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    Edward Hopper Excursion into Philosophy 1959   • Ukrainian Counteroffensive ‘Highly Unlikely’ To Succeed – US Officials (RT) • Authorities Cannot
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle August 9 2023]

    Dr. D


    I post this more like: This is going to be VERY dangerous for everyone gay or even different. They’re recklessly trying to get everyone killed, far FAR more than any right-wing villain in their heated imaginations. But only that community can go ape and stop them. They won’t, and I can’t do it for them. My criticism comes from a different place and has a different character, although the safety of all my gay friends and colleges concerns me greatly. They’re just sleepwalking into the oven and taking others with them.

    “More than half of 11-15 year old girls using Instagram and Snapchat in the United States have been contacted by strangers in a way that made them feel uncomfortable…”

    And it’s Catholic school board meetings that are your greatest threat in America. Insta and Snap, whatcha doin’? Why’s this going on? Twitter shut down 10-100k sites first week, but Twitter’s old board had no idea? That’s why although the cartoon seems over the top, it’s less than you’d ever imagine. There’s a reason we protect our kids. Not from everything, but to introduce danger in ways they can recognize and conquer, not be battered all day like the rest of us.

    “Is Tonga’s Volcano Eruption Set to Warm Earth?

    No. No you fools, this is nowhere in the record anywhere. Volcanoes COOL the earth. Which is seriously saying something considering they put out more CO2 in one minute than man does in a year. Anyway, doing my part: burning all the coal and CO2 I can find. Even in summer; it’s that important! This is an Emergency, and those plants need me!

    Niger: That photo must be real. It’s not in English and the hand isn’t mass pre-printed like all the ISIS Brand gear was. “First we print the flags!” “Wait, shouldn’t we get guns, bullets, trucks??” “No! Flags, then T-Shirts, then the Central Bank.” Right out of Monty Python and the Palestinian People’s Front.

    “But for them to really make progress that would change the balance of this conflict, I think, it’s extremely, highly unlikely,”

    Which is why we armed them with used revolvers and 5 bullets and told them to rush in there. PMC NATO: “Yeah, we all knew that.” Um, if you KNEW that, why’d you DO that? “We all knew that. And we knew, so that really means we’re the smart winners.” Er, yeah…

    “Authorities Cannot Be Unaware Of Organ Trafficking – Hague Lawyer On Kiev (RT)

    Absolutely. You don’t want to be wounded in Ukraine. Then you really give them your all! Okay, fine, so where are all these thousands of organs GOING? A surgeon somewhere has to be putting them IN. The only place we know is doing it is Israel, but even that’s not enough. So where are they going? Beuller? Either you tell me where they’re going or this allegation isn’t really happening.

    “Ukraine Claims It Foiled Major Assassination Plot Against Zelensky (ZH)”

    Pretty usual. The West needs to kill him ‘cause he knows stuff, but they always set the media stage first. It’s all media, Bernays, to them. You could say Mind Control, but it’s also just “advertising”. Does it work? Look at half our electorate and what they believe.

    Our system can’t survive if political disputes are removed to the criminal realm.”

    Interesting. It also can’t survive if criminal acts are removed to the political realm. That is, DAs prosecuting on the basis of skin color or political affiliation. Makes you wonder how we all have such an innate sense of which is which. A: Whichever gives ME POWER.

    “Proving Trump’s state of mind beyond a reasonable doubt—proving fraudulent or corrupt intent—requires much more”

    They prove intent. Which means they know and control everyone’s INTERNAL state, their Feelings. You can tell they actually believe they KNOW everyone’s internal state and motivations, and CONTROL everyone’s internal beliefs and emotions, nearly every day by their own actions. However, that doesn’t make it not insanity. They use the PutinTelepathy to know what he thinks, and Trump lives Rent-free in their head, they’ve done a mind-merge, crazier than any schizophrenic hearing voices, Jack. You’d point this out but the public has the same condition.

    “Proving a Lie Will Not Necessarily Secure a Conviction for Jack Smith (Turley)

    They forget Jack doesn’t have to prove anything. The Jury is in D.C. Like NYC, people without honor do whatever they like. They’ll give you the death penalty ‘coz it’s funny, who cares? To NOT do that, you’ve have to have citizens who have duties and are serious people. We don’t have that.

    “J6 Committee Failed to Preserve Records, Has No Data on Security Failures (Fox)”

    Yup that was the point. And like the Mueller investigation, and most FBI and special prosecutor investigations. They research and talk to everyone to destroy evidence and silence witnesses. Buuuuut…they forget the Internet is forever. I bet they DO have those records. Filed under “Corney”. Anyway, since they lost them, they’re all fired for incompetence. No problem. Right? You mean they did the #Opposite of all their jobs but they’re not fired? Huh. Sounds like you’re not really mad.

    “Is a Second Anti-Colonial Liberation on the Horizon? (Denis Rogatyuk)

    (Yes, the first time they actually believed Communism, which is just “Goldberg” right out of London, a deadly trap. Dummies.) Following this, Putin is into horizontal escalation. That is, if you take out a bridge, he takes out a bridge. No. He finds someplace that is BAD for you and ‘bombs’ that instead. Why not? Why attack something pointless just as a ‘signal’? Do you win that way? So he opened a second front on NATO in what is now WWIII in Africa.

    Okay, but it’s not “NATO”, is it? It’s France specifically. France loses their money-flows, and their electric (exports), and therefore their bond ratings? And perhaps France is a weak point that can flip on Europe (German-run, German-conquered EU)? Okay. What will Italy do? Hold on: Meloni was AHEAD of all this in criticizing France and their Afro-currency, remember? And she was buying energy from Russia.

    What else? As this happened, it will savage Europe and the Euro, and they have the weakest bank/finance. As Powell has high(er) rates and lots of room for bailouts. Leguard’s only bailout system is at the walls already. So when this happened, Lo! A miracle happened! They downgraded US instead! Yup. Not that it isn’t deserved, but really? Europe just about to crack and your focus and timing was to downgrade America? Okay then, just like no one downgrading anywhere through all 06, 07, 08 … until suddenly they did as soon at the banks had offloaded (The Big Short), I don’t find that suspicious at all. For I am a coincidence theorist, and rating agencies downgrade the U.S. without retaliation every day. It shows Biden was sooper-angry with them.

    No, like all the collateral in Ukraine going dead, (Blackrock, but not realized losses), all the collateral for Europe, specifically France has been erased. You see, the problem is hypothecation, which is why they needed Libya, then Syria, then Ukraine, now even that’s not large enough and they need all Russia leveraged 300:1 to overcome the compounding. They need CLEAN ASSETS. And there aren’t any, they’ve even hypothecated babysitting, taxi driving, and groceries.

    Leverage goes the other way too. If you pull money from your bank, they then need to fill $300 dollars for every $1 you pull (in theory. In fact they’re long since unbacked). Same here. You erase Niger and Europe needs 300 Nigers of collateral from somewhere or collapse. …In theory. And these things take a lot of time as the writeoffs aren’t instant. But essentially…

    “They think voting will do the trick.
    • Imran Khan’s Supporters Are Silenced but Determined (BBC)

    I think we’ve already settled this. As that other Kennedy said, “Those who make peaceful protest impossible make violent revolution inevitable”. Now, since we can kill 400k people in no time, how do you NOT cause ‘violent revolution’ and win anyway, since that’s The PLAN, of the other side? Podesta said so, they wrote 30 years of White Papers about it. They want this, so why do it? Do something else.

    …But voting is not that thing.

    “they said no-one would be able to help me if I were arrested,” she said.”

    She’s an American who just used an ATM on J6, right? No one can help you…

    Could be a igneous granite boulder long ago fell into sedimentary system of future-rock. There are glacial pushes of out-of-place rock worldwide. But there are cool igneous effects worldwide like the Giant’s Causeway in Ireland.

    “entire city in China that was abandoned in the 1990s”

    Looks like any Main Street in Appalachia. #Winning!

    John Day

    @Ilargi: I just emailed you again this morning, Amigo.
    Lemme know, ok?

    John Day

    I abandoned that Chinese city in the 1990s. You would, too.
    Everybody did; went to Chingdao (now Qingdao).


    Other than wildfires, the interesting news is ITS RAINING IN BC.

    Hardy tourists sleep on the floor

    At the time power was cut there were between 400 and 500 people on top of the mountain,
    Some Banff Gondola patrons opted to hike down the 5 1/2-kilometre trail yesterday evening, while others slept on the floor of the centre overnight.
    Helicopters with Parks Canada flew all remaining guests off the summit by 11:00 a.m. Tuesday morning, he said.



    Porsche Goes Woke, Erases Jesus Statue From New Promo Video

    Interesting reading the comments on Zerohedge.

    A couple interlopers “starting a conversation” about “forcing religion on other people,” allowing freedom of expression, artistic license, etc. Old stuff from the late 80’s. Jesus on a crucifix in a jar of pee at the Chicago Art Institute stuff. Yaw effing awn.

    No dude, no. This is not a question of free speech or expression, nor artistic license. No one gives a #%& about that.

    The artistic license has been exercised and the expression has ALREADY OCCURRED. Having definitively ALREADY HAPPENED in the real world, discussion of its prospects for being allowed are not remotely relevant.

    Having taken artistic license and expressed freely, people are now discussing WHAT they expressed. You can’t take it back or make it non-discussable by citing freedom of speech. (when all you have is inversion…)

    They edited out the statue, but left the base. Would have been easy to edit out the base as well. But they’re showing you a statue-less base. Interesting statement. (and its defenders insist it IS a statement as part of their defense… next defense inbound after defending artistic statements: there is no statement and/or the statement cannot be defined)

    An “authoritative” comment on X

    “I have worked with Porsche on ads before—for worldwide commercials it is very common to edit out any religious landmarks/signage. However, for localized national ads, that’s not the case. Any big brand does that, there is no ‘conspiracy’ behind it,” the user wrote in an X post.

    All the giant multinational corporations collectively follow the same unspoken rule of editing out all religious stuff including those iconic to a major city. Ergo, no consipracy! Naturally, they edit all imagery of the NEW Religion too, right? Right? Oh that’s not Religion, that’s just the One Truth my bad.

    Sometimes a city has a particular symbol or landmark. We don’t edit out the Picasso statue in Daley Plaza because… er… as Picasso would agree (?), it has no meaning? Therefore ok? The edited-out statue is intrinsically a complex symbol of the indigenous culture.

    Additionally, I read that the statue was erected in gratitude for Portugal staying out of WW2. A symbol of peace and staying out of foreign entanglements.


    From Michael Snyder

    7 Trends Which Indicate That Economic Disaster Is Approaching Very Rapidly

    Empire of Lies Gangster Nation

    Lookin’ Good!

    No. 1

    US state and local governments just experienced the worst decline in income tax revenues ever recorded.


    No. 2

    When the economy slows down, trucking companies see less demand for their services. So it is deeply alarming that truck freight volume and spending absolutely plummeted during the second quarter…

    Northeast: The 27.1% volume contraction is the largest in the history of the Freight Payment Index.

    The region faces multiple headwinds, including low housing starts. However, the contraction in household consumption likely had the biggest impact for this populated area.

    No. 3

    Employment is supposed to be the “bright spot” for the economy, but the latest employment report shows that the U.S. actually lost 585,000 full-time jobs last month…

    This despite ‘Hiring’ signs everywhere. And I’ve recently seen “Always Hiring” on signs now.


    No. 4

    Monthly costs for homebuyers rise nearly 20%

    You mean on already wildly over priced shitbox houses?

    During the four-week period ending July 30, the monthly mortgage payment for the typical U.S. homebuyer sat at $2,605, 19% higher than the same period a year earlier.

    No problemo!

    No. 6

    The fact that delinquency rates for commercial real estate mortgages are skyrocketing is yet another sign that we are in the early stages of the worst commercial real estate crisis in all of U.S. history…

    No. 7

    As inflation and economic uncertainty crush American households, only 46% of adults have emergency savings to cover a $400 expense in the third quarter

    What could possibly go wrong!



    Russian Offensive In The Northeast Advances 10 Km Every Day

    That quite an advance across a front

    Not a peep from Western Media Whores

    Poles sneaking into west ukronaziland, Russia finally takes off gloves



    Hey, you are not supposed to say the obvious out loud!

    Ukraine Offensive in the Northeast Advances 10 Km Every Day

    John Day

    “Russia trying to kill Zelensky”, after Putin promised not to, is the literary stage-setting called “foreshadowing”. It hints at what the author will reveal to happen in a later chapter.

    John Day

    Rand Paul Slaps Fauci With DC Criminal Referral Over Perjury Allegations

    D Benton Smith

    Of all of the other possible ‘religion-associated’ things that the forces of depravity could have chosen as the main line of attack to weaken and dismantle the core of peoples belief in a spiritually based world, they chose to train the cross-hairs on Jesus and the Christian religion that was built around his legacy after his execution.

    Yeah. That guy again.

    It’s easy to see why evil people might hate and fear good people, but why do it with such Christianistic specificity? Why target that one tripartite individual so specifically?

    In example, why did Obama and Hillary disdainfully ridicule that the gathering mob of deplorables was “clutching their guns and BIBLES?” That seems a little more detailed than was necessary at the time. I mean, an armed mob is an ARMED MOB (!), what effing difference does it make who their gods are?

    Why pick on Jesus?

    I think that’s a good question, and worth examining.

    There are countless other symbols, practices, foibles, and persons (or no singular target at all, other than ‘religious belief’ in general) that might have been chosen as the target to attack the underpinnings of humanities’ spiritual belief, instead of just THAT one.

    With only 2.1 billion constituents, Christianity’s numbers leaves an entire 5.8 billion OTHER human inhabitants of Earth (more than 2/3’s of all currently human beings), for whom Jesus doesn’t play even a small in their belief systems, much less a central part. So why do the dark critics zero in on just the one guy?

    There IS a reason. A couple of reasons, actually, and they are very good reasons, too. Give it a solid think. See what you come up with.

    That’s right. He’s the guy who flat out declared in no uncertain terms that he was speaking straight from THE boss in telling people that it was ESSENTIAL to their well being, throughout eternity, that they fully acknowledge the PRIMACY of the Supremely Intelligent and Aware, Purposeful Creator of the Universe, and for that reason they should then love and treat other people as benevolently and carefully as they wanted to be treated themselves.

    In other words, he did not dilute the message. He spent three years saying the same thing over and over in many many many different ways and wordings. He said there is only ONE way out of this Hell, and that the way he was describing and demonstrating was that only way.

    The statement also happens to be the truth. It doesn’t matter what you call it. It is the WAY that works and gets the job done.

    And THAT (the aforesaid) is why J.C. has been singled out as THE truth and way of life that must be killed in order for lies and death to prosper.

    I’m not saying any of this in an attempt to convert any of you heathens to Christianity. All I’m saying is that the explanation as given above is WHY the Satanists are piling on so hard.

    Please note that their target audience is NOT the true believers, of any faith. There is not a snow ball’s chance in Hell of any believers being swayed from their certain knowledge and belief in such a self evident fact as God and good behavior. Once anybody comes to their senses and sees the simple factuality of the matter, they will simply NEVER go back to being blind and stupid.

    Who the baddies are aiming to influence are those who have not yet come to their senses. People who do not yet know that there is, of course, only God and that truth is the way to him, are thereby more or less blind, and therefore more or less stupid and thereafter more or less ignoramously VULNERABLE to lies, tricks and temptations to do any or all of a myriad of destructive things to both self and others , because they have been led to not knowing any better.

    John Day

    Hi DBS:
    Might I opine that what got Jesus crucified was that scene at the temple where he took a whip to the financiers at their tables and turned them over, to boot.
    Why did Hillary jibe “clutching their guns and bibles”?
    Maybe ’cause that’s what she grew up with and that’s what she hates.
    “Satanists”… I should probably try to understand them better, but they try to game Karma in weird ways and are sadistic perverts who tradde favors to each other at elite levels.
    I’m just plugging away as a pawn on the team of Love.

    Farmer McGregor

    Yo DBS,
    One word: Amen.

    Dr. D
    Participant · 9 min
    How Nancy Pelosi’s Long Game Led to Trump’s Indictment

    “Trump’s longtime antagonist played an essential role in his historic indictment.”

    Showing everything I’ve said in just a few short words so I’m not even going to click on it. Words. Words have meanings. Words are your only job. Like any Sesame Street child NYMag doesn’t know “Near” and “Far”. This. Is near. And this (muppet runs to the back) is “Far.” Near and Far. Every day I say I’m going to be nice and not make fun of Liberals and then every day they do something like this.

    So, NYMag, what is a “Long” Game? A game that’s longer than the present round. The “Present round” with Presidents is four years. What’s a “LONG” Time antagonist? Ill-defined but certainly more than few years if you’re an adult.

    That said, Trump was a lifelong Democratic hero from Liberal NY, winning black service awards and going to the Clinton’s wedding until when, boys and girls? Yes, 60 seconds after he became a candidate vs Hillary Clinton. Then all that never happened. Which Wikileaks will tell you about since Hillary specifically and openly PAID all reporters to do that. That is, tell open, known, hilarious lies. “Don’t tell everyone I’m a shill” said one notable Buzzfeed reporter when signing up to this task of never telling the truth again, after which he was promptly promoted to the NYTimes. For being a hack and a shill.

    So since the impeachment was in Dec 2019, what “Long Game” and “Lifelong” antipathy is NY Mag referring to here? No. No that’s a very, very SHORT game, NY Mag. As short as it is even possible to be in D.C. and Presidential terms. Impossible to be shorter. And Pelosi, having just attended the same charity benefits, received Trump’s donations, and got drunk at the same weddings, she probably was trying to feel him up in the coat closet after Hunter had them all do a few hits of crack. Chelsea provides the pipe.

    Near” and “Far”. Short and Long. Time EXISTS, people. It exists. As does the Internet, a system of tubes, where you can check your dates. So Nancy’s “Long Game” is about the same life as a fifth of bourbon in her house. Sheesh.

    Also: not news. Gosh and golly what brings this up on this fine August morning? All a-total random-like? Couldn’t be BIDEN’S impeachment, could it? Trump Indictment ASMR.


    That dude in the Hopper painting, I know exactly how he feels. Every government pushing CBDC’s, every government pushing vaccination, every government locked down…should prove to you the NWO is already here. The everyday drama, Biden, Ukraine, balloons, submarines, Trump…its just bread and circus. 1 crew runs runs this freakshow. Why would the whole fuckin world act in the same manner to a preordained constructed threat? They’re all in on it, total control, a global prison.

    Veracious Poet

    Russian FPV Drones paired with overhead ‘spotter’ drones are annililating Ukronazi vehicles

    The Russians are perfecting modern drone warfare, not theoretically, but in live combat time.

    The Empire of Lies Gangster Nation can only cobble together overly complex fragile snowflake weapons design to milk profit, not to actually perform.

    The Russians are building economical mass produced weapons design from the ground up to Kill

    And they do

    Russian FPV Drones at work, 24/7, day and night, in virtually endless numbers


    The Ukronazis are down to their final reminding 4 brigades of ‘elite’ Marine units. The rest of the entire Ukronazi Marine corp is dead or destroyed, the Ukro Marine Corp has no navy or ships left so they are being used up as infantry cannon fodder.

    Their commanders have deploy all 4 remaining Marine brigades to a small ten mile stretch of the contact line (crush zone) near the southern Zaporizhzhia area to try a break through.

    These last 4 Ukronazi Marines will be destroyed and that will be the end of their Marines for good.

    The Ukronazis in 2 months of the Grand Counter Offensive have not even reached the first Russian defensive line Any Where along the entire front.

    Not even one single contact with the Russian1st line. Not even close.

    They have lost 43,000 killed and thousands of tanks and vehicles.

    They had ‘trained and additional 65,000 men especially for this ‘offensive’ and have lost 43,000 of them killed with two to three times that wounded.

    Russian Ka-52 Pilot Describes How He Burned Columns of Leopard II Tanks

    Michael Reid

    love and treat other people as benevolently and carefully as they wanted to be treated themselves

    I believe this is a simple and natural truth.
    It remains true without having to join a cult.


    Taiwan citizens are watching Ukronaziland get dismembered

    That is their Future if they go to bed with the Empire of Lies & Whores©

    It’s their call, if they fall for the Western Media Whore story-line, they deserve to be destroyed like Ukronaziland

    Taiwan will become just a used condom discarded by Hunter on a Coke & Hooker binge.


    Veracious Poet

    The BLM/GTA looting continues in SoCal (30+ “peaceful protesters” make off with 300k+ in booty):

    This type of crime in Glendale was unheard of prior to 2020, formerly an upper-middle Class, low-crime suburb (SIL has lived in Glendale for 30+ years, visited “The Americana” neighborhood countless times with wife)…

    Coming to a local near you!



    The Russian drones used to be for high value targets like tanks

    They are now mass producing them in such quantities that the unit cost is now low enough to use them to blowup infantry platoons

    Drones are the future of modern war

    The small battlefield variety up to the hypersonic variety, soup to nuts

    And AI will make them even smarter and faster at finding their targets and terminating them with extreme prejudice

    Welcome to the Future It Is Murder


    When you have the power, you always want some more-
    But soon you have a ceiling with an ever rising floor.
    There’re limits of the victims; and limits to the gains-
    And frailty in the animal with psychopathic brains.

    Armchair warriors bravely fighting
    Wars backlit by teevee lighting.
    Crunching chips and sipping beers,
    Armchair warriors shed no tears.


    “Armchair warriors shed no tears.”
    my parents
    said know



    Meanwhile back in Woketardia

    Veracious Poet


    Social Credit Scores can’t be far behind

    $200,000,000 for Cash Handouts With No Strings Attached Allocated Across US As Basic Income Trials Come To 24 States: Report

    A total of 24 states across the US are testing the benefits of offering basic income with no strings attached

    $200,000,000 for Cash Handouts With No Strings Attached Allocated Across US As Basic Income Trials Come To 24 States: Report


    Go Woke, Get Choked

    Anheuser-Busch Forced To Sell Off Beer Brands After Losing $27B In Market Value

    Anheuser-Busch InBev (AB-InBev), the once world-renowned brewing conglomerate, will sell eight of its craft beer brands. This decision is a clear indication of a significant downsizing in AB-InBev’s craft beer portfolio, a part that the company had once aggressively pursued.

    The buyer, Tilray Brands, is a Canadian cannabis firm


    What a kick to the nuts for Anheuser-Busch!

    A cannabis company


    …….that has been making strategic inroads into the craft beer market. The brands that will transition to Tilray’s ownership include Shock Top, Breckenridge Brewery, Blue Point Brewing Company, 10 Barrel Brewing Company, Redhook Brewery, Widmer Brothers Brewing, Square Mile Cider Company, and Hiball Energy.

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