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    Doc Robinson

    Craig Murray is out of prison and back at his blog, with new details of the case against Julian Assange:

    The effect of the judgement is that the case is now returned to Judge Baraitser with the instruction to reverse her decision and order Assange’s extradition. In doing so she passes the papers up to the Home Secretary, Priti Patel, with whom the final decision on all extraditions lies. Julian has until 23 December to submit an appeal against this High Court decision to the Supreme Court, something he is minded to do.

    Now read this very carefully. The United States Government’s appeal to the High Court was only on those points on which Baraitser had ruled against extradition – Assange’s mental health and the effect upon it of extradition and US prisoner conditions. Assange’s appeal now to the Supreme Court will also be restricted to those subjects. The points on which Baraitser originally ruled in favour of the United States, including Assange’s First Amendment protections and the right of freedom of speech, the bar on political extradition and the inapplicability of espionage charges to journalism – will only be heard later, if he loses at the Supreme Court on what is still the US appeal.

    If the Supreme Court decides for the US on the basis of diplomatic assurances, and the case returns to Baraitser to exercise the extradition warrant, at that time we finally have the cross appeal on all the issues this case is really about. If the High Court then accepts the cross-appeal as arguable (and Holroyde stated specifically that Assange’s wider points of appeal “would be heard at a later stage in proceedings”), then Patel’s trigger itching hand will be stayed while we restart the appeals process, quite possibly back to Holroyde and Burnett.

    This benefits the Machiavellian state in two ways. For up to another year the legal argument will continue to be about Julian’s mental health, where the self-disparagement required by his defence suits the state political narrative. Nobody inside court is currently permitted to be talking about freedom of speech or the exposure of US war crimes, and that of course feeds in to the MSM reporting.

    The state also is happy that this convoluted Supreme Court and then cross-appeal process will last for years not months, even before we look at the European Court of Human Rights, and all that time Julian Assange is stuck in high security in Belmarsh jail, treated as a terrorist, and his mental and physical health are visibly deteriorating in a way that is simply horrible. It is not hyperbole to state we may well be watching his slow murder by the state.

    Your Man Back in the Public Gallery: Assange Extradition, US Appeal Result

    absolute galore

    Susmarie108 wrote: If we can RECLAIM our HUMANITY, in ways large and small, we will go through the process GRACEFULLY.

    Absolutely. Just because nobody is in charge–not even Elon Musk!–does not mean our individual actions are not “important” (whatever exactly that means to the universe). I find it interesting that Tucker Carlson has had Tulsi Gabbard on his show fairly regularly recently. She strikes me as a voice of reason, which of course means she is doomed. I do find it interesting that she wears her belief in God on her sleeve. In the times ahead, more people will be looking for spiritual guidance. I hope she runs again. I’m of the belief that politicians at that level are basically useless, but can sometimes affect the tenor of public life in some way. (Note that this does not mean they are in charge!)

    Meanwhile, I went to the farmer’s market right in town yesterday and bought a pair of locally grown and made wool socks, a small flask of fire cider, and a bowl of soup. The day before I rode my bike to the top of the local mountain in the fog. Today I am working from home and the winter sun is coming through the windows of my little rental cottage by the side of the creek. My son, who got a fever yesterday from his second shot, is on the couch reading. If I look at him, and past him, out the window where the recently bared branches are swaying noiselessly in the light wind, it’s all good.

    My son was saying his shoe size is now 10 mens (he just turned 12) and his foot is now bigger than his mom’s head and on a whim I wanted to show him a clip of Ed Sullivan saying Really Big Shew. I came upon this, which is kinda special. Even has a line about the Asian Flu. Serendipity. There ya go.


    “Everyone aged three and above will need to show a vaccine passport to see the San Jose Sharks playing at home. The NHL team announced the new passport requirements for all games going forward.”–safety-protocols-at-sap-center/c-328705194



    A possible new narrative:
    1) The vaxxed took the risk, sacrificed and got the jab that slowed Covid down and kept society functioning until a benign variant (omicron) arrived
    2) The unvaxxed freeloaded but now enjoy the benefits
    3) The vaxxed, like wounded soldiers, are now suffering the consequences of their sacrifice for the unvaxxed
    4) The vaxxed are like veterans and are owed support for the rest of their lives from the unvaxxed

    Maxwell Quest

    “Fortunately, here in good-old USA, we have the example, lessons learned and wisdom of a little guerrilla revolution from a few centuries ago that threw off another form of Global Tyranny driven by the madness of King George. There are many parallels. And much to be remembered and re-learned from the revolutionary citizen-politician leaders of those days. And we also have the truth as our armor and shield.” …

    … “Don’t forget. Integrity, Dignity, Community. These are what we are missing, the absence of which is making us socially sick, and these are what we need to rebuild. And the children are what we are fighting for. Their tomorrows are job one.”

    Wow! A scientist who actually has a grasp of history, philosophy, and ethics, with a horse farm to boot – being grounded in the abstract as well as the concrete. You couldn’t ask for better leadership in this battle.

    Dr. Robert Malone is a rare individual: one who doesn’t fit the typical modern scientist mold of coke-bottle-spectacled, over-educated, mentally-lopsided, narrowly-focused, corporate/academic minions, who are easily pushed around by the stupid men who rule over them. God bless him!


    Vaccines shown to induce lower levels of neutralising antibodies against Omicron coronavirus variant
    Reduced neutralisation of SARS-COV-2 Omicron-B.1.1.529 variant by post-immunisation serum

    In this report, we present live neutralisation titres against SARS-CoV-2 Omicron variant, compared with neutralisation against Victoria, Beta and Delta variants. Sera from day-28 post second-dose were obtained from participants in the Com-COV2 study who had received a two-dose COVID-19 vaccination schedule with either AstraZeneca (AZD1222) or Pfizer (BNT162b2) vaccines. There was a substantial fall in neutralisation titres in recipients of both AZD1222 and BNT162b2 primary courses, with evidence of some recipients failing to neutralise at all. This will likely lead to increased breakthrough infections in previously infected or double vaccinated individuals, which could drive a further wave of infection, although there is currently no evidence of increased potential to cause severe disease, hospitalisation or death.




    Since you are all so enamored with science and studies:

    Dr D Rich

    “…typical modern “physician” mold of coke-bottle-spectacled, over-educated, mentally-lopsided, narrowly-focused, corporate/academic minions, who are easily pushed around by the stupid men who rule over them. ”

    Truer words were never spoken.


    Monday humor:



    “Mother nature is a harsh mistress, but a wonderful lover. If you love your land it will love you back.”

    that’s the first time i’ve added a new quote to my list since:

    “Nothing forces us to know what we do not want to know. Except pain. And this is how the gods declare their love.”

    as a co-creator with an acre of the purest clay i’ve ever seen misnomered as soil for 3 years now, i echo your beatifully expressed sentiment. there’s that line about how we owe our existence to a few centimeters of top soil and the fact that it rains, too.


    “Nobody is in control?”

    Nobody, except maybe God if you believe in that stuff. Belief that there is a master plan is similar to belief in God, well, really, a belief in Satan. Upon learning that our authorities are neither godly nor benevolent, we turn to viewing them as demonic malignancies with godly powers.

    We need, after all, to believe in SOME thing. It’s not like we can believe in everything. Everything, after all, is so very real, and what fun is it to believe in the inescapably obvious? Belief in the obvious doesn’t provide the escapist satisfaction that we crave, living as creatures who believe they are somehow apart from nature, why, even God’s Chosen Species. We so special; at least one of us must know how to drive this thing.

    The Contemplative: Answer, Please

    The Executive: Louder, Please


    Just cuz

    I mean: dancing/singing dinosaur!

    Figmund Sreud

    Glimpse into Russians frustration with the U.S.:

    “ There is one-sided negative predictability, in fact. As for any prospects for improvement, everything is completely unpredictable. This is a sad conclusion based on the results of the long journey that we have travelled with the current US administration, with Donald Trump, and with Barack Obama. These problems did not emerge yesterday. They have to do with the US tendency, by and large, to deny Russia the role of a major independent player in international relations while trying to impose its own approaches to a whole range of issues, including how we should live in our own country.

    All of the above certainly limits our prospects for straightening out relations – at least at the present stage, I would not risk giving any optimistic forecasts. We can definitely say there is predictability in that we will have to continue to deal with just this kind of America and this kind of American policy. And we are ready for this.”

    Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov’s interview with Izvestia, December 13, 2021



    I think I figured out why deflatulence comes here so much.

    those darned kids
    bill of rights

    Austria is a Catholic country. Austria experienced Hitler. Isn’t there some constitutional limit on imprisonment there such as we have in the U.S. Constitution (8th Amendment forbids excessive punishments)?

    Mister Roboto

    Well, I’m pretty sure that every forum on the Internet that is not heavily moderated has to have a deflationista of its own, whether they’re a bot, a paid agent, or just a neurotic trainwreck.


    There are many ways today that we can assist those whom society rejects. We can offer them comfort or compassion. Or we can add to this list people who are seriously ill.

    Deflationista, the wrap up verse should bring a smile to your face.


    Finally took the time to view the Gerald Celente video. He’s super frisky – and doing more yelling than ever! Kinda makes me want to renew my Trends Journal subscription. (Note: GC also has an IVM stash). One favorite “trend” prediction from this discussion: it’s over for Trump and Hillary, DeSantis will win if he decides to run. Bonus trend: Anger is good.


    NYT headline response: actuarial tables.
    Dark Matter- Taxes will rise to pay health costs for those who drank the kool-aid. (And continue to drink it!)
    We’ll treat them better than veterans!


    Well, I’m pretty sure that every forum on the Internet that is not heavily moderated has to have a deflationista of its own

    How dangerous it is to have to ponder a counter perspective! What an open mind you have! You poor babies can’t handle four posts to a blog forum without having your panties twist into knots. And your brains seem to follow. What twisted logic it must take to view the world through conspiratorial lenses! It must be so tiring. Oh, and whoever is sending the checks for my troll/CIA/infiltrator work, please stop putting my name on them and make a donation to Raul. He deserves it.


    actuarial tables. Dark Matter- Taxes will rise as we all pay to help those who drank the kool-aid. Insurance premiums will then follow the hype hikes. Otherwise….” rel=”noopener” target=”_blank”>Insurance.
    “Health Plan Cost Increases for 2022 Return to Pre-Pandemic Levels”

    Just thought it was interesting.


    The grammar doesn’t seem indigenous to western civ, the over use of name calling + derogatory words seems like a desperate person reaching for dramatic effect in lieu of their ability to properly support the narrative they espouse.

    At first I thought we had a mental on our hands, but my perception is now that of a low grade “professional” troll…

    Seen them before, mostly on ZH where they’re laughed off and/or banned eventually, really hope this one goes away soon 😉

    Oh my god. You are so fucking crazy.


    Oops. That was weird.


    I have concluded , our troll, defeatist, is being paid by someone for each post placed on TAE.

    I have concluded, our dummy, WES, really is batshit crazy.


    Kiddies …just to reiterate…”you see what you look at”. Lots of OTHER stuff to look at in my *view*.

    Am I really perceiving this?? Are there cracks in grand-guru-genius Taleb’s castle foundation? Just watching the twitter chitter..could just be me confirming my bias against the arrogant prick.? Hahahahha. @ Dr. D?

    @defaltionista, what do you think? Your good with this sorta stuff…..F’ing Asshole.

    I don’t even know what this post means. But let me comment on Taleb. He has some very interesting books and thoughts. His problem is that he can’t explain things in a simple way. And he then berates people when they ask questions. In fact, I would almost bet that he says things in such convoluted and stilted ways as to make himself appear smarter than he really is. Jay Hanson was the same exact way. They say shit that is barely comprehensible, and their groupies lavish praise and tell them how smart they are. There are many posters here that do the same thing. Almost every post from zerosum or boscohorrorshitz is read twice, three, even four times. And I can hardly ever understand what the fuck they are talking about. I’m dumb though. My handlers don’t tell me to think. They just sign the checks and tell me to post material that provides balance to a community that has clearly lost its way on the road called reality. So, don’t take my word for it. Carl Sagan thought it was our responsibility to explain very difficult concepts in ways that a 5 year old could understand. Taleb, Hanson, Orlov, etc. They apparently didn’t get that memo. Neither did you, apparently.

    Veracious Poet

    TPTB have long supported Think Tanks & Institutions that have developed broad national policy to get ahead of national/global management of sheeple + opposing sovereign (often artificially) interests…

    “The Narrative” established by these “watchers” is a CULT of wealth, power & prestige that looks at humanity as produce to be harvested while establishing fertile ground for the “enlightened” to be safe, secure & protected in their covetous, unscrupulous lifestyles derived from twisting private gains with government tyranny.

    This has been TPTB CULT’s ever expanding modus operandi + mission since America lost control of its central bank in 1913 to the robber barons, their money + Rule of Law to Emergency Powers in 1933, + the CULT learning from Bernays & others how to expand manipulation/control of the sheeple through artifices of false pride, lust of the eyes, willful ignorance & vanity ~ Every generation of illicit gluttony building on the prior…

    Beginning with WWII + the Cold War new penchants were added to CULTs formula for mass exploitation: Primarily the FUD Factor + Cognitive Dissonance, which has been channeled into all manner of distractions from questioning the legitimacy of “The Narrative”.

    It’s actually not even a hidden phenom any longer, as powerless masses scramble to receive scraps from their masters’ tables, including those that aspire to be part of the “special” people ~ This is why celebrities, “news” reporters et al. succumb to “The Narrative”, becoming willing participants in the tyranny to assure their place at the table, not on or under it…

    Then you have a small portion of humanity that can’t look away from the darkness, who spend much mental/emotional effort explaining the conspiracy away or ignoring new information that conflicts with their to maintain their benign ILLUSION belief system(s).

    Western civilization is in a battle for survival, because the CULT is hobbled by the remnants of Natural Law + Democratic Republics, witness the illegal totalitarian misdeeds of current “leadership” that is warping normalcy into blatant tyranny…

    COVID19/mRNA Vax = WWIII…

    No amount of namby pamby good thinking and/or feelings will change “real reality”, it’s too late for that…

    Moreover, once TPTB CULT achieves control of western civ there are further impediments to their “Reset”, primarily Russia, China & cultures (CULTS) that are by their nature not compatible with modernity.

    While setbacks occur with “The Narrative” from time-to-time, the TPTB CULT victories can only be ignored by those unwilling to acknowledge them…

    BTW, there is no -0- imminent threat to humanity due to scarcity or poisoning the planet, those are illusions created as part of “The Narrative”, We have the abundant means to live in balance with ourselves & the biosphere, but not with the ravenous overlords that live so, so far beyond their means.

    those darned kids

    deflationista: for a small fee, i will be pleased to edit your posts before you hit “submit”. on some occasions we have to “dumb down”, but on others, we have to “dumb up”.

    just sayin’…

    Mister Roboto

    it’s over for Trump and Hillary

    Yeah, I think they both have serious health problems that will make it unlikely that either one will be able to run for president in 2024. As long as we’re all “so fucking crazy”, here’s my prediction for the 2024 election: It will a clusterfuck on every possible level that will culminate in violence in the street in many major cities across the country. The military will probably have to step in so that US society doesn’t collapse completely, and that will be the effective end of the civil-libertarian constitutional republic, though it will continue as a very superficial veneer that only the most credulous will continue to believe.


    Scratch sense of humor.

    Veracious Poet

    Wow, it’s The Troll Strikes Back today 😉

    I feel sorry for anyone in close proximity to such an obviously toxic personality, the level of gaslighting spewed forth is very twisted, demented & sad.

    THEIR fight to hide “real reality” is truly historic in its scope, dark times are getting darker…

    Love those in your inner circle, create your own local light, but beware of psychopaths that hate you for it.

    May the Infinite have mercy upon his children…


    Could we PLEASE stop slanging off at each other? Surely this is not the TAE way. We might not like what deflationista says, but I find that what he/she/it posts to be quite challenging, with claims that need to be addressed. The claims may have substance, they may be exaggerations, but we should regard them and deal with them as a normal part of a “robust” debate.

    We don’t have all the truth and neither does anyone else. The more I read TAE and the comments stream, the more I realise how complicated the situation is and how little I know.

    Mister Roboto

    How dangerous it is to have to ponder….


    Whatevs yo, everybody who has been on teh Internets for more than a decade knows that what I said is nearly universally true. {/shrug}


    “The more I read TAE and the comments stream, the more I realise how complicated the situation is and how little I know.”

    Do explain that to our dear def-bot, would you? We don’t want to prevent him from enjoying the danger of pandering pondering a counter-perspective, even if he thinks Jay Hanson talks funny. I’d explain it to him but he can’t ever understand what the fuck I’m talking about… other than to tell me that I’m wrong and he’s right.

    This is logical, isn’t it? Asking for a friend, not a bot.

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