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    Tuckers planning to converge on the promise land of boosters tomorrow.


    “ Karl Marx never spent a moment in a factory. He was a rich kid who became a journalist. ”
    Hrm. I suspect that most capitalist philosophers were also “rich kids” who “never spent a moment in a factory.”
    He died with the equivalent of about $23,000 in 2010 US dollars. That isn’t wealthy. That’s enough for a decent burial.

    I don’t hold Marx’s family against him. I, too, never worked in a factory. But I did spend about 2 years in various call centers, which I detested.

    For that matter, the “woke left” has no interest in Marx. As Nancy Pelosi said: “we’re all capitalists.”

    Chances are, without a formal education, Marx could not have effectively philosophized. And only upper-middle class and wealthy had a real chance at a college education in the 1800s.


    A convert confesses: Dr. Day and DBSmith have made a true believer of me: TPTB are trying to kill us off and possibly hack our neurology via nano-circuitry. They are really that stupid. The technology appears to be available.

    Not that the bulk of this isn’t just another tragicomedy of human errors, but that the tragedy has some serious scripting behind it of ludicrously ambitious scale.

    The poor little jerks really believe they can be the apex predator, kill off their prey, and somehow survive (“using robots”, as I often hear).

    D Benton Smith

    @chooch re : bioweapon questions

    Yes, very very premeditated and even more very very a bio weapon. The names, dates, actions and documents are extensive and verifiable.

    I hardly know where to start to get your started on the requisite homework. There is literally tons of it. The Plandemic video might provide a gentle introduction, but it’s pretty much crazy-hard molecular biology and genetics stuff after that. Dr David E. Martin provides good early paper trail. And the Covid Investigative Committee has a good curated library of reference documents. Bon Voyage.


    Seabird: trying posting it on a blog of yours. They’re generally super-accommodating. I do that a lot.

    Dr D Rich

    Dr. D isn’t a doctor.

    Veracious Poet

    Simply put, it’s The Takers (Hunter Gatherers’ reptilian brain) vs. The Productive (Workers frontal lobes + spiritually centered) ~ Same $hit, different century…

    Another example: Divine Right of Kings vs. Natural Law 😉

    Many institutions are not inherently “bad” (banking, legal industry, politics, et al.) until they are corrupted by The Takers to exploit The Productive ~ Slavery is of course an age old example in the extreme…

    The only way out of the nightmare humanity faces now is to simplify “The Problem” into simple, even primitive, terms.

    As civilization has evolved, The Takers have evolved into a tribal culture excelling in creation of artifices to defraud & capture the life essence of The Productive, including the proverbial “Wolf in sheep’s clothing” trick, along with a multitude of other devious devices like bribery, blackmail, demonization (gas lighting/cancelling), perversion of legal/.GOV systems et al., but the greatest trick was the glorification of #WINNING tyrannical behavior as an art form in & of itself…

    Mass formation psychosis is just another tool Hunter Gatherers employ to subjugate, control, exploit & abuse (demented entertainment) the Workers, whom are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed ~ Sort of like when a pack of wolves isolate prey & drive it into shock while toying with it.

    The long train of abuses and usurpationshave become so patently transparent, with no end in sight, will the Workers ever get to the core of the problem, see “real reality”, awaken from their Stockholm Syndrome stupor, like the Sons of Liberty did?


    Bow down to the great ones who want your obedience!
    Bow down to the great ones- right now, with expedience!
    Bow down to the great ones demanding your graces:
    And then, while you’re down there, unite their shoelaces.


    “And then, while you’re down there, unite their shoelaces.”


    Please excuse this rewrite. It’s strictly strategic:

    And then tie together both shoes by their laces.

    Why? “unite” looks just like ‘untie’



    “Dr. D isn’t a doctor.”

    We know. To me it’s like calling John Day Big John if he was a midget rather than the strapping stud that he is.


    VP: put plainly, you haven’t a clue of what you’re talking about. It’s a nifty little schema but it bears very little functional interface with reality.

    those darned kids


    “Dr. D isn’t a doctor.”

    We know. To me it’s like calling John Day Big John if he was a midget rather than the strapping stud that he is. oops. That sounds wrong. All I meant is that it’s a nickname.


    VP: put plainly, you haven’t a clue of what you’re talking about. It’s a nifty little schema but it bears very little functional interface with reality. It’s more like a plot device for a novel than anything resembling actual history as we know it to date. You in fact have it quite backwards. If you don’t think that agriculture is taking, you don’t know much about agriculture.

    But then, I have a bias in this matter: I’ve already concluded you don’t know all that much about anything. Sue me.

    D Benton Smith


    Yeah! Great (hunchbacked lizard sucking) Minds Think Alike !


    And at the end of one and the start of another, for me, it’s always this basic message:



    “(hunchbacked lizard sucking) ”

    I’m so glad I made you happy! 😉

    Dr. D

    Certainly not a medical doctor. More like a lawyer, the Devil’s Advocate.

    I’ve got one:

    “There’s a silence surrounding me
    I can’t seem to think straight
    I’ll sit in the corner…
    I’m feeling weak now
    But I can’t show my weakness
    I sometimes wonder
    Where do we go from here?

    It doesn’t have to be like this.
    All we need to do is make sure we keep talking” — Keep Talking. Pink Floyd.

    I do not have the level of training but I agree with D Benton. …Most unfortunately. Trust me, my feeling at possibly 1/3 dying in the next five years is not elation. It’s a grim knowledge it can probably be mitigated greatly, but we have no experience with it and also no time. (also that number is millions too high. What was the study, the “A2” batches only?)

    The next thought is that of the Seven Seals, the first of which is the Four horsemen. The first of which is “Pestilence, and only then “War”, “Famine”, and “Death.” If we are only in 1 of 7, and only in the first of step 1, then we have an unfathomable distance to go to survive.

    What was Number Two again? War? As Nostradamus says, “Between the Polar powers”? That comes after 3 years of detente? And we’re pretty far along with “Famine” too. No fertilizer, no infrastructure systems, no free seeds, and no distribution of animals, alongside millions of idiotic and entitled people.

    If you need to stay awake at night and are out of No-doz, read the behavior of Berlin on the Countryside in “Dying of Money”. Does cutting the udder off a cow seem…hmm how do I put it…somewhat counterproductive to anyone? Is stealing a little food, then setting fire to the house and barn seem like a positive plan to reduce Germany’s hunger? In famine people deeply misbehave and are also idiotic, lacking all experience with essentially all things. Meanwhile, hunger is cured with an extremely complex dance of people, supplies, timing, and equipment that the slightest disruption will destroy. Remove one pin from a railway engine for example. The “destroy” in that is not the farmers, but the end-consumers, somewhere in Berlin, who helpfully did NOT leave the city to pillage. The bad Berliners who did leave and disrupted things killed them, certain as removing the tracks from the railway bridges will. They may not know who the many victims were, but they did.

    That’s only number THREE. I’m sorry if I sound ferocious sometimes, but knowing these things, having read war, famine, depression, collapse, I only feel like I’m failing by 4/5ths. I can’t possibly be stern or aggressive enough, although clearly that is advancing my case or your safety. It was the same in 2020 when I had to be such a cad in unwrapping the flaws in the pandemic statistics and responses. Despite appearances I did not like it at all, but I didn’t leave, I stuck it out, that is the only way to care. To get out of this mess I have a responsibility to do right, and pray that others can find voice to as well if I do. Since only they can do their work and not me, the results have not been good, but we need to support that voice, and the freedom to have it, by all means required.

    But perhaps. Canada really got me down as we know people just eat everything there. Didn’t matter what they said, did, just non-stop support. For the most dreadful, transparent sops. Like Mr. Ford? For years? Where’s your pride, man? And yet this happens, now nationwide. They were there all along. You think nobody’s left in America, but hour after hour, still fighting down the Dulles Brothers and the same old plans, tirelessly, for 50, 100 years everything they throw at us, which really is everything. The plan was “1984”, that’s why he chose it. So they are now FORTY YEARS behind their own schedule. And we’re still fighting, even murdered at 30k a pop. Fighting more than ever, in fact, and smarter.

    I don’t know though. Maybe I feel I didn’t sign up for this, playing Pooh sticks in the stream of a cool forest and looking where the stars meet the fireflies when I was younger. Maybe no man does, certainly not those at Sand Creek or Casa Grande. But this is earth. We are men, and even our allies are flawed. The run is much longer than you imagine as a child, and one must learn to tread with less urgency and more care. I’ve learned this much, but you can see how much harm less severity, less urgency, and too much safety and nice-speak can cause. I tried and can do no better. I can be patient and flattering, moderate and kind, but would it have got people to read the data and act faster? Faster than saying “What a jerk, I’m going to prove him wrong?” Perhaps, yes, perhaps with some, but being a fury and a gadfly, a sharp tongue, can perhaps increase the pace. And as above, increasing the urgency can save lives. Imagine if they had had 5 more years. Or even, if you like, if you invest or prepare, make your own life better, safer, more able to have wherewithal to help others without risk.

    But that only happens if we keep talking.

    After the talking? After we shut them down, shut them out, stop listening, leave? The violence begins.

    “It doesn’t have to be like this.
    All we need to do is make sure we keep talking”


    Actually, they’re my fave lollipop too:



    Oops. This one:



    “Maybe I feel I didn’t sign up for this, playing Pooh sticks in the stream of a cool forest and looking where the stars meet the fireflies when I was younger. ”

    Whoa. Doc, unless it’s spoken for, this is one of the few times I wanted to steal an entire sentence and use it for a work of fiction. (Santa, to be precise.) Is it already spoken for?


    chooch: I’ve avoided endorsing any biowepaons/depop notions until the evidence lined up uncannily straight. Take the logic you’ve expressed and go second order: imagine the virus and vakzine interacting over time. Then imagine third order elements as yet unknown (at least to me).

    One can also simply view covid itself as an accident that they exploited per above.

    Not trying to convince anyone, just trying to expand and clarify the discursive foundation.

    Trying to convince people is generally counterproductive, I’ve found, unless folks already agree. That way madness lies.(Be careful Dr. D.)


    Yay! Thanks for the tip Boscohorowitz.


    Ummmm. What would qualify you as “crazy” is thinking that Cheetos and Pepsi is what kept you healthy from Covid. Or that those two things helped you get better. Correlation does not imply causation. You do know that right? The thing is, I really don’t think you do. Which is odd, considering your apparent career path.

    And what would qualify you as dumb would be to consider correlation on a population of one. Oh, and correlation does “imply” causation, we are talking statistics here, not absolutes so “imply” is definitely the role of correlation.


    Wouldn’t the Clinton Foundation be a sort of direct competitor to the WEF? Can the apple of discord be thrown to them?
    On another topic:
    A “megachurch” of the sect quaintly called “Converge” (an evangelical baptist group) wants to put up a 60,000 sq ft church which hopes to bring in 1200 clients every Sunday. I would guess the number of evangelical baptists within a half hour drive of here is considerably less than that. It will situate itself on a lovely, natural 19 acre site that, until recently, was occupied by a small nursing home (go figure). The parking ramp will be huge, and the lights will no doubt win the argument with the luxury car lots across the freeway from it.
    The megachurch considers homosexuality a curable sin.
    I read that one nominee under consideration by “Joe Biden” (Ketanji Brown Jackson) may also believe this. I mention this because it raises hackles- it may have done so, just now. I’m sure it’s meant to, and I’m sure there’s more to come.
    I smell a rat, and a remarkably coincidental one at that.
    Religion is like rennet to a smooth mix of disparate allies.


    “Liquid Death” is a canned water whose tag line is “death to plastic”. I am not watching the Super Bowl right now, and this commercial left me speechless. I recorded it because I’m pretty sure it won’t be run again. I was sure it was a PSA against little kids and pregnant women drinking.
    It was a real commercial. Ten year olds are chugging cans of the stuff, bumping toasts, carousing and over-imbibing to the point of passing out on the table. It ends with a hugely pregnant woman drinking it as the commercial tells you not to worry- it’s only water. “Liquid Death”. Nice.

    John Day

    Thanks VP Gary. I always like pictures of Jung, too.


    DBS- I’m sorry. The poem was tongue in cheek and- I had hoped- darkly humorous. Nuts. I love lizards.
    Bosco- my mate said the same- use your line if you ever wish to repeat it.

    Death to us all (or a third of us):
    I’ll bring up a scene from the American “The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest” again: the male protagonist illegally enters the house and is met by the Bad Guy. Civil- though strained- conversation ensues. Next thing you know, the Good Guy is leather-strapped and chained in the basement, awaiting torture. The Bad Guy says- “people like you are sooo polite. You knew you were in mortal danger, but your good manners stopped you from saving yourself.” (extremely paraphrased)
    When do you pull the rigger? Scream? Throw the punch? Run like hell?
    When you know you are in mortal danger, what do you do?
    Here we are. What shall we do?




    Took a break to watch Kilmer play Morrison and now the only thing that makes sense is bosco’s valentines pics. Gonna sleep on it.

    D Benton Smith

    @MyarentsSaidKnow O I knew that, and my reference to lizards was an inside joke between Boscohorowitz and me. He had called me a hunch backed lizard sucking genius a while back, in grudging acknowledgement of a bet we made a few months back . . . which I won. I think your shoelaces pome is great, and also that Bosco is a quick witted genius most days that he isn’t drinking, at which time he’s still a genius, only a tad slower.


    I don’t agree with
    Hunter-gathers = bad = takers vs. worker = good = Producers
    Too many assumptions and stereotypes to name.

    Maybe because I enjoy so much the hunting and gathering that I do at the local thrift stores. 😉
    I *do* like the story of The Little Red Hen.
    However, many of the wealthy in our culture didn’t exert much “sweat of their brow” to get their wealth (unlike that industrious hen) and most of the sweating masses are poor and have no bread (I.e. wealth.)


    Also, I dislike that our culture holds up “givers” as morally better than “receivers,” and then creates systems where some are elevated where they can “always give” (donate) and others are pushed into the position of always needing more than they make from their job, pushing them to endlessly receive, perpetually accepting the morally inferior position in order to survive.


    Correlation suggests that we should perform experiments to determine whether or not the relation is causal.

    absolute galore

    MPSK:“Liquid Death” is a canned water whose tag line is “death to plastic”. I am not watching the Super Bowl right now, and this commercial left me speechless. I recorded it because I’m pretty sure it won’t be run again. I was sure it was a PSA against little kids and pregnant women drinking.

    That is exactly what I thought, if a bit surreal (and over-obvious.) But it got surreal times ten when I realized it was an actual commercial for water, god help us. That thing will be the talk of the town amongst the media critics whose biggest assignment all year is rating the Super Bowl commercials.

    This was the first game all season my 12-year-old son and I watched on a big screen tv (at his mom’s house while she was in NYC with her boyfriend for the Valentine’s Day weekend). During the regular season, we watch highlights on my computer (no commercials) and playoff games on my phone (I mute and turn the phone over.) Half the SB commercials were over my head, half were annoying, all were stupid. (Except the one where the cartoon players jumped out of the tv and trashed the house while the kids watched, that was mildly amusing.) It truly is the entertainment arm of the dystopian future, here live now.

    I have no interest in determining whether the virus release was planned in some fashion. They had me at the fact that they are fucking around with these things in the first place, in labs all over the world. The monumental hubris, stupidity, and evil is truly beyond comprehension. Then to try to make science the hero and save us. What was that book by Naomi Klein, Disaster Capitalism? I guess this could be Disaster Authoritarianism. We humans deserve our fate.

    Maxwell Quest

    “Liquid Death” was a potion cooked up in Professor Slughorn’s class in the movie Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I think this is where the name was stolen from.

    Doc Robinson

    Stillbirths, Miscarriages and Abortions in Vaccinated vs. Unvaccinated Women
    Evidence from an Israeli hospital by Josh Guetzkow

    “The SBMA rate among vaccinated women was higher than the rate among unvaccinated women for every month except for February, which was at the very beginning of the vaccination campaign for pregnant women when only 2 births were recorded for vaccinated women. The rate reached a peak in May, with 44% of vaccinated women experiencing a stillbirth, miscarriage or abortion that month, compared to 9% among unvaccinated women. In other words, of all the recorded pregnancy outcomes among vaccinated women in May, 43% were either stillbirth, miscarriage or abortion.”


    Liquid Death

    I’ve seen LD in market displays at the local minimart.

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