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    Lorenzo Monaco (Piero di Giovanni) Nativity 1406-10   • House Democrats Mull Second Impeachment (ZH) • The Greatest Cover Up Of The Biggest Scand
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    Dr. D

    Wow, that is one cold baby.

    Trivia of the day: why do they speak of Christ being born in a manger? Because in Jerusalem a “manger” is a rectangular box cut out of raw stone. That is, it’s exactly like a sepulcher, a coffin. That is to say, this child was born from the first to die.

    “House Democrats Mull Second Impeachment (ZH)

    The Doctor says: ding!

    I hadn’t thought of the second problem: can he be impeached again? How about every day from now ‘til 2024? Why not? They can charge him with obstructing Congress and keeping the people’s work from getting done, while he’s wasting money on trials, the bastard.

    The Greatest Cover Up of the Biggest Scandal (ZH)”

    They’ll do anything to avoid changing things. And arresting anybody, ever, would be a big change indeed. However, it appears Barr is arresting 8 in the illegal-foreign-millions-to Clinton train, with close ties to pedophiles. We’ll see if they all get off with a kabuki-san like Wolf or even Papadopoulos. We can take your house for a parking ticket, or hold you 7 years in contempt, but releasing 33,000 classified documents, stealing $23 Trillion, or throwing a federal election? Boys will be boys.

    Cattle Have Stopped Breeding, Koalas Die of Thirst (SMH)

    Just like the 30’s.



    Nativity 1406-10
    No med. color back in 1406!
    Why are the people white and not brown?

    This is an example what, when, and how the enablers, have set up the system for the elites.
    Hunter must have something most men don’t have to be able to attrack such a young woman to be his wife.

    Hunter Biden owns massive home in swanky Hollywood Hills, court docs reveal
    By Elizabeth Rosner and Tamar Lapin
    December 24, 2019

    The three-bedroom, three-bathroom mid-century home is valued at $2.5 million. It sits at the end of a private gated drive and includes a pool.
    Biden, 49, is currently expecting his fifth child with 32-year-old wife Melissa Cohen Biden.
    • Bloomberg And Steyer Hit $200 Million Mark In Combined Ad Spending (Pol.)

    These rich people did not become rich by throwing away their money at losing activities.
    The question we should be asking is, “Since they can increase the cash flow from the products that they sell, what increase will they make the consumers/voters pay for their election expenses?
    • France’s ‘Unsustainable’ Pension System May Well Be Sustainable (F24)
    Of course it can be made sustainable. Just a few changes to the outflow of cash will do it.
    • Cattle Have Stopped Breeding, Koalas Die Of Thirst (SMH)

    This story is a prediction of the future.
    Survivors will end up getting flitty rich or dirt poor.
    Will the birth rate increase for the rich or the poor?


    I still can’t take Oz politics serious[ly].

    The nation is sitting down now to a huge banquest of consequences arising from 30 years of appallingly bad decisions, most if not all of arise from the neoliberal economic system which has been guiding and deceiving our leaders all along.

    They firmly believe that infinite growth on a finite foundation is both possible and desirable. The economic system — the neoliberal false god and object of cult worship — cannot survive unless it grows continuously at an exponential rate forever.

    The neoliberal cult will continue to destroy the biosphere for profit. It must do so, it has no choice. Consume or die. It admits no error, considers no alternatives.

    My once-lovely country is now increasingly a pile of floral ashes and faunal corpses. We have sorely maltreated the land and now it is vomiting us out.

    I weep tears of helpless frustration.


    One more thing.

    The Oz PM returns from his trip to Hawaii to a fire-devastated country and announces that his government is not changing its climate policies.

    To say that they’re in the grip of a powerful delusion is something of an understatement.


    ” …. infinite growth on a finite foundation ….”
    I would think that the thinking is more like ….
    “I better hurry up and take the most that I can before it runs out and before someone else takes it.”

    Wipe your tear.
    ” …. 30 years of appallingly bad decisions, ….”
    That’s the way it works.
    If its there for the taking then it will be taken.

    The animal kingdom operates that same way. The top predators makes the kill and the scavengers take the leftovers. When there is no prey left they all move on to where there is prey or starve.
    So it will be with humans because we cannot get off our planet and move to another planet with resources to feed us.
    We have proven that we are not smart enough and too selfish to save the earth for all of humanity.

    Dr. D

    Save the earth? It doesn’t need us, it can save itself. And apparently Australia will be the first example made. They wanted lower population and environmental austerity with higher prices and no cows, right? Here ya go!

    Personally, I’ll pass. Humans ARE the earth, they are nature, and it would do their egos good to remember it sometime.


    ” They wanted lower population…”
    No, they wanted a larger population, a “Big Australia” as a previous PM put it. We’ve been running the largest mass migration program in all history, and now we’ve run into the limits to growth. Only TPTB can’t, won’t admit it, partly because they have no alternative, and partly because — yes — they’re greedy for yet more gain.

    Yes, humans are part of nature but the neoliberal cult doesn’t think so. Their god, The Infinite Growth Economy, is not part of the environment, is detached from it. They think their god can survive all impacts and disturbances, and will sail serenely on. There are encouraging signs of politicians waking up to reality, but oh what a terrible price we’ve had to pay to achieve that. And will enough of them change their minds anyway?


    Australia has always been either too dry or too wet. Canada has always been either too dry or too wet too.

    Australia has always been too hot. Canada has always been too cold. Care to swap?

    Global warming isn’t warming Australia up. Global warming has repeatedly failed to warm Canada up.

    Australia is on fire. Canada is on fire too. Guess who’s fires are bigger?

    Australia is being flooded. Canada is being flooded too. Guess who’s floods are bigger?

    Australia is being flooded with legal immigrants. Canada is being flooded with illegal immigrants. Guess who’s floods of immigrants are bigger than?

    Australian PM picking politically incorrect vacation spots just like Canada’s PM, Trudope! Except Canadian taxpayer’s have to pick up the tab.

    Australia’s PM, is polite to other world leaders. Canada’s PM, Trudope has successfully insulted every world leader he has ever met!

    Australian toilets flush down the drain clockwise. Canadian toilets flush down the drain counter-clockwise.

    Still care to swap?


    G Report Reveals Steele Funneled Claims Through John McCain After FBI Dropped Him
    Aaron Klein 26 Dec 2019

    Late Senator John McCain provided disgraced former FBI chief James Comey with five separate reports from Christopher Steele that the FBI didn’t previously possess related to unsubstantiated allegations of collusion between Russia and President Trump’s 2016 campaign, the Justice Department’s recent Inspector General report revealed.
    The IG report also verifies that a McCain aid obtained the Steele reports directly from Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson, meaning that when McCain transferred the anti-Trump charges to Comey he had to have known that the material originated with a firm that specializes in controversial opposition tactics.
    Fusion GPS was paid for its anti-Trump work by Trump’s primary political opponents, namely Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) via the Perkins Coie law firm.
    ( Go look at the services offered by these enablers. If you got money they will find ways for you to make more.)


    Published 3 hours agoLast Update 2 hours ago 26 Dec 2019
    Washington Post media critic slams Rachel Maddow, says liberal host ‘rooted’ for Steele dossier
    By Talia Kaplan | Fox News

    In a stunning takedown of MSNBC host Rachel Maddow, Washington Post media critic Erik Wemple wrote Thursday that the liberal cable news star “rooted for” British ex-spy Christopher Steele’s dossier, which served as the basis for Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrants against Trump campaign official Carter Page, to be the smoking gun that would force the president out of office.

    In an op-ed titled, “Rachel Maddow rooted for the Steele dossier to be true. Then it fell apart,” Wemple wrote, “She seemed to be rooting for the document.” He added, “As part of her Russianist phase, Maddow became a clearinghouse for news increments regarding the dossier.”
    Wemple’s piece was part of a serialized post-mortem on the media’s handling of the Steele dossier, since thoroughly debunked by Justice Department Inspector General Michael E. Horowitz.


    fun with science
    LOTS OF EARTHQUAKES AT THIS TIME OF THE YEAR. Just maybe, someone might be able to do a math. link with centrifugal, centripetal force

    “Technically, what is going on is that the Earth, Sun and all the planets are orbiting around the center of mass of the solar system,” writes Cathy Jordan, a Cornell University Ask an Astronomer contributor.
    “The center of mass of our solar system very close to the Sun itself, but not exactly at the Sun’s center.”
    Every single object in the solar system, from the gargantuan sun to the tiniest speck, exerts a gravitational pull on everything else. The solar system is basically a massive game of tug of war, and all of the yanking balances out at a specific point: the center of mass, or “barycenter.” Everything in the solar system orbits around that point. Sometimes, it’s almost smack dab at the Sun’s center. Right now, the barycenter is just outside the Sun’s surface. But it’s constantly changing depending upon where the planets are in their orbital paths.

    Doc Robinson

    Some more French support for Assange, published 26 Dec, that’s highly critical of his legal team’s approach.

    The strategy of “discretion”… Our conviction, already stated in this edition, is that this strategy is doomed to failure and does not respect Julian Assange: from the point of view of effectiveness and ethics, we strongly condemn it. It is politically undermined by the gigantic conflicts of interest affecting Assange’s lawyers, and although Gareth Peirce is apparently not in direct conflict, her acceptance to do the job ends up sharing her colleagues’ contradictions. On November 6, she met in the United States senator Rand Paul, a libertarian from the Tea Party, just before or after his successful blocking of “a resolution reaffirming the Senate’s support for whistle-blowers protection”. Read our analysis at the end of the article.

    Assange Tortured – Gareth Peirce turns blind eyes


    It is shockingly saddening that Gundi Rhoades has to imply that the recurring droughts that have happened throughout the existence of the Australian continent have a thing to do with climate alarmism.

    As Tony Heller proves in 2 recent videos on his YouTube channel, the Australian Bureau of Meteorology is deliberately hiding historical data of past heat waves and droughts. While it is sad that cattle breeding and koalas are suffering, to associate those events with coal and other bugaboos is irresponsible and ignorant. .The comments to the article in the Sydney Herald are full of “it’s China and the coal plants they are building” with others blaming those who aren’t demanding more solar and wind, measures that won’t do a thing to end a regular drought cycle.
    The alamism religion continues to reign. We can only pray that it gets reined in soon.
    References: Heller’s Fakest Day on Record from last week, and Heller’s Hiding the Hot Past from 2 weeks ago. Both feature commentary along with photos of Australian newspapers going back more than a century,. Enjoy.

    V. Arnold

    Boxing Day 2019 was the 15th anniversary of the tsunami that hit Thailand and many other south Asian countries.
    It’s especially poignant for my wife and I; we were on our honeymoon and every resort we stayed at was hit.
    We left Krabi on the 25th of December and headed home.
    The next day we were gobsmacked by the news and have been forever thankful for our good fortune; never forgetting those who were there that fateful day…

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