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    Laura Gilpin The Rio Grande 1947   • Israel Reopens the Gaza Slaughterhouse (Chris Hedges) • Israel Planning for Gaza War To Last Over a Year (An
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    So I have been deeply disappointed with churnalists churning out what they are told to, but I have to admit the rising number of dead ones appearing in Israel is doing a lot for their credibility. It sounds dark but you know for a fact that they are not getting uber meals and talking state propaganda if they lose their life. Much more ‘skin’ in the game than defiant covid dissenters – medical or otherwise.

    Also RFK – I can’t even watch clips now. He had me at hello but after his Israel rant and off with Hamas head etc my trust bell goes ding a ling a ling whenever I hear the mans initials. I’m not a US citizen, so like whatevz bro, but it must have affected his base a bit – the big reveal I mean. He has done great work fixing up rivers etc. but I am suss.

    Also re Dr D’s Kissenger kindnesses last night – I can see elements of what Dr is saying but entering the game itself is to ENDORSE the game and I may sound ‘non-adult’, but Gandhi had a similar childish approach – don’t get involved.
    Having said that I see Putin as somewhat similar to Kissenger – able to send many people to their death with little personal investment but playing a philosophical numbers game in his mental equations. He reasons (correctly) that he is able to reduce incursions from without to protect his motherland and people, and being passive (like Gandhi) would make Russians ultimately resemble Palestinians – an item to be removed from the shelves for GloboCaps re-stocking. He acts with dispassionate violence and I respect that though on the worlds’ stage – his is a role I could not play and enters the murky world of hierarchy of illusions for me. If none of it is real and formless love sits beneath us all then am I morally superior to Putin?
    Fuck if I know but I feel morally superior to him until I see his eyes. They don’t look ‘evil’ to me so I’m basically confused at this point.

    Also How good is Aussie time zone for getting in first with comments?



    The recent findings of DNA fragments in the Pfizer and Moderna Covid-19 vaccines has led many to question why the FDA, which is responsible for monitoring the quality and safety of the vaccines, has failed to sound the alarm.

    For years, the FDA has known about the risk posed by residual DNA in vaccines. Its own guidance to industry states:

    “Residual DNA might be a risk to your final product because of oncogenic and/or infectivity potential. There are several potential mechanisms by which residual DNA could be oncogenic, including the integration and expression of encoded oncogenes or insertional mutagenesis following DNA integration.”

    Put simply, the FDA acknowledges the possibility that fragments of DNA left over by the manufacturing process can be incorporated into a patient’s own DNA, to potentially cause cancer.

    FDA and WHO guidelines consider the amount of residual DNA in a single dose of traditional vaccine should not exceed 10 ng (one billionth of a gram).

    But this limit – used for traditional vaccines – is unlikely to be relevant to the mRNA vaccines whose lipid nanoparticles can penetrate inside cells to deliver the mRNA efficiently.

    A recent preprint paper by Speicher et al analysed batches of the monovalent and bivalent mRNA vaccines in Canada.

    The authors found “the presence of billions to hundreds of billions of DNA molecules per dose in these vaccines. Using fluorometry all vaccines exceed the guidelines for residual DNA set by FDA and WHO of 10 ng/dose.”

    Speicher et al also reported finding fragments of DNA larger than 200 base pairs (a measure of the length of the DNA) which also exceeds FDA guidelines.

    Notably, the authors commented that for the Pfizer product, the higher the level of DNA fragments found in the vaccine, the higher the rate of serious adverse events.

    Some experts say the risk of genome integration in humans is very low, but a recent publication in Nature found that around 7 percent of cells are integrated when mixed with a transfection solution containing linear pieces of DNA.

    Is the FDA Concerned?

    FDA Shuts Down Enquiries about DNA Contamination in Covid Vaccines


    • Ukraine Another Historic US War Failure (SCF)

    The Empire of Cut and Run and Lies,Lies,Lies

    The Military Industrial Mafia is there to extort productivity from the populous.

    It’s not just the Untermensch Filth of Duh’merica’s Wall St, the Military Industrial Mafia is also identical to the fabled Immortal Vampire Squid© wrapping around the face of Humanity, relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like money.

    The Empire of Lies Military Industrial Mafia is a parasite, a Tumor on the Soul of Humanity.

    Full of cowards and maggots and thieves and pimps parading around in uniforms like a army of demented organ grinder monkeys.

    Zero honor, all the while trumpeting how ‘honorable’ they are.

    The Pure Projection of Putrid Professional Psychopaths

    The Empire of Lies Pentagon would sell a rat’s asshole to the blindman as a wedding ring.


    John Day

    This is not a war against Hamas. It is a war against Palestinians. Israeli strikes are generated at a dizzying rate, many of them from a system called “Habsora” — The Gospel — which is built on artificial intelligence that selects 100 targets a day. The AI-system is described by seven current and former Israeli intelligence officials in an article by Yuval Abraham on the Israeli sites +972 Magazine and Local Call, as facilitating a “mass assassination factory.” Israel, once it locates what it assumes to be a Hamas operative from a cell phone, for example, bombs and shells a wide area around the target, killing and wounding tens, and at times hundreds of Palestinians, the article states. “According to intelligence sources,” the story reads, “Habsora generates, among other things, automatic recommendations for attacking private residences where people suspected of being Hamas or Islamic Jihad operatives live. Israel then carries out large-scale assassination operations through the heavy shelling of these residential homes.”

    John Day

    Good reflective comment, Oxymoron in Oz.

    John Day

    Another very good 3:30 minutes of Meryl Nass MD on the WHO global power grab:


    “The world will watch passively, muttering useless bromides about more surgical strikes, while Israel spins its roulette wheel of death.”

    Vampire Squid are spineless

    What did you expect?

    John Day

    I hope battle-axe-dude is ok after that high-altitude belly/face-flop into freezing water.
    Any follow-up on his condition?


    • Israel Reopens the Gaza Slaughterhouse (Chris Hedges)

    Evacuation Orders
    Mercenary financing
    $3.8 billion Israel receives in annual military assistance or the $14.3 billion supplemental aid package.
    WAIT! Your turn is coming.
    a war against Hamas. a war against Palestinians, a war against all Humanity by the dying US Empire in its death throes. (​the final stages before it comes to an end.)
    Read the comments before trying to add your insight/point of view
    You are being manipulated by the news media.
    The world wide demonstrations are not “for Palestine” but are for “Peace” and Ceasefire”.

    ” large-scale assassination operations through the heavy shelling of these residential homes.”

    Israel Planning for Gaza War To Last Over a Year

    Israel Planning for Gaza War To Last Over a Year
    One source said, “This will be a very long war . . . We’re currently not near halfway to achieving our objectives.”
    by Kyle Anzalone Posted on December 1, 2023


    Mr. Musk believes humans are subject to the laws of physics. That is refreshing. Lonely at the top.

    Dr. D

    “Private Jets Headed To Global Warming Conference “Literally Frozen On Runway” 


    Where was our Global Warming expert that disappeared the moment we posted Ice Core data and CO2 charts? Isn’t that Science? Discussing is Science.

    “Europe hasn’t seen a snow cover like this since 2010—60% is blanketed in white!”

    2010??? That’s like yesterday.

    “How Long Can Russia Last Out? : Will Russian Economy Buckle and Break?” — Konstantin Samoilov.

    They’ll still be saying this when Russian troops are entering and occupying Manchester.

    “Canada Offers Lethal Injection Option For Cold And Flu Season “ — Bbee

    “On my first day in office, I will issue an executive order prohibiting federal agencies from promoting censorship”

    Yeah. That’s called “The First Amendment” your ONLY job as top policeman is to ARREST everyone involved in ever doing this action, make some heads roll until they can fully and viscerally remember this fact, and get violently ill with terror at the thought of violating Human Rights Federal Law. Only job at all, only job we put you in for, only job we care about or asked for.

    We don’t need a new law. It’s not “Optional”. It’s not to be un-executive’d when you leave. You’re fired.

    “A single judge – who will likely be overturned on appeal – can upend a person’s life, even destroy it, with a stroke of a pen and face no consequences ever”

    Yeah and the poor have always had this problem since even an expired inspection can cause a financial catastrophe of missing work, missing a bill, and end up bankrupt, homeless, God knows what. Except they don’t get appeal since that take money. So “Appeal”?? Yeah we just keep shopping the same case until we get the results we like! Then we stop! Prosecutors have been doing the same thing lately.

    This is also why you are and must be always innocent until proven guilty at the final end. Regardless of what Nancy Pelosi says. If there’s any impropriety, the person goes free. But! But! Oh don’t worry: I also have a gun to defend myself and can take care of it for you until they do something again. You: Police, Prosecutors, weren’t going to do f-all anyway, as you demonstrate hourly.

    The difference here is THE RICH ARE ALSO AFFECTED. And they’ll pitch behind fixing it now, which may help for poor people, maybe.

    ““The world will watch passively, muttering useless bromides about more surgical strikes, while Israel spins its roulette wheel of death.”

    How do we know? Past tense. That’s what they ALREADY did.

    Bibi Cartoon: Yeah, we know since the day he was enlisted at 18. He’s been doing nothing but this more or less the whole time. But now people cares? Suuuuuuure you do. If you kill only 30k / year or <1% (here) everyone loves it. Do that for 10, 20, 30 years. Applause. But kill enough to get in the news? Bad form old chap. So gauche. Why? Because you can kill so many fewer people that way. It makes problems for our murder racket.

    1,000/yr for 20 years? Yawn. Excellent. Top form old chum. 10,000 in two months, or HALF that? How dare you sir?

    …For people who are bad at math. And ethics. Which is like EVERYONE.

    “Hamas Official Hints At Another Attack On Israel, Bigger Than Oct. 7 (JTN)

    How, I wonder. And is this where the Muslim nations stop looking like a stick and do something? Which Navy ship is now in range of Iran? Specifically?

    If only we could park it at the bus station in Tehran and really tempt them.

    “• Ukraine Another Historic US War Failure (SCF)”

    If so, who’s winning, because they keep doing it again. Clearly there is incentive – HIGH incentive – or they would be discredited, broke, and stop. Follow the money. But the “money” is merely in service to their weirdo extremist religion.

    “but there’s no official war recognized by the Ukrainian government or the parliament of Ukraine”

    So they’re having a war they’re not having. WE’RE having a war we’re not having. So Russia is the only one following the law and barely, inventing a new category of Unter-war?

    Ze was never in charge anyway, why should I care if he comes or goes? Eyewash as we no doubt continue on “The Plan”, same plan, all plans are this plan: Kill people, steal their stuff.

    “Ukrainian authorities to allocate 400 square kilometers of land for the disposal of hazardous waste,”

    Like that. Killin’ some folks. Kill them first with the selling of the product, farm by farm, person by person, then kill them in a chunk with destroying the water table forever. Then kill their unborn kids with disease and poverty. Then kill them in the wars that follow. Killin’ some folks.

    Of course, that is in Ohio. And Ukraine has problems too.

    ““..we should never forget that any undertaking of the Kiev regime is mired in corruption.”

    Mired in the far greater corruption of Congress and the EU. Their corruption is really aspirational to the big boys. Well Son of a Bitch…

    ““I held a meeting where we discussed the construction of fortifications on the main defensive lines.”

    Building of these is likely to be a DMZ permanently. If I were Russia, I wouldn’t allow it since they’d take all, put it in NATO and have 5-minute nukes in no time. They’re talking about building it, but it already exists along the existing line. What are they adding to make it “more”?

    ““Ukraine America increasingly resembles a bottomless pit..”

    Fixed it.

    “How Saudis Overcame “Reputational Damage” (Bhadrakumar) “

    I don’t even understand what they’re talking about. Kashoggi was a foreign intelligence asset that worked for the Muslim Brotherhood – a well-known proxy of MI6 and the CIA – in service of toppling the “legitimate” government of Saudi Arabia and installing his CIA-puppet half-brother. Nothing could possibly be more illegal. Killing such a man is like snuffing a candle in Saudi and they’d already given him 10-20 years too long to be a traitor to his home nation by working for foreigners the whole time.

    The only thing at issue here is THE WEST LIES. They lied. Made the whole thing up. Now WAS he a reporter? Kinda sorta? Maybe. Did they chop him up? Almost certainly. In the way described just like the last 500 “Incubator babies” and “10 beheaded babies” just this week? How would I know? You haven’t told the truth in almost my whole lifetime, so why would you now? But sure, so what if they did? Is that better than summarily hanging him, as would also be legal on Saudi territory? You can hang, shoot, drug, gas, stone, whip, 10,000 at a pop if you’re Israel, but this cutting brother, THAT is a bridge too far!

    What. Ever. It’s not my nation or my rules. They do things differently as does Thailand, China, Columbia, Russia, and every other nation on planet dirt.

    Anyway WHAT reputational damage? The one the West MADE UP? In their lying failed newspapers? Using Bernays and the BBC? GFY. If WaPo is mad, I just assume a good thing happened.

    Given the number of similar CIA assets wandering free doing the same things, there are too few Kashoggi endings for me.

    ““Earlier US officials had warned African countries not to engage with Russia.

    Or else what? You’ll steal money from us and start wars? You’re doing that NOW.

    “..Strip Candidates From The Ballot In The Name Of Democracy..”

    You know we’ll have the most Democracy when there is only one candidate and he’s a complete moron, as Menchen says. …Oh, wait…

    “Democrats are warning of the imminent death of democracy. Hillary Clinton has warned that a Trump victory would be the end of democracy.”

    Am I on Crazy Pills??? She said that every day EIGHT YEARS in a row, and still the same. Not only HASN’T it happened, but everyone like this author pretends it only just started now. They’ve said this since 1789 by the way. FDR was in 5 terms or something. The Supreme Court seated one TOTALLY ILLEGALLY, and wrong, and no one even noticed. They jailed Eugene Debbs entirely, not this candy-apple stuff with Trump. All it tells me is these guys are all so ignorant and historically illiterate they’re dangerous. Turley. Please? Try to read.

    “A CNN poll found that two out of three Democrats believe that the party should nominate someone else.”

    Then they didn’t, and just like the USSC seating the OTHER candidate from the one who won, no one notices or cares.

    “Other Democrats have called for more than 120 other Republicans to be stripped from the ballots”

    So they dictate their own candidate, but ALSO all the other candidates nationwide. That’s “Democracy”. Soon the nirvana of People’s Choice, where there is only one candidate per seat, and that person isn’t voted on. …And you wonder why we say this is “Socialism.” Well, they SAY they are, and what other form of government has ever acted this way? Not Dictators. Not Kings. Not Military Rule. Etc. Only this one. This one works not by attacking you, but attacking the language and therefore reason itself.

    “Isaacson tells of a poker game where Musk went all-in every time until he won.”

    This is exactly how everyone in his class acts, but they’re usually not so low-brow as to openly admit it. Stocks: float a company, take a big paycheck, if it fails, keep the paycheck. If it wins, you have a lottery. NeoCons, keep doubling down on foreign nations and wars until the opponent get scared and folds. Stock/gold manipulation: short price until the other side breaks, then run the tables and steal your ante back. NY Times? Lie, lie, lie, bigger and bigger. If someone catches you, oh well, nothing happens. While if they believe you, you’ve sold a multi-Trillion dollar war and cash in.

    You’d be a fool NOT to, every time. …The only reason WE don’t is you need essentially infinite pockets to wait for the win, AND if you’re poor every rich guy is openly cheating against you and will have you murdered for sport. Because of that we forget it’s 100% of the time, 365 days of the year. Mansanto sues YOU because THEY poisoned your farm. They can sustain a 25-year suit, never seeing a jury, until you die. They, being immortal, don’t.

    Nassim Taleb has the same math, but adjusted: people underrate the frequency of disaster events. By thousands. Like everything with ‘01, ‘08, Covid, are like 1:500Million year events, that happen every 10 years. Um: I don’t think that math means what you think it means. Better put some tinfoil on your antenna because you’re getting real bad brain reception. No one does. We have 100 year floods yearly. Next year they repeat it on TV again.

    will enable the WHO “to take over jurisdiction of everything in the world by saying that climate change,”

    Stop right there. The WHO is not in charge of Climate Change. “We Make S—t Up!!!” It’s not my fault if you grab big steaming handfuls and eat it.

    “Dear men, what is preventing you from doing this?”

    Nothing. I did that earlier this morning. When are the women going to start?

    “I can see elements of what Dr is saying but entering the game itself is to ENDORSE the game”

    Exactly. And that’s how they get you. And to some extent, get you either way. Suppose you opt out: well 3 or more people working together now overrule you. You have to be involved again to influence them. Hierarchies at work. This is how the Euro way defeated the Natives here. And in Europe actually, as it is the “Roman” way that ultimately subsumed all “Tribal” people, with the Celts and some others still in long term conflict with them (Scotland, Ireland, etc) I bring that up because NO ONE has found a solution yet. NO ONE. If so, then you can do it or die like all of them did. Like Japan or a few places maybe we can hierarchy without losing ourselves and preserve our options for victory later, but that is a tough road. Oh well. Life is hard and it doesn’t care about your problems. Suck it up.

    It’s the end of the week, so let me add this quote from this week:
    A longer quote from Peter Turchin, (p. 129):

    “The political scientist Martin Gilens . . . gathered a large data set – nearly 2000 policy issues between 1981 and 2002.  Each case matched a proposed policy change to a nation opinion survey asking a favor/oppose question about the initiative. . . .

    “Statistical analysis . . . showed that the preferences of the poor had no effect on policy changes.. . . . What is surprising is that there was no – zilch, nada – effect of the average voter.  The main effect on the direction of change was due to the policy preferences of the affluent.  There was also an additional effect of interest groups, the most influential ones being business-oriented lobbies.  Once you include in the statistical model the preferences of the top 10 percent and the interest groups, the effect of the commoners is statistically indistinguishable from zero.

    But don’t worry: it’s still all our fault. WE didn’t do enough. If a LEADER comes in, does what he said he wouldn’t do, what we told him not to, ON an illegal, crooked vote, it’s STILL our fault. What magic is this? Yet that’s what I hear!

    Everything is the fault of the poor and powerless. Rich people are just helpless before us and have to do everything we say, right?


    Wes wrote: It comes as no surprise that Israel is agreement incapable. The only question is who is the little/big brother in this, Israel or US?

    It’s a symbiotic relationship. One party controls/funds the other (US funds Isr. > billions), the other party controls/funds the leaders (Isr. funds, corrupts, US Pols, that is, individuals), one party influences and manages the other, returns churn, the ‘deals’ chug along.

    Like a druggie couple who fight bitterly on occasion but can’t separate, and always make up, as they are dependent on each other. I don’t favor ‘Personal relationships’ comparisons, but in this case the fit is close.

    See for ex. RFK J., saying Isr. is a mini-US State, essential for the survival of the US! — Says that otherwise Russia and China would control practically all energy (BS imho) Isr. prevents this, etc.

    In terms of raw power, financial control clout, and enforcing decisions, the US holds the upper hand.

    Isr. is a poor, tiny, minuscule outpost, not economically viable to ‘devp-country’ level without massive support, military, techno, energy, financial, cultural, and propaganda.. by the US, the EU, > possibly see the huge trade deficit with China.

    The divide to conquer strategy, fostering hate between Muslims and Jews, to keep the *ME Region*, in turmoil, unstable, rife with murderous rivalries and thus manipulable by the USuk(eu), is gradually coming to an end.

    Isr. breaks the status quo, going all out to annihilate Pals. in Gaza. Horrid PR, see ‘Genocide Joe’.. Isr. viciously bombing (with US ordnance) to cleanse the Gaza Strip of Arabs, while facing pressure, condemnation, threats (Hezb, Iran, W opinion / support / Arab World, etc.) is on the face of it, taking big risks.

    Underneath the surface (as descr. here), what the drivers and deals are – idk.


    Israel omnipotent
    1. almighty or infinite in power, as God ·
    2. having very great or unlimited authority or power.
    3. Can do no wrong
    4. Chosen by God


    Zelensky may be ousted – will he care.

    Zelensky was elected on the promise of implementing the Minsk accords. When it was pointed out he would not live long enough to do this he became an ultra-nationalist.

    He is an actor and this was just a new role.

    He now has over 30 million dollars worth of property in the US, Israel and Egypt, and who knows how much cash he has squirrelled away.

    I would think he will have enough to live comfortably, unless he is killed as a false flag operation to be blamed on Russia!

    Maxwell Quest

    He now has over 30 million dollars worth of property in the US, Israel and Egypt, and who knows how much cash he has squirrelled away.

    I would think he will have enough to live comfortably, unless he is killed as a false flag operation to be blamed on Russia!

    Don’t be fooled. This is the big lie, that one can live comfortably after selling the soul for thirty pieces of silver. Zelensky was also instrumental in the destruction of his own country. He will live a tortured life until the end, and his karmic debt will be immense.

    The accumulation of material possessions brings no happiness or peace, especially when they are ill-gotten. Thus, the term “blood money”. Even when it is earned through hard work and talent, it can often leave one feeling empty. I remember Jackie Gleason telling the story about how after he made it big, he went out and got all the things that he ever wanted, a beautiful mansion with a pool, filled with the best furniture and a billiard room. Afterward, he sat down and realized that all these things did not make him happy, it only came by making others happy.

    Maxwell Quest


    I fear you might be getting lost in the weeds with the DNA contamination story about the Covid notavax. There’s nothing wrong with the article pe se, but it dances around the margins of the problem instead of going for the jugular, which is what we need right now.

    The WHO, CDC, FDA, etc. are all caputured organizations, being arms of the new global government, who have put their own people in charge. Just as Zelenski and Biden were installed to carry out specific plans.
    While we “useless eaters” dick around with how many DNA fragments should be allowed in mRNA treatments, the global cabal moves forward with their plan to solidify control and wipe out 95% of humanity. To save the planet, of course, which makes it ok. NOT!


    Things that I don’t know
    Phage therapy
    Phage therapy involves the use of viruses that attack bacteria to treat pathogenic bacterial infections.
    Genome Stability: From Virus to Human Application
    September 2016

    Every species has to preserve the integrity of its genome to ensure faithful passage of genetic information to the progeny. At the same time, there are times during the life of the organism and population in general when a fine balance in genome stability and diversification has to be made to benefit the survival of the species.

    Alternate link


    Later on, Matt Taibbi learned that barely foot long creature does not feed on blood, yet visual of his wordsmith creation
    is still powerful is as ever in my mind.


    AI will be governed by the “Rules Based Order” against the people.

    The Uniparty is defending it’s political “Rules Based Order” against Trump and democracy.

    The bankers are trying to defend their “Rules Based Order” in the Middle East and the world y starting a new “Diviide and Conquer” war in Gaza. This is in direct response to China’s “United We Stand, Divided We Fall” message to the Arabs. The Palestinians only mistake is in wanting to live.

    Michael Reid

    Ron Unz on “Gaza and the Antisemitism Hoax”

    I enjoyed listening to this one hour history lesson while soaking in the tub.


    What is to be done? They are at the levers of power and the common man seems to have no influence if he ever did

    Michael Reid

    Based on my own understanding of reality and especially what I’ve come to understand about the globalists’ use of predictive (word- and image-based) psychological manipulation — using news reports, scientific publishing including papers and patents, table top exercises, television shows, movies, planning reports, laws, and other media to prepare people to inaccurately interpret and behaviorally respond to orchestrated events that are fictional but presented as real, I’m not that concerned about the globalists’ actual ability to create transhumans by melding electronic technology with biological organisms.

    In general, I think that the globalists are very, very good at deceiving people and breaking and corrupting things, including human bodies and souls, but they are not good at creating anything, because creation is God’s domain and is inextricably interpenetrated with truth.

    So, I think the globalists are spraying, injecting and otherwise inserting a lot of garbage into cells, plants, animals and human bodies, some of which is metallic or magnetic or other elements of electronic devices. And irradiating living creatures and systems with EMF and RF and the like. But the effect is to injure and prematurely kill the living organisms, not to meld living, healthy biological organisms with electronic devices or networks.

    I don’t think their goal is to create transhumans. I think their goals are to sabotage God’s Creation, especially human society, and to kill a lot of human beings. Transhumanism is just one of their many false cover stories to try to make people think it’s about something else, alongside climate change, deadly global pandemics of communicable disease, the empowerment of women and a few other things.


    @Michael Reid

    Well said, I’m just plain exhausted trying to keep up with the global Satanists.

    It’s very hard making a beautiful porcelain tea pot, great skill and aesthetics and inspiration.

    It’s very easy to come in the room and pick up that tea pot and drop it on the floor.

    The NeoConJob maggots only know how to ‘drop the tea pot’ on the ground.

    Chaos, death and destruction is a win for them, every time.

    It’s worked like clockwork for centuries, and no end in sight.

    Access to more information, i.e. The Internet, has done nothing for human comprehension.

    It’s been going strong for at least 20 years and the youth’s brains are being pickled and TikToked to Death.

    Mission Accomplished, ya know.


    Wish I had the simple answer, Micheal. Get in shape, not only for yourself but to protect the ones you love. No phone, cash only. Backward step into the shadows, away from the jewlight, the corporate, satanic monolith. Hang out with animals. Thank God every day for the blessings, gifts and beauty of life. When they cross that line, the final line…let the blood of your ancestors pump thru your veins, into your heart and show no fucking mercy. None.

    Veracious Poet


    “Statistical analysis . . . showed that the preferences of the poor had no effect on policy changes.. . . . What is surprising is that there was no – zilch, nada – effect of the average voter. The main effect on the direction of change was due to the policy preferences of the affluent. There was also an additional effect of interest groups, the most influential ones being business-oriented lobbies. Once you include in the statistical model the preferences of the top 10 percent and the interest groups, the effect of the commoners is statistically indistinguishable from zero.”

    Power To The People Free Shit Army!!!

    Viva la revolución

    Demonstrators march to protest L.A. City Council’s approval of rent hikes

    Residents in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Koreatown flooded the streets Sunday to protest the city’s approval of an historic rent increase next year.

    Other groups, including the Palestinian Youth Movement, Jewish Voice for Peace and the L.A. chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America also participated in the march.

    LATU is demanding that the L.A. City Council and the mayor’s office put an end to the rent increase as well as any evictions and the cancellation of any COVID-related rent debt.

    Members said that they want to see secure housing and a healthy neighborhood life centered on community needs.

    We think this is an outrage when salaries are not increasing, but rent is increasing,” Magdelano Rosales, an organizer with LATU told KTLA. “In fact, we think that rent is more than high enough.

    In fact, rent should probably be way lower than it is.”

    The approval of the rent increase means that hundreds of thousands of L.A. families could see their rents going up by about 6% in the next year!!!

    Veracious Poet

    Today’s · What Fresh Hell Is This? ·

    When it comes to the best places in the U.S. for middle- and working-class people, a new study suggests you shouldn’t rule out cities with some of the least affordable homes.

    San Jose, California, where the median home price is over $1.3 million, is at the top of the list of 50 major metro areas, according to research group Ludwig Institute for Shared Economic Prosperity (LISEP).

    In contrast, 150 miles southeast is Fresno, California, the worst city at number 50, where the median home price is around $360,000.

    LISEP researchers explained that while San Jose and San Francisco have seen some of the highest rates of inflation since 2005, wage rates have also shot up. Meanwhile in Fresno, the cost of living jumped 66.7% since 2005, with a spike in home prices, while the typical worker’s buying power fell by 3% during that same period. As a result, the study found that almost 60% of middle class and working households in Fresno are not able to cover all of their basic needs.

    In order to dive deeper into the livability of different regions across the U.S., researchers tracked price changes for housing, food, childcare and other necessities (true living cost); wages adjusted for the cost of living for all workers, including part-time laborers and those seeking a job (true weekly earnings); and the percentage of the population unable to find a full-time, living-wage job (true rate of unemployment out of the population).

    Saying the *LOUD* part *quiet* aka burying the lede

    True Rate of Unemployment: 42.3% > 57.9%!


    Veracious Poet
    Veracious Poet



    Veracious Poet
    Veracious Poet

    Elections have consequences.

    Dr D Rich

    “True Rate of Unemployment: 42.3% > 57.9%!”

    Absolutely no f*cking doubt about it. Trust your horse sense and personal observations first about the neighborhood where you dwell.

    Dr D can get his math-boyee Nassim Taleb to explain that “disfigurement” to us.
    After all Nassim “Fibonacci Progression” Taleb predicted 50 gazillion COVID deaths besides Fauci’s 25 million and the unspoken local math guys too afraid to say the figure on their napkin.
    It’s the one time Dr D was right despite the brain power arrayed with Max Hysteria. The Spellbinders always offer a kernel of truth to their absurd assertions. Those folks who oppose the Magicians look crazy unpacking the nonsense.

    Or just has been elucidated in the past, the difference between Fresno to the south and San Jose is/was predictable because the Economic Policy was deliberately applied differently.

    This site’s professional “economists” and the aspiring types can explain how the Feds “NGDP targeting” program applies to the Fresno-San Jose.
    Obama’s Folk don’t genuinely believe San Jose citizens work harder than Fresno’s; that San Jose’s citizens represent a higher quality of folk than Fresno’s; or that San Jose’s households deserve an economic break more than Fresno’s lost and forlorn, right??

    Does anyone not believe Big Banks executed a form of NGDP targeting in rich neighborhoods in, let’s say, “crash cities like Reno and Las Vegas” where FOLK who defaulted on loans were permitted to live 3, 4, or 5 years without paying the mortgage.
    Destitute white deplorables weren’t accorded such luxury or dispensation.
    Say it wasn’t so…

    Did the Fed ever stop Nominal GDP Targeting for The Chosen People in San Jose while inverse targeting Fresno’s benighted citizens?

    Say it isn’t so, Joe!

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