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    Giovanni Bellini St. Francis in ecstasy 1480   • Deflation Risk Rises as China’s Economy Keeps Faltering (ET) • Juncker: The EU Isn’t Trying To K
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    Dr. D

    “There’s just no deal that the Europeans can do that can get through the House of Commons. And no deal is so catastrophic that you have to hope that no sane parliament would allow it. So the one thing left is a second referendum.” –O’Toole

    …And under this premise, the second referendum can only vote ‘stay’ because otherwise, you just return to 1 and 2. And if it votes leave again, they will then have ANOTHER referendum #3, because of 1 and 2. And other, and another, until they vote yes. Because “If you can’t have second thoughts, you don’t have democracy.” But it’s a very clear, clever understanding, how this mind-hacking is done, and the author misses his own implications.

    Brexit is on hold from one side because Britain can’t take the blame. They checked the clock and wanted to be in the life raft when Europe – possibly via Italy and DeutscheBank went down. But Europe found new extensions, no surprise since ‘08. For their part Europe knows they’re going down and look forward to blaming Brexit for it. So they can’t let the crash fall until Brexit is signed and you can blame them.

    Cyber Attack Disrupts Printing Of Major US Newspapers (R.)”

    We still print papers? It would be an advance to society if they weren’t printed.
    “If you don’t read the newspaper you’re uninformed, however if you do you’ll be misinformed.” –Mark Twain

    “kept the peace for 70 years,

    Agree. I thought were in the 100 years war, and I have the same opinion of that as O’Toole. Maybe not. Maybe there’s ONE country on earth we haven’t invaded. Somewhere.

    “Trump suddenly blurted out,” I know, wasn’t that weird? That’s exactly the policy he ran on and has been saying all along. That’s how he suddenly thought of it at a rally, and and having no impulse control said once again what he’s been saying for years.

    “Mattis responded that an immediate withdrawal from Syria was impossible to carry out responsibly,”

    But of course STAYING there is super-duper responsible. For 100 years like McCain promised. Continuing the ‘peace’ we’ve been keeping by killing 6M people in 20 years. Besides, good generals always tell their superiors things can’t be done. Ask Patton.

    Palm oil, like all interventions, get in there and screw things up by government/green policy edict, then pull out and collapse them. Collapsing them by today’s plausible cause, vulture capitalists sweep in and buy the country. Rinse, repeat. And you wonder why I think government is corrupt, causes problems, and am very wary.

    “Government is not reason; it is not eloquence; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master” – Gen Washington

    “People-Smugglers Use Social Media To Lure Migrants To Their Deaths – UN (Ind.)”

    Same thing here. Interviews of migrants (illegally) in Mexico who were lured from Honduras with a promise America had open jobs programs for illegals and Trump loves them. …What papers were they reading back in Tegucigalpa? And we’re the bad guys for trying to stop human traffickers who do this and get 8-year old girls killed in the Arizona desert. PS, the part they care about in this is “Tech Companies”??? They have a strange sense of reality.

    V. Arnold

    The painting is interesting…

    I have zero to add to the original content…


    If the establishment cannot find a solution for the problems that they have created

    “We must not imply that the populists are right ……. they are just loud and do not have any specific proposals to offer on solving the challenges of our time. – Juncker

    There are too many errors, and lies in the following statement that it is only appropriate to an alternate universe.

    ….when Mattis and Dunford sang the praises of the “rules-based, international democratic order” that has “kept the peace for 70 years,”
    Trump simply shook his head in disbelief.”

    In actuality, Trump would have said, “You’re fired”. ( Ops!)


    How can anyone disagree with the rich and powerful giving billions of ordinary peoples dollars to other rich and powerful people?

    Why do so many rich people bitch about giving welfare to the poor?

    Milke estimates that the $13.7-billion in Ottawa’s auto-sector bailouts in 2009 eventually cost Canadian taxpayers about $3.7 billion in money that was never repaid.

    “The fact that governments loan and finance corporations, including through agencies such as EDC, which then turn around and deny access to information about written-off amounts, indicates another problem with loans, grants and loan guarantees – the lack of transparency,” said Mark Milke, formerly of the Fraser Institute.
    “The practice of denying information about ‘commercially sensitive’ data is routine.”

    “We found it impossible to gain a complete picture of the assistance provided, the difference the assistance made to the viability of the companies, and the amounts recovered and lost,” Michael Ferguson said in his fall 2014 report.
    “There was no comprehensive reporting of the information to Parliament.”


    The most-recent Canada Account transaction is a $1-billion-plus loan guarantee to the Royal Bank of Canada and the Toronto-Dominion Bank in support of the government’s recently announced acquisition of Trans Mountain Pipeline L.P. The exact amount of the guarantee has been withheld.

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