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    Veracious Poet

    Video: NY health commissioner admits using overblown claims about child COVID hospitalizations to scare parents into vaccinating their kids

    New York Gov. Hochul Mandates Booster Shots for State, NYC University Students

    New York Gov. Hochul Declares Racism a Public Health Crisis

    TAE Summary

    Additional Covid Vaccine Benefits

    Researchers at the CDC have discovered that in addition to protecting against Covid 19, the mRNA vaccines also protect against racism and misogyny. In a randomized controlled trial 20,000 healthy adults were given a vaccine and 20,000 were given a placebo. Two weeks later all were then tested. Only 2 people who received the vaccine were found to be racist and misogynist while 100% of those in the placebo group were either racist or misogynist or both.

    Even if you think you aren’t personally in danger of being a racist or misogynist, getting vaccinated will help prevent others in your family and at work from becoming a racist or misogynists. To be safe, limit contact with the unvaccinated. Having dinner with an unvaccinated person or having them in your home could cause you to become a racist and/or misogynist even if you are vaccinated.

    Although children as young as 5 are almost never racists or misogynists they should still get vaccinated because some children with special conditions have been thought to be racist or misogynist and vaccinating children also protects their parents and teachers from becoming racists and misogynists. Trials are now being performed on children as young as 6 months to find if the vaccine can prevent racism and misogyny in them as well.

    Unfortunately after 4 to 6 months you are once again likely to be a racist or misogynist so you will need a booster. Even before the 4 to 6 month expiration date there is the possibility of a breakthrough case of racism and misogyny. This is a very rare occurrence and may not actually be racism or misogyny but may be just a stomachache. Just in case, you should get tested immediately and if the test comes back positive quarantine for at least 5 days. Once you know longer exhibit racist or misogynistic tendencies get tested again before going out in to public.

    If you get vaccinated and find you have become a racist or misogynist anyway you should report this to the Vaccine Adverse Racism/Misogyny Reporting System (VARMRS). Note however that since the vaccines have received Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) the vaccine manufacturers cannot be held liable for your racism or misogyny. Luckily any racist or misogynistic actions you take while vaccinated will be ignored because making them public could discourage others from getting vaccinated. Reports that any vaccinated persons are racists or misogynists are misinformation and will be removed from Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Linkedin.

    Dr. D

    Rintrah’s page, everyone is wearing masks, which, like a burka, is the uniform of being medieval anti-science. Still waiting for these “Follow the Science!!!” folks to send me the FIRST study on masks and 2 meters. Anything. Throw me a bone here. Make up and pretend you did that study or SOMETHING. Hard to credit. That and their “If you can’t blind them with brilliance, at least baffle them with bulls—t” presentation. Wow, NAbs, CD8 T! Other words! The thick of thin things.

    Okay, if any of this is true, where’s the death rate? Your theory is awesome, possibly true, but with no death rate in Norway (origin point?) South Africa, Denmark, or anywhere else, when you claim it’s spreading with millions of cases. You have a dog. That dog does not bark. It does not hunt. It is an ex-dog. It is probably in fact, a cat.

    Oh and as the obvious and point of the blog: Vaccines Don’t Work. On Omicron at a minimum. 100% of the original cases were vaccinated. We find out that +80% after that were vaccinated, which is HIGHER than the population vaccination rates, needs further investigation.

    “stuck with zero neutralizing antibodies? It looks to me like they’re stuck in a situation with a vaccine that makes them more susceptible to this virus.” Maybe, but there appears to be SOME mechanism is that causing vaccinated to be modestly more susceptible.

    Later discusses shedding-n-spreading, the problem with being not-immune for periods, etc. Like any good scientist, can’t see a log for the dust-mite, so…um…not being a genius here, maybe you should use a normal vaccine??? Which we already have, and some nations have given widely? Maybe your answer is “natural immunity”? Nope. No thoughts, no sparks, no reflections, no synapses firing anywhere. Dark as the grave. ‘Cause they’re the smart guys, and can’t think even as dimly as Johnny NASCAR on a 12-pack.

    Classic reflection I said back when, but too many lies to keep track of:

    That’s why countries like Australia and New Zealand lost their mind once they failed to keep Delta out: Because nobody there had pre-existing immunity to SARS-COV-2 due to their zero COVID stupidity, it was going to be far more dangerous for them than it is in a country like Sweden, where almost everyone has had some exposure to the virus before Delta arrived.”

    Okay, Oz is winning on Covid using their Howard Springs happy-happy joy camps (not really, but let’s pretend), then what? Like Japan, you remain closed and in blockade for 100 years? Then in 2225 you open up and everyone dies like smallpoxed Indians? Where are you going with this?

    Content-wide vaccines? We already have +90% rates in Oz, Ireland, etc and rising Covid rates. We just saw vaccines 100% ineffective against only the third variant. Already a perfect zero.

    However, author lives in #OppositeLand, where no death rate is recorded and they say “‘Omicron mild’ is bulls—t” Okay, show me the deaths then. Then says “We waited, gave this virus time to evolve into more dangerous variants”

    …Except that’s against all known virology ever, in that mutations are almost universally LESS dangerous. Stop for a moment: there are 10x60th viruses on you now. If there were ANY drift towards being more dangerous, ANY at all, we’d all be dead in days. The law of large numbers and 60 seconds of thought confirms they must be LESS dangerous.

    Unless you live in #OppositeLand, and land of pure fear, where “God gives us not given us the spirit of bravery; but of weakness, and of hate, and of a pure stupidity of mind.” The Land of Pure Science.

    I mean, okay catch from a clueless scientists telling the truth for a change, but…

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