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    Jack Delano Residents of Miss Disher’s rooming house for rail workers, Clinton, Iowa 1943   • Pelosi Threatens To Delay Senate Impeachment Trial
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    There is a high likelihood I’ll be interviewing Julian Assange’s father on public radio in the next week or so and I am nervous about it. Does anyone have key questions they believe I should ask him other than the obvious health issues and state of the man?. I want the listeners to get maximum benefit from the opportunity and I don’t want to screw it up – after all I’m not the towering intellect of Dr D 🙂

    V. Arnold

    There is a high likelihood I’ll be interviewing Julian Assange’s father on public radio in the next week or so and I am nervous about it. Does anyone have key questions they believe I should ask him other than the obvious health issues and state of the man?

    Listen. Forget your agenda, if any…
    Listen to what his father says; that should give you all you need to formulate questions…
    …and good luck…


    I would ask -also- about his youth and childhood, to try and paint a portrait of the man inside, what motivates him etc. May be the best way to get rid of all sorts of false narratives. Assange as a human being.

    Dr. D

    I don’t think you could ask questions or get answers to the really interesting, secret stuff, and he may not be need-to-know. Ex: was Wikileaks originally a honeypot for leakers set up by Obama/MI6 and he double-crossed them, which is why they’re so mad? Did he really leak Vault 7 as proof-of-consequence for when Congress what talking, but Comey double-crossed Congress to prevent Assange’s DNC testimony? Does Julian have a hidden inside deal right now he hopes goes through, which is why he’s got his lawyers two-timing their behavior? Such that with the entire worldwide deep state gunning drones for him, Belmarsh — and solitary — is sadly the only SAFE place? Impossible he could, or would, answer stuff like that.

    Enough to give him a platform for the obvious: you can’t hold journalists and publishers in solitary, incommunicado, without charges, forever, while killing them, and claim to be anything but a Stalinist, dystopian, dictatorial state, entirely devoid of sense, reason, or the rule of law, not just against Julian, but against all of us. Since he proves perfectly that’s what we are, that’s why they hate him. Since by inaction the people support a government they also know is wrong, abusing both them and him, they must hate him too. The rest only follows: our state doesn’t care about charges. Our state doesn’t care about evidence. Our state doesn’t care about rules. Our state doesn’t care about torture. Our state doesn’t care about treaties. Our state doesn’t care about doctors. Our state doesn’t care about lawyers. Our state doesn’t care about sovereignty in British courts or British laws. Our state doesn’t care about freedom of speech, and in fact, as Snowden said, does it not show that telling the truth is considered a worse crime than murder?

    “The espionage act in every case is a law the government exclusively uses against people who told the truth, right. That’s what it’s about in the context of journalism. They don’t bring the espionage act against people who lied, then they would use fraud or some other statute. They say, the government is arguing in the context of whistle blowing, that telling a important truth to the American people by way of a journalist is a crime worse than murder.” –Edward Snowden, Joe Rogan, 23 Oct 2019

    So there’s a quote he CAN comment on. Murders, governments — and ordinary folks, professional courtesy — get away with every day. Murder by numbers, one two three. Serve a year, probation, time served. How about the Blackhawk crew in Iraq? But telling the truth? Not so much.

    Not only can we not tell the truth, we can’t even ask QUESTIONS about the truth. And you wonder why I say these guys are anti-science, anti-logic, and antithetical to life itself.

    From above, if that’s all true, what DOES the state care about then? What do they support and defend with their last breath?

    Dr. D

    Back to our regularly-scheduled program:

    “Pelosi Threatens to Delay Senate Impeachment Trial (Pol.)”

    Ah, because they’re not stupid but I am, FINALLY figured out what they are doing: impeach, then pocket the indictment and NOT send it to the Senate, ever. That’s why it didn’t matter in the slightest what was in it. Why? To obstruct justice long-term. As has been going on since day one or before, (calls for impeachment before he was elected) IF Trump were to arrest ANYONE, pursue the rule of law ANYWHERE, they would say he was “Obstructing Justice” by trying to PREVENT his impeachment. Therefore stopping all arrests of anyone, anywhere, for anything, without their permission. This just enshrines the existing obstruction of the executive permanently.

    What did HRC say on public record? “If that b—–d gets in we’re all going to hang”?

    Not a bad play. However, I think they’ve found themselves past that point and the people will no longer back them. Trump may also just spend the next year RELEASING legal facts and NOT arresting them, to win the election their impeachment has just lost them, then follow up with arrests in 2021.

    Mueller Report Was Based on CIA-Fabricated “Evidence” (Bill Binney)

    As known from the day of the leak, but nobody cares. In #OppositeLand, truth is the only enemy. Besides, how is it nobody cares that not a single ugly fact from the leak has been disproven or even denied? Why would we care who leaked it if it’s the truth and allows us to make accurate decisions? A: for zealots of #AntiLogos, that is to say, all of America, The Land of the Lost, truth is the only enemy.

    Manafort’s Fraud Case in New York Dismissed (R.)

    Legally very complicated, but should err in this direction, if possible. Without spending a week exploring the case, he’s already serving time, possibly a life sentence. What would you want? This is good enough. Now is anyone going to look at WHY he got here? That is, the DNC sent representatives to Ukraine to give sell them this info to sink Manafort and election-tamper via a foreign (‘Russian’) operative. Wait, Rachael Maddow suddenly doesn’t care about ‘Russian’ interference? Why’d we have a two-year investigation then? Whatever. Like I care.

    That leaves no black or Latino candidates among the nearly all-white lineup

    Leave it to the racist Guardian to care about the color of their skin rather than the content of their character. Nice! Has that been a winning argument worldwide lately, for example in England?

    US Concedes Defeat On Russia’s Nord Stream 2 Pipeline (ZH)

    Halford MacKinder goes down. This time without a world war. …So far.

    US Is Bent On ‘Absolute Military Supremacy’ – Mikhail Gorbachev (NW)”

    I know, right? So weird for a guy who takes orders from Putin to attack Putin all the time. Those tricky Russians, attacking themselves! When you’re #AntiLogos, this makes perfect, indisputable sense. War is Peace! Ignorance is Strength!

    Eighteen years into the longest war in US history, we are finally finding out,

    No, we knew and told you before the first soldier arrived and every day since then.

    “Referring to Afghanistan, Bin Laden says: “We, alongside the mujahideen, bled Russia for 10 years, until it went bankrupt and was forced to withdraw in defeat … So we are continuing this policy in bleeding America to the point of bankruptcy.” – The Guardian, 2004.

    But nobody knows what Osama says in 2001, reported by the New York Times and The Guardian. …Well since they lied about everything in the preceding 25 years, perhaps nobody believed them BECAUSE it was published.

    lying through its teeth about the war is that you could hear a pin drop in the mainstream media about it.”

    They sound like the Docktor.

    For dusty old quotes, Thatcher, 1992. Why are these things so, SO obvious?

    “If the divergence between different European economies is so great that even the ERM cannot contain them, [i.e. breaking the Bank of England] how would those economies react to a single European currency? The answer is that there would be chaos of the sort which would make the difficulties of recent days pale by comparison.

    Huge sums would have to be transferred from richer to poorer countries and regions to allow them to take the strain. Even then unemployment and mass migration across now open frontiers would follow. And a full-fledged Single currency would allow no escape hatch.

    The political consequences can already be glimpsed: the growth of extremist parties, battening on fears about mass immigration and unemployment, offering a real — if thoroughly unwelcome — alternative to the Euro-centrist political establishment.

    If in addition you were to create a supra-national European federation, and the people could no longer hold their national parliaments to account, extremism could only grow further.

    … the referendum is not a vote on whether we should have a European Community — but on what kind of European Community it should be.”

    Because being driven by religious zeal, not logic, leads to a perpetual blindness and destruction. But as planned, I would say. Armstrong was hired by them, told them exactly what Thatcher said, and they went forward saying “I don’t care. We’ll force it down their god d—–n Oiker’s throats if necessary.” Okay, then. How’s that working out for you? Remember: you can vote yourselves into tyranny, but it takes more than just a vote to get out.

    Camera Footage of Epstein’s First Suicide Attempt Has Disappeared, and Nobody Knows Why”

    Look kids! Another coincidence. In the same direction as the last 40 coincidences. I do not find that suspicious at all.

    Speaking of cameras and coincidences: “Bank of England “Hijacked” Audio Feed Was Used to Secretly Leak Confidential Information to Hedge Funds”

    You don’t say.

    John Day
    John Day

    Where is the factoid about “1000 times more transistors per year than grains of wheat and rice” from?
    It counts every transistor on an IC, which have come to be vanishingly small, but still, what a perspective!

    John Day

    How come Ukraine gets “no gas from Russia”, when they get Russian gas re-sold from other European countries?

    John Day

    Israel has at least as many nuclear warheads as the UK, and possibly more than China, but they won’t say it.


    “The espionage act in every case is a law the government exclusively uses against people who told the truth, right.”
    There are spies everywhere where there are secrets.
    • Mueller Report Was Based On CIA-Fabricated “Evidence” (Bill Binney)

    Reading this will require more that a grain of salt. For most people, proof, affidavit, documentation will not be sufficient to turn on their leaders for misleading them.

    “All the evidence we’re accumulating clearly says and implies, the US government — namely the FBI, CIA, the DOJ, and of course State Department — all these people involved in this hack, bought a dossier and all of the information going forward to the FISA court. All of them knew that this was a fake from the very beginning, because this Guccifer 2.0 character was fabricating it.”

    On the same note. People do not want to admit that they have been preyed upon and been scammed.
    Spying helps people from being taken advantage by the elites.
    Show people the way and I think revenge will come in the voting booth.

    • Afghanistan War – The Crime of the Century (Ron Paul)
    • The Final Act (Dmitry Orlov)
    “it allows Trump to clean up on free publicity and to continue fiddling (tweeting, in his case) as Rome burns.”

    Doc Robinson

    @ John Day:

    The invention of the transistor-based logic engine, the integrated circuit, turned 60 this year. Today, humanity fabricates 1,000 times more transistors annually than the entire world grows grains of wheat and rice combined. Collectively, all those transistors consume more electricity than the state of California.
    Energy and the Information Infrastructure Part 3: The Digital ‘Engines of Innovation’ & Jevons’ Delicious Paradox
    By Mark P. Mills, December 11, 2018

    John Day

    Thanks for the link, Doc Robinson. Very efficient little nano-transistors those are, to use so little electricity. (Not like the old metal-canned devices)
    Schrodinger’s Impeachment is half alive and half dead as long as it does not get looked at by the Senate, so it will be maintained in this condition by House Democrats​ for public relations purposes.
    This prevents it being declared “dead” by the Senate, or worse yet, the “autopsy” of the legal discovery process.
    This sort of contains the damage to the Democratic Party, but only sort of. It doesn’t help their cause, and it doesn’t hurt Trump’s cause. Trump can keep tweeting and writing letters about facts.
    Giuliani is supposed to spill his dirt on Ukrainian corruption after the Senate vote. What’s the new timeline on that?


    From Dimitri’s blog –
    “Let’s add one more salient detail. Over the course of 2020, $4.665 trillion of USTs will mature and will need to be rolled over into new USTs. This is an all-time record, and this is on top of new debt that will have to be issued in order for the US government to be able to stay open. Over the past year the US budget deficit has amounted to $1.022 trillion, which is a 15.8% increase over the previous year. If this trend continues, the new deficit will be around $1.183 trillion. In order to keep the wheels of finance from grinding to a halt, over 2020 the Fed will have to monetize, or print, close to $6 trillion.”

    So since Trump is the candidate most experienced with Bankruptcy, will people vote for him?

    I saw one lone statistic about Bernie that shows he is very close to Biden percent approval. News silence on Bernie, of course. In any case it seems very likely now that Trump with all his free advertising will become our next pres.


    What happens to the “transistor-based logic engine” when the lights go out? Our infrastructure is also about 60 years old and it’s time to retire it.


    Thanks so much for the suggestions and helping me relax re the tone…. I really appreciate the thoughtful response to my question and as always – to the crazy fucked-up world today.


    Oxymoron you can do it! I read a wonderful saying the other day. “Don’t listen with the intent to reply but with the intent to understand.”

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