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      Konstantinos Polychronopoulos, Athens Christmas Day 2016 • Recession, Market Crash Next Year, Expect Rate Cuts: Rickards (CNBC) • Did Donald Tr
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    Dr. Diablo

    I know you won’t believe this, but can you believe that China has an aircraft carrier off the Chinese coast and are doing exercises IN THE OCEAN??? I know, right? I read that sailing while landing jets on an aircraft carrier is a sign of unmitigated hostility that smacks of a sneak invasion of South East Asia.

    And the American media is the only one sending up the daily alarm! And stopping WWIII !!
    …Just passing the word before they’re suddenly within 5,000 miles of us and invade. With their one ship. Within sight of their own coast.


    It’s all zero sum.

    “But it’s probably different this time, right? China is fine (oh wait, failed auctions and liquidity crisis), Europe is fine (oh wait, Italian banks are collapsing), and the US economy is great (oh wait, automakers are shuttering plants due to credit-created excess inventory).”

    Refugees are still making babies in the refugee camps
    The military industries are still reducing their old inventories
    Governments are still racing to out-print each others money supply

    The 10% ‘ers are still in denial. Winter came. Snow came. There is gas in the gas tank.

    I can’t outrun the monster chasing us but I’m still not the slowest runner.


    Yo Zero, Thanks. That was poetry.

    Joe Clarkson

    Regarding the UN resolution on Israeli settlements: It would be quite the allegation to be proud of, if the US actually originated it. We should all be proud of anyone of influence who makes a stand for basic justice and human rights. It’s a good thing that the US shows a little concern for the fate of millions of Palestinians. There’s no need to hide it.

    The Israeli “solution” looks to be a gradual expulsion of Palestinians from their lands and homes to be concentrated in urban ghettos, preferably somewhere else in the world. This has been their MO from 1948, since a Jewish state must always keep non-Jews in the minority. A secular democracy must be avoided at all costs. The West bank and Gaza can become formally joined with Israel only after the Palestinians are somehow “removed”.

    I doubt that the Israelis can be stopped, but someone should try. If Obama was involved in the UN resolution, more power to him. He should have been more assertive years ago.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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