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    Michael Reid


    We normally finish the walls and ceiling with 1×6 cedar board.

    The wood stove rests on a concrete foundation to bedrock.

    Michael Reid


    The basement has a door but the hatch is great in the winter and bad weather.

    So much work to do but have been relaxing the last couple weeks of wet windy weather.

    Sweet Kenny

    That Vivaldi was Impressive.


    Colombian living in Russia paid to use smartphones in a local area so as to give the impression local Russians disapprove of Russian politics/military actions.

    Russia claims he’s associated with “Digital Humanity”, which they claim is associated with the US State Department. A cursory search for what that group is doesn’t turn up something just yet, except for lots of academics and The Institute for Digital Humanity, which itself is suspicious (I’m wary of organizations using the “Just and Equitable” phrasing, as it is code hiding in plain sight: ‘just and equitable world’ is acronymous and consistently accurate).


    Report on 12/05/2022 – Attack on Russian airport


    Hi Michael Reid.

    Just checking to be sure that you have a clear protocol for that trap door to your basement. For example: when you leave it wide open, you do “x” upstairs so as to flag anyone up there to watch for/be aware of the opening.

    I only say this because I fell 9 1/2 feet to the ground below (split open my head on the concrete stairs) in the old 1890’s farmhouse gallery building where I work. It was not a pleasant experience!

    I made my entry at high speed spinning furiously like a top in a horizontal position. Moments before was simply walking briskly down a corridor to retrieve a document. The heating/ac contractor on-site had left the door propped open with zero warning – no sawhorse, caution tape, no cones.

    Anyway, everyone (including the doctors) could not figure out how I could survive such an fall with minimal injuries. The PTSD was the worst part and a skilled acupuncture practitioner up here helped dissolve the memories/impact. No concussion. Only a dent in my leg where the tendon snapped and left a “hole”.

    Would not want you or anyone else in your circle to experience the same.

    Perhaps those of you who grew up in and or around old buildings with trap door basements have a “code”/protocol for flagging an open doorway? I never learned one.

    LOVE to ALL Guardian Angels, hat tip Dudley.

Viewing 6 posts - 81 through 86 (of 86 total)
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