorry the regular people have to pay for the stupid decisions of their leaders.

    I’m wondering what’s next. Mar-a-lago didn’t pan out … hmmm … (forehead slap)


    Hey, John Day, so AFewKnowTheTruth is NOT “disparaging all alternatives”? 🙂


    He’s back for 2024


    Veracious Poet


    I contine to contend that Trump! is just part of the big show. Those who rule us want maximum conflict, and who better to deliver than him? I kind of like the guy, actually.

    Full Metal Jacket’s “Crazy Earl” is in my mind right now for some reason: the scene where he says “this is his party.. he’s the guest of honor..”. Humans trying trying to come to grips with what they’re doing. Not a direct
    parallel to the present, but distinctions between right and wrong were clearer then, even if deeply violated (ask me about my first boss’s Vietnam cohorts, if you like). He was kind to me, and I’m not sure why.

    John Day

    @Upstate NYer: About AFKTT “disparaging all alternatives”.
    My comment about “deflationista’s” behaviors pointed out a series of my observations over time, making the case for “deflationista”, who was clearly NOT the 2009-era human contributor to TAE comments, being a hybrid entity, armies of which do troll-bot duty for hire on the internet, for state and non-state interests.

    When you are a legitimate expert in a scientific field, and I’m convinced that AFKTT is what he says, you will not be conceding arguments to those who are not, who are amateurs with personal opinions. A human-AI-trollbot would never have come up with the he-who-must-not-be-named thing, then come back to it with further explanation, unasked.

    People can be pretty harsh here sometimes. You may have noticed. We all have feelings.


    John Day said

    When you are a legitimate expert in a scientific field, and I’m convinced that AFKTT is what he says, you will not be conceding arguments to those who are not

    Who’s arguments rely on a climate model consisting of absorbtion measurements through a tube of 100% CO2, yet disparages the illustrative example of the use of CO2 to assist the growth of plants in aquariums and how that shows that even gardeners untrained in the political arts know that CO2 helps plant growth …. this guy is your expert? This is no expert, this is a sloganeering political extremist and his ideology is looney left. Lie with dogs, pick up fleas.


    Billionaires – in this case Bezos – still trying to squeeze more money out of the government in the name of green, In this case to fund green reparations – supported by looney left people – in countrys known to be hideously corrupt and where the money never gets to the country, not even their politicians, but gets handed out to their billionaires to help our billionaires with more fascism. Same as the Ukraine.

    Washington Post: The USA Should Pay for Pakistan’s Climate Floods


    Here is what our bosses are doing

    Here are the facts that I prepared for you to see/to consider/to evaluate, before you decide what to do, before you make up your mind, before you realize the whole truth.


    As I have said many times, those who cannot provide coherent narratives and who lose scientific debates resort to personal insults. Insults are a sure sign of a loser.

    The fact is there are numerous people on Internet forums posing as something they are not. Posing s people who know stuff when they don’t. .Governments and bureaucracies full of such people, as are economic thinktanks.

    It’s fascinating to read bits of the silly reports delivered with such earnestness by the [corrupt] mainstream media. “Economists say that interest rates may rise and that house prices may fall.” $300,000+ a year for telling us what we already know!!! FFS.

    What I find particularly scary is the fact that the people who decide what the rules for everyone else will be in our fake democracies are essentially scientifically and financially illiterate. Indeed, they are ecologically illiterate and many don’t even understand the words they use.

    Andrei Martynov shreds the so-called western economists to pieces quite regularly on his channel. But what percentage of the global populace does he reach? 0.001% 0.0001%?

    Of course, is all a copy-and-paste culture in which idiotic statements are repeated ad infinitum by both the mainstream media and the vast bureaucracies that have a stranglehold on western societies: ‘sustainable development’, ‘replacement of fossil fuels with renewables’, ‘transitional fuels’, ‘carbon capture’, the hydrogen economy’ blah, blah, blah.

    And because the moron who promote such fantasies are scientifically and financially illiterate, they believe their own bullshit. Or are scared to step out of line.

    I am well aware why that is: the whole how is run by banks and corporations (with a few opportunists thrown in) to facilitate the looting and polluting of the environment and the transfer of wealth from the many to the few. “Crew expendable” as Ripley discovered in the original Alien film.

    What the scientifically illiterate and financially illiterate morons at the local council, the regional council, the government and the various bureaucracies in Wellington etc. are yet to wake up to is the fact that without an intact environment no one gets through the numerous bottlenecks that we will be forced to negotiate over the coming decade.

    What really astounds me is that people will actually argue with those self-evident truths!

    But as Schopenhaeur pointed out about 150 years ago, all truth passes through three stages

    First is ignored
    Second it is vigorously opposed

    Third it is accepted as self-evident

    Clearly a lot of commenters on TAE are trapped at stage two at the moment, and no amount of evidence will shift them.


    WES- in my neck of the woods the monarchs are flying south 2 weeks early; the orioles and blackbirds left last week. The wooly bears showed up three weeks early. The squirrels are already putting on their winter coats. The hostas bolted to flowers three weeks before normal. Though late august, it feels like mid-september. The window frogs never came. There were no moths- this was very disturbing (goes with no “June bugs” this spring.). Oh, and the sora are reading as orioles on the bird ID app on my mate’s phone.
    How are things going in your vicinity?

    Veracious Poet



    People can be pretty harsh here sometimes. You may have noticed. We all have feelings.

    Sure compassion vs contempt. John, do you think their “feelings” are hurt since they canceled you as a noble Dr, fired you, lied to your face, and knowingly took your monetary livelihood away potentially starving you and pushing you into financial and homeless ruin? They are happy, laughing and celebrating your demise. If they could have locked us all up and sent us to gas chamber work camps they would have done it gleefully. They did lock us down remember?

    No I don’t think their feelings are hurt at all trying to poison you or ruin you- or anyone else who does not obey their insanity. One can choose to turn the other cheek for more beatings, humiliation, financial rape and psychological torture… or fight, resist and turn the tide.

    Compassion does not always mean being nice or enabling an addict so they can “feel” better.

    They started this war of abuse, lies, murder and torture. They can all fuck off and die for their crimes against humanity. I no longer draw any distinction between gas lighting Covidian Cultists, Climate Change Cult members, or Virtue signalling hypocritical scum- there is no amount of logic, reason, science or truth that they can grasp. They will recognize a throat punch when they “feel” that.

    “They” have pushed us far enough into a corner where the choice to fight for your life, your human dignity or roll over and die is becoming a distinct reality- It is not the first time in human history. Those who fight and resist allow humanity to evolve into our better selves… those who choose to roll over in cowardice and obey sink to animalistic debauchery.

    One can still maintain the highest qualities of Spirituality and be a Warrior. A healer and a fighter. the kindest of souls and the noblest of warriors. Violence is inseparable to the human experience, knowing when and how to use violence against Evil forces and individuals can save the planet and save humanity.

    Veracious Poet

    One of the most disturbing aspects of the entire global warming debate is the certitude of believers, driven almost entirely, if not exclusively by tribal affiliations.

    This book shows that while CO2 contributes to climate conditions it is not a primary driver, and that the climate models on which energy policies are based are invalid.

    It also addresses the unconscionable tactics employed by politicians and their media acolytes to perpetuate the myth that human-caused CO2 is responsible for global warming and climate change.

    A small group of ideologues have over the years hijacked an otherwise noble cause, environmental consciousness, and used it as a proxy to redistribute wealth and ultimately to replace western-style democracies with a world socialist structure under the auspices of the United Nations.

    To achieve their goals, they use Alinsky-style tactics to denigrate, ridicule, and intimidate skeptics, and Orwellian methods including rewriting history to ensure conformity to their message.

    There are no angry mobs demanding consensus for the theories of Gravity or E=mc2 because they are testable, repeatable, and confirmed through experiment and observation.

    The un-testable, un-provable relationship between CO2 and a warming planet plays into the hands of scrupulous ideologues.

    Only through such an oblique association could they develop a

      pseudo-secular religion

    with millions of believers who view those who question its dogma as heretics.


    Protest the va or war in the West , get locked up , protest the vax or war in Russia , get locked up.


    Following on from my comment about the people who decide our fate being scientifically illiterate and financially illiterate morons (and self-serving liars) I have just seen that Tim Watkins has a new, and excellent, posting:

    ‘Net zero is dead – so what now?

    16 hours ago Energy 725 Views

    ‘There is a deep irony that Europe’s wind turbine factories were among the first to close in the face of our growing energy crisis. Nevertheless, it goes a long way to demonstrating the fundamental flaw in the net zero project – while the harvested energy of the wind may be renewable, the technologies that do the harvesting are not. Indeed, these supposedly “green” technologies depend upon complex global supply chains powered by fossil fuels at every stage of their manufacture, transportation, deployment, maintenance, and decommissioning. But that inconvenient truth was never allowed to get in the way of the technocratic net zero fantasy – aka “the great reset,” “the green new deal,” or “the fourth industrial revolution.”

    It wasn’t, you see, just us who were “energy blind.” Indeed, those at the bottom of the income ladder tend to be more aware of the importance of energy – including having enough calories to ward off hunger – than the technocrats and elites at the top of the pyramid, who tend to believe that they are perched up in the clouds solely due to their own efforts, rather than to having burned their way through a mountain of coal and an ocean of oil to generate their theoretical wealth. And so, they sold us this children’s story about how complexity and science don’t really matter, and that so long as we all wish hard enough, we could replace all of the coal, gas and oil with sunlight, wind and pixie dust.’

    Net zero is dead – so what now?

    I think I can answer Tim’s question: what comes next is even more blatant lying, bigger delusions, and a greater level of tyranny.

    There might be some cause for hope if Tim’s article had 725 million views. But 725 suggests we are still pushing shit uphill with a pointed stick when it comes to energy literacy.

    Our collective efforts to raise awareness amount to a flea on an elephant…a slight irritation at best.

    Not that we should stop!

    Sanity and reality have to prevail in the end because the frauds [of governments] are sure going to fail spectacularly very soon.


    Over at ZH, a reminder:

    “The most dangerous man to any government is the man who is able to think things out for himself, without regard to the prevailing superstitions and taboos. Almost inevitably he comes to the conclusion that the government he lives under is dishonest, insane and intolerable.”

    – H. L. Mencken

    The American Kleptocracy: A Government Of Liars, Thieves, & Lawbreakers

    Ditto New Zealand


    Governments are stealing our money under the disguise of saving the planet. One big theft operation that is enthusiastically supported by certain very power people who probably have never paid tax. They are stealing our countries, cultures and inheritance yet they have people on the ground that support their theft, those people being political groups who see some alignment between their own ideals and the stated ideals of the giant theft operation.

    The “saving the planet” lie is intended to give their theft the moral high ground, so that they can pretend that they are people doing good and not just common thieves. The people cheering this on think that the reasoning is genuine, that these people are stealing our money, culture and inheritance because they are trying to achieve something incredibly good.

    Emotions are not helpful when you are being ripped off: more people lose massive amounts of money by putting logic to one side and making decisions using their emotions. That is why the letters from Nigeria work, the people may be intelligent, but they are vulnerable to abandoning logic. The people performing this theft are using similar tactics on the population at large, they are continually feeding new letters from Nigeria to the population at large.

    What people do not seem to realise is that this will not save the planet, there are not enough resources on the planet to achieve what these people say they want to achieve, and even then extracting all those resources would completely destroy the planet. People need to start using logic when considering the future of their families, not emotions.



    At last we are in total agreement.!!!!

    We are, indeed, governed by thieves and professional liars who con the masses into believing completely fake narratives because the ignorant masses believe it is all for the greater good -rather the actual reason, which is to make money for banks and corporations and opportunists (which includes most politicians in the NATOstan countries) and keep the Ponzi financial system going a bit longer.

    Meanwhile young people keep dropping dead ‘mysteriously’.

    ‘Actress/model Charlbi Dean has died at the age of 32.

    Palme D’Or winning actress dies suddenly aged 32

    © Provided by Newshub

    The South African star, who appeared in the Palme d’Or winner Triangle of Sadness, passed away in New York City on Monday.

    Editors at Variety reported that Charlbi had died from an “unexpected illness”.

    No further details were available.’


    Unlike the mealy-mouthed liars who pretend to be leaders of the West, Putin tells it exactly how it is:

    ” You haven’t paid for the last delivery, so you get no more.”

    Dr. D

    “Under feudalism there was no outside, powerful “authority” to ensure that the feudal chief did his duty”

    Sure they did. The Lords above and the squires below would tell him not to act the fool. We’ve been hearing things, makes life hard for all of us. Now WILL they? Well, some good, some bad, somewhere in the middle, same as our judiciary today. The point is the idea existed.

    That’s a strong reaction. Didn’t know Guy.

    “The New York Times said McPherson was an “apocalyptic ecologist” … known for inventing and promoting doomer fringe theories such as Near-Term Human Extinction” Huh.

    “”Specifically, I predict that there will be no humans on Earth by 2026”

    Okay then, a provable theory. I predict he will be about 8 billion people off, Waaaay further off than the 25M dead for Covid, still waiting. Will he resign in disgrace for being a shrill alarmist, completely wrong? (Spoiler: No.)

    “Used to be be a nation wouldn’t announce its lack of preparedness”

    Yeah, come to think of it. Both advertising it (to entice China?) AND we have trillions, they added a ten-billion last time just for no reason, yet not a single artillery shell? Are we supposed to believe you and also not be mad about it?

    Parents: Yes, I see that season here too. Now here’s the important part: unlike decades ago, the seasons now follow the sun, which is noticeably more intense. So if highest summer, longest day is June 22, then shouldn’t it be summer in April and May? Not for 10,000 years. High summer was July and August. (Us anti-antipodians of course) In the last 5 almost 10 years, it flips from winter to summer in a week, with 90f in May. Warming, right? No, because we now have fall in August, as soon as the light diminishes, months before normal. Which is what you’re saying, and I agree. So instead of Summer = June1>Sept 1, it’s now April15>Aug15. That’s very odd, and tells me it can only be the sun. Someone else in Newfoundland(?) said puddles and the forest floor dry instantly now, same thing.

    Of course that’s obvious, since it used to take 3-5 hours to get sunburned and now takes 30-50 minutes. 60x more intense? Wow. Seedlings are dead when they hit the ground bc the sun cooks them faster than they can breathe, even up to a pretty fair size. So tell me 10,000 years of this, in all books, history we know, all planting, choice of crops, and one day this, but it’s not the sun? Are sunburn fairies following me and the seedlings around, but were only released from their magic lamp in 2005? No. Use your head, believe your own lying eyes, especially when extremely quantifiable and repeatable like this.

    Now since everybody’s lying to me, refusing to admit there’s an elephant I go out and feed and shovel every day, this is little help at all. I could really use a Science that records things, measures them, discusses them, doesn’t deny and lie about them, but we have none. They are entirely discredited. So much I want to refute them before they can open their mouths and say another stupid, insulting thing.

    So it’s fall and the sun tapers off here, and it starts snowing bitterly in Texas and Mexico by February. Used to be unusual, now every year. Colder? No. Same temp in Miami and NY much of winter. Weather bands are out of play, Jet streams. Seems quite likely they were somehow locked in using the now-missing magnetic field.


    Dr D said

    Of course that’s obvious, since it used to take 3-5 hours to get sunburned and now takes 30-50 minutes.

    I wish my memory were as good as yours. On a few occasions I was sunburned on the beach in Malindi, Kenya, many decades ago, usually because I was sunbathing while reading a very gripping book which kept me in the sun until I was turned into a lobster. Is it worse now? When I was in NZ it was brutal, you had to put on the factor 50 immediately you went out, wait 15 minutes and you were toast. Different part of the world, not sure it is a valid comparison with equitorial Africa. Now I am permanently very brown, being out on the water a few days every week. But, I would be interested to see the real data on this, see some real science regarding the sun’s radiation and its impact on our planet.

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